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Fitbit is dedicated to helping people lead healthier, more active lives.
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Fitbit is part of Google. Together, we can make health and wellness features more accessible to more people.

Say hello to one of the world’s leading apps for health and fitness. Use the Fitbit app on its own to track basic stats and stay motivated on your journey. Or, get a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to see how your activity, workouts, sleep, nutrition and stress all fit together. Either way, you’ll find the information and inspiration you need to reach your goals—all in one place.

Access innovative smartwatch apps & fresh clock faces.

Works with all Fitbit trackers, smartwatches, scales & other Fitbit products.

Start a 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium for personalized guidance, customized health programs and 240+ video workouts you can do at home.

GET ACTIVE: See how small moves add up by using your smartphone to track steps and distance. Or pair with a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to see all-day stats like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes.

WORK OUT FROM HOME: Access video and audio workouts that you can do on your time, right from your living room. You’ll find sessions for HIIT, cardio, strength, yoga and more. Plus, start a 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium to unlock 240+ workouts from popular brands like barre3, Daily Burn and POPSUGAR.

SLEEP BETTER: Discover how long and how well you’re sleeping, then improve your nightly routine with Fitbit’s innovative sleep tools—including a nightly Sleep Score, sleep goal setting, bedtime reminders and graphs that show your time in light, deep and REM sleep.

MANAGE STRESS: Listen to audio tracks to lessen your stress and improve your mood. Use mindfulness to start your day a better way, find moments of calm and set intentions with meditation or get help falling asleep with stories and relaxing sounds.

EAT SMARTER: Keep your nutrition in check with easy-to-use tools to set goals, log food and water, track calories in and out and see if you’re getting enough protein, fat and carbs.

TRACK HEART RATE: Understand your overall health by using your watch or tracker to record your heart rate 24/7. In the app, find valuable data like resting heart rate trends, time spent in heart rate zones during workouts and a cardio fitness score.

Fitbit Premium:

– Monthly and annual plans available that include habit-forming programs, audio & video workouts, and advanced insights.

– Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

– Payment will be charged to your Google Play Account when or shortly after your trial or subscription expires, if applicable. Upon payment, users can see the cost of renewal in their emailed receipt or Play Store order history.

– Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.

– Any unused portion of a trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

– Premium content subject to change.

– Fitbit Terms of Service:

– Fitbit Privacy Policy:

Learn more about Fitbit products and services at


* To keep getting the latest Fitbit app updates, you'll need to make sure your device is running Android 9.0 or later.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.


69 comentarios en "Fitbit 2022"

  1. “To sync reliably, let Fitbit link to Flex”. After several years using the flex, one day after charging over night i get this message. I have reinstalled the app and tried to connect via bluetooth many times and it will not connect. I have tried all the suggestions and followed all the installation instructions and it will not connect. It should not be this hard. I have replaced with a new flex in the past and they have connected with no problem. This one charges ok .

  2. All the metrics disappeared. Until this morning the dashboard would show a step count as well as miles covered, flights of stairs, active minutes and calories burned. Now it only shows calories and there seems to be no way to get the other metrics back. Irritated doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’ve been a Fitbit user for years but if this is how the app will be going forward, I’ll be switching brands.

  3. App used to be good…. you can no longer track a run on a treadmill. Even with app set to detect at 10 minutes it does not. I manually enter my time and distance and then app tells me the almost half distance it think I ran. So I cannot get accurate stats. Disappointing! And customer service is very lacking! Don’t think you can contact them through here because you can’t either. There is absolutely no help and their app does not work properly. I have never seen such a horrible company.

  4. de ol dice:

    I love my versa 2. Its still going strong after 3 years and that’s saying something. If it can live up to my lifestyle. Which is saying something. I work a hot, dirty job(asphalt) and its withstood everything I’ve thrown at it. I am not easy on things plus I’m also pretty clumsy. But this review is about the app. Never had an issue. It keeps track of and displays everything your watch has going on from sleep to exercise. Enter what you are for caloric intake, how much water you drink, etc

  5. The app itself isn’t bad. Fitbit as a whole sucks…. my charge 2 worked perfectly for several years. I finally upgraded to a charge 4 with some birthday money I was given. I was skeptical after reading a few bad reviews but most were good. Exactly 1 year and 5 months later my charge 4 is junk. Multiple issues later, now it’s completely dead and because it’s passed the 1 year warranty all that’s offered is a 30% discount. I can’t afford to purchase a new one every year, regardless of discounts

  6. Sandi T dice:

    I agree with many of the reviews regarding loss of detailed data. The activity tab doesn’t work, the screen just keeps buffering. Though I reported this issue many months ago, it’s still an issue. Additionally, now the Health Metrics doesn’t open. I’ve had a Fitbit since 2011 and found the tracker suddenly, but mysteriously “dies” just as the warranty expires. The last one’s obit: connection just crumbled. And yes, I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled, cleared cashe and all the ‘canned’ suggestions.

  7. T WOODS dice:

    I’ve been having issues with Bluetooth connectivity for months now with my charge 5 and none of the troubleshooting has worked. No issues with any other Bluetooth devices so I have to assume it’s an issue with the app. It’s like the app and device have a missed connection. I’ve not had this device very long and shouldn’t be having this issue. When the app works it works fine…when it works.

  8. Dana Gee dice:

    EVERY day this app says “sit tight, sync is taking a while”. Sure would be nice to sync when I want to instead of the app deciding to do it whenever. They have been using the same handful tips for years. Seriously, just shut them off if you can’t come up with anything new. Other than those two things, I appreciate the info the app provides.

  9. Update: It’s been well over a month with no connection. Both app and phone updated. Not even good as a watch. Canceled my subscription and I’m moving on. FITBIT was great before merging with Google. Now I have more problems than it’s worth. Latest issue is the Charge 5 not synching with my Samsung flip. I called Fitbit’s customer support and was told it’s a known issue and an update would be pushed out in 2 weeks. It has been over 2 weeks now and all I have is a watch. When will this be fixed?

  10. AJ dice:

    I’ve been using the Fitbit app and devices for 5 years, happily. However, this last update has completely killed the bluetooth connection b/w the app and my Versa 2. I tried uninstall/reinstalling the app but it continues to say it can’t pair so there is no updated info for tracking in the app. So frustrating because I can’t access sleep info, etc. I refuse to go to Premium if the basic version no longer works. Guess I’ll be switching to Garmin!

  11. No syncing fixed My watch would not sync to my app for 4 or 5 weeks. Wrong time wrong date very frustrating finally found in settings on the watch a factory reset. My watch works again correctly! You do have to set up like you just got it and you have to re-add any apps you have on it. Can’t believe it was that simple and I couldn’t find this trick anywhere. I was considering tossing it in a drawer and getting the apple watch.

  12. Have the Sense 2 for 3 months. Over a month ago the EDA stopped working. Keeps giving me an error. Weird because ECG works. Reinstalled and did troubleshooting. Nothing. I have to reboot watch every morning to sync stats to watch. Old Fitbit versions synced automatically. Very inconvenient. I paid too much for this watch to see functionality regress.

  13. Does pretty good but there are times that I walk for 90 minutes at a time and it claims 0 move zone. And have times when it won’t count time on treadmill. Now after having the Fitbit for the second year , have had to have the pod replaced because it would not power up and the charger replaced because it wouldn’t make good contact to the pod to charge it. Not to mention it take one to two MINUTES to get the phone and Fitbit to sync.

  14. Not an all-in-one app yet…. I got 3 months of Fitbit premium with my pixel watch and it’s great for some things. I love the way it tracks my sleep, for instance. What it’s not great at yet is calorie tracking. Especially if you’re trying to track certain nutrients, it’s really difficult. Being on the keto diet, the nutrition tracking in this app was basically useless. It’s very difficult to add the same meal more than once. You have to add each ingredient separately every time.

  15. I want to love my app, but there is some stupid bug that is not allowing the Bluetooth to show as paired iwhen in fact it is. I’ve tried every troubleshooting hack/suggestion I’ve seen and this issue has prevented me from being able to set up my Inspire 2 device. My Charge 2 that I’ve had for years, I’ve deleted and set back up without issue. So I now have a brand new device that I can’t use. This is a fail in the app side and obviously, I’m not the only user that is suffering.

  16. Here is my edited review. My fitbit was working very well. In fact wonderful for a couple of years then the battery started dieing faster and it started to glitch. Not to mention the way I am having to take it off for a week to heal my skin from what is called fit bit burn. The app, I have not worn it for several weeks and I decided to see what it does. My son is experiencing the same with his versa 2. He says time to upgrade. As for the app itself it needs work also.

  17. Angela M dice:

    The Fitbit Versa 2 has been very helpful with my fitness and with monitoring my heart rate. My only issue is that it will not measure my oxygen level while resting. And the battery does not last no more than about 2 days before needing to be charged. But overall, it is a good watch with a large variety of screen faces.

  18. I have a Fitbit Inspire 2. Active just over a year now and it’s been nothing but problems for months. I’m constantly having issues with syncing and can’t get it to sync at all now. Software is up-to-date, it’s been rebooted multiple times, phone has been restarted, Bluetooth turned off and on, and I can’t find anything to go past that so when it all fails, I can get it to work again. It just absolutely will not sync. Can’t update firmware because it won’t sync w/ the app. Useless at this point.

  19. I’ve had a Fitbit for years, but I’m switching to Garmin because of the app. Since I started training for races, I am paying more attention to the stats and realized that my runs are rounded to the minute. It’s important to track performance and I need to be able to see it down to the second. While the watch itself shows the run to the second, there is no where to see that data in the app. That’s a deal breaker for me.

  20. Took long enough for an update. I’ve used fitbit for years, and I’ve had overall good results. However with the prior update, my fitbit luxe stopped connecting to my app, meaning most of my data wouldn’t convert to other apps accurately. As one of the big name health apps, I’d expect faster response time to fix an issue that greatly impacts their users. Regardless of that, it’s a good app for insight, but don’t take all those numbers too seriously. Instead, use them as guidelines!

  21. Used fitbit for years no problem, now all of a sudden devices won’t connect to the app. Called customer service all they could tell me in the end after all the troubleshooting was there was nothing they could do and they sent me a code for 35% off my next purchase. No thanks. I have 3 devices that will not connect…it is not the device it seems to be the app itself.

  22. I love my charge 5 but I hate the changes Fitbit made to the sleep monitoring during this last update, it doesn’t make it easier to use and it lost or didn’t record my data because of the changes. Please change it back. It also sucks that things that were free are now only available if you pay for the premium package. I will never pay for anything that was a free service, I would understand if it was a trial offer but it wasn’t.

  23. Syncing doesn’t work for my Google Pixel watch. Fitbit has really screwed up. It’s constantly not syncing, and I bought my watch because the fitbit feature was supposed to be a big deal for the watch. It doesn’t matter how many times I uninstall it, restart it, and log in and out, it will still decide not to count your steps after a while. I’m so freaking frustrated.

  24. Can’t use app. It stopped syncing with Zip after phone update to v9.0 and cannot reconnect. Tried to connect again after this latest app update. Still not connecting. Try again, Fitbit! You can do it! — Mar 5 – just updated app and it still doesn’t work. — Apr 23 – just updated app and it still doesn’t connect to Zip like it used to. —May 9 – updated app and tried again – still not connecting.

  25. Please bring back the continuously scrolling timeline! 🙂 Right now, I can only view entire periods, such as one week always beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday. I used to be able to drag my finger and have continuous control as I look backwards in time. But now, if it is currently a Sunday or Monday, then that’s all I can see as I want to compare to recent days. (Basically, if I’m looking at the Week view, I want to be able to see the past 7 days.)

  26. My Versa 3 was working fine, not,perfectly, but fine. Well yesterday it wouldn’t sync with the app so I deleted the watch from the app and now I’m not able to pair it again. I keep getting a “server error” message. If this isn’t fixed soon I’ll have to try a different brand, which I really don’t want to.

  27. I’ve had my watch and this app for a couple of years, and it usually works fine, if a little slow. But the syncing suddenly stopped working. It keeps saying it needs to pair with the watch to sync, but the watch is already paired. So it spins while it tries to pair, never pairs, and now it won’t sync. It’s amazing to me how “fixes” for things I don’t care about always seem to break the things I actually need.

  28. Horrible recently. First few months I had little to no issues. Now the app and my Inspire 2 no longer communicate. If Bluetooth is turned off for any reason, forget syncing once it is turned back on. Aggravating. I’ve just about given up. Premium subscription. Help is nonexistent. “Follow these steps” tutorials have zero impact in garnering a fix. I don’t know if it is a firmware issue, or they are making it harder to use, to force the purchase of a newer device (seemingly). I’m fed up.

  29. I have had multiple Fitbits over the years and generally like the app. One of the reasons that I stuck with Fitbit instead of switching is that on the surface they play well with others and allow you to pull in data from lots of other apps and platforms. However when pulling in that data, heart rate data is NOT included. This renders the “readiness score,” useless. That is really the only premium feature that I am interested in so definitely will not be keeping the premium subscription.

  30. Valerie S dice:

    I got this for Mother’s Day 2022. At first, everything was perfect! It synced quickly and every time! A couple of months ago it stopped syncing. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, making sure location and Bluetooth were on and even rebooted my phone AND the watch! None of it worked!!! I have a love/hate relationship with technology…love it when it works, hate it when it doesn’t! And right now, I hate this app AND the watch!!!

  31. Ryan Dorn dice:

    App was working fine… Until it wasn’t. I can no longer pair the device or sync it to my phone. After talking with tech support, there apparently is an issue with connectivity between the charge and Samsung zflip 4. I’m dead in the water and was told to wait for the update. Thanks Fitbit. This doesn’t inspire confidence and I’ll be hesitant to purchase another fitbit product in the future.

  32. Fitbit will no longer sync with the app. I tried all the suggested fixes to no avail. Now I can’t even use my fitbit as a watch. It is incredibly frustrating to spend so much money on the tracker only to have it be useless less than a year later. Not cool. I highly recommend using a different tracker if you want reliability. Also, the band attachment broke and I have to glue it to fix it. Can’t use my fitbit swim tracker anymore, which was one of my favorite features.

  33. Trash Panda to the max. If you have a Samsung fold or flip don’t even bother. We both got them for Christmas and they won’t sync once set up. One of them won’t even connect to be set up. One is set up enough to use as a glorified watch. The other is a paperweight. Super disappointed. In the process of switching from all Apple devices. I used to have a fitbit forever ago and figured it would be an easy switch back. Probably going to look into the Garmin or Samsung watches.

  34. The biggest detractors for why I gave 3 stars is that it isn’t that amazing compared to other similar apps. The pay wall for access to some info the watches collect is annoying and even after the pay wall most of the information isn’t presented in a manner that is that useful to me (graphs without numbers or charts without enough description). Food tracking is nice, but not as many options as some other apps. It’s good, but it needs to do better to get more stars. I’ve used it since 2013.

  35. Bought a Charge 5 in August. It was great. Then it stopped syncing about 3 weeks ago. And it had the wrong date. After following all troubleshooting steps I decided to clear the data to see if that helped. It didn’t and now it’s useless because it won’t connect. I just have the setup screen which eventually times out and goes dark. Do better.

  36. This is my 2nd fitbit versa. My previous one, having the swimming option, was water damaged. However, I did like the functions. So I went and bought the Versa 3. Was working fine for the past year, but now it doesn’t connect, works when it wants to, and getting quite frustrated with it already. Whatever updates were done, they’re not working

  37. Every 2 weeks or so my Versa 2 stops syncing for days then suddenly it starts working again. This has been going on for a few months, it’s beyond sad that nothing works to fix this issue. Everything is up to date, all troubleshooting steps have been done a million times. It’d be nice if this would stop happening. It’s a huge flaw that my sleep won’t show on my watch when syncing isn’t working. Why? the damn app doesn’t register the sleep, the watch does, so it should be on there.

  38. First the app is not user friendly. Its very complicated and confusing. Finding what and where you want to be in the app is a challenge. Clock faces don’t work properly, specifically the bitmoji. Trying to sync it and teleport is a nightmare that they’ve known about for years. Customer service is both a joke and a nightmare. You’ll never get a helpful or intelligible answer. I’ve been with fitbit for nearly a decade and I’m beyond frustrated. Its a $store product for a premium price.

  39. Just bought a new fitbit inspire 3. Couldn’t tell you how it works since it won’t sync to the app. Read reviews that this has apparently been a problem for alot of people for months and has not been fixed. It’s just a screen that keeps flashing to sync to my phone. No steps, no time, no nothing. So I’m pretty upset and returning it. Could have been a cool device. Guess I’ll never know.

  40. I had fitbit devices for many years and i have been very happy. The last few months it has been a disaster. Not sure what development has been doing but I have been trying to sync the device with the app and it does not work. My mom device isn’t working either. I’ve done everything fitbit says…better get this working or I will be switching.

  41. Really appreciate the app, especially the premium features. I do especially use amd love the sleep feature so I can keep track in detail. However, a couple of things I would like the developers to know. Fitbit Aria scale will not sync when you are updating your Fitbit device to your app. Maybe there’s no fixing this. Secondly, I am kindly requesting a dark theme option for the app since it’s easier on my eyes. Thank you.

  42. Returning to this app after 5 years. 1st impressions: Very extremely excess permissions. My goodness, just look at that list. Wouldn’t let me enter the app without forcing always on location access. Shares location with friends by default. I just want to track steps and heart rate. App then was like “turn on 2 factor” but then was like “hey write down this one time code that we’ll never ever give you again and if you loose you’re just out of luck”. So I turned it back off. What was that even?

  43. Lots of syncing issues and the workout activity calendar is also very buggy. Lately it detects my sleeping hours incorrectly as well. This app badly needs software updates. Update 2/19/23 Upgraded to the sense 2 recently. Still plenty of glitches. Detects sleep many times when I’m just sitting during the day or at night. Activity calendar does not properly display each day of. Considered another brand but I only use for fitness and the simplicity kept me as a customer. Still not fully sold

  44. It’s wrong. I don’t know if it’s the fitbit or the app, but it’s very wrong. It says I went to sleep at 10:05 last night, but I was up until at least 12:30 AM, not to mention the time it took me to actually fall asleep. So I know it’s off by over 2 hours and 25 minutes. UPDATE: the fitbit disconnects from the app frequently, and now I can’t get it to reconnect at all. I’ve tried restarting my phone and the fitbit. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It will not connect at all.

  45. Still an issue. Your latest update causes my 2 fitbits (different phones and accounts) to stop syncing throughout the day. I stop getting notifications on both watches. Automatic Time Zones always fails. Always. It always disables itself. Every time I go to a new time zone, I have to turn it back on to Automatic. Every time. Updating the watch can take up to 20 minutes and the app tells you to keep the updating window open until complete.

  46. The food logging tool is still awful. It’s hard to find generic foods (like “miso soup” that isn’t from a restaurant or brand), and then you somehow get about 100 different types of chicken thighs… seriously, I counted. It just seems like they gave up on improving the tool. (Also, I wish the app had a dark mode setting.)

  47. Mary A dice:

    I am only giving Fitbit one star because they are such a large company with so many users, I would think that they could invest in more time and effort with their app. I’ve had their app for about 8 years. And have used it with different Fitbit products as I’ve replaced them when they wear out. The app is very clunky and often spins without providing information. At times, I have to completely turn my phone off and then on again in order to get the app to work.

  48. So it’s not just me. I have loved Fitbit and I have raved about and how much I like their devices but for the past few months and recently the syncing doesn’t work and I have no data saved. Going back to December 9th. The app and devices are five star review material, but unless they fix the app there’s almost no use and wearing it anymore as it doesn’t track anything nor can I check anything. Please fix it!

  49. Can’t sync as of Feb 6. Was working just fine, now it won’t sync. I see all the data on my pixel watch, so I know it’s gathering data, but it has stopped syncing to my phone. Everything is up to date, I’ve restarted both devices, I’ve disconnected and reconnected via Bluetooth. I’m not paying for a premium subscription that is not working. If not fixed soon I will be cancelling and moving to something else.

  50. My Fitbit won’t sync to Bluetooth hardly ever after the last few updates. Sometimes it does it right away but at least once a month it won’t re-sync without having to troubleshoot. And customer service has gone downhill. Lately, they just blame my phone. I have one of the newest models. The Bluetooth is ALWAYS giving me issues but only with my watch nothing else.

  51. The App is only okay. I expect a bit more from this brand. The watches are great. The app could be better. For example, it is difficult to locate all the settings. There isn’t one place to find settings. Connecting to sync seems like a chore for the app even when next to a wifi router. The functionality of the app is better, however the usability could be improved.

  52. The app is a good one that helps keep me on track with my fitness goals, eating habits, and water intake. However, the app doesn’t seem very friendly to us swing/ night shift people who have a different eating, sleeping, and working out pattern than someone with a traditional 9 to 5. It’s a little inconvenient to have to go back into the app, and add in my dinner and anything else that occurred after the reset at 12am just to make sure everything was added.

  53. I’ve had the versa 2 for several years with no issues. Now, I can’t use it. It will only display the wrong date and time and will not sync. I’ve tried several thing including a soft reset, uninstalled the App and made may changes in settings with no luck. Used the troubleshooting tips and those didn’t work. Very frustrating!!! Will probably purchase a Samsung watch or something else to replace the versa. I have read several comments and see so many other people with the same issue.

  54. John Shaw dice:

    App/Watch doesn’t like Android 13. Nothing but trouble. Reset watch and it took 3 hours of trying to get it to pair. Reset app now it won’t sync sleep but other stuff syncs. Can’t get into gallery on app most of the time either. Absolute garbage. I’ve had a few FitBit watches over the last 10 years but if they can’t keep up with the updates, I think it’s time to drop them. It’s clear they’re not in a hurry to fix anything.

  55. Fitbit App as a fitness and health tracker coupled with the Inspire 3 has been a good experience so far. There are some syncing issues here and there, overall, not enough to impact the experience in a negative way. I have been sleeping better and finding it easier to track my goals and complete them in a manner that is productive and in line with my personalized needs. Data that drives your fitness and health goals to the next level!

  56. Such a waste of time not being able to add a workout that didn’t sync. It won’t auto sync any workouts and it always says zero workouts for the day. I’ve tried everything to troubleshoot the issue and it doesn’t work. I have a charge 5 and the fitbit app is a huge disappointment. It tracks everything except my workouts and the only thing I really need. App is useless if it can’t do that. ZERO STARS.

  57. My sense will not sync with the app, it is always disconnected from my phone and it won’t reconnect when I try to force it. I’ve tried everything from turning off Bluetooth to restarting my sense. Nothing works. This has been going on for over a month. I’m tired of all the problems Fitbit has been having since merging with Google. I’m moving on to a different brand.

  58. Features offered don’t work. Sleep mode works for a few months then stops graphing. Same with heart rate. Ditto for others, if they ever worked. Emails and chat were useless. Browsing on Google shows that many people are having the same experience. These seem to have been extant un solved for quite a while. If it was a paid app, it would be totally unacceptable. As a free app, it’s marginally acceptable, but rather unsatisfactory. Fitbit tech support is useless.

  59. Diane Y dice:

    Update from my last review of one stars. I was getting frustrated my daughter’s ace 3 wasn’t connecting to the app. Through the app I was able to connect to support and I told them what was happening. They ended up replacing the device even though it was a present. The new device is actually working and my 7 year old is now happy to have her Christmas present working. The great thing was they fixed it very fast that I was shocked how quickly we got the replacement. Thankyou!

  60. I’ve been a fitbit user for years. Lately it’s been awful. The server reliability is lacking. The sync function on the app is intermittent and I’ll have to manually sync multiple times to get accurate updated stats. Now my luxe can’t sync, my steps and everything disappeared from the top except for my calorie count, which still isn’t accurate because my heart rate isn’t syncing. And my device battery is faulty. It will be fully charged, after a few min of wearing it the battery level drops.

  61. Features stop working out of the blue. Customer service suggests routine, common-sense workarounds that never work, and then help goes cold. If you get a device that works with the app, stick with it and don’t upgrade. When the app fails to sync or when features fail, just chuck the device and look for alternatives. That said the tracking is accurate…just good luck getting it to sync activity reliably, getting Bluetooth to sync, and using the features you buy the device for.

  62. I have been using fitbit since I started my life style change in the beginning of 2017. There are some feature that would be beneficial and add more value to the app. For example, I’m currently pregnant and I would love to see a pregnancy feature that coincides with the menstrual part of the app for women who would like to maintain/track their fitness during pregnancy. This should also include a healthy well researched pregnancy caloric range each day. Dark mode in the app would be nice too.

  63. I had a gastric sleeve procedure & this is super helpful in making my food choices every day. I love that it helps me keep a food diary. It was capable of scanning my food labels then I was able to set up what I ate to make sure I wasn’t going over my calories, allowing me to manually enter the ones that were not in there database (it was rare that it wasn’t listed.) I love having a timer & stopwatch features. The sleep stats are awesome. My weight loss journey is easier with fitbit. 🥰

  64. This app is really poor at syncing automatically upon opening the app. I almost always have to do the syncing the manual way where you pres and hold your finger at the top part of the screen and pull down where the sync will show. It often takes it a while to complete the syncing so I can see updated information on things like sleep, steps, battery charge, etc., even though I can see current info on my steps, battery charge, heart rate and more on my fitbit tracker.

  65. Extremely glitchy and now doesn’t work at all. Disappointing since none of the features of this expensive watch or subscription work without the app. Support was unhelpful and almost made it sound like it was my fault that their app is broken. Was assured a fix was coming in a couple hours, but it appears I’m not the only one having these issues over the last several weeks.

  66. Loved it till I reached the end of my premium trial. I have 1 month left but decided I wasn’t using the extras enough to pay each month. I canceled my subscription in advance, so I didn’t forget. Now my fit bit has sync issues, won’t track my sleep, is VERY glitchy, and only recognizes my heart rate 1/2 the time. Technically, I am still a premium member for another month. Who knows if it will work at all after that point. MAJOR disappointment after 5 months of loving the app and losing 30 lbs.

  67. Issues become almost a monthly occurrence with hours spent on chats and calls with customer service. So I upgraded the tracker, thought it might be better. Then, the new tracker suddenly stopped tracking sleep a few nights ago. Tried what they suggested in the cookie cutter instructions. Didn’t work. But now there’s no possibility to reach customer service either. I’m going in an endless loop and never getting to chat phone and email option. Update: +1 star. sleep tracking is back.

  68. I previously rated this 5/5, but after they changed how the interactivity (or now lack thereof) of the graphs, I take away a star. The other star is how much of a pain it is to sync my device. Literally wasting half a day every 4-5 months when you inevitably need to re-sync. Overall, decent, but if I knew then what I know now, I would shop around…thoroughly.

  69. Love the app. Been using it for several years with no issues. I’ve always had a Versa. Had the 1, 2 and now the 3. Love the device as well. The only thing I wish the app had was a Find My Watch option. We can use the Find My Phone option on the watch but there isn’t the reverse option in the app. That would be super helpful.

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