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The famous daily word puzzle Wordly. Guess the word in 6 tries. Unlimited plays
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Wordly the daily word puzzle! Wordly is in your pocket now. Come back every day for a new challenge, or play custom puzzles as many times as you’d like

Guess a word and use the tile colors to help guide your next decision. You get 6 tries to guess the correct word

If you enjoy Scrabble, crosswords, or just about any word game, you will enjoy Wordly

Also includes custom puzzles so you can try wordly with more than 5 letters

More content coming in each update


- Prepped daily words for year 2023
- Definition lookup now works within the game
- Partial words no longer work as guesses
- Screen scales better all devices
- Solutions with duplicate letters are allowed now
- Duplicate letters are shown as grey instead of orange
- Daily word that was spelled wrong gives you a win in your history now
- Tap the word solution for a definition
- Trimmed the dictionary of some obscure words
- Row distribution shown for daily puzzles
- Other smaller fixes


40 comentarios en "Wordly – Daily Word Puzzle FULL"

  1. M K S dice:

    I like the game. What I detest is having to watch a long ad between every single custom game. If you need your ads, how about between every five games… As it is, I usually solve the puzzles in less than half the time it takes to wait for an ad to finish. I feel like I’ve downloaded an ad app rather than a game. Extremely frustrating.

  2. Seth dice:

    It’s fun! I play it all the time. One of the better wordle clones. The ads suck and the price to remove them is too high. I wish they would swap the backspace and enter buttons. Also wish there was a way to continue to another puzzle once you completed one instead of having to go back to the main menu to start a new one.

  3. Ah dice:

    The app is presented in a very clean, minimalistic style. Nothing ever felt bad to use and being able to see my stats is a fun feature. However the way the ads work is just horrid. On the surface watching an ad before every game sounds fair but in practice it’s just awful. The games are just too short to warrant an ad between each game. I’d love to see this replaced with a plays system where watching an ad gives me something like three plays but I could also pay 25¢ for a single play.

  4. Amy Hahn dice:

    This is a fun word game that makes me think. I especially like having the option to play more than just the daily puzzle, but after a few puzzles, it shows an ad before each additional puzzle I want to play. This is so frustrating! I understand needing ads to make money, but why not show an ad after every 2 or 3 puzzles instead of every puzzle?

  5. The app froze up on me and the keyboard was unresponsive. I repeated tried to restart my Android phone, but it returned to the same frozen screen when I restarted Wordly. Each time I tried powering off and then back on, the app counted it as another lost game. I have already paid for the “pro” (i.e. ad-free) edition, and I wonder if I can download a new Pro edition.

  6. It’s an awsome game! Not too many adds (at least compared to my other games😅), $10 is a little pricey to remove them but I don’t mind the adds so they don’t bother me much. My only problem is that when you start a game that isn’t the daily puzzle if you close the app it get rid of the game and you can’t continue where you left off.

  7. I like the concept as far as logic plus word abilities. However, it is awkward that you don’t advance through the puzzles you get it right and it doesn’t take you to “next” you just have to back out of it to main screen. Most app games are forward moving so to speak. I haven’t noted where it keeps track of stats for general play either. I do like the actual game concept/challenge though. Like Mastermind meets Scrabble ish.

  8. Look, just voicing what others have said. Too many ads. Like, to the point that the game becomes unplayable and annoying. Then, 10 dollars? Not that great even without the ads. On top of that, it will randomly tell me that I have already completed the puzzle of the day. I like the concept of the game. That’s the only reason it gets 2 stars. Absolute garbage implementation and will be deleted soon.

  9. Eh…it was alright. Quite frankly you’d be better off to just do The NYT wordle every day. The description lies, you cannot do unlimited puzzles…for free at least. That’s where they get you. You get the daily one free but for the others, you get like 3 free until you have to pay or watch an ad for every single puzzle. And when I finish them in 2 turns it’s just not worth it. I’ll stick to the original on NYT website.

  10. Alisha D dice:

    Challenging and fun, no time limit and you can leave and return to the game when you want. Exactly what a busy person needs to relax for a few minutes. Edit: Removing a star for an inconsistent library. The word biker is not in the dictionary but hiker is. It would make sense if neither word was included (if Wordly’s dictionary only included base words) or it would make sense to include them both. It does not make sense to include only one of those words.

  11. For the most part good, but didn’t sync with my Google play games Account and I lost all my progress. I had a 150+ streak when I needed to change my phone and it is just heartbreaking to lose that length of a winning streak. Not to mention it would’ve been longer if it didn’t count unfinished games as losses as well. So yeah that’s enough negative experiences I think I’ll be looking for an alternative

  12. Love this game! My bf and I play this regularly to try to 1 up each other. It’s a lot of fun. But lately we have run into problems where it will play our last solution from the day before saying we lost the game. It’s been really annoying because even if we solve it early on like the 3rd try it says we completely lost! Unsure on how to fix this. It is really disheartening when it happens as this is something we both look forward to. This game has helped us get through our depression together

  13. It’s a ripoff of the actual Wordle game; heavily loaded with ads & $10 to remove them, you can almost have the same game. BUT! That would be fraud to outright copy Wordle. So they didn’t do that technically…(?) Technically, the ability to code a unique Wordle is beyond their ability. After about 10 puzzles, you’ll be given a puzzle that’s meant to feed their ad game. It has no comprehensible solution. Except if you get suckered into paying $10, the ads are gone…but not the bogus puzzle!

  14. Fun game. But after you’ve played for a couple of times, to play an extra puzzle requires watching an ad or upgrading to the premium version. Considering a single puzzle takes a minute to solve, that means one ad for every 90 seconds. Way too much advertising.

  15. Not quite as good as Wordle. Some of the words are more obscure or there are too many similar answers. Example: I tried BRAKE & BRACE, but the word was BRAZE. I really only downloaded this app to be able to play more than one game a day. I played about 5 extra games and hit a pay wall. Watch a 30+ sec ad before each new game or pay 9.99. That is a lot of ad for a short game, and I don’t think it’s worth $9.99. I’m not willing to pay that much for a lower quality version of Wordle.

  16. Great game, however the cost of removing the commercials is too high. $10.00 to remove them out right ridiculous!!! I’m going to delete the game anyway because of its cruelty to the players with so many and long commercials and the process to get another level/ chance to play….. if you want the money, just put a price on it and let people choose the game without the dang commercials!!!!!!!

  17. Adrian Ah dice:

    I decided to pay for pro and enjoy it. The ads were a bit much, and 10 bucks isn’t much compared to how much junk food I buy! I do notice the daily 5 letter word is a bit easier than the pro section ones. My only issue is the background. I find it a bit depressing, being just black , with gray letter squares. Be nice to be able to change colours or put your own. Otherwise, it’s good to keep the brain active 😌

  18. Good but not great app. Major benefit is that it offers a great choice of word lengths and levels of difficulty. However as with Quordle, it should allow you to keep track of stats for those practice games. Two issues. One is that it is a bit overpriced. The other, more important, is that the dictionary needs to be improved. I have put in words of all lengths that are definiitely words in English, but the app doesnt recognize them. I have downgraded my review from 4 stars to 2. Please FIX

  19. Many words are missing from the dictionary, the word definition feature is broken, and you can’t play it while traveling, because it requires an internet connection. The daily puzzle feature is a cool idea, but it’s not necessary, as it’s basically the same as a normal puzzle, with the only difference being that you don’t have to wait for an ad to play it. Over all, I just don’t see a reason to play this, because if I aready have internet, I have access to better ways to pass time with less ads.

  20. cha grif dice:

    Nice game to play once a day to see how long you can keep your streak. but it is a bit annoying that that’s all you can do unless you watch an ad or pay. It would be nice to at least be able to mabye redo past words or something without having to watch an ad everytime. other than that it’s a good concept and sometimes challenging.

  21. Games fine, and it works, with excellent bonus puzzles for an added challenge, but there is one massive issue. The cost to remove ads…$9.99?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That is absolutely ridiculous – don’t think I’ve ever seen an app request more than 5 for that feature, and you come steaming in with double that! I get that you need to make money, but let’s not take the p__s when going about it. For that alone, I had to leave this review, and were it not for that price point, It’d be more positive.

  22. toramenor dice:

    I really enjoy the game. There is 1 free puzzle per day, plus unlimited custom puzzles with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 letters but to “unlock” each, you are asked to watch an ad, which is pretty civilized. I hate those games where the ads just pop up. Here you always get a reward – another puzzle. One thing that could be improved is score keeping. The daily puzzle saves your previous results, but the custom puzzles don’t save and show any stats.

  23. Challenging. My grandson got me started and I make this a daily activity. I like to see when I am in the lower percentage who solved the word. 🙂 I have reviewed other Wordly reviews and agree that “watch an ad to play another game” is too much. I don’t take note of the ad and am mostly annoyed with the process. Also annoyed with correctly spelt words being rejected, and other words, capital cities, being the solution. That does not make sense.

  24. If you forget to do a puzzle in 24 hours, your chain is broken. Makes sense if you fail the puzzle, but not if you miss a day. I just lost a huge streak because I was delayed, and fell asleep on it near the 24 hour mark. Plus, the vocabulary is small. Having easy words rejected as not words is supremely annoying.

  25. Very good app. Full disclosure, I paid for ad free. I wish there was statistics to keep track of each of the different lengths. Occasionally I’ll try a word that it says doesn’t exist, but otherwise very solid.

  26. Solid app, haven’t run into any bugs yet. Could expand the dictionary of guessable words some, and I would also love a “campaign” mode, or the ability to go back and play previous days. LOVE the row distribution stat.

  27. This app has a very limited dictionary which is very annoying when you enter perfectly good words which are then rejected. This is very frustrating. It is good that you can play more than one game in a day but only 3 stars because of the lack of word recognition.

  28. There is one free puzzle per day. If you want to play more you have to watch an add for every session you start. Unlocking bigger puzzles, also add. The app is atleast nice enough to ask if you want to watch an add, it doesnt just throw it on you. You can pay for no adds, but its 9,99 . . . You can buy full games with a lot more to them for that.

  29. The daily challenge is good, but if you want to play more than one a day you have to watch an ad. This is understandable because it’s a free app, however they ad never loads. It just sits there for minutes loading around and around until you give up. Broken and unplayable. (I have tried this on multiple stable internet connections. I will update this review if they game is fixed)

  30. It started great untill I played the first custom game. It says: “Choose a custom puzzle and play as much as you want”. But after playing my first game I needed to watch an ad to play a second one. And after that I needed to watch another ad to play a third one. It’s rediculous. I can’t watch an ad after every game. No thank you. I’m uninstalling.

  31. Loses a star because of the poor dictionary! The game is really fun, but I’ve just solved a puzzle in which the answer was BALEARIC, yet another said the word AMSTERDAM didn’t exist in its dictionary .. go figure! I would bet that more people would know the latter more than the former! Other words, like BALSAMIC (and I think, BARTENDER) aren’t in the dictionary either! Please update the game’s dictionary to at least include regular, everyday words.

  32. I really like this game! But the new update made so you can’t have the dark mode fully effective, as the background is now a picture instead of solid black. I play it at night mostly, so this is a bit annoying, and i haven’t found a way to change it back either

  33. First day playing. Played the daily puzzle. Was pretty easy. Then played 3 random puzzles and said I had to watch an add to play again. So I did. And got to only play one game before needing to watch an add. I got every puzzle correct. Maybe come up with a lives thing. I’m not going to watch ads to play one game. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. If not it won’t survive the week.

  34. I like it, lots of fun. And ads are not annoying. Everytime you can choose if you want to watch ads or pay, instead of constantly running them. I find it nice

  35. I enjoy the logical challenges and Wordly had significantly fewer ads than the game I was playing. It also has an option to pay and play without ads. I would like to see some different colors.

  36. Mateo dice:

    It’s fun, although it doesn’t let me do custom puzzles anymore unless pay. I’m fine with daily, just wished had option of which you want for your daily, like 5, 6, 7 or 8. Or if had difficulty options as well.

  37. Normally spend 5 minutes trying to even get an ad to play so I can get 1 single free word puzzle after the free daily one. Constant “Ad failed to load” or finishing an ad only for it to once again say “failed to load” after I’ve finished watching the ad already. Asking for $10 for ad-free gaming is too high a price in my opinion.

  38. Love this for when I’m bored and need something to do that involves problem solving Love how easy it is to use, no crazy color schemes to try and keep your attention, just right to the point Only problem is how long the ads are and that the games keyboard has a slow reaction time

  39. GJJB 66 dice:

    It’s okay, but ENTER is where backspace should be which can cause a false submission when just looking at a word before backing it out. Also 10 clams is too rich for a game that is largely free in variants. I like the other options of more letters in the trial for extra words each day, but once you use the low count of free trials, it won’t reset each day – one shot deal. Booooo.

  40. Super fun, very simple brain scratcher of a game. Would be five stars if I didn’t have to watch an ad before any extra puzzles. Had a couple freebies, and now it’s an ad or payment, which means now I’m only doing the free daily one. Disappointed, but I get it, ads are expected with everything now.

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