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Guided meditations for relaxation, stress relief, better sleep & a healthy mind
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***** Currently Available in English Only *****
⁃ Featured by TIME as “50 Best Apps of the Year” 2016
⁃ Recommended by: Forbes, Inc., Refinery 29, Huffington Post, Well and Good, Greatist, Celebuzz, Yahoo! Beauty, and many more

The mind is complicated, but meditation doesn’t have to be. Untangle your mind with Meditation Studio.

Get a diverse selection of over 200 guided meditations featuring different teachers and styles. Focus on your intention or dive deep into a meditation topic with exclusive collections and courses.

Receive unlimited access to curated meditation collections to give a specific area of your life some extra love. Collections and topics include:

Be Healthy: Receive the tools you need to keep your mind and body healthy
◦ Stress, Sleep, Anxiety, Pain

Be Awesome: Boost your mood and find your inner awesome
◦ Happiness, Performance, Confidence

Be Kind: Cultivate a sense of forgiveness, compassion, and self-love
◦ Compassion, Relationships

Be Curious: Find your perfect fit by exploring different meditation styles
◦ Quick Breaks, Long Breaks, Zen

Just For: Meditations to meet the needs of specific communities, people, and careers
◦ Moms, Kids, Veterans, First Responders

Get step-by-step guidance for a deeper dive into specific meditation topics:
◦ Meditation Essentials
◦ Uncovering Happiness
◦ Changing Habits

Be guided by today’s leading meditation experts. Featuring over 25 teachers including Elisha Goldstein, Chrissy Carter, Michael Apollo, Ashley Turner, and more, there’s a wide range of styles to explore.

Build a personalized meditation library with guided meditations from today’s top meditation experts. Play meditations anytime, anywhere – no internet connection needed after downloading.

Track your progress, schedule meditation sessions, and stay focused on your practice with the scheduling tool.

Connects to Google Fit to log all your activity for easy tracking.

⁃ Stream to your other devices with Chromecast support
– Small download sizes
⁃ Developed and taught by qualified meditation teachers

We’d love to hear your feedback. Please send us your ideas for improving Meditation Studio by emailing [email protected].

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40 comentarios en "Meditation Studio 2022"

  1. I’ve been using the apps for many years now and I love it! It just works stable, no matter if it’s android 6 or 12. For a small one-time fee you get a huge number of meditations for all kind of tastes and situations. You’ll def find “the voice” that works best. Got a pool of ~25 I use all the time. Unfort. some teachers I like just have few clips. That’s the only downside:no new clips or app updates BUT it would probably mean subscription service. Thus I’d rather stick with it as it is 🙂 thanks

  2. I’m really enjoying the meditation files so far and feel much more relaxed in myself. You can add a backing track of something you enjoyt like birds or chimes. There are just two things I think could improve it up to 5*. Being able to choose the backing sound once in the settings and having it apply to all tracks so you don’t have to do it every time would be nice, and having the next session autoplay would be great because I’m finding the relaxation undoing when I have to manually change

  3. This app helps me with stress during these uneasy times. I physically feel the relaxation and feel my brain changing to a more relaxed wavelength. It is very beneficial for the brain and for your health in general. I like being able to choose different narrators. Guided meditation is very helpful for beginners.

  4. Entirely worth the price. I really like that it’s a once-off fee and not a monthly subscription like most meditation apps. The meditations are excellent and cover a lot of different topics. The only thing I’d love is a non-guided meditation with one of the background sounds and a chime for every minute.

  5. meditation studio is a good meditation app. some very good guided meditations that are easy to follow. I particulalry like the happiness, confidence and sleep meditations. My only issue is that having used it for 2 years, i have tried all if the relevent meditations and usually repeat them. it would be nice for some new ones. I t would be great to gwt some to get you feeling energetic or excited about the day.

  6. The best meditation app: it’s simple and uncluttered. You pay a small amount once – it doesn’t pester you to buy an annual premium membership. There are a lot of different meditations on a broad variety of topics. The number of different teachers ensures that at least a few teachers will match your needs. And the design is just well thought out, for example, the app offers background noise (rain or chimes, etc.) and it lets you adjust how loud it is compared to the teacher’s voice. Genius.

  7. The app is good, but… All updated features, meditations, etc… haved become iOS exclusive and with a subscription service; looks like Android is not getting the latest features and newest meditations. Once was a great app, but now it has become stale and worthless for me.

  8. by far the best meditation app I have found so far. However I would also love some longer meditations as well. what makes these short ones interesting is that one can continue them as long as one wants. I also cant access all the meditations on the Samsung. I have friends who have more choice on their I phones. my meditation teacher is Palma and she has recorded for uou, but we looked and cant find her meditations. it feels a bit prejudiced against androids!

  9. This is the meditation app that clicked for me. No bloody subscription, no ads. You just pay and get a very decent courses. I have just finished the introduction course and it is remarkably good. After just one week of daily practices I feel calmer and sleep better.

  10. I have to admit, I had my doubts about paying for this app, but I trusted my gut and went ahead and purchased it. I’m so glad I did! As someone who suffers from depression, self-doubt, and anxiety, this app is changing my life. Upon trying it for the first time, I fell asleep before the first sleeping meditation was over. Anxiety usually keeps me up at night, keeps my thoughts racing. If you are looking for a meditation app that has it all, this is the one for you! 🙂

  11. Fantastic app. Worth the price, for sure. After trying so many subscription based services, this is the best. Great teachers, short and long meditations, simple and effective UI.

  12. nice short guided meditations. i would like the option to set ending. seems to just stop. I’m always afraid that I’ve lost the connection. And so I lose my meditation. I can see where some people might like this but it’s a little bit jarring for me

  13. Really good app. It helps in various different situations (stress, anxiety, sleep etc), with a variety of teachers. Great value for money. Keep the updates coming guys! Love listening to the new meditations.

  14. Heather B dice:

    Going to give this a try, first time ever trying a mediation app, or anything mediation for that matter, I have a very hard time quieting my mind, so hope this works. I tired the very first exercise and I could hardly keep my eyes closed let alone picture anything in my mind..hope as time goes on I figure things out. Well, hope it works anyway.

  15. j trigg dice:

    One time $3.99 fee and you get so much. I was surprised at how good this app is. From showing you how to meditate, and what it is and what it is not, the simple but effective training meditations, to the library of guided meditation…. Excellent app.

  16. I love this app. Beautifully and simply designed. Great meditations that can be downloaded so you can listen to them offline. Most meditations are short so its perfect for busy people to integrate moments of meditation into their lives.

  17. This app is so worth it to download!! I listen to my favorites every time I fall asleep, and the are really fun. They have meditations for all ages, really fun for the whole family. Developers please add more meditations!!

  18. Pretty good. Very easy to use. Pretty. Nice peaceful personalities. Easy to understand. Only weakness is the reminder to be gentle when mind wanders… It’s too frequent, it breaks the flow. Say that a little less and my mind will wander less.

  19. Finally an app that doesn’t have a subscription mode. Just pay once and no trouble with ads or being offline. The meditations, while short, are super helpful 🙂

  20. This app just helps me relax. I know there’s probably a lot more it could do for me but just sitting through a session and calming my mind is amazing! Usually I’m stressed because I can’t seem to make myself do uni work but this calms me down and chills me out. it’s like getting high

  21. Great app with a wide variety of useful meditations, without an extreme price point. Been using it for a few years now and have loved it since!

  22. The app works fine, no issues. The meditations are ok. I got better meditations on free apps and and youtube. Maybe it works well for the meditation devices

  23. Good content and UX. I would appreciate an option to play more than one audio (or better a playlist) without having to launch each audio

  24. The sessions included on the Meditation Studio app, have transformed my mornings! I listen to a small clip everyday! Next step … taking a course!

  25. If english subtitles are available, it is very helpful for non-native english user like me. And I don’t sure if this app can integrate some benefit with my muse device? Thank you.

  26. quite good, could use a little auditory signal to mark the end of sessions. and customizable meditation lengths would make it perfect

  27. The App is great. As she says on the Untangled Pod cast: ” life is messy, so we meditate”. The app is a great tool to help initiate meditation and explore what works… thanks!

  28. The meditations (especially Elisha Goldstein’s) have been key in helping me come down from panic attacks. They’re just the best. I got this app for free a while ago, but if I had to pay for it I would.

  29. Good enough for a low cost! I appreciate that the app charges up front rather than a subscription. I can come back to this app at any time without feeling like I’ve wasted any money.

  30. I love this little meditation app. It’s been so easy to start a meditation practice, the meditations are all so approachable!

  31. Great app. One payment to all meditation. The quality is great too. I find this app as the most cheap and the most realiable method to meditate. Thank you so much.

  32. rich bode dice:

    Great meditation app, all the family use it and the kids section is great, my 10 year old used it a lot. Great calender and Google fit interaction

  33. Wide variety of subjects, voices and options. Pay one time with no subscription. Exactly what i was looking for

  34. What a nice way to start a meditation practice. I’m not new to meditation but know that I will thrive when I get back to the basics of meditation. This app brings me back to the basics. Thank you:)

  35. Originally joined because I really, really enjoy Ashley Turner but have enjoyed each meditation and all of the contributions are just perfect for any stage you are in with your practice 🧘‍♀️ Even got my 11 year old using this app!

  36. it’s a one time payment. That’s not a bad deal at all. More important, that meditations are high quality with great speakers.

  37. This app is great! It has a lot of different meditation focuses and it helps me to stay centered.

  38. RJ Roth dice:

    I love the variety of this app: different presenters, a variety of topics and meditations of various lengths.

  39. Quality meditations, simple/elegant UI, and best of all one time fee. Thanks!

  40. Enjoy it very much. Nice range of times and styles. just scratched the surface but already very happy.

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