Google Fit: Activity Tracking MODDED 2022

Want to take charge of your health? Let Google Fit help you reach your goals.
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Get to a healthier and more active life with the new Google Fit!

It’s hard to know how much or what kind of activity you need to stay healthy. That’s why Google Fit collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to bring you Heart Points, an activity goal that can help improve your health.

Activities that get your heart pumping harder have tremendous health benefits for your heart and mind. You’ll earn one Heart Point for each minute of moderate activity like picking up the pace when walking your dog, and double points for more intense activities like running. It takes just 30-minutes of brisk walking five days a week to reach the AHA and WHO’s recommended amount of physical activity shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep, and increase overall mental wellbeing.

Google Fit will also help you:


Get instant insights when you exercise and see real-time stats for your runs, walks, and bike rides. Fit will use your Android phone’s sensors or Wear OS by Google smartwatch’s heart rate sensors to record your speed, pace, route, and more.


See your daily progress on your Heart Points and Steps goal. Meeting your goals all the time? Easily adjust your goals to keep challenging yourself to achieve a healthy heart and mind.


If you walk, run, or bike throughout the day, your Android phone or Wear OS by Google smartwatch will automatically detect and add your activities to your Google Fit journal to ensure you get credit for every move. Want extra credit? Turn up the tempo on your walks by starting a paced walking workout and stepping to the beat. Enjoy a different type of workout? Select it from a list of activities like pilates, rowing, or spinning, and Google Fit will track all the Heart Points you earn.


Fit can show you info from many of your favorite apps and devices to give you a holistic view of your health, so you’ll never lose track of your progress. These include Lifesum, Wear OS by Google, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Basis, Sleep as Android, Withings, Xiaomi Mi bands, and more.


See a snapshot of your activity history across Fit and your integrated apps in the redesigned journal. Or, get the full picture in browse, where you can find all of your health and wellness data.


Breathing is one of the simplest ways to reduce tension and relieve stress. With Fit, checking in with your breath is easy—all you need is your phone camera. As well as your respiratory rate, you can measure your heart rate to get a better understanding of your body’s wellbeing.

Learn more about Google Fit and see a list of supported apps at:


• Measure your heart rate and respiratory rate using just your phone camera (selected devices)
• Turn up the tempo of your walks with paced walking in Workouts
• Find all of your health and wellness data in the Browse tab
• Minor bug fixes and UI improvement


70 comentarios en "Google Fit: Activity Tracking MODDED 2022"

  1. Carmine Bellafronte dice:

    Cannot connect any other apps. It keeps saying apps could not be loaded when I went to manage connected apps. And before you tell me to Uninstall it and reinstall it, that does not work. It has my location and all that other stuff it might need. Please fix. Edit: I have tried all of that. It keeps telling me that it couldn’t load apps or devices. That is what it has been saying. Never had this problem before.

  2. Jace Clements dice:

    I use Google fit to connect my activity data to other apps. But now every time I go to check my connected apps it always says it couldn’t load connected apps and devices. I’ve looked online and many people have had this issue, but I have not seen a solution. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that hasn’t worked. Out of ideas, needs to be fixed.

  3. Samantha Allen dice:

    Google fit barely does anything. It’s a poor substitute for any of the apple fitness tracking systems. It never seems to record when I’m doing activity even if my heart rate is elevated. And I can’t record when I have bold for 2 hours and get credit for it but I could record if I did that dance called flossing for 5 minutes. Seems absolutely ridiculous. Plus there’s no way on the app to try and register any complaints or suggestions. It seems as if Google doesn’t care about what their users want

  4. evan will dice:

    Super inaccurate in bizarre ways on Pixel 6. Especially bad at tracking bike rides. This makes it too frustrating to use, because it is so far off at least half the time. Bike rides are almost always tracked as half the distance but double the time –makes no sense. It gets really confused if I bike somewhere, then do some activity. I get the impression it doesn’t understand people who bike commute.

  5. Feature suggestion/request: On occasion I forget to end my workout, then get in my car and drive. It’s still recording my driving at 60+mph and my stats are of course tainted from that. 1. I wish it would automatically end a workout when driving is detected. 2. It would be nice if you were able to “fix”workouts after the fact by trimming the last x number of mins.

  6. Rowan b dice:

    November 2022: journal still isn’t great with accuracy. It’ll record a walk or activity, then delete it later on, even though total miles and steps remain unchanged. Bit frustrating when trying to track walks. I like the app as a step counter and activity tracker. Recently, it’s stopped tracking runs. Not sure what’s going on. I’ve also noticed the Journal doesn’t update correctly after the last few updates.

  7. This app is good, but I’ve just come across a glitch. I use it to stay active and more often since I’m getting older. I really like the heart points feature because it holds me accountable. However, on Tuesday of this week, it showed my correct heart points at the beginning of the day, then by mid afternoon they were gone. I sent feedback to the app and shortly after, it was fixed. Now this morning they’re gone again! This shouldn’t be happening. Fix the bug, Google. Ridiculous.

  8. Chase dice:

    This app keeps tracking me *driving* to the store as “evening runs”. It’s over a mile away and the GPS is also very inaccurate as it looks like a straight shot, thru neighborhoods, like a bird would fly. I’m on a Pixel 7 Pro… shouldn’t be a hardware problem. It’s line graphs are also very strange and don’t indicate correct progress. I’d expect Google’s health app to be best in class but it’s not

  9. The tile for workout choices should allow me to select the workouts that are most relevant to my health plan, not the three most common according to Google: Samsung Health at least offers the feature. Additionally, it would be helpful if all exercises were displayed in a cascading fashion for easy access on the fly. Again, look at Samsung Health; when you “edit” the tile, the various activities are listed so you shuffle through them and they are visibly more appealing to read (pictures).

  10. Terrible app for being Google’s. It seems that Google can’t find good developers. I have my tracking preferences turned OFF because I transfer my data from another (better) app, yet Google fit still tracks my steps. No idea why it doesn’t work properly, and no idea how to turn it off, but you’d think such a basic feature should work just fine, especially being one of the most popular technology companies, that makes so much darn money. Not even bothering updating it, it won’t fix it.

  11. Under counts the distance traveled by about 10%. Map of walk is inaccurate and distorted. Really expect more accuracy from Google. Google reached out to me with a simple fix and IT WORKED, YEAH! upping my review to 5 stars. Fix only worked for a week. Need to restart and change permissions every morning. what a hassle. Back to 3 stars.

  12. I use a Fitbit watch. I don’t know how more advanced a watch can get over a Fitbit watch, and it tracks my stats as correctly as any other brand of watch and health equipment I own. I have allowed every possible permission on both ends, the Fitbit side and Google Fit. Your system reports inaccurately. It also does not sync well with any of my other devices such as my WW scale. Won’t sync at all with my blood pressure monitor because it’s not currently listed as one you allow.

  13. I’m new to fitness tracking apps and I’m trying to get back into shape. The app together with my phone’s camera, measures heart rate and respiratory rate more accurately and with a far better display of those results, compared to pulse oximeters I’ve used. However. I personally don’t rely on the app’s measurements of the intensity of my activities, because I am less likely to be carrying my phone with the app open during my most intense physical activities.

  14. Fit is not syncing like it used to on older pixel phones- many issues on Pixel 6 Pro. Noticed that fit will miss multiple days worth of data from apps that it is supposed to sync with. Reconnecting fixes it for a brief time with some of the apps, but sometimes even that doesn’t fix it. Very disappointing. Tried many different ways of troubleshooting, including reinstalling, clearing the cache, disabling and reabing, reconfiguring the other apps in their connection. Nothing works long term.

  15. Syncs between devices pretty well. Been using this for a couple years. Seems like a good foundation for continued development. Location tracking is better than many others. Pretty cool little program. Make it bigger! I’d pay a little something for it but I guess when my watch arrives I’ll be using the Fitbit software. Oh well. kinda hate to see this program die off. I’m crossing my fingers.

  16. I actually really love this! I’m someone who mostly walks a lot, and doesn’t otherwise workout a ton. I installed Google Fit because I was curious, but it suggested some walking goals, and after a few months of usage I’ve started to find it quite fun to hit the goals every day! had a super smooth onboarding, I didn’t have to think about it at all, and it motivates me to walk more! 10/10!

  17. The app does not load adequately. I’m always waiting for the info to be available. Cycle tracking is never accessible when I need it. The journal is also months behind and says it can’t refresh. Okay, third at it on my review. You guys have obviously been doing some work because things are running much smoother and the app is linking the right way with other third party apps. Thank you!

  18. I can’t even begin to tell you what’s wrong with this app as there are numerous things including not syncing with smart watches, deleting data on it’s own, and not recording my workouts to name a few. I would think Google would be capable of putting out an app than performed better than the overall total failure that this app is. Take a tip from Apple on this one.

  19. Has gotten better over the past year. Updates appear to be installing better, with less bad side effects. Would like to see at least a simple swim workout on a wearOS watch (swim com has managed to deal with optical heart rate hardware). I had been using the “Other” workout, but that’s now been tossed out. At least it was good for tracking heart rate during a swim workout. A swim workout on an Android phone is not quite as practical a one on your wearOS watch.

  20. This app falls far short of the mark for anyone serious about exercise. There are many apps that track location very well and provide accurate distance and other stats using only GPS data. This app is not one of them. Distance and other data are so inaccurate it’s absurd. Data such as elevation gain is missing. It feels like they coded this halfway and then just gave up. This app has so much potential yet it was all hurriedly tossed overboard. A significant disappointment from Google.

  21. Data doesn’t sync or display reliably, with journal entries jumping all over the UI while I’m using it because it’s updating something. Doesn’t sync with FitBit. Can’t edit entries if I forgot to start or stop a manual workout. It’s just been a mess for years. EDIT: Reducing to 1 star for tone-deaf, defensive, condescending response from “developer” (ie, social media marketing team) that doesn’t take responsibility for app deficiencies. Reinstalling won’t enable FitBit sync; devs need to do that

  22. In general, this app works really well! It even has integration with other exercise apps I use and is great for compiling all the information of exercise you’ve done. Over the past month I’ve been using the “paced walking” function since it tracks a lot more data than the app does automatically. Then thing that knocks the app down a star is that the metronome of the paced walking does not stay consistent as you walk. It adjusts itself to your place, more or less defeating it’s purpose.

  23. Good software start. Two-star reduction for not having the most common options. For example, It would be nice if it included an option to scan bar codes to auto-input the nutrition facts. and the ability to copy events from exercise and meals from day to day. Finally, to be able to input by Ounces, not just milliliters.

  24. Lowered rating. Changed the way it tracks heart points. Tried to contact w/o success. That always makes it a lower rating. It was a great way to motivate before whatever the change last week. Update: it looks like someone saw my review and responded, but no info provided for why. Still not working as before.

  25. EDIT: I did what they suggested. The program still doesn’t add distance or calories for anything added manually. I don’t like that it doesn’t track anything you add manually like swimming. I swim for two hours and manually enter it. It adds the heart points but not the activity time or calories that I enter. I really wish they would fix this.

  26. I’m a new user! So far it’s been nice, I just have one request/suggestion. Google already has text reading capabilities. I think it would be neat if there was an option to read labels and auto-fill nutrition info in the “calories consumed” panel. Would love it more if this were possible. Thank you 😁 From a slightly lazy user 😅 I also would like a way to look at my overall nutrition intake for the day without selecting the individual items and adding things up manually.

  27. It’s great when it works which is maybe 50% of the time. I have a Google Wear OS watch and a Google 6 Pro but Google fit stops working almost daily now. I’ve tried all the fixes, logging in and out, restarting devices, toggling the activity tracker on and off, none of it works. It’s obvious there’s a bug with Google fit that they’re unable to fix. I’ve moved on to utilizing other activity trackers and highly recommend others do as well.

  28. Does not correctly sync with Strava. Of my last 10 Strava workouts, over half are missing. Randomly imported activity today but with the wrong date. I did ALL of the suggested “fixes” by the developer and it still doesn’t work a lot of the time. Bottom line is this app needs significant improvement instead of expecting users to go through an arduous process every time they want to sync data.

  29. Jay Tee dice:

    I find this app to be temperamental at best. I mean it changes my weight to something it has never been; the tracking of the steps seems a little off. It takes all day to sync with my other apps and it almost has no real purpose for having other than tracking it with the American Heart Association to tell me I’m doing good or bad for the week. I was going to give it 3 stars, but the weight thing is really got me upset.

  30. The ups and downs of Google fit can be a continual challenge. I wish the American heart association would come out with their own heart points app or partner with Fitbit instead. The performance of Google fit is at times a disappointment. Can count heart points too high or too low at times or just erases a whole bunch randomly. I lost a week’s worth of tracking in August 2021. The app is fantastic at times and frustrating at other times. I’ve stayed with it solely for the heart points feature.

  31. EDIT: Still having problems after deleting the app and reinstalling it. Now looking for a new tracker. It’s unfortunate because I loved this app when it worked well. Worked great but recently started double counting all my steps. I reported the issue a week ago but received no response and the problem persists.

  32. My partner and I both have this app and walk together. My mileage is consistently less than his. It even resets the number of miles walked to a shorter distance after first showing me that I walked a more accurate distance. I had the location tracker on thinking that that would give a more accurate reading but it made it worse.

  33. In the last 2 weeks have been having major problems with tracking bike activity using a Samsung Watch 5. On a 1 1/2 hour ride, total time was correct but distance covered was only 25% of the actual distance. Then the watch generated 3 phantom bike rides of exactly 30 minutes each which were not visible on the phone. Also on the journal page the watch seems to be having persistent problems syncing with the phone (watch icon with x). Not sure if it’s the watch or app or both.

  34. GPS is useless as it doesn’t seem to start when you start or stop when you stop. It also doesn’t give you even a reasonable track of your walk/run so the distance is also useless. 9/6/22 Update: I find that if I also run Map My Walk by UnderArmor, Fit immediately becomes a perfect GPS tracker and provides very accurate info. But why run two apps??!

  35. In the past 2 years Fit has gotten consistently worse at syncing with other apps (Strava, Nike Run Club, and Runkeeper all sync for about a week after connecting and then never show up on Fit again) and calories burned has consistently gotten lower and doesn’t line up with online calculators or other apps. There’s also no clear way to give feedback in the app and any help pages online don’t have any transparency as to how they’re working on reported issues.

  36. Bryan K dice:

    Edit: lol at the suggestion to try another phone. I’m using a Pixel 6 Pro. Awful activity tracking. Why supposedly provide auto activity tracking when it does not work? Horrible at getting location data, even though permissions are set to allow always. Then, after it tracks a bike ride with either missing or totally wrong route and distance information, there’s zero way to edit the route to get the proper measurements. Fix this please, pretty useless without properly working features…

  37. Fit has no idea that I am skiing, while Google Maps does. The two teams should collaborate. Also biking and walking is not accurate. If you walk in a straight line, maybe. If you walk or bike back on your path it gets confused. There should be a full time gps option vs. background gps. Sample frequency is inadequate.

  38. I’ve tried this twice. It doesn’t keep an accurate count of my steps and my Google Maps started screwing up after I installed it, it kept not being able to pinpoint my location. This is the only change I made to my phone before that error started occurring. Well, it’s stupid I can’t respond to the developers response, so that’s frustrating. Does this track steps or distance? If it’s distance then that may be the issue. About half of my steps are taken going over the same areas again and again

  39. When it works it’s good but stops collecting step data randomly. Even during the middle of a tracked activity. Resetting permissions could fix this in the past but now it seems permanently broken. Not even reinstalling helps now. I’m using the tracked activities so there is some value. The heart points mechanism is completely broken for me though, as that needs the step counting to work. Very frustrating!

  40. Pepe Kube dice:

    Not sure why my old review disappeared, but I’ll repeat it again – it’s absolute nonsense that I get almost no heart points when I don’t move fast enough on days when I move throughout the day and make 15-20 thousand steps and don’t even feel my legs in the evening. And then on the other hand a 30 minute fast walk gives me 30 heart points. As a result I have to manually adjust the rings after each day, because this has clearly no logic. Other than that it’s still my go to fitness app.

  41. I have happily used this app for years. It annoyed me when they removed activity data from the lock screen but I kept using it. However recently the app has stopped tracking heart points accurately. I’m going over the same routes in the same time and get a fraction of the heart points. I was hoping the new version would fix that but it hasn’t. Edit: After uninstalling and installing again the app seems to be back to normal. I’m still hoping for lock screen tracking info to be returned.

  42. Dëví R dice:

    Trusted a lot because of Google but it’s not effective as other pedometers. It misses a lot sometimes steps may times it’s heart points. Don’t know on what based it’s calculating. Also it misses around 1000 steps a days. Importantly the calorie count is double high that other apps. Don’t know why. We taking more than 2500 calories and it burning above 1500 calories, lol. What a funny. Need to improve a lot and lot. Just fed up with this.

  43. It’s not bad, but it would really help if it had some kind of motivation system, like small Google play store rewards for reaching some big milestone, or some free content or a cute mascot like the Google files one. Even only a few cents to spend on Google play apps every 10k steps would go a long way. Also, a lot of things don’t transfer from healthmate: My tracker automatically detects cycling / swimming but then I have to re-enter everything manually in 3 different apps…

  44. Useless app. It doesn’t sync the data from my smart watch no matter how many times I connect and disconnect. Edit: Developer response: Hi there, we’re sorry if you feel that way. If you haven’t yet, try reinstalling it and rebooting all your devices after. Also, make sure the location services and activity tracking permissions are both enabled. For more help, see this link and reach out through our support channels: Seriously! Your suggestion is this? Improve YOUR APP!!

  45. Cynthia dice:

    This is terrible at measuring the distance of my walk. I do the same path and it gives me a different readout every time. I don’t understand how Google maps are incredibly accurate when I’m driving but not when I’m walking. I’ve read the suggestion to reset the app every day and that’s not an acceptable solution. The only saving grace is getting heart points which are mildly motivating.

  46. Naren SS dice:

    I’ve been using the app assuming it a standard on my Android, but Samsung health seems like it’s becoming a better alternative (since it directly syncs with my watch etc). This app is lacking even simple features like allowing us to change the order of the widgets, etc. The graphs and visuals are nice, but overall features leave a lot to be desired, like syncing with other fit devices in the ecosystem, nudging me with reminders on how I can improve on things, etc

  47. Gary Odoi dice:

    This free app isn’t worth the cost. It has taken away dozens of heart points and thousands of steps. It’s so awful it said my 1 and a half hour commute on transit took negative 500 steps even though I walked 20 minutes, went up and down stairs, and kept walking around the house afterward to try and keep my steps. I will find something else that works. This experience reminds me to never trust Google technology, since I had similar negative experiences with the Google tablet.

  48. A DT dice:

    this app is so inaccurate when it comes to calories and distance. i have to go in every single evening and edit everything so when this synchs to my walking program, my numbers aren’t off. i know the distance is off by nearly a mile because I’ve tracked the same route with my cars pedometer and a different app just to confirm this app was the wrong one. the only good part about it is the heart points.

  49. Jajo dice:

    Having to manually save your sleep daily, even though it is automatically tracked. If I understand correctly the simplicity of the feature. Perfect example of Google being incapable of making a reasonably thought out product or feature.(You’re expected to go into the app and manually say “I woke up” everyday) developer response solution didn’t work.

  50. Michael dice:

    Complete garbage. The option to change measurement units is either very well hidden or doesn’t exist at all. That’s as far as I got. Update: after some messing around got the app set up, along with data sharing permissions. It recognizes exercises but does not sync steps (44 minutes exercise (treadmill) with 0 steps; guess I rolled then). Uninstalling this waste of storage space. Response to response: yeh, not helpful.

  51. It used to be my go to app, even better than the paid apps, apps of wearable devices. Now it is bad, quite random, it doesn’t count steps when it loses GPS (e.g., hiking in remote areas), it abruptly reduces step count while two other apps are showing steps within +/-50 steps …. and no, I don’t have any permission or access issues on my phone. It decided to start doing this by itself one fine day 😅. Same thing observed on my friends’ phone.

  52. It’s stopped taking data from a third party app, despite being able to export to said app. Followed all suggestions on + unlinking and reinstalling. No info leading to fix on provided links. Talked to CS from 3rd party too….. It would benefit from a timescale-to date option too. “Year” isn’t useful to show a trend when it’s not 12 months to date, but actually the calendar year

  53. LA Cross dice:

    OK, I’ve connected my watch to it, as well as its own app. Though it doesn’t recognise all of the measurements my watch app does. It needs you to manually put in weight measurements, etc, which is a pain. Not exactly a good-looking page. It does grip you but ok. I don’t think you’re can change that theme. I like the gps map is Google own, which then you can do more on the other app after storing the distance and directions.

  54. Accuracy and convenience aside, why the hell can’t you set a specific time of day for the notifications on your progress? I don’t want to disable notifications but about twice a week it sends a notification at 11:30 or midnight, it’s not even regular enough to anticipate it it’s just a nice little surprise while you’re trying to sleep.

  55. AM Cub dice:

    The UI is what you would expect from Google. Very clean, minimal and white (thank you for dark mode). It seems accurate, but it focuses on “move minutes” and “heart points” instead of calories/steps. What is a move minute? I don’t know. Google doesn’t know. Nobody knows and nobody cares, but they are sticking with it for some reason. I assume it is so they have something proprietary that will separate them from the other trackers. I am separating back to FitBit. Add rucking to activities, pls.

  56. The app does a poor job synchronizing my Strava activity to the feed. Everytime I go for a run or a bike ride, I have to go back into Strava after it already saved the run/ride, edit the activity and re-save it for Google Fit to recognize the activity. It’s a frustrating user experience especially after having come over from the Apple ecosystem. Some of the graphs could provide context like the weight time-series, it should have an info dialog to explain the actual data line from the model.

  57. It’s a cool app for activity tracking, but not he best for sure. If you’re using some watch, I don’t know if this would actually work better, but as a person who doesn’t use a fit watch, I think that there are just better apps. It doesn’t count my heart rate and I’m needed to write there information manually. It also has period tracking, but it doesn’t send you any notification, when you might get it and it doesn’t have many features around it. 😕

  58. It was fantastic for 9 months but has now stopped tracking me accurately. Nothing has changed in my workout or phone (pixel 6 pro) but now I jog for 20 minutes and get 3 points… Was about 30 points 2 months ago. Tried every suggestion online and nothing works. Inconsistent though because it will suddenly work right for a day. Frustrating

  59. I like the app for the most part. It connects with lots of other heath products and apps. I have a Nest Hub and Wear OS and it is a great job at tracking activity and sleep. I think it could maybe be laid out a little better graphically. There are a lot of lists and detailed text especially when you’re just trying to look at your data in a nice graphic form. I just saw my friend Apple health the other day and it made me a little jealous. Haha

  60. It communicates well with VeryFit, does not interface with my watch the data comes via VeryFit. Most annoying thing is that it poops out during workouts. I get it started, the phone locks up during the workout and when I open back up… Fit says ready when you are e.g. nothing was recorded–twits. May as well delete the app

  61. Update: bugs seem to be fixed & app now syncs and works very well! No issues any longer. (Original review: Doesn’t sync well. Constantly having to restart phone & reset app to connect to MK Access watch. Watch connects to phone fine, just not this app. I’ve had to reset me watch to factory twice (in 2 months) to get it to connect. Very disappointed with performance.)

  62. This app is infuriating! Trying to input workouts, it’s so hit or miss with saving info. I press save but it often doesn’t save my workout. Also, it only keeps three ‘recent’ activities at the top of the list and I do more than three, so I always have to scroll through the long list of activities to find the ones I want to input. Please allow more ‘recent activities’ to stay at the top of the list or have a ‘favourite activities’ list at the top. This app could be great but it needs more work.

  63. I like using this because it’s a good way to combine data from multiple sources. But it’s not very good at actually showing that data. It randomly won’t load, say, my resting heart rate history, and will incorrectly state there’s no data. This can get very annoying and makes it considerably less useful.

  64. B E dice:

    Used to be a great app. Used it twice to run after having a long period off due to having kids, but now if you swap app to spotify etc it’ll stop the workout until the app is primary again. Just what you want after a 5km run. What a joke. Edit: Despite no settings originally being changed on my device, I have made sure the app is updated and location services are on full. Still only logged 1.3km of a 2.5km run. App used to be great. What a shame.

  65. Jacq Fly dice:

    I had Google fit working with data being collected. Then on 1st Feb 23 it just stopped. Since then I have not been able to load the Google Fit App on to my phone. Is this a blip or something others are experiencing? Update: the following day after several reboots of my phone and continually trying to upload, it suddenly stated Google Fit was already on my phone. Still no App, but when rebooted it then showed up and is working. Entered details and seems OK.

  66. Poor development work. Watch stops syncing with phone on a regular basis. May have something to do with token expiration on watch as it usually happens after leaving the watch turned off for longer periods of time. Manual logout and logging in again (on watch) seems to correct the issue. Let’s be honest though, token refresh is junior level dev issue. I’m truly disappointed in the quality of Google devs lately. Why is there not some sort of error when syncing fails? That’s amateur.

  67. Frequently stops tracking steps and removes permissions to connected apps. Also, comparing to another tracking app, it is always 1000+ steps off the actual number. Please fix, it’s annoying it is constantly turning on and off and refusing to track activity. Heart points are pointless – I walk and rushed around work for 9k steps, yet it recorded only 7 heart points. Did exactly same thing the day before, got 22 heart points. It’s trying to imitate Apple Health, but it is failing miserably.

  68. Was working great and syncing with Walker Tracker (employer incentive is a day off for every 150,000 steps in four months). BUT, Google fit stopped syncing to the Walker Tracker app. On the Walker Tracker app, most of the reviews state that Google Fit is not syncing with the app. Any change you can fix this problem? Thank you !

  69. Can’t delete error weight. My scale syncs via bluetooth and that part works great. Someone half my weight used the scale and that got added to Google Fit. That should be easy to delete but you can not. It looks like this bug was raised in 2019 and remains outstanding 4 years later. Edit: Thanks for the reply. The article is delete ALL. It’s only a single entry I need to remove. I’ll use a different tracker.

  70. Edit: Why does the app messes my 2 days steps and heart points every week, it’s a cycle. And then it’s backs to working fine. The app is good and all but I swear there’s something wrong with the programming, every week on Wednesday and Thursday it messes up the heart points and steps. Installation -rei stalling is not working. It’s like a pattern, have noticed this for past 3 months.

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