Word Spells: Word Puzzle Games 2022


Play a word puzzle game to find as many words as you can!
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This is a very interesting, colorful and exciting word game while being completely free, where you need to create words from the letters placed in a circle.


– We’ve created over 5,000 incredible crosswords for you

– The difficulty increases with each level: our word games will keep you entertained

– Find words & solve crosswords

– An innovative game that makes solving crosswords more fun than ever

– Evaluate your language skills by guessing words

– Explore fun fairy-tale game locations filled with hundreds of levels

– Get additional coins for finding bonus words


Help Amelia, a trainee witch, overcome difficulties, meet new characters and solve their problems to earn their trust and make friends. Amelia is really counting on your help!


After you try out our fun word puzzles, you’ll never be bored! Once you start solving our crosswords, you won’t be able to stop.

Word Spells is perfect for lovers of crosswords, word search puzzles and word anagrams. It combines the best of each! That’s not to mention the incredible locations you can visit to relax!

Enjoy a captivating game, full of all kinds of levels and puzzles. Each crossword and each level will bring you a mountain of fun!


You can play the game offline, which makes it extra-special and, more importantly, good for having fun on-the-go.

Available in the following languages:

– Russian

– English

– Deutch

– French

– Spanish

– Italian

– Portuguese


We're pleased to present the new update!
Added new dialogues
Fixed minor bugs
Enjoy the game!


40 comentarios en "Word Spells: Word Puzzle Games 2022"

  1. I could rate 5 but it’s an irritating apps I used ever. Ads are binding me at every level. Why??? I am at level of 1511. Still being bothered with ads. These ads are prepared very ticked way. They trying to feed these anyway!

  2. My phone says this app has a bug and won’t open it. Can someone help. I received an email today 10/31/22 about my comment. They provided me with 2 different emails to provide more details and I tried responding 3 times which leads me to believe these were unsafe sites. My response to these emails didn’t go through. I am beginning to think this game may be some kind of a scam. My computer automatically won’t let me go to unsafe websites. So be careful playing this game.

  3. The game was cool and the music is very calming….i would recommend this to people who are stressed from work…stress reliever if thats what u call

  4. It’sooo good.Whenever I play this game …no idea why I feel so refreshed n elated.luv to play it more n more and of course it sharpens one’s brain 🧠 n a good leisure activity….

  5. Delightful graphics, short ads and quick game play. ..a Winner for sure!

  6. Just started. Still on the three letter words. Short commercials. That’s good.

  7. Very educational. I love this game. It activats my mind. It improves my English. I really thank you for this game.

  8. It’s very easy& invigorating & l would recommend this game for most ages.

  9. Wonderful but the ads keep coming up

  10. Ads every 2 short levels. Enjoy your 1 star.

  11. Stacey B dice:

    Just started. Fun, great way to relaxing. Enjoying cute graphics.

  12. Val Souto dice:

    Entertaining and not too difficult. Perfect to hone one’s mind.

  13. Absolutely brilliant fun and enjoyable education and brilliant method of learning how to spell

  14. The game is amazing I like this game to much.when I play it I felt comfortable . You can install it.

  15. This is the most easiest and most fun and best word anagram game ever!!*☆ I highly recommend it

  16. So far the game is going well. The scenery is cute not boaring.

  17. The game quits every now and then. The screen goes black or the screen just stops responding. Some of the words are way out there. Like theta. What is that? Also you don’t get the responding award for each day. It gives the first reward over and over. There are better word games out there. Don’t bother with this one

  18. helpful in enhancing the memory..it sharpens the mind.

  19. Why can’t I open my gold keys? Yesterday there was a countdown of around 23 hours until they unlocked but when I went there today it said 29 days and we’re only 30 minutes into a new month. Ridiculous! That’s two months in a row this has happened. Obviously a tactic to keep people playing. Also, when playing the potion builder game the icons on the words don’t change meaning you can’t build up the stars. Apart from that the game is OK, but not particularly challenging and a bit heavy on the ads.

  20. ADS ADS AND MORE ADS, ALL 30 SECONDS LONG STARTING AT LEVEL ONE! Ridiculous!! UNINSTALLING this app. Most apps are going to 5 second ads now, but that usually starts after at least the 10th or 15th level. Your 30 second ads start before, and after the first level which is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I won’t watch any ads that are 30 seconds long, especially back to back, but I will watch if they are 5 seconds long. Leaving this app.

  21. Do not like the advertisements, they are too much.

  22. It’s very useful game for vocabulary

  23. Fun game fairly relaxing, only four stars because there seems to be an excessive amount of ads .☺️ Other wise very entertaining

  24. This game is the way it is but the ads aren’t playing as said

  25. Mike V dice:

    Want to watch a bunch of ads then play maybe 15 seconds of the game before you have to :::checks notes::: watch more ads rinse repeat? Then this is the game for you!! Ads ads ads is our motto! Sure you’ll spell some words for a few seconds but them back to revenue baby with EVEN MORE COMMERCIALS!! Come for the ads, stay for the… the um… hey here’s a bird! EDIT: if you want folk to purchase your ad free experience you need to let them actually try the game instead of burying them under ads.

  26. Too many ads, even if I paid for none

  27. It’s ok so far it seems like the normal find the words game.

  28. Leon Rose dice:

    I love this game,l play this word spells all day when I’m off from work. l inadvertently left my charger at work,so my phone died I had to borrow my husband to play the game I never get enough of word spells it my favorite game. Love it.

  29. Good game. But get rid of the piggy bank. Useless.

  30. Bev Rus dice:

    Extremely hard game too play and irritating. I’m only on the beginning levels. The music and sound ave a irritating noise in them both. It’s not a musical sound. Even when I went into the settings. Too switch the music 0ff. Or the sound off. It still switched itself back on 😠

  31. Fun game until it tells you ads are temporarily unavailable. Im missing out on alot of bonuses and such because of it. Feel like i wasted my money on this game. I really wish you would fix the ad issue. Ive even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and reseting my phone and internet …love playing but would like to watch the videos for the rewards

  32. Nikki 519 dice:

    This is the best of it’s kind. It has the best vocabulary out of all that I have tried and that’s a lot. Much to like so far but I am only on day 3. Ads after every word but you can click them off after 5 seconds. Only problem there is that you have to do it 3x for each ad.

  33. I always enjoy games like this and Wordscape. This one has a fun witch assistant character and the word dictionary seems to be pretty cohesive. Ads are minimal and expected. One star off for lag between letters when making new words. It happens frequently enough to be annoying.

  34. I like the game and play it regularly. I accept that ads pay for the free use of the game. However, I’m becoming concerned about ads asking health issues in my house. Health issues are privacy protected for a reason. I already get scam calls from “medicare service” providers who seem to know when I’ve had physical therapy. If I ever find out where that privacy leak is, I’ll sic my lawyers on it. As for the game, if this attempt at invading our privacy continues, I’ll have to uninstall it.

  35. Hi. I have been playing this game from quite a while now. But, suddenly the game is not working properly. When I open the game, none of the options work. I touch everything but it seems like the touch does not work in the game. Otherwise my phone is alright and there is no issue in my cell phone’s touch panel. I have tried reinstalling the game and restarting my phone but nothing works. Help needed !!!

  36. P dice:

    “Word Spells” is a delightful Spelling game for parents to introduce toddlers, younger primary grade students, or students who need practice to Words. An initial Tutorial guides how the game is played. Trace letters on the wheel from left to right, right to left, or across the wheel to connect them, and spell the word. If help is needed, press the Lightening Bolt to show you a letter. Extra Bonus Points are available for words not on the puzzle. There are 16 Word Spells levels to complete. Fun!

  37. I’ve just downloaded this game and been playing it since its very fun and addictive.. would recommend to anyone who loves games like this.

  38. apps are not bad it all. Game is fast. The only issue is selecting the letters by doing a curving motion instead of a straight line and it gets stuck while trying to put the letters together.

  39. Word Spells is an interesting game its pretty easy to figure out and play along. 🙂

  40. Excellent game to pass time and train the brain.

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