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Running training app to reach your weight loss, distance or speed goals
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Joggo is a running training app that helps people reach their running goals. Whether you want to:

Cross a specific distance or pace target
Manage your weight
Relax your mind

The Joggo app is built on 3 main pillars: Personalized Training, Education, and Motivation. Each pillar represents a set of features in our app that helps people achieve even the most ambitious goals.

Personalized training plans from beginners to pros:
Every user is asked to fill a quiz used to determine the underlying motivation for starting to run, the risk factors one might have, and personal goals. We then ask the user to have the first free run, which we track to determine actual fitness level and running capabilities, set the starting mark, and create a personalized training plan.

Bi-weekly running plan adjustments based on progress and feedback
Even if the starting point is the same, two people will have very different progress in just two weeks. We acknowledge the differences and create a running program based on 2 weeks’ running streaks. Afterward, we re-evaluate your progress and feedback on your well-being. If you believe you can accomplish more, we then increase the intensity for the following 2 weeks’ running streaks. It is important to monitor your progress but not overdo it.

Timely educational bits – right knowledge at the right time
Too much information could be overwhelming, especially in the beginning. The right information at the right time could be a factor that determines if you continue running or burn yourself out and quit altogether. Our focus is to give timely bits of information right when you need it the most. As you progress, our content will progress with you to cover more advanced topics and get gradually grounded into the intricacies of running, sports, health, and nutrition.

Get rewarded for the effort and level up
We want to let you know that you are doing a great job. Despite the speed, distance, body shape, or gear – you are on the right track if you are running. Every run is rewarded with points that allow you to compare your effort with someone else and see how well you are doing.

Have an injury? Have a question? Consult with our in-house specialists.
Sometimes we just need a bit of extra help to guide us. It is not common to have an expert runner to consult with. In case you have a question, we will match you with a top elite runner capable of giving you professional advice.


What’s New:
• We’ve made additional changes to the app’s design and stability for a smooth and user-friendly experience.


40 comentarios en "Joggo MODDED 2022"

  1. Very simple, very easy to use. For the Americans, you can easily change from using metric to imperial in the settings. While some of the Tips are to obvious and simple to be useful, I think for new runners who are looking for guidance- this app could be for you. It walks you carefully through the process, including the warm ups, and includes more useful tips about running posture ect. The recipes are also really good looking and easy to follow.

  2. I have a couple issues with the app. 1. I can’t always work out on the same days of the week. I’ve figured out that i skip, I can go back and do that but I hate seeing that “skipped” there. 2. Sometimes it pauses part of the workout and then skips to the next part. It usually has to do with trying to listen to an audio book. 3. I like to walk out in the neighborhood and I don’t like the calesthenics in the middle. Sometimes there just aren’t good places to do jumping jacks. So I end up skipping.

  3. I particularly like how the first exercise is fast walking for 10 minutes. And it really tracks how much distance you’ve run which is interesting and logs it easily. I am wondering if there would ever be synchronization with any heart monitor device (maybe I’m asking too much).

  4. This app is a bit frustrating. First, you can’t adjust your week on the fly while you are in it. For instance, if I am supposed to run on a Monday, but my work schedule changes I can’t push my run to Tuesday instead. Also, the amount of runs that I have lost due to glitches while I am running is equal to more runs than have been logged. Today was the opposite, I opened the app and today’s run was already marked as completed. I will not be renewing.

  5. The app includes a one-of-a-kind running measurement system that is both advanced and well-integrated. As you improve your running ability, it includes some terrific warm-up and cool-down workouts integrated into the various programs, which tracks your activities and allows you to track your improvement. It also has weight-loss, diet, and nutrition aspects. It also has complex capabilities like calculating how many pounds you’ve shed and how many kilometers you can run in how long. I had a lot of fun with this app and will continue to use it in the future.

  6. Overall is a fine app. The running workouts are great, as is the food plan. But the non-running workouts are not good – no voice prompts and no pauses between activities, making it nearly impossible to follow. There are hundreds of workouts apps out there that have voice prompts and are easier to use, so would recommend them before this one for non-running workouts.

  7. Poorly designed app, it feels it was built in house by someone who has little to no experience with delivering an end product to consumers. It is somehow set to the wrong day of the week (i.e. thinks it’s Tuesday when it’s Monday) and sends multiple push notifications for running sessions. There is no ability to play music or sound from another app while this app is running and yet this app does not have sound? There is no way to change either of these issues. Would not purchase again.

  8. The app isn’t showing the correct day so it tells me I’ve missed a workout on Monday when it’s actually only Sunday. I havent been able to find a way to review my previous runs either. And the intervals aren’t always correct, my last interval day told me to slow run for 30 minutes then 25 minute fast run 7 times. That can’t be right. I’m highly disappointed in something that I’m paying for and I didn’t agree to use in the first place (was using web-based running diet, was forced onto app).

  9. VERY frustrating not to see previous runs. If I don’t screen shot it before I complete the run, the distance and time are lost. Also, it’s bizarre not to be able to track weight loss. Current weight and goal weight are locked in! Finally, I want to change the units from imperial to metric – where is this feature?

  10. App is a great idea, but I think it could use a little work. I would love if there was an audible cue to let you know that the timer is up. Also, sometimes the timer stops short of the time. For example, during a 2 minute interval run, it skipped to cool down at 1:40. Aside from these two things, I think the app is really great to get you moving.

  11. virender dice:

    I love this app very much. After completing the first four runs and wanting to continue, I decided to buy the premium version. It’s very easy to use, has lots of fun exercises and different levels to suit me. However, my first run since paying the fee, it couldn’t track my distance because I ran on a treadmill. Let’s fix it.

  12. Dawn King dice:

    This app is awful! After going through the whole set up and telling them what I was looking for I got workouts that didn’t work for me. The workouts they have ask you to change what your doing often with no audio so you have to constantly watch your phone. The meal plan is not a meal plan but a list of recipes, which took me almost 2 weeks to get access to. I would not recommend this to anyone!

  13. Not for treadmill runners. Not remotely sophisticated, in terms of platform or the training plan. But a nonstarter for those of us dependent on a treadmill. For example: I can’t do circuits running uphill 1 min and walking downhill for 30 secs. Nor can I spring 98 ft and then walk for a minute. A treadmill just doesn’t adjust that way. The link to cancel my subscription was broken, too. Even if you’re running outside with easy access to a variety of terrain, I recommend a hard pass.

  14. How do I even deactivate or cancel my account? This app simply doesn’t work. I went for my first walk and noticed the app doesn’t sound an alarm or any notification to let the user know the time is up. I looked down at my phone and it had moved on to cool down. It also bugs me to do my next scheduled exercise on days I’ve scheduled as rest. And there’s no way I can see to access one’s subscription and cancel. Good thing I used a Privacy 1-time payment card for this.

  15. Not worth the money. You can get all the features for free elsewhere. Try “7 minute workout” and any free running tracker. The “coaching” is just canned emails, and they don’t respond to questions in the way they promise. Especially annoying: the running coach is silent in the app. The None to Run app is much cheaper and has a coach that will talk you through your runs.

  16. This is my first day using the app. I can see the meals, but nowhere does it tell me what meal plan I’m on. Also, there’s no food shopping list for the day or week. Or a list of baseline items I should have on hand for multiple meals prep. These would be nice improvements. Also, it forces me to allow for location tracking all the time, not just when using the app. There should be an easy way to flip that off when I’m not actively using the app because it eats up my phone battery.

  17. Love the exercise part of the app with a big focus on warm up and cool down and the ability to go up, down or maintain the difficulty of workouts BUT I wish there was a shopping list function and an option to add my own made up meals to the app for calorie counting. I was hugely underprepared starting the plan and had very little of the food in to make the meals. Being able to rate the recipes would be good too, so that the app could alter planned meals to match my tastes.

  18. It is an amazing app for a beginner, but comes with alot of bugs in paid version itself. That’s something they need to fix and fix soon. Or else entire progress is lost in the process and we dont know where we started at all. However if it is 100% working it can be amazing guide. Cons 1. Bugs 2. Doesn’t talk about running techniques to be looked after. 3. Not customized to individuals as they claim

  19. For the first few weeks I enjoyed the workouts and felt they had assessed my level correctly (intermediate). However, the latest workout was 5 x 25 mins of fast running which is so far away from previous ones that I assumed it was an error. I queried it but just received a generic answer that didn’t actually address my concerns. Subscription cancelled.

  20. Katja W dice:

    I actually like the workouts. They are pretty good and vary to not make you bored. One big issue for me, however, is that the app often stops recording when the screen turns off. I received confirmation from support that the app does indeeed stop recording when screen is off, meaning that the screen needs to stay on for the hour or so for the workout. That is not quite battery friendly nor optimal in terms of accidentally moving forward or backward in the run workout. When I am done with my subscription, I will most likely move on to a different app, because this issue is a big one for me. The nutrition section is boring. The same meals are repeated over and over again. Yes, you can change the meals, but the selection is pretty limited. I often change the type of diet to try to get more variety. I wish for the veg meals there would be less tofu and more legumes, for example.

  21. Love this app!! 😍😍 Amazing UI makes you not to stare your eyes away from the screen. The Knowledge tab is extremely useful, providing with amazing information on subjects that’ll be useful to everyone! The workout plan is also something to compliment on, amazing audio cues and video to describe how the exercise should be done! At last, I’d say give this app a try you’ll love it! You won’t regret it 😉

  22. Amazing app. Had it for several months but it’s only now I’m using it, following it is easy, sticking to it is the challenge. I especially love all the articles and tips that are very short and to the point, and don’t overwhelm you with pages of information. Truly motivated to see how far I can push myself with the aid of this app 🙂

  23. The app is pretty good. I don’t like how if you decide to deviate from the schedule you have to edit your workouts. Doesn’t seem to be flexible in that area. Also why I am canceling my subscription is because joggo is constantly trying to get you to “upgrade” and sell you something.

  24. This app seems break down everything needed for a healthy diet. It also gives off a plan of exercise to make sure that every new users feels at home and doesn’t need anything else to further their results. This app I would highly recommend for beginners to experts.

  25. Awesome app. I love the running program. The food section is also nice, where it shows all the healthy types of foods that will help with becoming an awesome runner. It would be nice if there was actually recipes though.

  26. Excellent app to improve and fullfill your running goals. I am a heavier runner and this app helps me progress in a way that is in-line with my current personal fitness level. The interface is very user friendly.

  27. I think this is a great app. I like that there are tips for getting started, diet choices, and safety. Includes meal plans and helps you plan runs. I like the features!

  28. This is a very useful app for what I needed tracking my workouts routes, speed and many more. The training plans are motivating. Best running app I’ve tried ever. Stay motivated to your running target with this wonderful app.

  29. Abishek J dice:

    The meal plans give all the nutrients required, and if you have allergies/don’t like a meal, there are alternate meal plans available. It can also track your workouts. The knowledge section is great for getting advice! 10/10 would recommend.

  30. My first thought was “I paid for THIS?” Walking at a normal pace up a steep hill, the app told me I was going too fast. If I select the days of the week I want to work out, it wipes out any activity I’ve done that week. If I look at my food preferences (even tho I changed nothing at all), it took away access to my existing meal plan. The “articles” it has suggested are barely 3 sentences long

  31. Personally this was a complete waste of money so i advise anyone to keep their money. Does not sync with any smartwatch and you have to bring your phone out on every run. Completely out of date with the current times.

  32. I am enjoying to make my daily runs with the app. This app is exactly what I neded to get me back on track. It is simple and effective. It helps you to maintain your running schedule and spot the area of improvement by tracking your past activities.

  33. I love how the app not only helps you personalize your running plan, but it also provides you with great recipes and even info on how to pick the right sneakers. It’s an all in one!

  34. Haven’t used it yet but already paid for it. As soon as you hit the button to pay the start trying to sell you weight loss pills amongst other things. People who believe in weight loss pills also think the earth is flat. Save your money. Don’t get the app. There is another higher rated jogging app I’m going to look at and just cut my losses.

  35. I paid for the app about 2 weeks ago & yet to receive the verification code to actually use the app. I receive all kinds of emails from Joggo daily, but no code. After multiple emails to Joggo in hope of resolving this, nothing has changed. The code is not in my spam or junk folder. If there was an option for NO STARS, I would pick that for rating Joggo. What a waste of money & time. I am very disappointed.

  36. I needed an app like that for a long time. I like how the has a two different sections for outdoor and treadmill. All the runs are audioguided which is a big plus. Definitely will recommend!

  37. This program is not worth what you pay for it. I bought the 3 month subscription and it ended up being about $44 CAD. Based on the questionnaire you get assigned to a “level”. You’re supposed to be on each level for 2 weeks. However because I signed up on a Wednesday, it started me in the middle of week 1 and my “assessment” day is on the next Friday, leaving me in that level for only a week and a half instead of 2 weeks. The exercises are poorly explained. Would not recommend.

  38. I am currently all warm smiles. Honestly I didn’t know I was supposed to first run slowly then pick up the pace when I feel comfortable. No wonder I constantly get this sharp seizing pain in my abdomen whenever I run. I love this app. It makes exercising such fun and saves me from avoidable pains. Its coaching approach is second to none. Never deleting.

  39. Good idea but it doesn’t work. I have had multiple problems. App will not stay on the screen. swiping to get back in causes the app to skip sections of the workout or even finish the workout. The stopwatch and timer are inaccurate. Using a stop watch I did 1 minute intervals and 2 minutes rest only to find I have 37 secs left to go on the first 1 minute interval. 3. it’s too difficult to track exercise when the screen keeps disappearing , even basics like strength exercises. So you are constantly having to re enter the screen. the jump from 20 strength exercises at level 4 to 180 at level 5 is unrealistic. I am an experienced runner (Marathon) and was looking for something to get back into it after 12 months away. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND This app. I’m asking for my $$ back. Ill look for another app.

  40. This is a good, solid app. The meal plan is especially good, since you can opt out of different types of foods that you may not like or want to eat. The meal plan will update automatically with recipes that match your tastes. There’s so options for people with many different types of food allergies. The app has lots of nutritional information and a weight logger, as well as tracking your running. Definitely a tool I’ll be using in my fitness journey!

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