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Do you think you can face the brain challenges of The Professor?
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After dizzying success in several countries around the world, The Professor is finally here!
Forget everything you know about word games, because the professor arrives and brings challenges that you’ve never seen before!

If you’re ready for a big challenge, and feel like you have the ability to defeat the professor, then you’ve probably come to the right place.

Brain Training –
Be absolutely certain that The Professor, a fun Thinking Game, will go beyond your ordinary imagination and thinking skills and force you to think outside the box. Therefore, playing The Professor everyday, could be a great training for your brain, mind, language skills and a great solution for brain training.

The professor, combining various types of games scattered along a huge map contains of different countries which were designed with real territory lines and landmarks!
In order to proceed in the game, you’ll have to face various intellectual challenges and upgrade the structures on each island.

Every stage has a different challenge, varying between Brain Teasers, Riddles, Trivia, General Knowledge, Word-search, Related Words and Proverbs.
You can also take part in the daily challenges, events and join our social community!

Top users will appear in our leaderboard, so give everything you have to lead it!

So… what do you say? Think you are good at mastering word games, challenges, puzzles and proverbs?
Come and prove that you have what it takes to defeat the professor!


'The Professor' keeps getting better and better, don't miss the new features!


40 comentarios en "The Professor: Brain Challenge MOD"

  1. A good game, the time limited levels are a bit too challenging. And the dragging isn’t an amazing addition to the game.

  2. Just started this game like it so far. I played a game similar to this year’s ago. This has more variety. The first game there was only one way to play. This game gives you so many choices,keep up the good work. 👍 ☺

  3. Easy to understand and easily navigated. The only problem ive had its that a lot of the questions are based on American knowledge, as I am English I struggle to know the answer sometimes.

  4. I like the game but bought something and didn’t receive it even though they charged my card. Sent 2 messages via game for help but so far not received reply or what I paid for. Looks like I wasn’t only one this happened to.

  5. Puzzles make no sense, a stop sign in the desert. Answer area 51. More of a guessing game and rubbish wordsearches. Map is nonsense too, Start in UK, puzzles go North and you end up in Egypt. How?

  6. I like this game so far, even if it makes me look stupid for missing the completely obvious answer but its a nice mix of puzzles

  7. Don’t like this game, it’s supposed to be brain challenge all it is, is just making words and it shows you how to match the word, how is that a challenge!

  8. Nice Game.. If Any One Having issue To Complete Levels Than Visit Youtube Channel Soul Touch Gamer to Get Solution Of Each And Every Level.. Otherwise a Great Game With Great Graphics

  9. Bought coins but not received them. Money gone out of my account. I never buy anything on games and as soon as I do this happens

  10. Relqxing entertaining game. I like to exercise my brain while enjoying myself. This is juat the game for that.

  11. Keep the ads in moderation, the game is good though.

  12. Another great game until you don’t have enough coins to keep playing

  13. All answers on screen, not exactly challenging.

  14. This game is so much fun it gets you thinking and keeps your brain ticking

  15. Fedora999 dice:

    Game very interesting an has it’s challenges and fun

  16. Brain challange game is very helpful and procid the maind.

  17. This is a good game it keeps you’re mind active and good to play

  18. Very good game and very good for the brain

  19. Brilliant!!! A great way to spend an evening!!!

  20. I love this app it keeps you thinking! It’s great

  21. Whats this game for? Dumb American kids?? Absolute rubbish as we say

  22. The game is fun. Makes you think

  23. The Professor is great, forcing you to think out of the box.

  24. Very fun game I am impressed rate this game 5 stars

  25. Great game, really addictive

  26. Doesn’t work won’t let me past level 21 with the right answer

  27. Love the game it makes you think

  28. Absolutely love this game

  29. Sue Holt dice:

    It’s okay so far. I just started twenty minutes ago

  30. I love this game it’s so easy 🙂

  31. You need time to think, hate feeling rushed

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