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Improve sleep, relax and meditate with sleep sounds, white noise, nature sounds.
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Suffer from insomnia? Want to relieve stress and anxiety?

Relax and sleep with 30+ sleep sounds scientifically proven to help take control of your sleep and relieve stress, insomnia, tinnitus. Use nature sounds, white noise, relax melodies and soothing sounds to create your own mixes. Gain a high-quality sleep you never had!

Why Sounds Help Sleep
Studies have shown that even when you’re asleep, you still perceive sounds in your brain. Therefore, disturbing sounds such as car horns may wake you up. Sleep Sounds Free quiets your brain and drowns out unwanted noises. It doesn’t just help you fall asleep, it also helps you stay asleep.

Sleep Sounds Free Can Help You
– Relieve insomnia and fall asleep easily
– Relax and relieve stress and anxiety
– Block disruptive sounds, get an uninterrupted sleep
– Drown out snoring
– Take a quick nap
– Pacify your crying baby
– Add sounds to your meditation
– Relieve tinnitus
– Concentrate

Free Relaxing Sounds for Sleeping
30+ relaxing sounds, meditation music and ambient sleep sounds for you to customize your own soundscapes:

– Nature sounds (Bird, Cave, Fire, Wind, Snow, River, etc)
– Water sounds (Rain sounds, Storm, Waves, etc)
– White noise for baby sleep

Amazing Features
– Customize bedtime reminder to remind you to go to bed
– Schedule sleep timer to automatically stop the sound
– Play the sound in the background
– Adjust the volume for each sound when creating your own mix
– High quality and clear relaxing sound for sleeping
– Create your own mixes to relax and sleep
– It’s perfect for meditation
– No network required
– Relax and sleep
– Sleep Sounds Free

Sleep Music Free
Looking for sleep music free? No satisfied sleep music free? Try the best sleep music app to regain control of your sleep!

Nature Sounds to Sleep
Looking for nature sounds to sleep to sleep better? Nature sounds to sleep to not only help you sleep, but also help you relax and meditate.


40 comentarios en "Sleep Sounds – Relax Music 2022"

  1. I ADORE this app! To me this is the best sleep app that I have found yet! I only wish it was available on itunes also! Everything great that I love can be unlocked by watching a short commercial! Simply the best sleep app and My Absolute favorite 1 that is so relaxing which suprised me too, since I believed mine would have involved rain, but nope, It’s called “Cold Winter”! It’s absolutely utterly Relaxing & Amazing! You can truly feel the utter comfort of a warm fire on a cold winter night!

  2. This app changed everything for me for the past year. I have sever insomnia and my medicine doesn’t always help with it. I chose to pay for premium BUT you really don’t have too. About half of the 50 or so sounds are free, and the rest can be PERMANENTLY unlocked with a short add. There are pre-set sound themes that can still be adjusted from with-in, as well at the ability to make completely custom ones. you can have a sleep timer, and once it hits the time limit it fades rather then abruptly stopping. If you like falling asleep to rain or thunder, there’s no noticeable looping from those sounds. The app is smooth, simple, and easy to use. You could use it for a babies lullaby, or your own relaxant. If you chose to do premium it’s only $10.00 a YEAR, but seriously, you don’t need it to enjoy most of it’s features. If you do end up getting premium, it’s also very easy to cancel it.

  3. Love the variety of free sounds. And the ability to customize timer to last all night. My only complaint was that it turn off before being completed at one point. I don’t know if it was because I had my phone plugged in and it had reached full charge that it turned it off. Otherwise I’m grateful to have found this app. Since reviewing this originally, I have found an issue with the app. Every few mornings it will not shut down. The only way to get it to stop is shut phone off or simply reinstall

  4. Sage Otto dice:

    Perfection. I work remote a lot and have to sleep in strange places. Even after long and physically demanding days, I still have a difficult time falling asleep. I looked for this app after 40 minutes of tossing and turning through my allotted 4 hours to sleep. On my first try, I set a timer for 20 minutes and I don’t think I last past the first five. I used this app for every night per week and it’s still the sure fire away for me to get into deep, solid, restorative sleep. Get this app.

  5. I’ve been using some type of ambient sounds to get sleep or pain relief for a long time. But I find I need high quality sounds well-crafted for it to work. This app has that. Found it a week ago; works well! Looks nice too. Good selection, no glitches, small footprint. My only reservation is they want a subscription, only a small price, but I’d rather buy. So I’m thinking on that.

  6. What a great free app. I love that you can add up to 8 or so various realistic extra sounds to whatever floats your boat and then adjust each one to suit your needs. I prefer the Spring Rain with Thunder and Lightning plus a few other noises that really make this app great. You can customize the time as well. The free version comes with an ad pitch every night but it it easy to back out and go right to your saved choice. It covers background noise perfectly and really does sound like a storm.

  7. This is a very nice app! It has many different sounds and music selections to choose from. You can also combine different ones to your choosing and control the volume of each one individually. I might suggest that they add a waterfall sound to their selections. I also wish they would organize the sound menu a little better (list all of the rain sounds together, all of the animal sounds together etc, regardless of weather or not they are premium level selections), otherwise excellent!

  8. JCM dice:

    Great app, minimal ads that aren’t irritating. There are ways to customize the sounds you want and you can get additional sounds and remove ads if you upgrade to pro. I have not done that I am pretty happy with the free version. There are timers that you can set and you can also adjust the individual sounds like an equalizer. Highly recommend as I’m getting used to using it every night.

  9. Having the piano music and fireplace or camp fire on, made me fall asleep fast. Also ocean waves also helps. I like the options you have to choose from too. I used to subscribe to Pandora to help me fall asleep, but the songs they would play,the volume kept going up and down which kept waking me up to change it. Having a constant volume setting is key though ocean waves tend to fade in and out, but to much in volume. Give it try, you might be surprised 🌛

  10. Where has this been all my life! I’ve had insomnia for 44 years. I came across an ad for another app I was going to try, but Sleep Sounds was suggested with better ratings so I tried it instead. I chose the airplane since I ALWAYS dose off immediately on the plane. I love that you can add on extra sounds! I added light rain and thunder. I felt calm right away and kept it on through the night. I usually sleep with the TV on. Nolonger. Can’t wait to to try more sounds and will probably upgrade!

  11. My doctor recommended calming music and nature sounds for winding down and sleeping. The app is perfect for this. The sounds are customizable and there’s a variety of options to choose from. I love listening to rain on leaves with a little bit of wind. The timer is incredibly helpful too so the app doesn’t drain my battery.

  12. Great app overall. It has enough options, but not so many they all start sounding the same. No ads interrupting relaxation, but I don’t mind watching to unlock sections. The unlimited time allows me to enjoy long enough to fall asleep and not realize it stopped. I may start using in my spa business for variety.

  13. Lots of sound options you can mix together. Preset mixes that you can customize – lower the volume of wind, increase rain & piano, etc. A timer for how long to play the sound. All sounds can be unlocked by either paying to get all or watching an ad to get individual sounds. Sounds you’ve downloaded are available offline so you can listen on a plane. Sounds continue while screen is locked so doesn’t drain battery. Really good quality app with attention to detail.

  14. I would really like to give this app a better rating, but it is just has some issues. I’m a disabled veteran with a bad case of tinnitus. I started sleeping with a sound generator to help drown out the ringing during the quiet hours at night. This app while on the surface is amazing has problems that at this point have driven me to uninstall. Mainly regardless of how long of a timer you set, even if timer is turned off, app will frequently shutt off change sounds after random intervals.

  15. Really great app with lots of ways to tune out and destress the brain – it’s not just for sleep! There’s everything from white noise to nature sounds to music to meditation background sound to … OK, You get the idea! Better still: the pricing. Plenty of free material and choices, and the premium stuff is just $9.99 a YEAR – not per month like some other apps. I’m SO glad I took a little time and shopped around.

  16. this is the 3rd time I use the app and I love that it has so many sound options, timer settings and are able to adjust the amount you hear each sound.. the fact that you can mix and match the sounds you want( up to 8 I believe) helps so that I don’t get used to just one sound and can change it up as much as I want. my kids heard it and instantly downloaded the app .. the one with insomnia most nights fell asleep in less than 15 minutes (and he usually takes hours to sleep if he does at all)

  17. I love this app. Helps me sleep and relax. The ads are un-intrusive, avoidable and negligible. The ads can be completely ignored and do not take anything away from enjoying the app and great sounds. I always download the top 5 best apps in any category I am looking for just for research and dwindle down to either the best or best fit for me (i.e free to play or paid apps). And this app is as good as free apps get. Your mileage may vary. Good luck.

  18. This app is fabulous, love the various sounds as there is much to choose from. However, there is a function that is suppose to allow you to have more options by watching a video/ad but nothing comes of it. I’ll try a couple of times even but to no avail. Still, this is a good app, I appreciate the reminders for sleep.

  19. Ive Chang dice:

    I use this a lot it improves the quality of my sleep and life. Very customizable and straightforward at the same time. I fall asleep faster and it helps me recover from pesky interuptions. ♡ I have multiple sleeping disorders and two years later I’m still loving this ap. My new Motorola phone doesn’t do it justice though, it messes up the bass/treble balance horribly and adds static my Samsung did not. Just in case you have a MOTO be aware.

  20. I never leave reviews….but THIS is the exception! I’m totally l♡ving the app. There are many features for you to customize your own ‘music🎶sounds’ as well as a ton of prerecorded tracks. Definitely an app to download and enjoy. If you’re like me and open the app at bedtime….you better believe you’ll be having sweet🌙dreams in no time, all of the time; no more counting🐑sheep my friends! You can also listen to the ambience while doing multiple things on other screens. L♡VE THIS APP!

  21. I love this app so far! It’s really helped me sleep more soundly. I haven’t felt the need to upgrade, but this is one app I’d spend the money on. If I were going to suggest any improvements, it’d be a start timer. I have trouble going back to sleep after waking during the night more than getting to sleep, and it’d be awesome if I could set my sounds to start at a specific time. I don’t want to fumble with my phone during the night; that’d for sure wake me up!

  22. Kenny G dice:

    Amazing! I love it!😍 Even when my tablet is charging it will play the sounds! I love how you can mix sounds. My favorite feature is the way they organized the different sounds. So depending on what you are doing (Sleeping, relaxing, etc) it has a category for it! I would reccomend this app 10/10! Good job to whoever made this app!👍👏

  23. i love the piano in the rain. i like to listen to it when I work from home. Its a great app for relaxing sounds. the meditation recording is also a good one. some sounds are for the pro-version, they have the little lock on them. However, for each one i wanted to hear that had a lock on it I only had to watch a short video to unlock it. totally worth it.

  24. I always needed to use a fan since I could never fall asleep without white noise. I would think way to much and long into the night. When I found this site I at first was put off by the ads yet they were short and also I ordered a few things that I truly love for my skin. I needed something else besides my fan and they have a huge range of sounds that relaxed my mind and I fell right asleep after only 5 minutes. I recommend this app to all who have insomnia/restless leg syndrome or Fibromyalgia!

  25. Best sleep sounds app, so many options, you can customize exactly how you want it. You can have 8 different sounds at one time, like rain, storm, stream, lightning etc and you can turn the sound up on the sound you want to hear the loudest. You will definitely be happy with it.

  26. This app is so useful! I love that you can set a timer for the sounds! I love listening to the rain sounds, but i dont want my phone to stay on the charger all night while it’s still running, so the timer really helps close the app for that problem. But besides that its a very simple and helpful app for me. I’ve been having better sleeps thanks to this app! 💖

  27. Quality app. There is a variety of relaxing music, and you can custom mix sounds to create your own music blend. You can set a timer for how long you want to music to play. There are a ton of great features. You have to watch an ad to unlock premium music, but I still find this to be a great app. 10 out of 10 would reccomend.

  28. We are LOVING this app! There are so many different settings to choose from, that everyone would find their preferences! Super relaxing and it really helps us fall asleep faster. I played a rain sound on the roof with a little bit of thunder the other night, and my husband asked the next morning, if I heard it rained last night 😄. Thank you for this amazing app!!!🤩

  29. It’s a brilliant app that helps a lot and I love it has a custom timer unlike other podcasts where you have to pay for 8 hours listening. I also like the mix sounds feature and how you only have to watch an ad to unlock the premium sound you want. Sometimes,though if I just unlocked a premium sound and I’m trying it out, when I stop it keeps playing.

  30. I love this app! I’ve tried several apps of this kind and found that the sounds are either poor quality or they bug me because i can pick out the moment the sound repeats itself. Luckily for me, this app has very high quality sounds and some thought has obviously gone into making the samples sound natural and not just like a repeating clip. Also, even though this app is totally worth paying for, they offer the premium features with the option of watching a video which is very cool! 😁

  31. Denis G dice:

    Have been using this app for a few nights now. It has a larger range of sounds and options than many other apps I’ve tried or looked at – and for free! I’ve found no need to upgrade to the paid version, happy to watch a few seconds of ads to unlock more sounds. In-app ads don’t bother me because once I’ve selected my sleep sound and set the timer when I’m ready to sleep, I turn Wi-Fi off and close the cover of my tablet and there are no interruptions. I recommend this app.

  32. Exceptional sounds. I can watch an ad to unlock an otherwise paid for sound. It can then be added to my sound mix/group. I find various noises very settling – hate too much quietness. The sounds are so realistic, I can imagine myself there, watching whatever I’m listening to. They’re also an incredible distraction! No intrusive ads so far – only banner ads.(Not played in the middle of sound mixes, otherwise what would be the point?) Perfect! Highly recommended!!!

  33. I love this app! It lets you pick and mix sounds ranging from from gentle music, rain sounds and even cats purring! To use some of the premium sounds, you can watch adverts to unlock them. I think this is a great deal and would recommend unlocking some before you go to sleep so that you are not too distracted! You can also get ready made mixtapes. One of my favourite features of the app is that you can set a timer to stop playing the music so that it doesn’t run for the whole night.

  34. Initially l an easy 5 star review, now only 3 stars. Developers became greedy and put ads everywhere now. There are 2 ads on the main menu and one on the bottom of the screen every time you play a sound. So far ok and was always like this. But now 80% of the sounds are premium & you have to watch an ad to unlock, even if you watch the ad the sound sometimes doesn’t unlock. Most annoying: almost every time you start the app, there is a video ad you can’t skip for 10s. Only subscription available

  35. SimplyZoe dice:

    I really struggle with switching off and falling to sleep. This app helps with doing just that, allowing my body and brain to relax and switch off. I fall asleep within 20minutes, but before it would take me about an hour and a half to even feel sleepy enough. Excellent app for sleep struggles, or even just to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Highly recommend.

  36. c dice:

    I use this nearly every night, it’s amazing. Really helps me get to sleep when I struggle and also helps as background noise doing other things. Love the range of sounds you can use and the fact you can customise the volume of each and save your own custom mixes. The in-app timer is so handy to not waste power or keep it going through the night. Amazing app!

  37. just as I thought it is a good idea to pay for the app. subscription based?!!! seriously. No thank you. the app is great as a one time purchase. best in class in fact. but continual payment is just not where such an app could be. you can use ads instead sure. which is a clear sign for these who actually want to pay… to stay away. I can listen to every song I wish for less on services like deezer, I smell greed.

  38. Sophie M dice:

    The app is great, options to change sounds etc. But, the app plays by itself. Rain started playing without the app even being open or in the running in the background. Also when I’ve been listening and it’s ended, It will often play a random one a few hours later… I’m sure there’s an explanation but it creeps me the hell out hah.

  39. A beautiful app with lovely customizable sounds. Sweet because I get most of the sounds free. Issues: 1. Background play. App stops once my phone sleeps, even after placing a time of 2 hours non stop play. 2. RAM consumption. App consumes too much of RAM, and makes it hard for other apps to run. Apart from all this, this app is great.🖤🖤🖤 PS: I use an Infinix X559 android.

  40. Love this app! It’s been through quite some changes but it’s easy to use and has nice sounds :). The notes on the instruments sounds are looped but I can somehow listen to it for hours (though idk if the sound changed in the latest update). I do like the previous icon and opening picture better though but that’s not important.

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