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Whether you’re looking to calm your mind during your day, or sleep better during your night, with Meditation you get a brand new guided, sleep, or walking meditation every time. As with all of Down Dog’s apps, Meditation is fully customizable and gives you the power to build a meditation practice you love!

Start in the comfort of your own home with guided and sleep meditations under 5 minutes. Or lace up your shoes and go for a mindful walk with our walking meditations.

Set your meditation time. Whether you only have a few minutes between meetings or need 90 minutes to yourself every day, create the practice that works for you.
Guided, Sleep, or Walking Meditations. Find some inner peace with our guided meditations, drift off to dreamland with our sleep meditations, or get the body moving and find calm with our walking meditations.
Choose a specific topic for your guided, sleep, or walking meditation to focus on, such as Self Love or Release Stress. Or turn off the theme entirely.
Select how much (or how little) our instructors guide you through your meditation.
Set the duration of silence you’d like and we won’t disturb your zen.

Choose from 6 different meditation instructors and be guided by a voice you love.

Choose between our calming music, nature sounds, brainwaves and spiritual playlists. Or bliss out in silence.

Automatically syncs across all your devices.

In addition to over 12 English-speaking voices, all practices are available in 9 other languages!

“A beautiful way to start my day. Thank you!” – Fiona

“Yesterday I tried a sleep meditation and it was so good I fell asleep immediately.” – Laura

“It was amazing. Thank you for this content, you really help me through my day more than you can imagine.” – K.R.

“First time trying a walking meditation! Loved it.” – Erika
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Guided, Sleep, or Walking Meditations - choose from over 175 themes!


40 comentarios en "Meditation | Down Dog 2022"

  1. I like the sleep meditations but I am very disappointed that the music never stops. It just keeps going and going well beyond the length of time selected for the meditation. This may not be an issue for a regular meditation session but when you’re barely asleep or hoping to be and you have to wake up to turn the music off and end the session it basically defeats the purpose of sleep meditation! Please add an option asap for the music and app to stop when the selected length of time has elapsed!

  2. Excellent app. I use it all the time and purchased the full subscription. Voices are great and customization is exellent. I’m leaving a 3-star review because amd offline download feature was cut out. I have used it a lot and now the convenience is gone. Developers, please keep the offline feature, it’s already developed, why cut it out?

  3. M PL dice:

    Love it! Super customizable, yet simple and straight forward. I wanted simple guided meditations where I could choose the length. I ended up finding features I didn’t even know I would care about. I think this app does a good job of presenting the most important customizations in a simple and straight forward interface.

  4. Downloaded this last night because I was having an unusually hard time falling asleep. Did not make it through the 12 minute session. I was knocked out QUICK. That’s the type of experience I expect! 10/10 would recommend. **Update: music and vocals sound awful when the screen sleeps on galaxy s8+ (my second phone) everything is great on my galaxy s10 (primary phone)**

  5. Syd E dice:

    Other meditation apps aren’t as successful in keeping my mind from wandering when I am supposed to focus, but this app does a better job at that since you can customize the length of time for silence in btwn narration. Also the piano music is really soothing. I don’t know how I will feel after the free trial ends, but so far, I am really enjoying this app.

  6. I adore these apps. I have a neurological condition that causes my muscles to twist and spasm in the neck, shoulders, head and face. I’d practiced yoga for 10 years with 2 subscription yoga websites, before finding Down Dog. These are so fantastic because you can set the pace, style, voice, focus and music, so it is a new, customized practice every time. Being able to set the pace depending on how much pain and lack of mobility I have that day has been a life saver. Thank you Down Dog team.

  7. S dice:

    This app has been amazing, I subscribe to all of them, meditation, HIIT, yoga and barre. At every point of my wellness journey I have been able to connect with one of these apps. I love that there are so many variables to stave off boredom, I can use my music or theirs, change intensity of workouts, voices… it’s all customizable. Love it! 🙏

  8. I love this app! Have only been using it for around 3 months and have noticed a real change in my breathing & mood. It’s a great way to start your day! I especially like the walking meditation. Keep up the good work down dog…your yoga app has been a great addition to my daily practice and a life saver during the lockdowns. I recommend these apps to everyone. Great for your “you time” ❤️

  9. Super flexible to fit your needs. Pick how long, what theme, the music, and if you want your session to be guided or not.

  10. The meditation app is really good and customizable. The reason why I give this a three star is because there is an issue with syncing to Google Fit. The apps allow syncing to Google Fit, but for some reason the meditation app gets blocked by your Google account for security reasons. I’ll update this if it ever gets fixed.

  11. I so enjoy and get so much out of this guided meditation practice. The ability to customize makes it feel more effective for me as I progress in my abity to calm and center myself. I’ve done meditation on my own and also have used several other apps. This one has been my personal favorite so far.

  12. I love down dog apps, this one is also very good, especially the new guided breathing exercises are really well thought out and effective. I don’t enjoy some of the more motivational meditation exercises though, i feel like I should be relaxing, not listening to a speech guiding my thoughts.

  13. Almost amazing app! However, telling stories during meditation is not the key to achieve mindfulness, but rather guided imagery which plays a key role in getting that skill and is very helpful for beginners, just like they do it in Head Space.

  14. Rui Silva dice:

    Sleep meditation music stays on “forever” after the meditation ends…. It makes the app useless as you wake up during the night with the music still playing. Please fix and I will change to 5*.

  15. Mary dice:

    Best meditation app. Listen to one to unwind every night before i go to bed. Favourite app by far! Highly recommend

  16. Amazing app! Helps me to relax, meditate and let all thoughts fly away. Thank you!

  17. This entire platform is A+++. I come back to this and my yoga practice all the time even after a very long hiatus.

  18. absolutely love the app, I tried many meditations apps and in my opinion is the best one so far.

  19. Camila JC dice:

    I believe the app is simple to use, and so far the guided meditations I have done were really nice. It has a good amount of options for sounds and languages, and the app really always displays different “musics” as background and different “talks” each day. However, it could have more meditation options and have some type of explanation about meditations – its’ types, proposes, styles, how each of them are, etc. Comparing to other Down Dog apps, this one is still lacking in (meditation) options.

  20. I had to change my rating to 1. App has a flaw that renders it unusable. after finished meditation it doesn’t have an option to automatically turn itself off, or at least turn off the music. It still goes on. So if you are on sleep meditation, you have to wake yourself up, go to phone, unlock it, turn off the app, get back to bed annoyed by the process. I can’t sleep after. Do not recommend.

  21. I don’t usually write reviews for apps but the whole Down Dog suite of apps blew me away with their customisation. I’m able to pick the voice, theme, music, and precise duration I want, and their modular magic creates a custom practice just for me. It’s the next best thing to having a personal meditation teacher. Their other apps like barre, yoga, etc are equally good. As a stickler for a good UI, this app’s clean interface is both beautiful and easy to use. Would give it ten stars if I could.

  22. Nice app. But if I fall asleep with a sleep meditation, even when the session is finished, my screen stays on as I can’t exit (zzz). Got the nice surprise waking up to see my phone was on whole night… And if I switch off my screen during a session, music continues and never stops, but meditation session stops… Hmm, not very user friendly!

  23. Just like with the other series of these apps, the quality and versatility is amazing. Really like it so far.

  24. I love using guided meditations to sleep or wind down and relax. Unfortunately this app has some bugs. I can start playing the meditations without issue, but seeing as I’m often using this for sleep I’d like to turn my screen off. More often than not when I turn the screen off the music continues but the guiding voice stops playing entirely, sometimes cutting off mid word. Leaving my phone screen on heats up my phone and I’m worried about damaging it. Please fix this.

  25. The perfect way to start, pause or end your day. I use Chad’s voice which is so relaxing. 10 min in the morning, before all the challenges you may have during the day, makes you ready to survive. I also use it during the day to discharge. It’s perfect for those who can’t sleep at night. This app helps me so much with all the pressure and stress I might have. I also use down dog and barre apps. So well made.

  26. Great app! I have meditated for a long time and sometimes struggle with other apps like Waking Up and Headspace as you have no control over how often the guide talks or changes focus. This app offers less a guided meditation and more a meditation companion. I can change the settings as long or as short as I please. Some great granularity. I wouldn’t recommend for first time meditators as the focus is more on meditation itself and not technique.

  27. amazing app having been using for years. have no desire to find a new or different one! would highly recommend

  28. Julian dice:

    fantastic! It would be great if either: 1- there was an option for longer than 35 minutes, or 2- the music kept playing beyond 35 minutes even when the guided voice has finished. This way I could do longer than 35 minutes without having to pick up my phone and start new music using a different app 🙂

  29. Love it! It’s really easy to use, you don’t have to search any videos on YouTube, but it is not every time the same. You can personalize the meditations as you like it (music, length, narrator, how much guidance is there…). Is lowers the obstacle to make myself to meditate, as same as to do yoga with their yoga app and to workout with their workout app

  30. it helped tremendeously with my anxiety. customer service is amazing. 🙂

  31. This was my first time “formally” meditating, and this was really helpful and soothing.

  32. Lindy rsa dice:

    As a beginner to meditation, this is a gentle way to start. It’s set up to make you want to continue. No iron self control or keeping yourself motivated to take time every day is necessary.

  33. I’ve been using several apps for a long time. I use yoga, meditation and HIIT. I live all of them!

  34. The music and voices are so calming and I love that I can decide how often I want to be spoken to throughout. Some days I need more guidance than others and I like being able to adjust that.

  35. if you are looking for mental fitness, healing, improving life quality, this is your Meditation App. The same goes for the Yoga. Best yoga sessions.

  36. The introduction of breathing techniques is so exciting, upon an already very enjoyable meditation process. So fortunate to have the ability to fully customise.

  37. Gaby C dice:

    Pretty good guided meditations, always a little different so it’s fresh, but sometimes the message is a little weird to me. And the sleep meditations don’t go silent at the end, they keep playing music and I have to turn them off.

  38. By far the best app that provides a fully customisable session that includes male voice. But the problem is that even if i choose a topic, it will still play a random topic. For eg, if i choose ‘self love’, then it may play a meditation on the importance of breathing, etc. After 5~6 iterations do i get the topic i’ve selected. Please fix that.

  39. great app! I have the yoga and meditation apps on my phone. very customizable to the point where you can choose a voice and music in the background. also, if you pay for a yearly sub online and not on the app, it’s 75% off! so instead of $60 it’s $14. definitely try the 30 day free trial.

  40. K. vL dice:

    lovely! you can pick the voice, duration and background music or none. I can’t stand people whispering (at all!!) so usually struggle with guided meditation because the guides are whispertastic with lots of mouth noises. if you are someone who struggles with the same but want some guidance for meditation, I think this may be the answer! I have only done one session but I really enjoyed it! thanks. is was free, don’t have money to spare atm but when I do i think I’ll sign up properly!

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