Lumenate: Meditation & Sleep MODDED 2022


Effortlessly explore your subconscious, neurologically guided by light
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We’re a brand new app, if you find any problems please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll do everything we can to fix it!

Get yourself comfortable, turn your phone so the flashlight is facing you, close your eyes then fall effortlessly into an immersive journey through a kaleidoscope of colours created by your subconscious. The Lumenate App uses research-backed stroboscopic light sequences from your phone’s flashlight to neurologically guide you into an altered state of consciousness between that of deep meditation and classic psychedelics.

“The Lumenate light project is more than just a fun experience. It offers users an opportunity for personal growth and development. The success of the project is testament to the careful design, scientific background and evidence-based approach of the Lumenate inventors. I see this tool being an important element in the future of clinical psychedelic research and treatments. The inventors have my full endorsement” Dr Ben Sessa, Co-founder of Breaking Convention and Researcher at Bristol University and Imperial College.

Research-Backed – Scientifically developed through hundreds of EEG brain scans.
Accessible – Designed for mobile phones, making this unique and powerful experience easily accessible wherever and whenever you want it.
Impactful – We guide you through using this powerful altered state of consciousness, helping you explore your subconscious thoughts and gain valuable insights.
Effortless- There’s no skill required, our research-backed neural guiding method will do all the hard work for you.
Instant – Fits into even the busiest schedule by consistently achieving a deeply meditative, semi-psychedelic state within seconds.
Control – You’re in complete control, simply move your phone to change the experience intensity or turn the flash away to instantly stop the effects.

Upgrade to Lumenate Plus to get unlimited access to:

– Intention setting and integration elements help to transform this fun and immersive experience into a powerful platform for personal growth and self-reflection
– Guided sessions on everything from achieving goals to recognising true contentment or allocating your time.
Sleep session that neurologically guides you into the first stages of sleep onset.
– 5 to 20 min ‘Open explorations’ which allow you to freely explore your subconscious thoughts without specific verbal direction.
Every session has a unique purpose composed soundtrack to help steer and accompany you on your subconscious voyages.
– New content regularly released
– Journal section to capture meaningful moments
– Download feature to enjoy your favourite sessions offline

Note: This app is not suitable for those under the age of 18 or those with (or with direct family history of) photosensitive epilepsy or juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

If you would like to use the app but genuinely can’t afford it, please email [email protected] and we will arrange free access for you.


We’ve just launched Poetry with Lumenate, this session gives you a unique chance for you to explore the depths of your subconscious through a poetic lens. ✨

We’re always improving and adding content, so stay updated to the latest version. And please do send your feedback or questions to [email protected] – we read and reply to every single email that comes our way and we genuinely cannot wait to hear from you.


40 comentarios en "Lumenate: Meditation & Sleep MODDED 2022"

  1. Like the app. One major gripe is when reviewing journal entries, if you swipe right or left while finger is on a particular entry, it deletes the entry. I suggest replacing swipe/delete with press entry to select and then delete. I do wish sessions were longer and/or there was more selection. It would be great if they could create some sessions incorporating spoken word from spiritual philosophers. I would love a session that includes a lecture by Alan Watts.

  2. R Dubois dice:

    Great for changing awareness level, and raising consciousnes while viewing the changing images and dislays. I found that I could trigger higher states by the way I reacted with my mind. Still, I think there is more to discover as I am more able to switch minds and find the mental gymnastics to hold a state I find myself kicked into by the program. Great app, I’ve never come across anything something as special as Lumenate. Very unique and powerful application.

  3. UPDATE: I just kept trying throughout the day, and eventually I was able to get in! This is a great app and I’m excited to use this regularly and see what it does for me. I can’t get the app to work. I tap through the 3 welcome screens and it just keeps sending me back to the 2nd welcome screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it did the same thing. I hope they fix this bug soon so I can try the app!

  4. As someone who meditates almost daily with the intent of reaching an altered state this app helped kick me into that state almost instantly, nothing has helped achieve that so quickly and with the addition of helping journey in a way I’ve never done before. Definitely recommend if you’re experienced with meditation and if not the voice over can help with that getting started. It didn’t work as well for my spouse who doesn’t meditate as often as I do but he did enjoy the flashy colors.

  5. This app hurt my eyes. To the point where they ached/were tearing, and I had the phone farther than an arms length away. Perhaps my eyes are too sensitive. Maybe its my astigmatism. Other than the strobe light effect, its basically just like any other meditation app; Soft music, a little guidance. I prefer binaural beats, but the music in this app was pretty cool.

  6. Bob ert dice:

    I did the Goals session and I drifted off. The colors and patterns would be duller and further away when i would drift in and out. But near the end i woke up and it was brighter than normal and my entire field of vision was filled by a grey diamond pattern for the background and in the center there was like a projection of comic panels scrolling quickly but nothing in the panels. Don’t know what that means but kinda cool. Only con so far is the articles in science section don’t scroll properly.

  7. I thought this sounded interesting and wasnt expecting much. I was blown away when beautiful colors began flowing through my mind and I went through a deeply healing visual. I subscribed after my first day trying it! I have struggled with anxiety and depression for decades and I was amazed by the relief I felt. I feel this could be an essential tool to keep on hand for when I cant get stop the downward spiral. Highly recommend.

  8. I was surprised and impressed by this app from the jump but the more I’ve used it the better it gets, or perhaps the more accustomed to the altered state that it induces my brain has become. After using Choose Your Own Soundtrack in the full version I’m completely blown away! Playing a song you’re familiar with and then finding the correct distance from your eyes for that songs tempo or BPM or I dont know what; suddenly kicks in total syncronization of music to multi-layer visuals. Beautiful.😍

  9. After sending a bunch of reports each time the app crashed, it began working a few days later. Clearly, the dev team was on it. Love this app and am so happy I found it. Currently been listening to the achieve goals track and have truly found it helpful in determining what my goals actually are and then to break those goals down into frameworks that are connected to routines that allow me to achieve my goals. This app has helped reframe my mind in how I approach goal setting. Thank you.

  10. I did pay the $42.00 for the year subscription.. And I don’t usually spend money on Apps if that says anything. The one thing it’s helped me with so far is visualization, I’m bad at seeing the pictures when I try to visualize (Aphantasia they call it) instead of just knowing what said object looks like in my head. I saw my first image with this app. I’m hoping for new sessions to be added soon 🖤 The only con since I paid the app force closes a lot but it could be the phones fault. Lol

  11. David dice:

    Paid for premium, and now intense exploration will not load. Have Uninstalled and cleared cache, everything, and it will not work. This is the primary mode I use, so may have to seek a refund at this point. 😔 EDIT: It appears that the issue was tied to whether I had the wifi on or not. Thanks for reaching out Jay. I do really enjoy this app, and the unique experience it provides.

  12. My stress levels have dropped considerably since I started using Luminate. The “intentions” that I visualize during sessions pop up all day long, but not in an intrusive sense, or in a way that makes me feel pressured for all of the things I haven’t accomplished yet… More like a gentle, encouraging hand that makes me feel joy in the things I have accomplished, and a reminder of how much success is possible. I have found that I seek to surrounded myself with more serenity.

  13. I’ve been using this app for the past few nights.(I’ve had lucid dreams, an out of body experience or just fell asleep to the sounds).I recommend that people follow the instructions and practice moving your phone a little closer every time and to keep it level. I just want all the minds and developers behind this project to know that I seriously believe in your vision. I loved the two provided experiences. I wish I could see whats in store for the future. 6⭐. Keep an open mind, give this a try.

  14. Shaun dice:

    It’s a really good App. I was sceptical at first. I’d seen Rosamund Pike advertising it and with me been a massive fan of hers, decided to try it. It’s weird at first, but the narrator’s talk you through it. I’ve tried the first and second sessions and feel a lot more clearer and happier in the mind. It’s also good and informative about how the brain, mind and App works. I’ve recommended it to a few people, and once further on, will purchase the in App extra’s.

  15. Sanchit dice:

    I was 99% sure this is going to be just hype and bs like the fabulous app but glad I didn’t let my negative experience about such meditation apps stop me from trying this. It’s definitely an awesome experience and I am amazed my good old phone is capable of doing such things. The last time I felt this amazed was the meditation app for oculus but this is just whole another level! Very nice. p.s. the led stopped blinking about 50% of the intro track. Not sure if it’s because free version or bug.

  16. Stacey M dice:

    I have to be honest, I first downloaded the app because of the involvement of Rosamund Pike. Not even knowing that she actually does some of the guided meditations. That was definitely a wonderful plus. The ones she does are my favorites. I have really enjoyed more than a couple of the meditations. I have never been good at meditation, but the guided methods really is a beautiful system that works for me. I would love to have more guided ones added (in time of course). Thank you!

  17. It’s incredible. How, with a single flash light it’s possible to generate colors and geometries. The audio files are extremely beautiful. I love the approach the app has, like AI. I am using Kasina or VR but still with my mobile phone my imagination is able to reach the same levels of creation and peacefulness.

  18. Sam dice:

    This is really a unique way to to meditate and calm your mind and soul. I will usually deflect and my mind wonders during meditation, but with this app I stay right where I need to be. I wish I would have discovered this sooner. Absolutely recommend this app! The only thing I’d add to the app is possibly more guided meditations and maybe more variety and challenges that one is trying to overcome or achieve.

  19. Leah Burt dice:

    I’m so impressed with this app so far. I’ve been recently diving into meditation and deep Mindfulness states to acquire knowledge behind my purpose and aspirations. First week in and it’s exceptionally effective. I can’t wait to dive further into these sessions and continue my journey.

  20. Neki Alen dice:

    Great app! Good for relaxing but also to control negative feelings. I didn’t believe it will work like this. And the visuals are also very nice :))) I hope for some new sessions in the next updates 🙂

  21. Trey Levy dice:

    even just the 10 minute freely available session without narration is wonderful. this is my favorite meditation app and the only one that’s ever gotten me to the level of strange half-dreams in meditating with it. 10/10 i can’t wait to have the money to buy the full version

  22. Kirk R dice:

    Very positive, great script.beautiful voice guiding you. The light isn’t unpleasant or jarring and it’s very relaxing once you adjust. Went through some session at the first run. I’ll keep trying. Great idea and execution. I like that you include the details of how and why it works.

  23. Eric dice:

    A trippy psychedelic meditation. I’m loving it more each time I use it. Each session has been strangely unique. A new way to “Light it up”.

  24. I’ve used sense entraining devices and this doesn’t flash at a precise interval on this phone, nor is it a bright as the glasses I tried and I found it had to be very dark to get an effect. Still, it does work well enough for the entrainment to occur and at a fraction of the price of the glasses I saw in a tourist shop many years ago. I am skeptical of the claims that are made about the usefulness of entrainment in other areas of ones life so I have refrained from investing further. I am not a fan of subscription software.

  25. D D dice:

    I just finished my first experience with the demo and I had a very pleasant experience. I had no idea what to expect when it said to turn my flashlight on and face it toward my eyes but I soon found out! Btw to all of the users and subscribers they sell a neck mount ( certain stores ) so you don’t have to focus on holding your phone for the experience. After the demo I immediately subscribed for a month and am considering a subscription for the year.

  26. Highly suggest getting something to hold your phone for you, so you can truly relax. I love doing it right before bed, and I fall asleep immediately. Hold it pretty close to your face for tons of colorful visuals. It creates a euphoria that even makes my eyes tear up. Very interesting concept!

  27. I’ve just had the best experience with this app. I was blown away with how quickly it put me into a sense of awareness and control over my life. I felt safe and cradled away from life’s problems… There were only solutions and I was able to let go of my anxiety and feel a sense of calm for the first time in a long time. I want very much to explore more of the app, but my budget won’t allow at this time since I really do not have much of a budget at the moment, due to my situation. Thanks.

  28. YOU NEED THIS!! The only meditative app with mountains of real research backing it up. It provides a profound and moving experience that will change the way you think about yourself and your daily life. After 30 minutes of flashing lights one evening, I had the best night of sleep i’ve had in months, and I woke up fresh, with a new perspective on my life. 10/10!!!

  29. I didnt expect this to work, but as soon as the lights turned on i was blown away i felt like i was on another world and i was seeing beautiful things. This app is insane if you havent tried it please do it. I beg you

  30. Liz P dice:

    Early impressions using the free sessions only: It’s interesting and relaxing. I am seeing unique light patterns and feeling mostly engaged with the Relaxed Exploration session. My experience is not psychedelic so far, will continue to experiment. I do not like the Negative Thoughts session because the voiceover script repeats negative thoughts you might be having. This is the opposite of the approach I’ve used in meditation for years – focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

  31. Should also use the phone screen as an alternate light source. Why not have two circles on the screen that go over your eyes as well? Mindroid is a good example of what I am talking about, and can be found on Google Play. You don’t have to follow their formula exactly. Be creative. It is because of this light issue, that I have only used the app about four times out of my one-year subscription. I don’t wish to see my money go to waste. Just put a toggle on which light source to be used.

  32. J C Rice dice:

    I found this app very relaxing at the same time as vibrant and luminous. There is also an experience of space or spaciousness, very immediate. It has to be experienced really. It’s very reflective too.

  33. Ben Brown dice:

    I was skeptical, but this experience really is incredible. The intensity can be easily controlled and it can be relaxing or a brilliant light show. Time flies by when you really let yourself fall into it.

  34. Great for getting into a meditative blank mind. Just focus on what you’re seeing and you’ll be swept away by the subconscious.

  35. Idea sounds great, but I can’t even log in. Crashes when I log in with Google, and hangs on “welcome to lunenate” when I open now

  36. S E dice:

    You’re in another dimension while in a lesson. Amazing! Can’t wait to see how this science just keeps getting more and more advance.

  37. As someone with PTSD that uses all kinds of coping methods sometimes you need something to really grab your consciousness when the mind and body are panicking. It’s easy to just grab a phone let the lights point at my face. Only difficult part is finding a dark place during day. Critiques: stands on its own! doesn’t have to emulate psychedelics, sometimes experiences are overly directed to try to provoke profound healing a certain way. Who else has guided meditations w/ lights tho? Def 5 stars

  38. The app is fantastic .it gets me into a VERY deep relaxed state in 5 mins that normally takes me 30 mins . The only bad thing is tha since I paid to upgrade it and unfortunately it will not allow me to use it on another device hence the 4 stars. C

  39. The flickering eyelids thing gets better! I was struggling with it at first. Did the intro (5 min) twice and then the 15 minute “achieving your goals”. It wasn’t like hallucinating, but my vision seemed to relax into a kind of kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, and occasionally the light shines brightly for for a few seconds and that felt pleasantly overwhelming. I’m going to carry on with the free stuff to see where it takes me and then will subscribe if my experience remains positive.

  40. OMG! I’m telling everyone. This has done more for me in 5mins than anything else I’ve ever tried. I’d purchase the whole thing but unfortunately I’m homeless and just lost my wife Id love to experience more content that’s locked but can’t 🥺. This I believe has brought me closer to her in some type of way. GREAT JOB DEVELOPERS/MAKERS

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