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Mindfulness, Stress relief, self-esteem, focus, sleep, creativity for beginners
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Live a happier life.
Making meditation a daily habit has been proven to increase the overall quality of your life. Relax Meditation provides an immersive experience, making daily meditation an easy, natural and simple activity for everyone.

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Ipnos has been creating positive experiences through its apps over 10 years for millions of users. Make us part of your everyday life and experience incredible positive changes. Quiet your mind and improve your mood and overall health as you learn to experience every moment to its fullest, thanks to meditation.

Try the free introduction program
Try our free 5-Day Introductory Program to Meditation and experience firsthand how mindfulness meditation can help you in all aspects of your everyday life.

Discover the benefits of mindfulness meditation.
* Boost your overall health
* Find happiness everywhere you go
* Improve your relationships
* Increase your focus and awareness
* Enhance your creativity
* Learn mindful commuting
* Sleep better

Enjoy great features.
– Free 5-Day Introductory program to Meditation
– Learn to meditate just 10 minutes a day with programs designed for everyone
– A wide selection meditation programs on various topics, such as self-esteem, relationships, success, creativity and commuting
– Single sessions: one-offs on specific topics
– Combine soothing sounds and music to create your own meditation soundscape
– Brain waves to enhance your experience and help you achieve a meditative state
– Meditation Reminder to schedule reminders to help you create a daily habit

Send us your feedback and tell us which topics you wish to see in future updates. Our mindfulness community is important to us.

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40 comentarios en "Relax Meditation: Guided Mind FULL"

  1. Bear dice:

    This was a great app, when I started using several years ago. I still haven’t found anything else as good that doesn’t have an insane subscription pricing program that I cannot and will not pay for. However, it’s grown increasingly unreliable. The app randomly crashes or restarts. Sounds sometimes seem to loop incorrectly or stutter. Most recently, it seems to be causing my phone to randomly restart. I’m sure there are no other apps that could be causing it when it happens. It’s disappointing.

  2. Beautiful layout, easy to choose sounds and layer them to create personalized tracks and save it. Even you can adjust each sound individually. And a huge variety to choose from! This app is perfect for anyone wanting ambient music and sounds to relax or sleep. It’s good for my little baby when he’s fussy it calms him down. I’ve used this app for years. Love it!

  3. Art Keith dice:

    Back when this was “Sleep Sounds”, or whatever it was called, I was glad to spend the extra to unlock all the noises. This has been my go-to white noise/ambient sounds app for literal years — but as of about a month ago, the sounds fluctuate every minute or so and has rendered the app unusable. I hope for a fix soon!

  4. I hate the new update. I have been using this app for years now, bought the full version after 2 weeks, because it really helped with my insomnia, but when it updated to the current layout and features I felt kind of blindsided, as the previous version was so simplistic and you didn’t have to wait for the sounds to download one at a time, but now it seems as though this company is just trying to compete with other apps and make a profit with the whole subscription thing.

  5. I have been using Relax Melodies Premium for years. Yes, the Relax Melodies redesign threw me off. However, I still have access to my sounds. My mixes appear to be backed up now… I had to download my mix. I also enjoy the mixer feature. I’ve been waiting on the ability to adjust the levels of each sound. The daily notification to meditate can be turned off. Just go to the Profile tab and scroll down. If you actually want it on, you can customize it to specific times and days.

  6. I’m disappointed that after paying for this app, I still need to pay a monthly subscription to use more than the 4 basic meditation sessions. The music and sound mixer is really good and usable without a subscription, so if you’re looking just for that this app is A+. I’m just unhappy that the need for a subscription wasn’t clear before purchase.

  7. Hannah M. dice:

    Updated Reveiw I bought the premium version almost 8 years ago to unlock all the sounds. I believe back then it was called Sleep Sounds or something like that back then. It’s been an app I’ve used continuously and has helped with life long insomnia. I will say it’s changed a lot. I miss the old layout. I bought it when it was just the sounds for sleep and now I have to skip past an opening EVERY time advertising their new meditations. Not the worst thing. But lately the sounds seem uneven.

  8. Love the sounds and interface…pretty much everything about this app. The choices are far superior to other apps. But it skips and stutters. It doesn’t work anymore and idk why. It usually messes up with headphones. If I connect a speaker it’s fine. I love this app and wish I could use it fully.

  9. I have used this app for years and even bought the pay-for version, at least before they brought even more pay-for content. My children even use this app for their sleep. A couple of things I don’t overly like: too many songs, I’m not a fan of the constant looping of the songs so you hear the same melody over and over; and the thunderstorm option sounds like cannons firing. Maybe that’s bc of my military experience. The thunder option is good, though, so I usually use that.

  10. I hate leaving this review as I have used this app for probably almost 11 years, but I can’t stand how it will randomly stop after anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes when I am trying to sleep. Which means I have to grab my phone and turn it on, only for it to do the dame thing minutes later. Please help me fix this. I listen to this or else piano music almost every night! If this change fixed, I will change it to 5 stars like the app fully deserves.

  11. Excellent collection of mysic and sounds. Clear high quality sounds. Fantastic user interface. The brainwaves and binaural beats are totally creepy. Fortunately they are not forced on you like in some other apps. Not sure about the meditation feature. Maybe I’ll use this later. Overall an happy purchase. There are other ads based apps with better music or beach sounds but flawed by bad UI or exorbitant subscription fees.

  12. I don’t buy apps, but this is a must! I have had this app for years. The ability to change sounds to your mood to help sleep. I love that you can put a timer on so it doesn’t run all night. 5stars could easily go to 10 stars if I could. Thank you for such an amazing app that has helped me sleep even in difficult times. Anyone reading this don’t second guess this app, you won’t be disappointed.

  13. Was working again for a while and now it’s constantly crashing for no reason! This seems to be a theme with this app over the years. It will suddenly stop working correctly. Stopped adding things and just stabilize the app!

  14. Love the app. Love the use of the various hz levels, especially for sleeping. Tiny issue: sometimes the app cuts itself off in the middle of the night which actually wakes me up and I have to reset everything (hence the 4 star vs 5 star rating). Wish we could edit our “creations” vs having to resave/rename. Highly recommend.

  15. I’ve been using this app (and the related ones) in one form or another (meaning I was on iOS previously, liked enough to buy on Android) for about seven years. I have mixes for my yoga practice, others for my workday lunch break in my car and, of course, for bedtime. Absolutely awesome. With the variety of sounds and the ability to mix with or without the “beats,” there’s just about no end to the mixes you can create.

  16. Happy with the app. Helps me fall asleep. Plenty of sound choices. Would be nice to be able set when each sound starts and stops within a certain time. For example beach sound starts, then set after 5 mins the seagulls come in but only for 3 mins, and then some music starts for 3 mins and then more seagulls and then all sounds until timer ends. Would also be nice to save a mix with a timer linked to that mix.

  17. Dan L dice:

    apps. Making your own mixes of sounds and being able to save those mixes is awesome. It would be nice if the sounds had a random pattern option or an adjustable length/speed of play. A big problem is sharing your mixes. When I share a mix with friends who also have the app it won’t let them open it. It asks them to download Relax Melodies. Why doesn’t it just use Relax Meditation…please fix. Contacted you over a year ago and you said the issue would be fixed. What the what?

  18. Lynn H dice:

    This is the ultimate app for meditation and sleep regulation. There is nothing out there as comprehensive, as easy to use, and as visually beautiful as Relax Meditations! Pro membership is absolutely 💯 percent worth it. The new coaching modules are targeted by subject matter, and they are effective. This just may be your favorite app. It’s mine.

  19. I purchased this app, but I uninstalled it because it makes the speaker on my Galaxy S9 make a random crackling sound when I exit the app. It even makes the noise after I completely close the app. I was using the water sounds & I liked them pretty well but I guess I’ll have to find a new app. I’m disappointed, to say the least.

  20. This was Relax Melodies and it was good. Now it’s all about meditation! Not even good or relaxing meditation! The guided meditations are my least favorite part of the app and now the whole premium app I had purchased is a just a huge meditation mess! Disappointed that it took one update to go and ruin the experience entirely. I’m not separately downloading all the sounds I originally had and yeah it’s cool new sounds were added, but I used the app for relaxing sounds.

  21. Definitely one of my favorite apps and one of the only ones I’ve ever spent a fair amount of money on. The only disappointing thing is that theres an alarm feature for iPhone which was great so I could have a gentle wakeup but theres no such feature on the android app. Otherwise, no complaints

  22. Wonderful app to play in the background. Good selection of sounds to create your favorite “white noise” to study or fall asleep to. You can recreate the sounds of the beach or your latest camping trip or whatever you want. I love it!

  23. I’ve been using this app for years. I primarily started using it because my sound machine broke and I like to fall asleep with a bit of background noise. This fit the bill and provided so much more. Now, it offers even more functionality to assist with meditation.

  24. All it does is stutter….which isn’t relaxing at all. This used to be my favorite app to sleep but now it’s worthless because it constantly wakes me up by stopping. Doesn’t matter what correction mode or device. It’s all the same, useless. If you rely on an app like this to sleep, look elsewhere.

  25. I have been using this app since 2012. It has great sounds which can be mixed together with each having individual volume control. Your personal mix creations can also be saved. I would most definitely recommend this app. Thumbs UP!

  26. I love this app, but I’ve had it through 3 phones, and my issues persist. It turns off in the middle of the night, I can’t remove it from the drop down menu without going into current apps to clear it. Also, the volume isn’t constant. On my mom’s phone, it’s so hit or miss as to whether it is loud or quiet.

  27. I first got Relax Melodies around 8 years ago, and the upgrades including the second app, Relax Meditation have been amazing. Helps me sleep, and my kids. Also, I have loved watching the sound library grow and the bedtime stories are great. Can not wait to see what the future holds.

  28. I love the app, but I appear to be unable to download the non-default sounds. It just says “connecting to service”, but it never actually downloads (no matter how long I wait). If I leave the screen for any reason, I come back (even if immediately) to it saying there was a problem downloading.

  29. Bought this as a premium app several years ago. They have changed this app completely from what it used to be and now expect you to pay for a subscribtion. You don’t even get new sounds. I only wanted to listen to nature sounds, which the old app had fufilled. I don’t need any of this meditation junk. Very shady, very gross monitization practices, go find another free nature app!

  30. This excellent app is extremely helpful for meditation, sleeping, and just getting a sense of general calmness. You can play with the different sounds and find endless combinations of relaxation sounds. It’s helped me with my anxiety and restlessness at night. Thank you to whomever developed this app!

  31. I have been using this app for the past few years and own it on both iOS and Android. I can’t go a night without it and the binaural beats are amazing. Some many combinations of sounds to mix and it all just WORKS!

  32. I was charged again for this app when I got a new phone BUT, their support got back to me quickly and it was taken care of in a few hours. i love this app, I play sounds at night to help me sleep and relax. It really is fantastic and my opinion of them is only greater because of their help today!

  33. Battery drainer…can’t keep it shut off…runs in background! Had to remove it! Very sad because loved the APP other than that 🙁 UPDATE… FINALLY found a toggle in “settings” that will stop it after the timer goes off. Meaning, I have to use the timer in order for it to stop running in the background. *I do appreciate this APP overall…just not this feature.

  34. I love the app i just wish you could get more for free or even on the paid version i used get alot more after i paid for the app but you also want money for the “pro” version and kero taking stuff of the regular one its stupid and price goudging and so not fair! You could at least give more on the basic breathing techique one so you can finish the week!

  35. I’m a very light sleeper and this app helps me stay asleep. I love being able to create customized sound mixes that can be saved to listen to again later. I’ve also used this while relaxing and cooking — it’s so versatile!

  36. The sounds and meditations are great, but since they removed the feature of closing the app at the timer, it drains the battery because of idling all night long. I’ve contacted them twice, but to no avail.

  37. For the latest version. although there was some initial problomns about the app I had, previously purchases, the support was friendly towards ne and the matter was sone put ro bed. A special thanks to the support staff: WELL DONE! And finally… the application, it’s super fine! There are so many new and returning features. I would urge that you install the application and explore therm for yourself!

  38. I paid for this app a LONG time ago & ran into problems reactivating it on a new device. Their customer service, if that’s what you call it, stated they couldn’t reintegrate my account, as per device. However, they said they would honor my purchase per screenshots. Well, this was a few years ago & now I’m restricted again & features are “pro feature only”. Seriously, what the heck!!! I may have only spent a few dollars, but when you promised all access, that’s what I expected. Not to pay more

  39. I just love being able to layer up the sounds to make my own relaxing tracks. Really great , easy to use. It has a timer so even better, it switches its self off. I’ve told a few people about it and they now too have it. Thank you.

  40. I love being able to customize my mix of sounds for different moods or situations. The only thing I would improve is an easier way to save my mixes after I make changes to them,instead of having to save it as a whole new mix.

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