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Huawei Health provides professional sports guidance for your sport(Phones with Android 4.4.4 and above are supported, but the RAM need to be greater than 2G).
1. Support walking, running, cycling mode, record running track, heart rate, trajectory, with speed and other sports data.
2. Support from 5 km to the marathon running training program.
3. With Huawei Wear APP data integration, to provide a complete, unified sports and health services.


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40 comentarios en "Huawei Health 2022"

  1. No longer supports integration with Google fit, which was a primary use for me. Not happy, and if I don’t hear back from the developer that they have something in the works, I’ll be discontinuing my use of this product as well as the Honor bands that I’ve been using. Other than the integration piece, this is a great product.. I love the sleep tracking and the continuous BPM… If they get things fixed with google, this would be a no-brainer

  2. I like it so far. It tracks everything that is important to me — steps, stress, sleep, heart rate, etc. I love the huge selection of workouts the program tracks as well. HOWEVER, this app is NOT saving two important things… my WEIGHT and HEIGHT data. :/ The data is lost as soon as I venture off of the page. Also, I can’t find a way to make it sync with Google Fit. :/ Overall, though, I like all of the features. And I’m happy enough, with my Huawei band 6 and the Huawei Health App.

  3. This app is okay, but it would be much better if it could link with Google Fit. There is a “link” button to press to sync them, but there’s an error message that Huawei is trying to “access sensitive info in your Google account”, which seems very sketchy because there isn’t an option to allow access. Edit: no matter how hard I try, I can’t get my height and weight to save as anything other than 13ft 5in and 64 pounds. This is much worse.

  4. Overall, I have enjoyed the app. It’s pretty basic, but it doesn’t I need it to do. But recently it’s started not syncing the Sleep data. It will tell me that there is none and to check my watch for data. My watch will say that I have 8 hours of sleep, etc, but it won’t sync to the app. If we can figure out what’s going on with it, I will gladly change it to a five-star because previously it had been are really helpful app

  5. 11/16/2019 update The app still doesn’t provide a way to export any data. The app has lots of great features, but it’s missing necessary features. There’s no way to export a GPX track. There’s no way to view a particular day’s data without pressing the back arrow many, many times. I could go on and on. I’ve reported lots of bugs in the app and despite assurances that they’ll be looked at, nothing happens. It’s really sad because their hardware seems to be really good, but it’s saddled with this poorly supported, not quite complete app. It’s too bad that Huawei doesn’t seem to care. 11/19/2018 The app has a lot of good features, but there’s no way to backup, transfer, or export your data. If you trade phones, you lose all your data. This is inexcusable for such an important feature.

  6. Can I give it zero stars? Any app that requires your location even when I don’t want to use the location based features should get ZERO stars. The app requires location services to connect to the watch. It refuses to reconnect later if location services are turned off. THIS IS A CLEAR VIOLATION OF PRIVACY. Sadly, I must now throw away the Huawei watch. The older program, Huawei Wear, did not require this. But it is no longer compatible through upgrades.

  7. The app used to keep the weight history. One of the updates destroyed it all. Now, the message pops up when I where my weight at current time – cannot enter worked at earlier time. Lose the weight had there before when I cancel out. So, I enter the weight with yesterday’s date – it accepts it. But, it is to late, the previous entry is lost! I use Mate 9. Doesn’t anyone test these apps?

  8. Got an Honor band 4. Everything seems to work fine except the app. The health app closes any time I try to select a card (to see more heat rate info for example). I can’t see any of my data, the app just closes. Google Fit isn’t compatible with my phone. I don’t know what to do &will be very disappointed if I can’t use my new tracker.

  9. Does not integrate with Google fit or MyFitnessPal as stated by app. Useless without integration! From MFP: Thank you for taking the time to contact us. As of January 3rd, 2019, our business relationship with Huawei has come to an end. Currently, you may still have the ability to link or see data sync, but this integration is no longer supported and will stop functioning sometime in the near future.

  10. Ann Stone dice:

    Watch is great, app is terrible. I love my watch, but the app barely works. The height and weight cannot be set (mine says I’m 13ft and 63lbs). Syncing often takes several tries and I’ve even had to delete and redownload it to get it to sync. I’m really hoping they fix some of this stuff so I can keep using my watch. Otherwise I may just have to give in and buy a different brand.

  11. I love my GT2E as a smartwatch. It does everything I want it to. However, I’m going to have to return it because this app (which is necessary to use the watch) sucks so much. The screen to enter height, weight, age, and sex is so buggy that it doesn’t work at all. The app resets me height to 16 feet 4 inches, my weight to 88 pounds, and will not allow me to set a sex or age. Plus, there’s no integration with Google Fit. Fix these and I’ll keep the watch. It’s running on my Mi 9T Pro.

  12. After last update my watch started to stay connected to this app. I am back to being happy with the over all design again. 4 stars are deserved again. Only issue I have now is the Sleep function seems to be a little off, recently has been showing me waking up 1 to 3 hours before I actually do. I would not mind it if I was tossing and turning during that time but I was generally asleep. Being able to edit the wake up time would be nice,

  13. My only complaint is that when the app determines you’ve slept for less than 3 hours it only lists it as a “nap” and I can’t see the sleep data for it. It showed once so I know it’s working but then after refreshing it took it away so it’s basically useless data to me since I’m unable to tell how that “nap” was tracked. MAKE IT SHOW THE DATA and list it as a nap.

  14. I want to like this app. I bought the honor 5 band to track stats for a health condition. Unfortunately it does not continuously measure heart rate, and the app doesn’t seem to notice when I measure manually. It doesn’t support yoga as exercise, no way to enter or track my time on the mat. It’s very disappointing. I’m considering returning it, but I know that this could all be fixed with an update.

  15. App is very basic and limited. It doesn’t compare to the likes of the Samsung health and fitness app or other major health apps. In recent updates it’s become less useful in tracking stats. The achievements, weekly/monthly reports never list anything and “my plans” doesn’t list anything. Essentially this app is only a glorified step counter, heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. Huawei Watch sport 2 is a great watch, but the app is far from being good or really informative in the way it needs to

  16. I was expecting a lot more from Huawei. The app displays miles traveled incorrectly all the time. It says 21 miles while the honor band 5 shows the true milage of 3 miles. The syncing between the band and the app is spotty at best. Lots of time I have to open the app and pull down in order for the app to update the data from the band. Linking to Google fit doesn’t work that well either. It only synced a couple days of data and not the whole week that I’ve been using it. Pretty crappy app

  17. Multiple bugs. First, US users cannot update/change the watch face on the Honor 6 band (bug in app doesn’t allow the option to show up). Second, You set your height and weight in the profile section, however it either doesn’t save it or it changes it to some crazy value (I set mine to 5’10” 217lbs, and it changed it to 14’10” 98lbs). There are also a few other minor interface bugs, but they are trivial.

  18. Using this app for the Band 3 Pro is quite frustrating. Offers capability to set goals but it does not save the updated info. You can’t change the temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit so unless you know the conversion it’s pointless. After taking a couple hour nap the app showed 17 minutes of sleep yet the Band 3 Pro showed over two hours even after “syncing” multiple times.

  19. There are several important problems: 1. When the tracker records a wrong value (ex: if it counts the number of laps swum incorrectly or you enter the wrong length of the pool), there is no way to edit the activity and correct the data. Everything that is derived from those values will be wrong. 2. You can’t export the activity data to something more useful like Excel. 3. The data is stored locally on your phone and is not backed up. Ex: If you get a new phone, your data will be lost.

  20. App is ok but it’s design is very awkward. Sync to Google Fit works sometimes but not always. Also, the data sync’d is very low quality. The biggest problems though: 1) doesn’t sync to Strava 2) data doesn’t sync to any account. It’s only in your phone. You can’t even manually export it 3) where the heck is the elevation graph!?

  21. It would be so easy to leave a one star review because it won’t sync with Google Fit. But other than that, it’s pretty good software. Tracks my outdoor activities, can share my walks/ biking with others, lots of useful charts, and useful sleep information and advice. It won’t sync with Google Fit. I’ve tried everything I can think of I wish there were more widgets. Mostly a good software package.

  22. Basically a good app but the Help section could be better. I am having problems getting my Sleep information to upload from my Honor Band 5 to the app. The app says No sleep data but my Honor Band 5 is showing recordings. There is no way to force a sync from the app side which is frustrating. Otherwise the app functions are mostly intuitive. I have only just begun to play around with the Workout options. I tried an Outdoor Walk for a trip to a local state park and had no problems.

  23. For the most part this app is great, I don’t fully utilize it, but I can no longer customize the function – I was able to add items to the device (bike, cycle, swim etc) but cannot remove them now they have been added. Not terribly detrimental to the function, but certainly annoying to have to scroll through all the things I don’t use.

  24. Easy install, syncs readily, and home page info is succinct – clicking anywhere on the data brings up a lot of detailed records. The text and colors are basic which is great for the eyes. Used with Honor Band 3 and 4. Would give the app a 5 star rating, but it is tracking my city driving in a car as if I were running.

  25. Great step tracker, Great activity tracker, Wish I had the option to see the standing count per day record on the main screen like the other record options. Can’t Set Imperial Height & Weight. No matter how many times I change it, the app changes my height to 14ft 2in tall and weigjt to 73lbs…both are wrong! It only seems to work for metric units.

  26. App stopped connecting and I had to forget all my Bluetooth devices to reconnect it. Also my profile clearly says female, but all my suggested info compares me to my male peers. It would be really great if it actually synced with Google fit but it doesn’t. Also more of a watch problem but maybe something isn’t going right with updates but training status has always been misspelled. Without these many minor and frustrating annoyances it is mostly good.

  27. Scott dice:

    Reliable and durable for tracking workouts and cycling. GPS is very accurate. Settings for weight, height and age do not stay loaded. The sleep app is intermittent. I’m going to try the watch with my Kurt Kinetic Smart cycle trainer, but doubt it will work. It has not been compatible with other fitness devices. If the sleep app and settings worked better and it was more compatible I would give the app 5 stars.

  28. Very limited control over Huawei Band 3 Pro, which is not supported by the Huawei Wear app. This app has a nice sleep analysis, but little else to recommend it. It syncs with the fitness band only when the mood strikes it. It does not pass information to Google Fit, even though it has a setting to do so.

  29. I have been using a combination of the Huawei Health App and Huawei watch applications since August 2017. I am giving it a four star rating due to its vast improvement in the application interface. An area that is lacking is the pace calculation with imperial units. Having used other running watches and running apps it seems that it shows my kilometer pace even when I am using imperial units. While the overall distance is correct, the pace is not. Improve that and I’d give five stars. Update from my January 17, 2019 review. I’m lowering my four star review to one star because the pace problem has not been fixed. The frustrating part is that the app calculates my distance in imperial units correctly and calculates my time correctly, but doesn’t calculate my imperial distance over time correctly. I hope this once star review will trigger the programmers to fix a simple math problem in the coding.

  30. Over all I like the app. Main problem is that my height and weight keep changing. Today I was 14 feet tall and weighed 68 pounds. I have entered the correct numbers repeatedly only to have them disappear. The height change makes the distance feature inaccurate.

  31. Lo dice:

    Can’t sync with others with this stupid app. The hardware is good but because of all the restrictions against Huawei it’s now making it a waste of time owning this device when you can’t sync it to other services, not to mention if your not in countries that supports their sync, you can’t backup your tracked stats. Such a waste of time. If you switch devices all your tracked info will be lost because it’s syncs with nothing. All of the good app features are for China only. Watch faces and syncing

  32. Band is useless because I can not get the app to keep my profile data. I set it and it goes back to default immediately. So all my data is wrong because not based on my info. It is using default data. Will have to send band back. It is a shame because the band itself is good for the price.

  33. Lukasz K dice:

    After the recent update the Total Distance Run displayed as the summary is much higher than the actual (as if the app was incorrectly counting distance in miles and displaying in kilometers). Same applies to monthly summaries which are about 1.6 times higher from the actual ones. Also the step counter in the app looks as if it was adding steps from the watch and from the phone together.

  34. So many of this app’s features just don’t work – but the drain on the phone battery is astonishing. I think the best way to use this app is to install it once a week, sync the data, look over the data, then delete the app until next week. Needs an awful lot of work – unless it’s just data mining, then it’s probably working fine.

  35. The application was updated last night but unfortunately all the 1 year back data was deleted/disappeared. That is really frustrated as I need always to compare my current active days with previous months. Please Help. Its looks like the new update is not syncing with the backups. And it’s not showing the previous days activities. This is absolutely messed up and you just list my trust to continue using this application.

  36. Edit: new Bluetooth issue??? Won’t connect to the watch anymore. No trouble shoot options for OnePlus phone. Inaccurate step count, and could have a ton more features that would be super helpful. The limited number of alarms you can create is one example. This app has great potential. If they ever updated it, it could be amazing

  37. I previously owned a MI smart band maybe only a little cheaper than this. Compared to competing Chinese brands I am very impressed by the syncing speed. I haven’t tested the gps functions, but the workout interface looks very sleek and robust. This software is missing a few options I will miss, however, like a long key press shortcut, delayed notification if you answer your phone, and most importantly watch face options. I can’t believe this watch only has 3 watch faces. Please fix that.

  38. Why is the app incapable to update device list..have band 4 pro, nothing works..tried tricks below…frustrating. why would the app not download with the most recent device list anyway??…The band might be great, but without the app it’s useless…may have to send it back…follow up…all works fine with wife’s iPhone…app updates, all recent devices, paired in a sec…firmware update came right away. just proving that it is not a connection issue. wifi ok, cell service ok. Get android fixed!

  39. Lack of Customization Options – This app does just the basics and it does it fairly well. However, in this day and age, we need ways to customize our gadgets to our liking. For starters, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why Huawei would not provide the option to change watch faces, it would only make the product more appealing; yet they don’t. Just the basic functions, 2 stars.

  40. Less than intuitive, but it does everything I need. Does a good job of tracking the data I want when I hike (heart rate, altitude, distance, etc.), which is why I bought the band itself. The lack of third party apps for the band is disappointing, but hopefully that will change.

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