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Scan food & personal care products and evaluate their impact on your health
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Yuka scans food & personal care products to decipher their ingredients and evaluate their impact on your health.

In a world of incomprehensible labels, Yuka provides clarity in one quick scan so you can make clear-sighted purchases.

Yuka uses a simple color code to inform you of the product’s impact on your health: excellent, good, mediocre, or poor. You can access a detailed info page for each product, to help you understand its grade.


Every product is evaluated according to 3 objective criteria: nutritional value, additives, and the organic dimension of the product.


The scoring method relies on analyzing all of the product’s ingredients. Every ingredient is assigned a level of risk, based on current scientific research.


For any product with a negative grade, Yuka will recommend in total independence a similar product that’s better for your health as an alternative.


Yuka is a 100% independent application. This means that product evaluations and recommendations are completely objective: no brand or manufacturer can influence them in one way or another. In addition, the application does not advertise. Find out more about our funding on our website.


We're still improving the app and fixing the bugs you report! 🛠🥕


40 comentarios en "Yuka – Food & cosmetic scan MODDED 2022"

  1. This app seems to be extremely useful when scanning products. I decided I liked it enough to pay a yearly subscription so I could search my own items without scanning. There must be an issue with the search feature at the moment because nothing will pull up and just says no results found. I do hope this is fixed soon or I wasted my money. 🙁 I will update my review if this issue is fixed. Update- the search engine is working now. Pleased with the apps performance.

  2. Such a game changer for me with leading me in the right direction to a better me. I’ve had this app for over a year. This past weekend I experienced an issue with a product I scanned one day and it said it was Bad. Looked at my log and noticed it was changed to Excellent 100/100. I was baffled because I made plans to return the item. I looked at the ingredients and only about 2% of the was in it was written down. So make sure you double check the ingredients! [ Clinique moisture surge 100h]

  3. This app is very inconsistent when you use the search feature. I looked up an inkey list product and got mixed results. One said it was excellent and others said it was bad. For a paid experience I expected more. Maybe I am using it wrong. Also, there A LOT of main stream products that do not show up in the search feature which is the main reason I went on and paid for premium version. Overall, I am pretty disappointed that I spend the money.

  4. I am so glad a friend shared this app. I discovered some surprising things I thought were healthy – turned out to be the most unhealthy (I eat a lot of whole food and try to aware of the bad). The sacriest thing for me was to find out the huge health risk some of the “healthy” foods contained, like cancer causing agents or calcium loss or cognitive memory loss. It has been a real eye opener to see. I love that the app lets you know why it is unhealthy and gives you better alternative choice.

  5. A very helpful app that is something I’ve thought I needed for years now. I would also say, be careful using the score to determine how healthy an item is, they grade 60 % of the score on nutrition, which sounds good, but then you see that vitamin water has a 9/100 score because it’s “a bit too sweet” with only a single harmful substance, which is bad, but then you see Mountain Dew getting a 34/100 despite having over 3 hazardous additives. Other than that, it works very well, just as expected

  6. I love this app! It’s a very user friendly interface, no set up needed, and the features are very efficient and intuitive. My one real issue, is that it considers calories a negative nutritional quality. As somebody with an ectomorphic body type (skinny with a high metabolism), I NEED high caloric intake throughout the day so lower calorie foods are actually MORE unhealthy for my dietary needs. I wish you could customize your dietary needs because of varying body types which is why I rated 4/5.

  7. I like it, and paid for premium. However, I do think they need to work on the rating system. I think low ratings due to calories is all over the place, for example a fit crunch bar is 1/100 but doesn’t have hazardous additives but they think it’s too high in calories and fat so it’s got a really low rating, but compared to other protein bars it’s literally half the calories. I searched around and I’m seeing some inconsistent ratings of basically the same thing rated differently due to calories.

  8. List ingredients on recommendations/ products. I was given a recommendation against a drink I scanned that says it has zero sugar but it didn’t show me the back of the product or the ingredients list. Aspartame, sucralose, etc, are often in sugar-free products and they both can be horrible for people in different ways. The product recommended has sucralose… I would not consider it a healthier alternative for me personally. It would be nice to be able to make those decisions more easily.

  9. Its amazing what you find! My favorite part though is not the finding out that what I’m eating is mostly garbage apparently (sometimes regardless the label) but that it breaks down exactly why and lists specifically each ingredient that affected the score and its purpose. That coupled with immediate suggestions of a similar food item that’s a better option. Fantastic app!!

  10. I absolutely love this app!💗 I have always been very careful to read ingredients in food and personal care items but when scanning what I already have around the house I have run into unexpected surprises. I like how it explains why and gives me alternatives unless there aren’t any better ones. This will help me make better choices as I run low on things. This may help me figure out which ingredient(s) I’ve been having reactions to because some things I thought were good apparently are not.

  11. Absolutely love this app! A must have app for everyone. It’s quick to use without any glitches, and covers a large range of items. The suggestion feature for products rated bad and poor, is so useful. The idea and concept of the app is so simple but the impact it creates is tenfold.

  12. So quick and easy to use! Everyone should have this in their phone. Just scan the barcode and it is rated between excellent and poor. If you come across a poor rated product, alternative options are recommened. Nutrition facts and ingredients are broken down health wise. There are also links that further discuss toxic substances. 1st app I don’t feel the need to add or edit anything.

  13. : dice:

    The score yuka gives to some items seems odd at times, but that’s not my issue. The issue is that I’ve used yuka on multiple phones, data, and wifi networks, but it still takes an hour for anything scanned to appear most of the time. Sometimes it’ll be instantaneous, but most of the time, it’ll scan, disappear, and the scanned item will decide to reappear after a few hours, sometimes a day. If I’m shopping for groceries, and scanning physical items in a store, I don’t have time for this.

  14. Day June dice:

    This app has been super helpful when I’m in the store. It seems out products with harmful additives for me. It also breaks down the overall health of a product in a very easy visual way. So if “too many calories” isn’t a concern of mine then I still buy the product. You can also favorite items which is super helpful for me to make a nice list of snacks I can buy in the future. Great app!

  15. Di Lu dice:

    Great concept, execution could be improved. The scanner is very unreliable. It doesn’t know if the picture is in focus or within a good distance, and it doesn’t have an UI for me to help out. You’d need a lot of free time and patience standing in the grocery store trying to scan products correctly. At which point just Googling the product is faster. Also doesn’t seem to work for non-american products.

  16. This is a super helpful and easy to use app while shopping. The numbers it rates foods can sometimes be misleading, for example, it says a That’s It bar has too much sugar since it doesn’t take into account that the bar also has the natural fiber from the fruits. However, it is super helpful it showing you any risky ingredients and I love how it explains why they are risky. I especially like using it to compare two different foods or beauty products.

  17. Updating my review to reflect the recent app update. It seems the data unavailable for common products was unintended and the developer was able to resolve in short order. I still stand by my initial feedback that showing nutritional highlights (additives, sugar, fat, etc) would still be highly beneficial to the user despite the lack of rating on certain product types. Outside of that the app works rather well, it’s an easy interface, snappy, and saves previous searches which is a nice touch.

  18. Jenn Page dice:

    Mind blown. I have spent so much time in aisles reading labels to buy the best stuff I could find. Turns out everthing I put on my body is POOR! Even the “all natural” makeup. We’re going to go get all new products now that we have the app to help pick them out. And it’s so quick and easy. I love that the app is self financed and independent from all brands. There are no ads even if you do free version. The makers actually care about the cause. I decided to pay for the pro version to support.

  19. Love it. I would recommend having a double rating system though. One for additives and the other for overall nutrition content. Reason being I’m willing to work my meals around something that might be high salt for one meal but I will not accept harmful additives at all. The only way to easily see the difference is to dive into the rating.

  20. Simplicity to the point of elegance! Not only does it do well as it is advertise. But quick and without faultier. I was amazed at how well it worked and the immediate impact it had right away on my food choices. Some products that I had no idea even existed. Three scans in and I was sold! Excellent program. Good work, Thank you!

  21. It doesn’t recognize Everything, but this app has changed my life. I’ve spent so mich time, money, and effort trying to find the right hair and body products, only to discover everything I’ve purchased has been causing problems. I was shocked when I found products advertised as paraben free substitute with an equally harmful ingredient. And I am no longer using Bath & Body Works products. Thank you. This app is exactly what I’ve been needing.

  22. Amber H dice:

    This app is fantastic! It found almost everything I scanned and even the few items that it didn’t I was able to input. I am shook at how bad some of the things I have been using are. I am someone who tries to choose healthier items as well and I still had a ton of items rated “poor”. I love that it backs up what it says too with why these ingredients are bad. I’ve learned a lot.

  23. This app is amazing! I do wish it had more studies in English as most of them are in Spanish, but translating with technology is not really an issue. You get everything the app has to offer without premium except a search bar, but you don’t really need it unless you’re trying to buy products online I guess. But you can scan anything in store and not only get information on that product, but recommendations for products better for you that are similar! Will be using for everything I buy!

  24. I LOVE this app!! It’s helped me so much with cutting all the junk our if my life and all it takes is a quick scan. I love that they provide articles as to why the additives are bad instead of just saying so, so you can be more informed of what you are consuming. The developers also get back to you super quick when it comes to adding new products. My only “complaint” is that I wish that they could expand to cover things like detergent and cleaning supplies.

  25. I don’t like that it takes points off for food that has “too many calories”. That’s subjective and dependent on the person who is eating the food. 100 calories for some orange juice should not deduct THAT many points. I do, however, like using this for cosmetic products. It’s very helpful because I don’t know the technical names for many of the harsh or toxic chemicals in a lot of hair and skin care items. I also like how in depth it goes in describing why the ingredients are bad for you 🙂

  26. E H dice:

    Helpful with most products I own so far but there are some that are not in the app. I have scanned and added a few so I like that feature and that they add it with the new info pretty fast. This app has informed me of ingredients I wasn’t aware were harmful. What I don’t like is that you cannot manually type in to look up products by name without using a barcode in the free version. Some products I look up online don’t have an image of their barcode for me to scan.

  27. I haven’t seen a nicer app than this one! The app works even on the rarest products. And the Idea is amazing! It’s like a delight for adults, I enjoy scanning the items I already have in my cabinet, and would surely use it in the supermarket next time. It is really interesting to know more while buying your food and make decisions. Also the founders are so nice. You can see how passionate they are about the app. Great Idea and helpful for sure and I will recommend it to my friends.

  28. Best app out there!! The research that went into this saves so much time. I’ve been shocked at some of the items I thought was good only to find out they had risky or carcinogenic additives. I’ve thrown out many of my cosmetics and replaced them with simple, inexpensive ones that are already improving the looks of my skin. I’ve gone through my pantry as well and culled out many products. God bless the founders of this app, it’s amazing!!

  29. I rated a 3 because they don’t consider the learning curve which makes the app useless, like not having a box with a barcode. the app. I learned about the app from another customer at cvs yesterday. I was very disappointed this morning when I realized a few things. Th barcodes are on the boxes and I threw them out. You have to pay extra to be able to type the item name. Honestly this sucks!!! I think you should at least offer a free trial automatically upon starting the app.

  30. Uninstalling. My app blocker tracker is so busy I can’t use the phone. Your choice. —- It worked once. I am waiting on a reply from in app support. I am currently being bombarded by app tracking attempts, which make the phone very slow. May need to uninstall and purge app from system. Shame I installed because I liked the idea. I will amend this rating if I get a fix before I give up to poor performance of the whole phone following installation of the app.

  31. Yuka has really improved form its inception here in Australia. I’ve updated my rating accordingly. I would like to see a manual search field and shortcuts when I tap and hold the app. Sure. Scan, search, favourites. My phone offers a function that allows me to tap and hold the fingerprint scanner and select shortcuts + apps. Although I like Yuka — it’s a little dissapointing that they still haven’t introduced the search functionality here. Deducted one star. Still waiting for the manual search

  32. I loved the free version of this so I decided to see how much the premium version was. 20 bucks a year is not horrible at all!! Especially considering what it gives you. My teenagers are using this now and it has already help with their snacking choices. THEY love scanning things in the store and are EXTREMELY shocked by some items. My favorite part is that the app has no outside influence or sponsors!!

  33. Surprisingly accurate with an extensive range of products from Sainsbury’s at least. Yet to find an item not on their database. As for the ‘suggested alternative items’ facility, WOW! The only flaw to date, is the poor scoring for Organic Raw Coconut Oil. This is due to the high calorific profile and the saturated fats present, but I know not all calories are equal, similar to the fats. All in all, a brilliant app to assist with your choices at the supermarket, from a smartphone scan.

  34. Mango dice:

    This is an amazing app and I just found out it works on skin products and I’ve been looking for one when I already had the answer downloaded the whole time.i considered giving it a 4 because there are a couple of things I see from time to time that are missing and I need an app to help me while I’m taking supplements and sadly it doesn’t evaluate supplements. I think it should because I don’t know what supplements are good for my health but I love finding things that are healthy in a store.

  35. I love the app. I use it all the time and even pay for the premium. I like that it gives me healthier alternatives. I wish it would show carbs in the nutritional information because that is something a lot of people track, especially if you’re doing keto or you’re a diabetic.

  36. This app tells me alot of the things I’ve wanted to know, however it doesn’t always go too in depth but I think it’s because they’re still working on the apps. I’d like to see more focus on finding out pesticides used, seems like most products don’t have any listed and the food ends up being rated “safer” than I believe it may be. Rated 5 stars because overall the app is great, I hope it gets developed further!

  37. The app is great when it is working. Recently there have been a lot more crashes and continuous loading spinner. I’ve even tried reporting this as a problem in the app but it kept crashing. Not sure what happened but I am paid for the premium level.

  38. Finding out that all the stuff I have been usually eating it not so good for you when it’s advertised as good is a bit of an eye opener. I feel now that I can make good choices with food and I like the alternative suggestions on some of the products very helpful.

  39. Amazing and much needed app. Hope the freestyle to take photos and add items becomes a little less glitchy and some poorly spelled user-entered items are fixed or removed. But happy to work around that because this is a completely valuable app.

  40. There is excellent guidance in this app. I really appreciate knowing about additives and the additional education available. Big selling point for me is when I found a discrepancy in the app on a product that I use regularly, I wrote to them and told them all about what I thought was a discrepancy and sure enough, they looked into it, and revised their listing so I feel confident that they do the research and if human error happens, they will correct it.

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