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Atkins® Carb & Meal Tracker helps individuals achieve their weight loss goals.
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Atkins Carb Counter & Meal Tracker helps individuals achieve their weight loss goals. The new & redesigned Atkins app allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle by giving you the diet tools to set daily goals, log meals, & track net carbs.

The former Atkins Carb Counter App is being replaced by the new and redesigned Atkins Carb Counter & Meal Tracker App.

It all starts by answering a few questions about your physical and nutritional goals to help you maintain a healthy diet, enabling you to track your carb intake to hit your goals.

Get started with a personalized Atkins plan based on a simple assessment
Log meals throughout the day and track carbs
Learn about Atkins acceptable foods to add to any meal plan
Identify your dietary exclusion to make sure your recipes reflect your lifestyle
Search for specific foods or scan barcodes of food products to discover their carb counts
Shop for Atkins approved products and meals
Track your weight loss goals against your current progress
Track your daily activity to help you stay on track with your weight loss goals

Whether you’re grabbing a protein shake, preparing a steak salad for dinner, or don’t know what to eat, Atkins can help with your low carb lifestyle. The App features tools to help you count your daily carbs and resources to help you stay on track.
Find the Atkins net carb count of common foods by searching or simply scanning a packaged food label
Shop for Atkins approved products and meals
Find acceptable food lists that will help you discover all the delicious foods acceptable in each diet program
Customize your dietary plan with our essential free tools and diet plans
Explore over 1,600 low carb recipes right on our app

Atkins Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates – Fiber – Sugar Alcohols/Glycerin (if applicable)

The Atkins weight loss app will motivate you to reach your weight loss goals. We make it easy for you to stay on track with tools and resources to count carbs, explore recipes, and set goals. Download now to see how our diet tracker works.

We’re continuously improving our app! If you have any feedback, please contact us through Atkins Support.


40 comentarios en "Atkins® Carb Counter & Meal Tracker MOD 2022"

  1. App user for 7 years. It was never great, but was at least usable. This most recent “update” has rendered it useless,as it no longer scans any items, carb counts are rarely, if ever correct, and searches for foods generate hundreds of useless, incorrect and/or inappropriate results. Don’t waste your time downloading this until Atkins fixes or replaces it with something that works again. Very disappointing… Update (4/24): still mostly useless. Doesnt scan everyday items, fails via search as wel

  2. I have used this app in the past and liked it a lot, but recently it can’t even find Atkins products when I’m trying to add them to the food log. I used the scan feature and you would think they would at least keep that up to date. Then I tried it to add keto bread or to try to, which I have eaten almost every day, and it couldn’t find that either. I’ll be looking for a new app.

  3. Sadly, glitchy and cumbersome. The old version was better in my opinion. Usually takes multiple attempts to enter or update an item. Many items are in “serving” units with no indication of what constitutes a serving and no way to change the units. Difficult to find both generic items and restaurant-specific data quickly. Honestly, if it weren’t for the free net carb function, I probably wouldn’t use at all. Will probably search for easier-to-use competitor apps.

  4. 1/24/22 Will there be any more “fixes” to this app? I keep hoping it will go back to how it used to work, but it still sucks 😕 Update: I really hope you are still working out the kinks, because if this is how the “updated” app is going to be, I need to find something else. Bummer. 😒 This app is decent. I wish it connected to more “Fitbit” type products. When I try to manually enter my steps, it automatically closes the app. Very annoying.

  5. Absolutely horrible to try to use – impossible to enter meal data. Every time I tried to change serving size and amount it automatically reverted back to default settings. After 10 minutes of repeated attempts I still hadn’t managed to enter even one food item. Gave this one star only because it isn’t possible to give 0 stars.

  6. Looking for another app. I don’t understand why this doesn’t include measurements. Such a pain to have to track them elsewhere. Plus, measurement apps include weight and BMI. Need one good app that does it all. BMI not necessary, but measurements sure are. The newest “upgrade” has made this app impossible to use for anything at all except weight progress. You can’t search for food, so that’s useless. Uninstalling, and will just download a carb tracker. Anything is better than this.

  7. The tracker helps enormously: the ability to tweak menus in order to maximize protein, minimize carbs, and contain fats and calories is truly valuable. I have used Atkins occasionally over the years in order to catch a modest weight gain before it gets out of hand. In the past, it meant looking every mouthful up. With the tracker, I have so much more control and, indeed, motivation. This time, I’d gained ten pounds that I really didn’t want! Using the tracker, six of them are gone. Yay!

  8. enjoying the app. very helpful in keeping track. have to beware when adding foods from the menu as not all provided numbers are correct, ex-some say 0 carb and you know they are 10. like how it sinks with the online website. I do find the web is easier to navigate and find what I’m looking for, also the are more options on the web I wish were in the app. All and all it’s good for when you’re on the go.

  9. I really like this app! It is probably the best app I’ve used so far, but there are two problems. 1. My totals keep disappearing from my dashboard. And it just shows zero for my macros. This usually happens after I enter my dinner. 2. I am having trouble entering some items. I tried making a recipe and wanted to add 1/2 cup of stevia. I couldn’t change the measurements from tsp to cup. That is a bit annoying. I hope to figure it out.

  10. The app is glitchy. No way to track water intake or exercise. Closes randomly. Won’t load weight progress – just a blank screen and then closes itself. Doesn’t have a lot of common items (cheeseburger no bun) or a way to add items from restaurants and take off toppings. Really just as bad and glitchy as when it came out several years ago. No improvements in function. Pretty disappointing. Adding food becomes very time consuming. Can’t move food from one meal to another if you put it in the wrong place. Counts carbs ok and the bar code scanner is useful but can’t add the amount. You have to pick from their amounts. For example, for sunflower seeds you can’t select a tbsp. The lowest amount is 1/4 cup you can add, so it isn’t accurate.

  11. Sue W dice:

    Needs a lot of work. The scan feature had not found 1 of the items I’ve used it for and 99% of them are actual Atkins products. Pretty bad when the scanner won’t find your own products. Also, I cannot figure out how to save foods to my favorites, so between that and the scanner finding nothing, I constantly have to type everything in each and every time. I like the carb tracker and recipe feature. But that’s about it. Does anyone oversee this app any longer? Hopefully they do and it’ll improve.

  12. I like this app for tracking carbs. However that is the only part of the app that works. My progress does not ever show up. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Logging out and logging back in. My husband uses it on his phone and has never had any issues and we have the same phones. I dont have a way to track my weight through this app…so annoying.

  13. Update: after not being able to access the app for 2 days due to updating, I can finally login, but I have noticed that the net carbs at the top of the tracker section keeps showing 72/88 no matter what I do or enter. Also, the weight lost is wrong as well and I can’t get it to show correctly. Until these are fixed, I have lowered my rating to 3 stars. I hope they are fixed soon. I also noticed none of my favorite foods are listed anymore. It’s like I’m having to start over completely 🤦

  14. This app is pretty great for tracking meals. I just wish it had a bigger database for scanning foods. There have been too many times I’ve tried scanning a food item that was unable to be be found which led to alot of guesswork in trying to find the closest thing to match what I had. Also, the recipes would be much improved if they had teaspoon and tablespoon measurements in fraction format rather than their decimal format. It is really annoying having to convert those numbers myself.

  15. Used this app for years. It’s a must if you’re serious about tracking your carb & calorie intake. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that the program does not let you edit any of the food, an example is that there are times it is easier to measure your food by volume as opposed to weight and visa versa but you can not make those changes. Other than this issue the app works great.

  16. Very good database of foods but description must be right on. No way to enter water consumption other than as a ‘line item’ for specific meal. Custom recipe feature is a life saver on a lot of ways, especially if you tend to eat the same thing over and over. I’m using it more and more and have learned to put up with any deficiencies.

  17. Does seem to be problems with app but works enough for what I need. Don’t want a whole lot of stuff, mainly just want to track carbs. I can enter the food & it gives me the carbs, protein, fat & calories and that is all I need. Just wanted something that was easy to keep track of carbs without all the extra stuff. When you lower your carbs the calories automatically lower also. The charts don’t seem to be working but I don’t need them. Still worth getting even with the glitches.

  18. Started using this app to look up carbs in foods so I can make healthier choices to control glucose levels. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which is hereditary for me. The app was great at first. Then there was an upgrade. Portions are not as flexible. Can only input whole servings. Can’t input 3/4 of a cup, etc. If you don’t know what is considered a serving amount, you’re screwed. Can’t look up particle foods to see what the carb count is to see if it is really a smart choice.

  19. Previous version so much better! Very frustrating locating food items, far too many duplicate. Food choices are not very clear. If I want to view scrambled eggs, I don’t want to see egg noodles also. You can’t select your portion size in fractions anymore (1 1/2, 1 3/4 etc) only whole numbers. No more net carb calculations, no more exercise monitoring. That’s beyond VERY frustrating! BRING BACK PREVIOUS VERSION …it was far more comprehensive.

  20. SUUUUCCHHH AN AMAZING APP! I am absolutely loving how easy it is to use. I can simply scan all of my food- it finds everything!! Then, I favorite it so that it is stored, and I can easily select it the next day without re-scanning or searching. It makes losing weight fun and easy to track progress. I highly recommend this app.

  21. The great thing about this app is its easy to put in your meals in the carb tracker. its also great for finding and saving recepies. But on those recipies you have to be careful. the serving size is wrong. you need to go online and look up the correct amount of your ingredents before you make any thing. I made a shake and even though the app sais it was set to 1 serving it was really the amounts for 4 servings.

  22. I downloaded this app years ago and have tried using it many times. I get frustrated and stop using it because it doesn’t have all the foods in their database. I type in pecans and you get a million other things with pecans but no plain pecans. Also no restaurant food. Ugh. Another thing I can’t see my carb count at the bottom. It’s covered by the date. Only thing I like is that it shows fats, protein, and calories.

  23. It’s an okay app. Have issues with things not coming up when you tap on them. Sometimes I get double items on my list when I tap on them. There are too many of the same items with different carb counts. Actually lets you cheat because you can pick the item you want with the carb count you want. Wish I could scan on add your own recipes. Would make it a lot easier. Wish there was the next step in Atkins that you could go to not just the first two weeks.

  24. Almost perfect. Does not show how much fiber. Also, serving size of recipes is grossly inaccurate. A recipe that contained 32 ounces of chicken thighs said “servings 1.” That’s ridiculous! But I changed the 1 to a 2 and the amounts of the ingredients did not reduce. I live alone. I don’t want to make two or three pounds of chicken for one meal.

  25. Amanda B dice:

    The only issue I have with this app is you cabt adjust the serving size as some. Even if you eating less. Ex: I ate one table spoon but was stuck on 1 cup as serving and could only go as low as 1/4 cup.. so hard to get exact carb count. However food index is good, no issues finding foods. It is the better of counters I have used. It just needs more flexibility in serving size are for user to adjust as needed

  26. I really wish this app worked ☹ The scan feature only works sometimes, and when you search for a specific food it brings up (like raw tomatoes) it brings up a list of other foods that aren’t even close! Also, it’s not calculating my macros correctly. I’ve done the math myself and both macros and calories don’t match what I’ve entered. Super disappointed!!!

  27. I love being able to count my carbs, I would have gave it a 5th star but, the only thing that is not streamlined is tracking your weight loss, it’s not as easy as it should be, also not everything is loads as it should, and sometimes the scanner doesn’t even pick up the correct carbs thing you scan but that’s easily tweaked. Otherwise this is the greatest app out there for low carb. Just minor suggestion, Change the weight loss tracker to better fit tracking access. Once done app will be PERFECT

  28. I’ve used this app many times and have never had any problems with it. But this time around it is not tracking my weight loss progress. It is tracking my carb intake and shows the history and all. But it never saves or updates my weightloss and its kinda making me mad. I do love that now a days more food is available to scan and actually registers.

  29. Would love to give it a review in general…but after the 2nd day, app updated when they did the revamp. Now all of the sudden my account doesnt exist (was never even emailed after signing up), and when I try to create an account it stops at the “waist circumference” question. I do understand that Atkins just did a huge upgrade on the app and website so I waited an extra 2 days before trying again, but there’s no way I can be the only one still having this issue. I hadn’t even use it yet..

  30. It was working fine but now when I try to log my food everything is jumbled together and I can’t log. Bummer. Update 8/1/2020 Tracker can be a hit or miss some days. Sometimes it will log a food twice so make sure you pay attention to it. Sometimes it crashes in the middle of tracking your entries. 10/1/2020 OMG!!!! This app is so frustrating. In the middle of logging in food it crashes. Worthless.

  31. I think this app is great. It makes tracking your carbs very easy. plus the food search and scanning tools can give you all the information on your meal in seconds. I’ve used it for 14 days and I’ve lost 24 lbs. However the app constantly ask you to rate the app after you already have which is annoying. The app also needs some work like explaining what the colors green and red mean on your daily carb tracker.

  32. I hate , absolutely HATE the new app. I want the old one back, WITH all my data for 2+ years-(which includes over 100 pounds weight loss.) The “pounds lost” and “ounces” logs are the same. It’s impossible and stupid how the food log is set up. None of the measurements pop up like before, so I’m not able to customize my exact diet. It WAS a decent tool, that needed upgrades. NOT a gutting overhaul. I guess it’s time to shake the dust off. Sad…..

  33. L Rose dice:

    I’m downgrading my review. I used to love this app. Ever since v.5.0.? was updated on my app I haven’t been able to track anything. The app defaults to metric and it is extremely difficult to get info into my dashboard. Each adjustment for quantity or volume returns you to a starting page before you can add it. If by luck it’s added there’s no way to see the list of what you’ve eaten. The older version was light-years better. I’m going to find another app that is designed much more sensibly.

  34. Q. dice:

    if I could give this app negative stars, I would. it is aggressively awful. I used this app for years. It was fairly easy to use and dependable. I stopped using it for a bit during corona. I went back the other day and found it was updated. There is no way to add foods outside of their weird limited database. I couldn’t even figure out how to change the amounts of foods they did have. The scan function either will not work at all or brings up a huge list of foods, none of which you actually…

  35. It’s user friendly, but could use some changes. For example, the records of weight could use decimals verses whole pounds, I would like to see the details of the Daily Totals of calories, protein, etc., and adding custom recipes is not easy unless the foods are already in the app.

  36. I completly depend on this app. I use it everyday without fail. However there are A LOT of food listings that are completley inaccurate. I wish there was a way to delete them or at least block them so I don’t have to sift through them. Hopefully this gets dealt with. I would to see the calories of an item before I log it as I like to plan out what I can eat.

  37. Overall it works. It couldn’t find Atkins bars when I tried to scan the barcode on the box. I had to input it manually. Biggest dislike is it doesn’t always show my total carbs eaten in a day when I got over my 40 grams, idk why. But sometimes it just goes up to (in my case 40) it does show it usually, but other times it doesn’t. 🙁 As an older woman I also wish it showed how many grams of Fiber I’ve eaten in the day.

  38. Many foods have incorrect net carbs. If the barcode points are wrong, I should be able to correct them, or at least mark it as wrong for someone to fix. I have to type the name of the product in and see if someone has entered the food correctly, or enter all of the food details again. Quest bars, Mission carb balance tortillas, are just a few. I should also be able to copy a meal I’ve had before to now. C’mon guys, this shouldn’t be that hard. The diet works; the app almost works.

  39. it’s a bit different from when i last used it in 2014, but it’s still very convenient to use! they’ve improved the scanner a lot and have added a lot of foods that are consistent with the carb counter book online. it’d be nice to have a separate counter at the bottom of the screen along with the regular counter that counts only carbs from foundation vegetables, as it’s recommended that a set amount of carbs be alloted for vegetables in each phase.

  40. I loved this app and used it religiously until they messed it up. It was offline for over a week, and now it’s not even worth using. First and foremost, the “scan” function to track food is completely broken. Scan the same bar code 5 different times and get 5 different numbers. Without a decent way to track food, it’s just not worth messing with. I didn’t make it any further into the app, I gave up at this point. There are several other options in the play store, use one of those instead.

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