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Manage your prescriptions and pharmacy care anytime, anywhere.
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Managing your medicine is easier when our app does it for you.

The newly designed Express Scripts app lets you easily and quickly find everything you need for your medicine. It’s like having a knowledgeable pharmacist in your pocket.

Find a preferred pharmacy, refill your prescription and check your order status—anytime, anywhere.

Whatever you’re looking for, find it faster on the Express Scripts mobile app.

You must have an Express Scripts prescription benefit plan through your health insurance or plan sponsor to use this app.

This app and/or some if the features described may not be available for all plans or benefit types.


40 comentarios en "Express Scripts MOD"

  1. Express Scripts is easy and fast. The app makes organizing and tracking prescriptions easy and fast. The text messaging is a great tool that lets me know when prescriptions are due and when they are shipped. Auto ship is a time saver and stress reducer. Express takes excellent care of their clients. Customer service calls are easy too.

  2. It always ticks me off when an app stops working until you download the newest version! I do not believe software companies should force users to update their software whether they wish to or not. Even worse, sometimes the app allows a refill request sooner than insurance will approve it. Then the Rx & all refills get permanently frozen, unusable without phoning in for help. That can be extremely inconvenient! MUCH BETTER would be to just inform me & correct the date the app allows a refill!

  3. My only complaint is that they take a long time to ship. It is free shipping though, so its not too bad. Its just not great for new meds. I wish they could provide other shipping methods, like first class, or same day. I’m not necessarily saying for free, because shipping fees can be ridiculous. I think it would be nice if they provided it for free on first time *ever* fills thiugh. Not necessarily a re-sent script’s “first” fill, but if it’s never been filled in your system.

  4. They have a few kinks they need to work out with this app. For example, I have access to my in my husband’s list of medications but the app makes it more difficult to switch between our two medicine cabinets. Then, when I switched to my cabinet from his, it wouldn’t list my meds. Also, I was pretty much forced to rate the app before it would let me exit even though I kept hitting remind me later

  5. Ever since I downloaded this app 3 years ago, I’ve never been able to access the menu option. It is unresponsive and doesn’t do anything when pressed. This is frustrating since in order to view my ID card, I need to be able to access the menu. I’ve had this app installed on 3 different Android phones and it’s the same result on each. I have this app installed on my backup iPhone and it has a different layout (menu options available at the bottom of screen) so I’m able to view my ID that way.

  6. Express Scripts is great. The app not so much. Navigation and layout need significant redesign. Prescriptions marked “New Prescriptions” shown in red can not be filled and must be called in for no reason. Phone agent can’t see what the app shows which adds to order complexity. There are often multiple prescriptions for the same item and old prescriptions that can’t be removed or hidden in the mobile app. Refilling a current (not new) prescription is usually easy.

  7. The “medicine cabinet” feature hasn’t been working for months. it is a great feature that allows me to see all of my scripts at once which is helpful for doctor’s appointments. Other than not being able to use the best feature the app is ok. updating because the feature is still not working.

  8. 6/13/2020 update: Now app just won’t load my orders or prescriptions. Every time I try to use it I get more disappointed. Terrible app, even worse than the web site. Every time I’ve tried to use it in the last four months I always get the error “Because of an error in our system, we can’t complete your checkout right now. You can try to check out later or call us at the toll-free number on your member ID card. Reference number: 8068” The “checkout later” part has never worked.

  9. Manual login is so annoying. It will not save my login info, and the login autofill is always incorrect. So frustrating! If you get an error a few times, you get locked out and have to sit on hold for 30 minutes to speak to someone for a reset. Also, the abilities to manage prescriptions are limited.

  10. I was skeptical, but this is really an easy app to navigate thru! Anything govt related is usually layers and layers before you can do the simple action you needed to do, BUT express scripts is not like that! So happy I switched over to express scripts! Best decision of the year. Update: 03/23/2021 I am still delighted with express scripts, they take care of getting new prescriptions from my doctor and I can set up with automatic refills, so 1 less thing to worry about.

  11. Just started using this app so I could sign up for home delivery of my prescription. At the drug store counter the insurance would only provide for 1 month at a time. But home delivery let me get 6 months at a time, for no charge, still 100% covered, so yay! Had problems in app with address verification screens having errors, but when I hit the back arrow through about 4 different address screens, it actually moved forward and processed, so weird but I finally finished the order processing.

  12. The app is nearly useless because you can’t use the menu “hamburger”, or the “x” button in the top left. i have a Galaxy S9+, running Pi. I specifically turned off all my edge touch borders, thinking that might be the problem, but it is not. The “x” and the “hamburger” just sit there, teasing.

  13. The app does not allowing a screenshot. I don’t understand why I can’t take a screenshot of my own medications or the confirmation page. I can take a picture of the screen with my wife’s phone!!! So all the feature does is make extra work for me while not achieving security. Another bad feature is “specialty” medications appear as if they can be ordered from the app. They cannot, ordering requires a separate call to Accredo Specialty Pharmacy but you won’t know that until they don’t show up.

  14. Layout is Confusing. Every time I want to find something, I end up going through all of the screens clicking on things until I find it (which is almost never where I think it should be). Medicine Cabinet only shows counts. Transfer to Home Delivery shows nothing for me. Refills & Renewals only shows meds it knows are ready to be refilled. Order History shows more info but for everything. Needs some logical flow to get from one place to another. List all meds so we know why it’s not an option.

  15. Very functional and easy to use. I rarely use the word “functional”, but this app is exactly that. Very easy to use. You can see all your prescriptions listed out….. and you can pick and choose which to renew and also see the history of each one. Makes my life much easier. AAA+++

  16. This app needs major work. The menu screen as well as several others have text displaying on top of each other. When I use the drop down menu, the buttons work when they want and I have yet to log out. When I press the logout button, it closes the menu and returns to the screen it was on. The display id card works well.

  17. While the old app had bugs, this updated one is has issues of its own. Like many others on here, taking away the medicine cabinet and ability to see retail and other family members are majors losses. Also, why did you take away the alerts? I found it really useful to have a reminder alert on my phone. The new app is more visually pleasing though!

  18. D H dice:

    Can’t get in the app. After it sends an email to my address, it literally “times out” in seconds, and I can’t get in! If this gets fixed, I’ll revise my review. Otherwise, the app just became useless because I can’t log in! I am able to log in through the website, but not through the app.

  19. App does not work, repeatedly says 2-step verification code is invalid even though it just came in within a minute, and then if you can finally log in, it says you have been logged out and need to go through 2-step verification again, which doesn’t work reliably. Unusable app!

  20. Express Scripts is an invaluable app that is a huge part of my life. It is so convenient to have my numerous prescriptions delivered to my home. Not only that, but all of my medications are closely monitored for refills & deliveries. Bravo Zulu & keep up the great work! 😃

  21. I’ve been with Express Scripts for more than 10 years: When well-managed with my Primary Care Physicians and, in conjunction with the Express Scripts Help Desk,”it has been an incredible burden lifter.”

  22. I have no problem using this app. When I place my order on line it doesn’t take long before it’s shipped and on it’s way. The app is very easy to use. When opened it goes straight to the page for medications. You just click for refill and you’re done. It will show if you owe any money or not.

  23. The app works great, the company itself is absolute garbage. EVERY order is a battle, they like to approve and cancel the same order repeatedly every medication is late or they refill it randomly the same week it was delivered. They like to call me and put me on hold then ask me why I called them. If it wasn’t the only option I have through work, I would never use them.

  24. It’s very easy to use the app. It helps me to remember all of my meds ( I take multiple meds daily ) This app helps me keep track of refills and it contacts the Dr. for me, when I need a new script. And it’s so convenient getting my meds delivered to my home.

  25. It’s very convenient when renewing a prescription. Everything I need is easy to find and order. There are also discounts available, without my knowledge, that are automatically applied. A very nice benefit.

  26. I give express scripts a 5 star rating. They were always on top of getting my meds mailed to me.And it always arrived when they said it would. I’m so very upset at my health insurance bc next year my insurance isn’t using them this next year. And they were always so nice ,& kind & helpful in helping me get my meds when I needed the. Really I give express a 10 star rating.

  27. Takes a while to ship so make sure you place your orders 2 to 3 weeks in advanced and double check for some medications can not be auto sent you have to go into the app or online to get them. App get a little confusing but customer service can help with whatever you need. Please be careful also with having a card on file and watch prices of medication. Most of all the medications are an amazing deal and worth using express scripts.

  28. Too much no longer valid prescription data that can confuse patient… is it ordered? Is it canceled? I should not have different data for same med since you carry outdated, past histkry info. Show only current info!! Also the intent of auto refills was to reduce the patient’s burden for keeping track of how much meds on hand or do I need call to order. Auto should mean YOU keep track for me and automatically place an oder before my 90 supply runs out. If I no longer want that particular med

  29. Unusable app, I can’t even get passed the login screen. It will direct me to enter a code sent to email. After entering the code it says “SYSTEM ERROR: Sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.”

  30. A little cumbersome getting some refills, but that may be slow doctor responses. Talking with the people at Express Scripts is always positive.

  31. Displays only in portrait mode. Very frustrating to view when using the tablet as a landscape display.

  32. GM Jones dice:

    I frequently have to call to check status on orders because the info in the app is not up to date. It’s very frustrating.

  33. Horrible!!! Every time I log in it says “System Error. Sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.” App is totally useless!!

  34. Usually, getting customer service is like pulling hens’teeth. Not the case last night. I was connected to a friendly, well spoken customer service representative by the name of Dawn. This woman LISTENED! We discussed my problem and she spent the time to help me with every prescription. You would be well advised to give this person a raise and let her teach how customer should be handled. I was on the phone for 1 hour, 7 minutes & 3 seconds. She kept me informed the whole time.

  35. Sucks! It will NOT let me turn off 2 step verification. For s website/app that gives minimal info on anything you try to look up, why is that even necessary? No one should force you to use 2 step verification. Even Google lets you opt out.

  36. It has been so easy to use the Express Scripts app! When I’m running low I can check timing for my next shipment. If I’m out of refills I can ask Express Scripts to contact my doctor for a refill order. I usually have my meds about 2 weeks before I run out, and that’s perfect for me!

  37. So easy to use and handy on my phone. Helps me keep track of prescriptions. I don’t like auto-ship, and it’s easy to refill RX anytime.

  38. Very effective and efficiently easy to use app. If I may make a suggestion. It would be excellent to allow patients to upload Dr hand written prescriptions by snapping a picture of said prescription. if I were able to upload to E-Scripts, I would’ve ordered some prescriptions from E-Scripts.

  39. This app and Express Scripts, in general, are pathetically inadequate. They regularly let me run out of meds I need to take DAILY. When I called support, the real nightmare began. While I was in their app looking at my Tuejeo prescription, the rep on the phone told me I didn’t have that prescription. At that, I realized I was dealing with apathetic morons and terminated the service. Express Scripts CAN NOT BE TRUSTED to supply you with important medications.

  40. Love the express script app, it makes ordering so easy, and the reminders of renewals are so needed when you reach our age.

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