Game of Words: Word Puzzles MOD

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Feeling tired? Relax and focus your brain in a calm and beautiful word game.
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Challenge yourself with brain training in a beautiful new word game that combines crossword fun with a word scramble twist. Game of Words is the perfect word game for adults looking to unwind after a long day, or to simply relax with a mental challenge.

With over 5000 amazing word games to play through, Game of Words will put both your word and grammar ability to the test. Beginning with simple word scrambles and progressing to puzzles containing 8-letter words, you’ll soon find yourself immersed in relaxing yet addictive word connect puzzles.

** More than just a word game **

As you progress, you’ll earn rewards, create and improve a home, explore relaxing landscapes, and even meet your own pets! Game of Words can be played with or without additions, however, so if you simply want to focus on solving puzzles, that’s entirely up to you!

** How to play **

– Simply swipe letters from the word scramble to create a word.
– Find all words in the crossword to complete a level.
– Collect keys to open rewards.
– Build a home on scenic land scapes to reflect your progress and ability!

** Bonus Words**

A word that isn’t contained in the crossword puzzle is a ‘bonus word’ and will earn you additional rewards.

** Your Home **

Your home is a representation of your progress in Game of Words. By upgrading elements of your home, you’ll earn energy that allows you to continue playing (this energy also refills over time!) Once you complete a home, you’ll progress to entirely new landscapes. Beginning with the quaint Humble Home, you’ll soon travel to all manner of bizarre, wonderful, and mysterious locations!

** Rewards **

Each level may contain a key hidden in the answers. Collecting three keys will enable you to unlock chests for coin rewards.

More advanced levels will reveal collectable tokens over answer tiles. Finding solutions will award you these tokens and give you access to a special prize wheel…

By competing all upgrades to a land you’ll be able to meet your very own pets! Whether you choose to tend to your pet is optional – but feeding pets can help you earn bonus energy and coins to help continue your progress.

** A unique word experience **

Game of Words is much more than a typical word game and the perfect fit for fans of word connect, crossword, and anagram word games. Start playing now and join over a million others in an incredibly immersive word game experience. With over 5000 levels to play through, the question is: do you have the skill to beat the game?


- All new land!
Neon Kitchen is the biggest land yet! The kitchen is open all hours but truly comes alive at night...

- New levels
Game of Words now has over 5700 levels!

- Fixes and enhancements.


4 comentarios en "Game of Words: Word Puzzles MOD"

  1. Misfit CJ dice:

    I am on level 395 and I’m still doing dumb, 3 letter words. 4/22update: now nearing level 600, it’s like they took the first 200 levels and repeated them over and over. I’m so tired of seeing the same choices of letters and it’s not true, it doesn’t progressively get harder. It gets progressively more boring though, I’ll keep going see what changes (if anything)

  2. Cathy Gonzalez dice:

    Way, too many ads that take 30 secs. for each one, they run two or three in a row. Very annoying! Costs way too much to obtain a hint. (The games money) so if you’re stuck trying to figure out a word, it’s 4 or 5 thousand to obtain a hint. Sometimes the ads lock up when they’re done and you have to go off the game site and then go back on the site to clear it because it freezes up. Not bad once you get into it.

  3. Sheri Osborne dice:

    Love the game The game is awesome! I’ve been playing for a long time and it has problems loading and you loose your rewards, this happens often and it isn’t fair. Anyway it’s still fun but it cheats you out of rewards!! I’ll admit I’m addicted to the game. But now that I’m in higher levels, over 2100 it gets bad ads are long and boring everything you do there’s an Ad. It says update gives you more keys. Not sure how bad it was before but you very seldom get keys or extra spins.

  4. Brandi Taylor dice:

    Hooked on this game and I bought the non-ad version. However I am HIGHLY disappointed that I don’t get any spelling/grammar bonuses anymore. Keys are harder to get the higher in level you reach and I haven’t gotten any new pets, yet still collect strawberries that I don’t need. The price to build gets higher as you level up but bonus coins on the board seem like a lot less too. Please fix these issues!

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