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Lower your stress levels, reduce anxiety, overcome fears, relieve pain, get better sleep, and so much more. All made possible with access to hundreds of meditations in the Tapping Solution App. You’ll learn how to use Tapping (also known as EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques), to lead a happier and healthier life.
Over 10 million sessions completed so far, ranging in length from 5 minutes (a quick session) to 20 minutes (to guide your deeper work). 
“Wonderful. Like someone turned off the anxiety switch.” – Debbie, App member
“This is one of the most calming and important tools in my mindfulness toolkit.” -App member
“I’m 46 and struggled with a racing mind at bedtime and anxiety my whole life. I’m shocked that as I do this before sleep, I feel like I got the deep, restorative sleep my body with fibromyalgia needs to heal.” -Susie, App member
Tapping has also been recommended by top doctors, therapists, psychologists, personal development experts, and mental health experts including Mark Hyman, M.D., Tony Robbins, Ruth Buczynski, Ph.D., Dawson Church, Ph.D., Brendon Burchard, Eric Leskowitz, M.D., and many others!  
Clinical Research About The App Published in A Top-Tier Journal: 
A research study was recently conducted on the Tapping Solution App’s effectiveness of immediate reduction of psychological distress. The findings were that for both stress and anxiety sessions, the emotional intensity ratings difference between the start and end of sessions was statistically significant. These results offer preliminary evidence documenting the immediate effects of The Tapping Solution App in reducing psychological distress.
Follow along effortlessly with Meditations designed for you to get lasting results. Topics include: 
* Lowering stress about: family, finances, health, politics, work, the world, and more
* Sleep support for: insomnia, fall asleep faster, quiet your racing mind, and more
* Releasing negative emotions such as: anger, anxiety, fear, grief, guilt, sadness, self-doubt, shame, and more
* Relief from pain such as: arthritis, back pain, cancer pain, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, headaches, knee pain, neck pain, sciatic pain, and more
* Supporting your body in healing from: allergies, colds, high blood pressure, inflammation, indigestion, tinnitus, TMJ, and more

* Women’s health support for: early motherhood, fertility, IVF, menopause, pregnancy, and more

* Weight loss and body confidence support for: critical self-talk, eliminating cravings, getting back on track, and more
* Sports performance: flow creator, injury recovery boost, get stronger, and more
* Extended Sessions: healing your gut, healing the lungs, restless legs syndrome, tinnitus, and more
* Support for children, military/veterans, and teachers. 
Subscription Pricing and Terms:
The Tapping Solution offers an auto-renewing monthly subscription and an auto-renewing yearly subscription which allows you full access to all Tapping Meditations for as long as you maintain an active subscription.

The Tapping Solution also offers a lifetime subscription, which is a one-time-only payment, giving you unlimited access to all of the tapping meditations inside the app forever.

Prices are set in US dollars. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country.

Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your Google Play account at the time of the initial subscription purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period end date, and the cost of the renewal will be listed. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to My Subscriptions in Google Play after the purchase. 

Read about Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy here:


We're excited to be introducing an Instagram Story-style feature to the app to help us bring you tapping tips, tricks, suggestions and other highlights! Visit the top of the Tapping Library to check them out.

We are running our very popular "You Are Enough" challenge (free!) from June 13th to June 20th! We hope you will join us!

As always, this release also includes many small tweaks and bug fixes to help make your Tapping experience as enjoyable as possible!


40 comentarios en "The Tapping Solution MOD"

  1. Tapping is a Game Changer for me! I’ve been healing from past trauma, and self esteem issues for years- without really ever feeling free. I have a lot of muscle memory, and Tapping seems to release the stored negative energy in my body. I’ve been using this App for over a year, but only the Premium for 9 months. It has changed me in so many ways. If you are skeptic, give it a try. What do you have to lose?

  2. I just had a stroke 😭. Thanks to daughter and First Responses were able to get me into hospital ASAP. Your app is helping keep things at normal level. Just before the first year of stroke I took a bad fall and broke the right eye orbit. I was dealing with facial pain and mobility issues on the right side from the stroke. So I’m now dealing with trangeminal nerve issues. Tapping has greatly helped improve on this issue of reducing the pain.

  3. I updated Tapping Solution app and now I have a dark blue blank screen. When I tap on any of the features; such as dashboard, challenges, audio books, basically all of it!! There is just a blank page!! What can we do to fix this problem…very inconvenient to us all who are trying to do our daily meditations etc… FRUSTRATED I should not have updated this app!!

  4. On 30 day trial, I had to uninstall the app 2 times in 3 weeks to continue the trial. The third time it locked me out (message said; “It looks like you are not connected to internet”) even Uninstalling the program and reinstalling app did not restore access. So 30 day trial was only 20 days. Tapping is a good and effective method to clear a lot of internal even subconscious clutter. I have used it since early 90’s yet this app is more bother than I need. I will continue tapping without this app

  5. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!This has been a life changing finding for me, bar none! I’m at a loss of words to describe how beneficial this app has been to me. Just like any exercise, tapping is a discipline. Once you start doing you ask yourself how you ever made it without it. Please give it a try and be consistent. You WILL see results!

  6. I would say I have a fairly consistent habit of meditating, using other apps. I forget how I learned about tapping, but I was curious enough to try. I honestly did not suspect it to be that different from what I was doing. It’s not radically different, yet I find myself wanting to implement it into my habit. Something about it adds to my habit. I’ve been tapping for almost a year. The only change I would make is I wish there were even more micro boosts. They fit well in my morning routine.

  7. It is a great app to manage emotions and relax. That is something I was not able to learn in my childhood and it has been difficult for me to find a easy way to start learning. This is helping me with my anxiety and depression. I hope soon I can let my pills. My son thas is 7 year likes it, too, because is short. Three minuts are perfects for kids or busy people.

  8. Great experience with tapping. However, I’m turned off by the dark patterns used to try and get people roped into a free trial. For instance, when I tried to join the “free” 8 day tapping challenge, I had to go through at least 4 points where I was asked to sign up for a free trial. Then, when I finally went through that, I was asked to sign up for a Facebook group and other tedious steps. I stopped right there. My trust has been damaged.

  9. The idea of app is great, I wanted to sign up, but I wouldn’t. The 1st day the app was freezing on me all the time – I wanted to explore a few session, but I hardly could manage even 1. Wait 20min for a session to start is too much for me. I followed their recommendation to log out, delete and install app and it seemed it started to work. It only SEEMED. Today is the second day and it gives me one error allover the place- you are offline, can’t download – I am not! Logging out did not help.

  10. After an update the app won’t recognize my subscription. I’ve tried everything. Their support isn’t helping at all. First they said it was my internet. I changed to just data to test and it still doesn’t work. I’ve tried removing, logging in and out, even changed my password ( all things support said🙄) and it won’t recognize my subscription. The support just keeps telling me to do things I’ve already tried. This app was really helping. But the ones that were helping are with the subscription!

  11. The tapping sessions are great but the app is fraught with glitches and inconsistencies. Downloading the audiobooks is a nightmare…I have had issues with this on two different devices so I know it is the app…not the device or Android version. The issues go beyond customer support troubleshooting….I have done all of that. These issues need to be addressed by the app developers.

  12. This is my all-time favorite app. I use it daily and the tappings are amazing. Truly this has been life transforming for me and it just continues to get better. I really enjoy listening to the audio books and doing the tapping as I do. I’ve only been tapping with the app a little over a month and already I am a brand new person. Many thanks to the Ortner family and the numerous others who make this possible. 💕

  13. The programs are great; they explain things well – even have a few books to go further. Recent traumatic losses; could not settle to do sitting meditations. A few days of tapping, I used “tapping into meditation,” and have been able to meditate – be present without breaking down.. It has been difficult establishing an account. Google’s doing? Google tried to charge me: blocking direct pay -I had to re start to fix it and payed TS. Now my account is lost and I can’t use the app again.

  14. Only one complaint: since yesterday’s update, it won’t allow me to exit the app and an old notification is stuck in my notifications list like new and can’t be cleared. Otherwise, I love this app! I use it most days and recommend it often. I appreciate having the audiobook access as well. One suggestion: for TWS content purchasers, it would be awesome to access it here too.

  15. RGD dice:

    Best tapping resource I’ve found. The app is clearly and beautifully designed and there are a plethora of excellent videos on a wide range of topics in a standard set of lengths. Overall, a really well-designed, well-populated, well-organized app.

  16. C Ross dice:

    I am a self-care procrastinator while also being ever busy and on the go. Whenever I make the time to tap – usually as part of the annual tapping summit or one of these challenges – I ALWAYS have positive experiences and successfully reset emotions in a tapping session. The more effort I put into “doing the work” the more profound is my experience. Yet, I cannot seem to develop a regular habit, even though I am already convinced I could benefit greatly! Hoping these daily micro boosts do it now.

  17. Yesenia A dice:

    I think it’s a great app and easy to use. My one issue is that the session/recording does not end automatically. I do many of the sleep programming sessions and drop off, but more than once I’ve woken up to the session still playing. Worse: because my phone recognized media playing, my alarm clock didn’t go off in the morning!

  18. I’ve noticed that all of the 1 star reviews are from people that signed up for the $70 yearly service. My 1 week free trial ended and the app was upfront from the start that I would be automatically charged $11.99 every month unless I canceled before the trial ended. I happened to love this app and I consider $11.99/mo an investment in my health. I can easily cancel from my subscriptions in the Google play store and only have trouble with the tutorial videos buffering. No other issues at all!

  19. Ive only been tapping regularly for about a week and I love it! I’ve seen huge changes in my life in just this short time. My thoughts, emotions, energy, motivation, & physical wellbeing have all improved. If I’m feeling stuck or unmotivated, we’ll there’s a tapping meditation for it which will help reveal/remove the obstacles, thoughts and emotions blocking me (very quickly). The app is user-friendly and it looks like there is something for everyone even if you don’t know what’s blocking you😊

  20. I do like this app. Great UI, simple easy to use. But the price is way too high for what it is. The tapping guidance is great but there just isn’t a big enough library to justify the large price, especially since at least half are very specific. I will never use a guided EFT for opioid addiction for example. When you cut those out, I just could not bring myself to keep using this app. If they upped the library and lowered the price, I may resubscribe.

  21. Love the tapping, hate the app. Every few weeks I have to uninstall and re-install because it just stops working. Updating doesn’t work, it always says I have the most updated version. It just goes kaput and the only thing that works is uninstalling. Not very calming or helpful when it quits right when I need it. Obvs, I’m still using it, but it’s frustrating.

  22. I just tried this for the first time. I did the Release General pain session. It helped to reduce my number on the scale by 2 points, I released some emotion too and more relaxed afterwards. The one thing that could change is the volume of the music. The music is pleasant enough but it could be lower in volume by a notch or 2 so it’s not competing with the speaking voice. It is slightly distracting. I liked the voice and the directions and visuals are very helpful and easy to follow.

  23. Rose Mary dice:

    Love this! It really works. EFT is something I wanted to try for years but never knew how/where to learn. App makes it accessible & easy to do. I only have the free version so far: no intrusive ads whatsoever; plenty of extremely helpful free content. I don’t understand exactly how EFT works, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it a few times. Like myself, you just may be surprised at the depth of emotional release and immediate improvement experienced through these short guided tappings.

  24. The way the Ortners have made tapping easy and accesible to the masses is wonderful! Their tapping scripts are well thought out and generally VERY helpful! I do run into glitches in the app every once in a while, especially with the scripts I have downloaded for use. So there is room for improvement on the technology side. Overall I am quite pleased.

  25. Great app! I have not had any problems with it so far. I have had it just a couple of weeks. I started out with using the free tapping sessions, then quickly realized I wanted to upgrade to the monthly cost in order to do tapping sessions that aren’t with the free version. I have enjoyed using more sessions than what the free version has, well worth the money when I tap often. I tap almost every day & some days more than a few times a day, & it helps me be accountable with the tapping.

  26. UPDATE: I realize it’s a WiFi issue and not the app. TS team, thanks for building the app. This will definitely get people to tap for often. This is great when it works – 5 stars, but it’s been stalling a lot. I’m on Android and have updated to v. 1.3.1 and it constantly stalls. Music and script seem to be on different tracks and freeze at different intervals. Music going on and off is very distracting. Will update review when problem is fixed.

  27. Samsung S10. It doesn’t matter if you “believe” in this, it still works! The app is REALLY easy to use. Been consistent for 8 months, it’s never glitched. It is intuitive and layout, and I like the customizable options. To have this app At my fingertips has been extremely valuable for Covid anxiety, financial concern, body image, motivation to be productive, and so much more. I am astounded at the array of topics available in the paid app.

  28. So Easy, Awesome Customizatons! I have truly enjoyed using the Tapping Solution. Before I would scour websites and have to rewrite scripts. These are so wonderfully done and you can add different types of background music to help calm down as well. They have a feature where you can recommend topics too! Thank you for creating such a fantastic resource!

  29. Excellent collection of tapping scripts. They’re literally is something for everyone and for every emotion that comes up during your sessions. The app keeps track of your progress which is really awesome so it is easy to pick up where you leave off. Music is relaxing and continues to play when sessions are done giving you opportunity to meditate or do your own scripts while the sessions are fresh in your mind. Also informative links to science and data readily available linking to website.

  30. Tapping really works! I was feeling so much anxiety and stress that my neck, jaw and shoulders were in constant pain. Searching for an app to help me relax, I came across The Tapping Solution. I used tapping (EFT) years ago to help me through an emotionally charged relationship situation and it was extremely helpful. To find it on an app was a god-send. I’ve been tapping almost daily since downloading, exploring different issues. My stress level has really decreased. Thank you!

  31. I love this app, and I am a skeptic by nature. I have tried Mindfulness, and I love the Mindfulness Coach, but I have a hard time staying focused. Tapping, with its movement, helps me focus. The simple act of moving from one point to another helps me dissect my “problem” little by little and then slowly rebuild little by little. This app takes the “remembering” what to do next out of the equation and the music as well as the speaker are soothing. Thank you.

  32. Tapping has changed my life. The app really facilitates the use of tapping for many different uses-anxiety, stress pain, even setting goals. I gave the app a 4 because I encountered set up issues when I bought the subscription and it occasionally glitches when you first open the app. Hopefully they will figure out all of the bugs because people really depend on the app for their wellbeing.

  33. Marlene dice:

    Even though it sounds or looks weird, I seriously recommend every single person on Earth try Tapping. And if you can, use this app, because the selection of topics are so detailed and specific that I always find help for anything I am feeling/needing. And the app works great! Really easy to navigate. And the subscription is definitely worth it!

  34. A few bugs for me on Pixel 2. I muted the music setting during a tapping and it the music kept coming back on so I had to keep going back to the music screen and turning it off ever few seconds. Also, the rating scale never worked so I wrote help and they said this was not a known issue and to log out and log back in to the app. When I logged back in I was unable to get any of the tapping categories showing up. Everything was blank. So I uninstalled it and then reinstalled. The rating scale now works but the music does not stay muted when I mute it during a tapping session and that is very annoying.

  35. I really like this app. I had been doing EFT for about a decade before trying this app. I find the guided sessions the perfect length- mostly between 5 and 13 minutes- and have both a specificity and generality that makes it applicable to my situation. I love a guided eft session without a video–so I can close my eyes and focus on my emotions. New content is regularly being dropped. I’m grateful. This has really helped me reconnect with my tapping practice.

  36. This is a great app! I had some recent issues with it – I bought it on iTunes and switched to a Google phone – and the app wouldn’t work. After a lot of communication with their great support team, the issue was resolved. I am thankful to be able to be tapping again. I highly recommend this app – the content and practice can have very positive effects on one’s life.

  37. An option to specify what notifications come through would be great! I am not able to do subscription currently so notifications for subscriber only taps are just disappointing & mildly discouraging right now. Only fix I could find was turning them off altogether but now I won’t get tap reminders either. Is what it is for the moment, but a way to choose which ones you get would be helpful💓 Much appreciation to the developers for putting such a thoughtful experience together, it’s a staple!!

  38. From the perspective of giving a try to the Free App; having read there’s sufficient free meditations to access; I simply don’t find.. as they are very few, mixed with locked ones. Not sure if there’s an easier way to navigate it? Having the Free ones together under FREE Meditations could be helpful. A tip or comment on the above would be appreciated.. 🤗 *I trust its paid version is excellent! Thanks 👍

  39. Having done development before, I can say that this app is a beautifully made companion app to the tapping process, as presented in the Tapping Solution book. The female figure used to locate tapping points comes off the screen along with Jessica’s easy to follow guidance. One note for the developers, there is a small bug, with the displayed tapping points not updating and falling out-of-synchronization if the audio is skipped backwards. Other than that, great app!

  40. Quentin dice:

    The worst customer service of any PAYING app I’ve ever used. The app is great but I paid for a membership and once the trial ended, my account was completely locked. I had no access to my videos. Then the account turned back on spontaneously for a couple days and now it’s turned off completely. Not to mention they double billed me and I still have yet to have access to my account. Do no buy service from them you may not get a working app.

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