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ClassPass is the leading fitness workout membership to the world’s largest network of classes, studios, gyms, and more. Try any fitness or workout class with one app. Start a free trial! No commitment and no strings attached.

With the ClassPass app you can discover, book and get access to top studios for workouts, fitness, and wellness. Whether it’s barre, yoga, pilates, cycling, gym, boxing, running, HIIT, bootcamp, or dance, you can find it on the app.

Why ClassPass? 🏋️‍♀️
• Access to 25,000+ studios and gyms 🏃‍♀
• No studio limits
• Take workout classes at popular and favorite studios like Peloton, Pure Barre, Anytime Fitness Gym, Barry’s Bootcamp, CycleBar, [solidcore], FlyWheel, Barre3, Row House, Yoga Six, CorePower Yoga, Y7, Orange Theory Citness, Crunch Gym, Y7 Yoga, GoYoga, Black Swan Yoga, and more!
• Use ClassPass for your mind and body. In select markets, book meditation sessions, massages, saunas, spa visits, salons, cryotherapy, and other wellness activities. 🧘‍♂️
• One membership on the app makes workout scheduling easy
• ClassPass is available in over 2,500 cities across 26+ countries. Get a full body workout wherever you go! 🌏

How does it work?📱
• Download the app and plan your workouts seamlessly with just 1 app
• Try classes recommended based on your favorites, interests, location, and schedule whether it’s a morning cycle for the legs, an afternoon barre class for the body, or an evening yoga session to unwind and relax the mind 🕯
• Browse workout classes by studio or gym, location, time and start searching for fun fitness activities like HIIT training, hip hop yoga, pilates, cycling to 90’s music, or cardio barre
• Explore new exercise and fitness classes. You might even discover a new hobby like boxing! 🥊
• Find the best workout for your body and book instantly. Fit in leg day, abs and core, strength-training and cardio day whenever you want 🤸‍♂️
• Stream unlimited audio and video for HIIT, cardio, kickboxing, barre, yoga, mind and body workouts anytime for free with your membership 🎧
• Celebrate fitness milestones and share with friends
• Read reviews and class ratings to know what to expect
• Pause or cancel your plan at any time

Staying active has never been easier or more fun. Explore fitness studios now, start your trial and workout! Download the app or visit for more details and our full studio list.


Thanks for using ClassPass! This version includes:
- General bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "ClassPass: Fitness, Spa, Salon MODDED 2022"

  1. I haven’t used this app much, but from initial impressions, I feel the app is great for people who are interested in exploring different classes and have some extra cash to burn. The app even if you aren’t using for a while stores the billing information and there is no option to delete it. I personally don’t feel comfortable with my credit card information stored all-over Internet. Apps will tell you they are safely handling your information but it takes only one data breach and it’s inevitable

  2. Angela B dice:

    The app has a button to show available classes, and there are none even in the future. A couple of business come up in the app but it says the classes aren’t available set an alert to get notified when it comes available I’ve clicked the notification as soon as it has popped up that there is a spot. It takes me in the app and says it’s been booked. This app is useless!!

  3. You’re showing different credit balances throughout the app, which is really confusing and concerning. How am I supposed to book and plan if I can’t even tell which credit balance is accurate….. Now I don’t really trust that I haven’t been losing out on using any credits each month. App is going down hill. I let CS know as well and they basically told me to just do math based on my history. Concerning and useless.

  4. M Sz dice:

    The app is missing a lot of features that are available on the web / desktop version. There’s no way to limit your search to only fitness (excluding beauty or wellness) so I have to scroll through endless manicures to book a gym class. There is no map or search within a given area option so the app doesn’t show me classes within walking distance of me and I have to play tricks with zip codes and multiple searches to see my options. I’d love to use it but it’s really not easy and I’m frustrated.

  5. The app will make offers for you to rejoin, but then when you try to click on those offers and try to utilize them, it crashes. It seems too convenient. Update as I reached out to the team to help: they told me there was no issue on their end and that it was essentially my own problem to figure out. They also said I need to go through troubleshooting on my own before reaching out (which I had already done). Terrible app, terrible support.

  6. You need to fix the current location feature. I travel for work and this is a major annoyance. I’ve had multiple phones all with location permission enabled with the same problem. It defaults to Manhattan, NY. I’ve already tried customer service which helped nothing.

  7. I used to love ClassPass because I can try multiple gyms. My membership was paused for 2 years and i had remaining credits before the pandemic that had no expiry. but a month ago, they charged my card for the highest level of subscription without asking me. I tried to get a refund but they refuse saying that I had already used some of the credit. Also the app freezes now and no content loads so I couldnt even make a booking. The search function is also not friendly and rarely gets my location.

  8. L J dice:

    Took the free month to see how it works and got 15 credits. Already saw a lot of places I would want to try. But turns out… NONE of them I could book with my credits. You need to get a subscription first! Only fitness is open, but I signed up for the 2 other categories: Wellness and Beauty. Because of health reasons I can’t do fitness/swim. The site/app did not clearly state this, I feel they use tricky sales techniques, making me suspicious, so will cancel. Usefull if you fitness: 2 stars.

  9. App is pretty limited and not very user friendly when it comes to searches. No option to set your location and suggestions are very off. Also hate that you are required to rate a place after each class taken before being able to use it again. Cannot schedule for a place more than once during a trial, even if it’s what you like/convenient- it continuously asks you to upgrade. They also keep replying to these reviews as if anyone has the time to contact them. Take the feedbacks Classpass, fix it.

  10. Nancy Lam dice:

    Classpass lists a bunch of studios that don’t actually accept classpass. In my area there was only one that actually accepted it. I’ve reported it, but I’ve noticed that others have reported it too months ago with no changes. When I did the trial, they also advertised one month for free, but only let me sign up for one class one time before requiring me to sign up for a membership.

  11. Ry M dice:

    This feels like a scam. The app is so unintuitive. The trial is virtually useless when none of your vendors accept it. There were limited classes in my area. Most options had few reviews, which made me nervous when it came to massages and cosmetics. The conversion of class pass credits to the value of the pass wasn’t worth paying the monthly fee. It’s cheaper to do it outside of class pass. All in it feels like a scam

  12. Great for the service it offers. The app itself could use a few QoL updates though. The app shouldn’t return to the home screen every time you minimize the app and re-open it. Additionally, there should be a way to search by instructors, or hide instructors, classes, or studios from showing up in your search results. Also, getting to your class history is a little unintuitive, though of course I know how to do it now. But ClassPass itself is definitely worth the money.

  13. It’s a scam. After the one month trial they charged me an extra $49 on top of the monthly fee and they made me dispute the second charge with my bank. They also dramatically change the price of classes based on who knows what criteria. 75% of the time the weekly class I take costs 2 credits. Occasionally though for some reason I haven’t been able to figure out, it costs 8 credits. FOUR TIMES THE COST. Even cancelling was a nightmare since I had to talk to a salesperson for over 45 minutes.

  14. Don’t bother wasting time and money. Points cost too much. There are hardly any facilities that even participate and the few that do are miles away. Cancelling the service is a nightmare as well. I tried to cancel before the free trial ended, it took two days to get the chat box to work or for someone to respond. When I finally did get a hold of someone to cancel the service, they kept trying to sell me on different plans and discounts and still I was charged. Very frustrating, not worth it.

  15. K S dice:

    There is no way to search the videos, for example “arms” or “lower body”. You just have to scroll indefinitely. For studio live videos, the times show the wrong time zones, so its incredibly difficult to determine what is happening at the time you are looking for. Lastly, ClassPass live videos don’t say what equipment you need. Want an upper body workout but don’t have dumbbells? You have to watch each and every video for 20 seconds to see whether they are doing BW or not. Super frustrating app

  16. it doesn’t tell me when a class is cancelled, and the price of classes is always changing even though i am consistent about which ones i sign up for. the fact that they have a “reinstatement fee” if you need to reopen a cancelled membership. It’s hard to follow the schedules of your favorite studios. Would be great to search classes by credit maximums. It’s helped me find some good places but room for improvement in the app for sure!

  17. ClassPass is a total scam. They reel you in with their free month offer but then you’re stuck. I tried to cancel after realizing their credits system is not more cost effective than just booking a class directly at most places, but I have to be put on a chat with a person to do so. Where they then try to run you around in circles instead of cancelling outright. If a person wants to cancel, don’t try to sell them an alternative or try to harass them into staying. Other users beware: don’t fall into the trap I did.

  18. Classpass ultimately does a good job at what it is meant for, which is providing a wide range of exercise classes at a low cost and for this I give it 5 stars. I give it 1 star for the hidden fees that are constantly associated with the app, if you miss a class that you signed up for, they will charge you $20 for the return of your “3 credits”. When you purchase them for ~ $2.00 a piece. If you cancel and advise them before hand of this cancellation, they’ll give you a fee discount of $15.

  19. Great concept. Terrible app. There are so many options to choose from and I would like the ability to create a list of favorite studios/classes. Most importantly, I need the option to search by studio and view a class description! Why the studio search function is available only online if you are not logged in baffels me. They have the capability and if I’m paying for the membership I want the full service. Love the concept and enjoy the class variety but please update the app!!!

  20. I really enjoy classpass; as someone who enjoys doing different types of activities. Buying a membership to just one studio wouldnt give me the same experience. A few things I don’t like- the website version doesn’t allow you to have multiple areas selected (available on the mobile app); I also don’t like that some of the non-fitness classes still put tag on there (ex. a facial will have the “yoga” tag). I’ve also had a few instances when coordinating with friends that I’ll search for a class with several spots open but when my friends go to sign up (literally seconds later), they’re informed that there’s no spots left. not sure if that was a glitch or not.

  21. i don’t like how inconsistent the searches are for classes. I’ll be standing next to my fiancee looking at the same search she did, and there will be totally different classes, times, and instructors. That being said, the concept is great for keeping things fresh in our workouts. There’s no being tied down to one gym and you can find whatever you’re in the mood to do.

  22. I like the interface and it is nice to be able to try different gyms. However, the appeal of this app for me was flexibility in going to different gyms. But the app totally ruins that flexibility by requiring you to use the app every month or to pay huge fees to stop and start your membership. This is especially annoying that I don’t feel comfortable going to the gym during COVID and they’ve started charging monthly again nonetheless.

  23. I’m using this app for class pass live… it should be a separate app. Honestly its slow to load, hard to scroll for videos. And there’s not a huge selection of on demand videos… and since this is so new, the top leader board is not showing. I completed two sessions so far, I really hope this improves because I love this concept.

  24. Its been disappointing so far with hidden costs and I almost feel like being cheated out by the app. An example is the default plan is for $39 and the referral credits they give you are for $40. So they automatically upgrade you to a higher plan without asking for your consent and when you try to talk wtih them about it, the customer support leaves a lot to be desired.

  25. Dawn Cole dice:

    Seems my previous review was removed… Search is awful, basically impossible to find available options. Don’t bother with a free trial, only like 1 in 10 places lets you use the trial credits. If you cancel your membership, it’s effective immediately and they cancel any classes you had booked, even if you have 15 days left on the month. Pro tip, they offer like 20 different discounts when you try to cancel, so might as well take advantage of that if you actually like the service.

  26. I live in NJ and there are plenty of places to explore! I have not used app outside this state. Improvements must of occured compared to prev comments, bc love this idea and app! If all businesses partnered with class pass I would be in heaven. I don’t like committing to one studio, I prefer to mix it up. I found its very easy to increase or decrease credits/ month. The map is my favorite part, VERY easy to use. Love the freedom to explore I get with this app! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  27. Mike dice:

    Very unusable. Too many concierge listings, no ability to filter them out, and no ability to respond to service providers when the email you to reschedule. Overall it’s been a very big hassle to use this. Idk if the results are better in metro areas but I’m 40 minutes from LA and it’s a lot of concierge and you can only book most things up to a week in advance. So even if the practitioner responds with a day to reschedule your booking it may not be available. Many support attempts and no fix.

  28. The app tries to force you to create an account and enter payment information before you even get a chance to check out the options in your area. I’m glad I stopped and switched to Chrome so I could search the map, since there are very very few options in my area, and none that are of interest. This is probably great for people who live in cities, but for those in suburban areas, make sure you search in a browser before signing up for a trial/account you’ll forget to cancel.

  29. Editing my review for the new update of the app- the search is awful now and that’s the only point of the app is SEARCHING for a class. I want to look at the map at the same time as seeing the same day schedule. This used to be the case. Now I have to put the list down to see the map, but then the map only shows the business names and no idea when the classes are. If you tap the business, then it shows all their classes, not the day I had specifically chose when I did the search.

  30. I’ve really enjoyed the classpass app. As I travel a lot it’s more valuable than having a single gym membership where I live! Easy to use app that makes finding nearby things easy. Looks like some places have massages and movie tickets as well which is nice for months when I’m under the weather. Sometimes I have to plan a bit ahead as the best classes can sometimes book up quickly, but this just forces me to be a bit more intentional with my week planning 🙂

  31. The concept of ClassPass Live is fantastic, but I never got to take full advantage of it because the app has so many bugs. It would crash when I tried to take a class. The heart monitor wouldn’t always connect. My workouts wouldn’t log. Tried the service for a week, had to send three tickets to tech support, gave up before sending my fourth.

  32. Great app for motivating you to exercise at lower cost than gym memberships for the places you can go. Great for finding places to exercise in cities and neighborhoods you are visiting. The app would be more convenient though if it remembered your last search and didn’t just skip back to the home page when you leave the app. Sometimes you have to leave the app to check your schedule while looking for classes.

  33. App constantly glitching. Not sure what happened but the app is so bad now. I have had it for several years (over 4 years) and now the app is almost unusable. Always says no classes found even if there are no filters applied, but then shows me a list of options. Or with no filters selected it would show you specific type of activity. It s frustrating. Seems like mindbody acquisition made it worse than better? Please fix the glitches

  34. poor function, you can pick your favorite studios, but when you try to scroll through just the favorites, the page keeps going back from noon classes to early morning classes. I can’t scroll through to see anything from my favorites in the evening unless i click through each one of my favorite studios one by one. this is so time consuming. I sent the problem to their tech support and still not fixed.

  35. From the get go, the app has been mostly a breeze to book and if needed, cancel classes. Only note is it can take more clicks than should be necessary to navigate to a studios schedule after you are already in a specific class page. Would be beneficial for easier access to the studios main schedule page. Still, pretty intuitive app and pretty easy to use.

  36. I’ve been using Classpass for years now. I still find it useful, but I don’t like the credit system. It makes it difficult to tell how much I’m paying for a class. My other complaint is that the android app does not have as many capabilities as iOS. Please make the apps match! Other than that, I still find it easy book a class and there are a ton of studios in my area.

  37. Leo Soto dice:

    I’m adding a review to add to what was previously said in another comment. The search function is horrible. You used to be able to search for what you wanted based on their map. Now, it takes you to a list, and you can’t view the location unless you go thru one at a time. I still like being able to attend classes, but the updates to the search make it difficult to find new classes or gyms.

  38. This changed my life! No more boring workouts or missing out because of limited time options. With ClassPass I can find new spots and have a lot of flexibility with scheduling. The only downside is that after COVID shut downs, many business’ accounts were never updated and I had a lot of times when I tried to sign up for a class that no longer existed. I have to call ahead to confirm for new places and have to email support for refunds often. I wish ClassPass called the businesses to update more

  39. ClassPass has been my biggest tool in making a lifestyle change this year. I love it! I recommend it to all of my friends. My only issue at the moment is the same I saw for another user – the app wont show classes after midday and resets to 5am while scrolling, even when I’m in my favorites section. It was fixed at one point temporarily but then went right back to doing the same thing. Otherwise, I think its great!! I even had to cancel before, and rejoined a few months later with no issue!

  40. After Covid, I opted out of continuing my subscription but I was still charged the following month. Knowing ClassPass will refuse to refund for this kind of thing, even if they were wrong, I just decided to cancel for next month and use the points. I booked it with Queens Fitness Spa who refused to let me in because they were already booked and refused to make any accomodations. ClassPass is still refusing to refund those points. So, as of right now I’m out $20 and my time.

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