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A wellness app for mastering intermittent fasting and achieving weight loss
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Welcome to a game-changing approach to intermittent fasting. With DoFasting, reaching your goals is a piece of cake. Which, by the way, you’ll be allowed to eat too.
Intermittent fasting is a safe and effective way to get in shape and improve your overall health. In the DoFasting app, you’ll get the guidance and expert tools you need to reach your goals with ease.

– Easy-to-use fasting tracker, with multiple fasting types and insights from our experts to keep you motivated. The DoFasting app offers 7 of the most popular intermittent fasting schedules for you to find the one you can stick to.
– Daily articles and in-app notifications with helpful information about intermittent fasting, nutrition, and exercise – personalized to your unique journey.
– Encouraging and motivational reminders to keep you on track.

Whatever food preferences you have, we will ensure you have plenty to choose from during your eating window. In the app, you will find a library of 5,000+ healthy, easy-to-make, and delicious recipes – created by professional nutritionists.
Select and save your favorite ones to plan out your daily, weekly, or monthly menu for your recommended daily calorie intake.

– Calorie tracker:
Log your calorie intake to know precisely how much fat, carbohydrates, and protein you get from each meal and make your fasting more efficient.
– Weight tracker:
Input your weight whenever you step on the scale and see how you progress throughout the week, month or year.
– Water tracker:
Stay properly hydrated at all times – set daily goals and track your water intake to improve your overall health.
– Step tracker:
Walking is the best way to boost your progress. Track your steps to see how fast you’re getting to your weight loss goals!

In the DoFasting app, you can find workout routines prepared by our in-house personal trainer, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. All exercises are body-weight only and can be done at home.
– Workouts from 6 to 45 minutes
– HIIT workout routines
– No equipment needed
– Reduces body fat and builds lean muscle

Terms and Conditions:
Privacy Policy:


Our latest release has the following updates:
- Added calendar view for all tracker statistics.
- Added ability to edit fasting history.
- Added categorisation by type of meal in calorie tracker.
- Improved stats availability by day.
- Other fixes.


40 comentarios en "DoFasting – Fasting Tracker MODDED 2022"

  1. Basically you can get more info by googling fasting. The app just sends you notifications on when to start your fasting period and when to eat. You can easily set alarms on your phone to do the same thing. Oh, and no way to log exercise that is not “steps”. Also, if you forget to open the app when you start your fast, there is no way to go back and edit it and you are back to square one as far as tracking progress. Total. Waste. Of. Money.

  2. This app is worthless. There are free apps that do everything this app does and much better. It doesn’t even have all the data for it’s poor quality components (fasting stopwatch, calorie counter, step counter, and water log) all in one place, and is more cumbersome than if I had a separate app for each one. If you switch fasting schedules it deletes your data for the day. They don’t do a trial or refunds. Terrible company. Save your money.

  3. The app is glitchy – I constantly get “no network” errors and frequently have to completely reset fasting start/stop times because the app doesn’t register things correctly. I paid for this app because I thought that it would be worth it, but I’ve had much better experiences with other free fasting window timers. There are also an annoying amount of non-value add health “tips” that are little more than headlines for other articles to read elsewhere. At least those can be turned off.

  4. The app isn’t free so I expected it to be better. For instance: water logging function has only preset values. It has no option to enter a custom value by typing and the increments are not linear. I tried to enter my weight manually and that could only work with +/- – no support for typing. It also constantly disconnects from network which makes a simple task of logging the water intake a bothersome one until the app reconnects.

  5. Does what it’s supposed to do, which is time your fasting period. Glorified timer with access to a bunch of recipes you can find with a simple Internet search. Only syncs steps from Fitbit, so you have to log weight, food, and water in 2 different apps. Not a bad app, just very limited functionality and capabilities.

  6. I am trying to like the app. I think it would be a good feature to be able to add in your steps as it seems to track poorly. I would also love it if you could get the calorie/nutrition value of food more easily. That I find the out frustrating. I understand that you are taking efforts to correct alot of holes in this app. I have been quite successful with Intermittent Fasting. You could help us all by improving those things! Thank you.

  7. This app is essentially an overpriced fasting timer. The food log is no match for MyFitnessPal or CarbManager. It’s really disappointing to pay so much for so little. The best feature is the timer that keeps track of your fasting period. The articles are okay, but more thorough information about fasting is available through an online search. The tracking water intake feature is helpful, too, but other free apps have that as well. The app overall is not intuitive to navigate.

  8. When I first bought this app it did water, steps and weight tracking with the timer. Now, the calorie tracker is in the way (should be optional so I can turn it off and remove it from the screen) the step tracker doesn’t work at all and even though I am logged in there is a red bar at the top saying I need to be logged in for some type of call. I will not be renewing again unless major changes happen. Buyer beware.

  9. Overpriced for what you get. The free apps I’ve used have been better set up for fasting. Granted, they don’t have all the extras. I thought the plan was going to be an actual plan and not a pick how many hours you want to fast. Also annoying is not being able to choose 20 oz for water or at least add my own amount. Feeling like I wasted money.

  10. Good when it works, but it constantly forgets whether I’m fasting or not and wants me to reset the fast. Then it displays a notification wanting me to “get back to fasting.” It defaults to a dumb number of ounces of water and has a dumb slider to select the correct number of ounces. They say you get what you pay for, but this buggy app is certainly now what I paid for.

  11. My fault for not researching and finding the massive amount of bad reviews. Terrible experience, more interested in selling you more than helping you. Not easy to navigate or correct fasting times if you don’t happen to live on your phone. Would be bad if it was a free app but horribly disappointed I paid for six months, wasted $.

  12. The app is fine, when it works. But I have to shut it down and restart it about 70% of the time that I open it, which is frustrating. Also, it sometimes doesn’t record that I’ve started or stopped a fast so I have to go back and edit. After I edit, the recorded fast might or might not show up in my history.

  13. I enjoy the app most of the time but it logs me out at least once a week. It also shows my fast starting 12/31/1969-not connected to any dates associated with me at all-a few times a month. Uninstalling and reinstalling only fixes the problem sometimes. And like other users have noted it will show not connected to any network several times a day. That usually self corrects if you close out and open it again a few times.

  14. Seabs How dice:

    Horrible app!! The app continously crashes – and was unable to receive reimbursement because the issues started to happen outside of the two week refund window. The resolution center help basically will blame it on your phone. There’s no meals plans as stated. You’re better off using Google to create your own plan and the alarm on your phone for tracking fasting. False advertisement of this product and terrible customer service, not delivering a product as advertised. Emailing them got nowhere.

  15. Not worth the money. Just use an alarm or calendar task reminder for starting and stopping your fast. Use MyFitness Pal to track calories and water. With this app it’s very cumbersome to track calories and not worth the effort when there’s a better app for free that allows you to search and scan easily and has a frequent use list that comes up. Look up articles and exercises on your own for free as well as there are plenty out there.

  16. Needs a way to edit calorie logs for past days (can’t add in calories for the past if you don’t already have something in for that day), a way to log steps or exercise manually (syncing with FitBit doesn’t always work), bar code scanner for meals, and a way to save manually entered foods or favorites. Also, make the water ounces more standard.

  17. The app sucks. Not even 2 days in and it isn’t tracking correctly. Day 2 can’t open the app follow troubleshooting steps of making sure my device is updated and then uninstall and reinstall the app. I can login but now it’s not tracking my current fast at all. Use the chat feature in the app and clarify I have already done the troubleshooting steps. They provided the troubleshooting steps again. What a waste, should have known this would be garbage with all the add on stuff the push on you.

  18. More I use this app the more fustrated I get for paying for an app that constantly logs me out. The app does not allow you to enter data offline. Not great of you travel a lot. The free fasting apps didn’t have as much educational materials but usability was much better. UPDATE:. I have reinstalled 4 times & glitch remains. I’m trying to like this app since I paid for a 6 mth subscription but the lack of flexibility in editing and entering late data is tough for someone who does not work 8-5

  19. Update! I was out of my normal service area and had not updated my phone’s OS. This was the source of the issue. Once I updated my OS, it worked percectly. Upgrading to 4 stars! Old review: The app was pretty decent until the latest update. It no longer works on my S20Ultra and will not allow me to restart my fast. It says “Resource can’t be found”

  20. What’s the point of having custom entries and not being able to save them? Sure you can pull them up in recents (if it was entered that week) but you have to enter everything again (calories, etc) Also the food menu meal tracking choices leave a lot to be desired and redesigned.

  21. Sara Foto dice:

    Reinstalling the app to see if it helps. I have already done one update which seems to have caused duplicate notifications which only appear when I open the app to enter time, no reminders. It’s definitely not what is advertised as it’s not easy to use. It times you between fasts and you can track your water but that’s it. Second attempt to reinstall and it won’t open. Glad I only paid for a short time to try it out but at this point I’d like a refund.

  22. Not worth the money. They finally fixed the issue to where I can log in. The app is not worth the subscription cost at all. It looks cheap and most of the features only seem to partially work. The water tracker is a great example. I have entered twice today but the display says 0, click on it and it shows what I logged. This is a gimmick app trying to get rich on people who actually want help to lose weight. Customer support just stopped talking to me when I said I requested a refund. Beware..

  23. Holly J H dice:

    I appreciate the fasting timer & suggestions about how to cope especially when starting out. I don’t like the tracker for food. It would be nice to have a upc scanner. I can’t seem to search individual items. l like that I can sync with my fit bit. Can’t seem to find a way to add workouts of my own, only the choices in the app.

  24. It has potential to be much better. The app crashed in my first week using it. It doesn’t always let you record the start/stop of fasting hours. Occasionally it just doesn’t take input. I ended up having to reset my fast and start over. Sometimes when I fast longer than expected, it doesn’t want to record the fast. Entering meals is tedious and harder than it needs to be. The water count has odd numbers, I drink 16oz at a time, why can’t I just enter that? App is expensive for what it is.

  25. When I click on app icon, it tells me it cannot connect and to check my wifi, etc…but my computer and my phone ARE connected. I don’t get it. Also, sometimes, when I start or end my fast, I push the button, and hours later the app will show that I am either still fasting, or still in eating window even though I pushed the button! Very frustrating. Also, one should be able to manually enter exercise. This is only app I know that does not allow that. Is there a reason for this?

  26. I would love to put 0 stars. The app sucks. It constantly crashes. It records the wrong start end times. When you try to fix them it gets even more frustrating. Entering food into this app is a frustrating experience. Even if you do a custom food, it remembers nothing. You end up needing to fill in the same nutrition info over and over. Find a better company with a good app. They are not worth it.

  27. I really like this app! It works just fine. Its a Tracker… You still have to do the work. It would be great if it saved our custom meals with the macros. It would save a lot of time. Also, I would like to add my own exercise and calories burned, OR if they add Whoop to the linkable apps, that would be great. Lastly, the units for water are a little weird. I need a 30oz and a 50oz. Thank you!

  28. Paid money and it doesn’t keep custom meal items past the current day. That’s ridiculous. If I save a custom meal, chances are I’m going to use it more than once a week or month, so it should be available any time. It should also allow edits to prior day calorie and water logs without it interrupting the current fast timer. Not impressed, but considering how much I paid for it, I have to keep using it.

  29. In today’s day and age, there is ZERO excuse for data loss. My question to the developer is “Why offer the ability to review all the recipes and ‘star’ them as favorites, to only lose all of your favorite recipes, when you upgrade the application?” Such a waste of time to tag favorites if you are going to lose them with each upgrade. Other alternative is to have to repeatedly dismiss the upgrade option every click in the app. Maybe you should backup & restore the favorites. Novel idea, I know!

  30. It is not as user friendly as other fasting apps. I’m not doing keto, and it doesn’t have a very good menu option for when you want to put your foods in. So I have to manually look up calories and put my foods in. It doesn’t have a barcode reader for foods that I do eat which I’ve had on other apps. Also it requires me to weigh myself. I don’t own a scale and I just can tell by the way my clothes fit. Third it doesn’t allow you to input your own workouts in. It has a nice variety of workouts for

  31. It is very time consuming to input the meal data. Typing in the descriptions every single meal takes too much time and determining the calories/nutrition involves other apps or web sites. But worse is the inability to save that data in favorites database within the app. The 2nd drawback is the inability to manually enter steps. My experience with IF specifically has, so far, been successful. But these two major flaws in the DoFasting app make the cost completely unjustified, in my opinion.

  32. Very disappointed in this app. It syncs with Fitbit to record your steps, but can’t pull in your water and food. The food tracker is sorely lacking! If it’s not their recipe, you can’t track it. All I can use this for is to track my fasting times and I don’t need an app to do that! I wish I could get my money back. It’s an expensive lesson to do more research in advance. I would love for the company to contact me about giving me a refund! Bet they won’t!

  33. The food adding option could use some work…like a LOT of work Most of the options for meals or ingredients are things I’ve never heard of or would never eatore basic foods would be a better choice for the average person Not many options already put in the app for easy use ,so you have to calculate your own food and macros and add the name of your food to save for later use. It could be a great tool to use it it was more user friendly and easier to navigate

  34. T Takagi dice:

    DO NOT WASTE your money. A good idea but so poorly done. The only pro: the app has a fasting clock that is very helpful. Cons: no way to create a plan, food tracking is very basic, no upc scan lookup, even the most universal branded foods are not in the database, it says it syncs with my fitness pal but ONLY steps. Nothing else. Workouts, exercise, food, meals do not sync so u have to input in both. What a waste.

  35. I recently downloaded this app and paid for the subscription. Again I should have read the reviews as well. It’s glitchy it doesn’t save any of my preferences there’s no meal suggestions. It’s only saved my app one day before crashing all the other day. And I wonder what the development team is doing because I see them respond to other reviews but the problems are still continuing. Not worth the subscription fee.

  36. The countdown for fasting times works, but you can’t choose your own period. You are stuck with 16 hour, 18 hour, 20 hour, etc. The meal tracker SUCKS. If I wanted to enter a hard-boiled egg, i have to scour through hundreds of meals with an egg in it or enter the calories and macro nutrients on my own. AND, it doesn’t remember them for the next time!! Save yourself some $$ and buy a fasting book and a stopwatch instead.

  37. Reading the reviews first is always a very good option. I saw this app on Instagram. I knew that I needed some support to help with a change. It doesn’t have options for scanning food,adding water intake in increments, food options to be found, or foods that you can search. The fasting clock is good, but without the other features backing it up it isn’t going to be a great support for the cost for this app, andis not worth what you could do on your own.I am contacting the developer for a refund.

  38. L Tierney dice:

    BEWARE The DoFasting App does not show up in the Google Play list of active subscriptions purchased through their platform. There is also no advance notice when you are going to incur a recurring autopay subscription charge from this platform. Note, I do not have any issue with the app. But, I do have a problem with the lack of upcoming payment notice and this developer not being listed on the Google Play app where you can see you upcoming payments.

  39. I’m not a beta tester for your app. Crashes on my Pixel 6 (fully updated) App was removed. rebooted phone, reinstalled, same issue. App won’t even let me get stared crashes 1-2 seconds after launching. I was already frustrated after signing up and having to say no 10 times to up-charge items. Hard pass on this. Update – app is working but I am a little skeptical of future updates.

  40. Simple app. It’s very informative. The only reason why I’m not giving it 5 stars is I can’t save articles that I want to read later. I also suck at calorie counting so I don’t use that part of the app. It has a water intake mode and it counts your steps. I don’t own a fancy watch but I do carry my phone with me when I walk the dogs. I use Google fit or you can connect your smart watch. Overall great app.

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