sQworble : Crossword Scramble MODDED 2022


sQworble, simply the most electrifying word puzzle game in the store!
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Get engaged with the most electrifying word puzzle game in the store – Play crosswords with friends! Show your descrambling skills and enjoy in new daily word games!

Main features:
– Fast Gameplay – Settle in for several levels or just find a few words when you’ve got a minute to kill.
– Large Library – There are over 16,700 words and it is still growing!
– Choose Your Skill Level – Whether you want to keep it light and casual or give your brain the ultimate workout, you’ve got control.
– Multiple Clues Per Word – If one clue doesn’t do it for you, use the Switcharoo for a whole new view.
– Exciting Hints – Use the Thotlight, Insight Glass, or the striking Enlightening Bolt to get you out of those sticky situations.
– Mosaic – After every game, get a piece of a puzzle and unscramble for additional coins. Use the pieces tray to keep your puzzle organized and the Snaplite to help solve those tricky puzzles. 280 images to discover!
– Gallery – View your collection of completed mosaics.
– Challenging Levels – Earn extra coins for uncovering hidden tiles.
– Daily Rewards – Come back every day to build your coins and item inventory.
– Daily Puzzle – Big rewards and unlock 36 specialty avatars.
– Daily Points Race – Compete with other players to reach the top of the Daily Leaderboard. Prizes for the Top 30!
– Get in the festive mood with different holiday themes throughout the year.

sQworble is free to play and uses in-app purchases to buy coins and items that assist in play.

Download this amazing and engaging crossword solver game to fill in your free time!


• Higher Scores! Completed mosaic pieces now count as points on all leaderboards.
• 5 New Mosaics
• Word Library Update
• Bug Fixes


40 comentarios en "sQworble : Crossword Scramble MODDED 2022"

  1. Kat Ford dice:

    I love it! The clues are fun , the ads few and can be exited after 5 seconds. I was asked once to rate the game, ( I said no out of habit) You can change game play to easy, norm, or hard in settings. KUDOS devs!!! I have played many word games where English was a 2nd language, nice to see its not here.

  2. Jo dice:

    The best format amongst my many word-play games. I don’t mind the 5 second ads. However, now that I’ve played it for a couple of weeks and still enjoy it, I’ll splurge the $6 and remove the ads. I don’t mind playing 3 or $6 for a game, but one game I enjoy is $10 a month; that I will not pay!

  3. Super fun game. Very few ads, most only 5 seconds. My only suggestions would be to add a log out button & some type of menu reminding what the tools are for.

  4. Really enjoying this game, some of the clues can be hard some easy. Enjoy doing the mosaics like trying to work out what the picture is to beforehand. Good game. I’m just having trouble with it playing now, turned phone off but still not responding? This has just happened but will ruin my daily puzzle streak

  5. I love this game it’s fun and challenging at the same time. Love the clues that are like puns. I just wish that you would have info on finished puzzles. Are they just random pics? Are they art? Are they some real place? I would love to see something like that incorporated

  6. Had an update 3 days ago and it’s been stuck on the opening page ever since. I’ve run anti virus, re started my phone, done a force stop and lastly un installed and re installed with no luck. I really enjoy this game so I hope it gets sorted.

  7. Great game. Very addictive. I wish it had a mini extra game of sorts. I wish the level rewards could be higher. I’d love to see tournaments in the future. Love the Christmas theme!

  8. I love this absolutely fantastic brilliant & fun game. I extremely love the purple & gold it’s stunning. The graphics are awesome ( the best I’ve ever seen ). It gives your brain a good workout. I recommend this game, it’s really worth downloading guy’s 😻

  9. Simple word-game, very well designed, not much of a challenge, but very relaxing and very few ads.

  10. Love this game definitely a different word game. I love that it got a description of what word you need to find and change the order of the letters around. Definitely recommend it’s a lot of fun for sure!

  11. Challenging, but rewarding. Finally a different word game! Beautiful art work in the form of mosaics (puzzles). Thank you!

  12. Matt Lups dice:

    Has potential but the clues are awful and it stopped giving me puzzle pieces after each game.

  13. Love Love Love!! It’s like playing Scrabble solo and playing jigsaws with crossword style!! Brilliant idea– How about an idea… Add some mini games in between to earn some extra points? Everyone install this and you won’t be disappointed! 2 Big Thumbs Up devs 👍👍

  14. Adam dice:

    Great game, but frequently doesn’t display all the letters and boxes in a word, so you can’t solve it.

  15. not your same old word game challenging just the way I like it no tech problems smooth playing it’s a keeper ty for the entertainment value worth playing and purchasing

  16. Challenging, fun, and best of all, one ad every now and then that you can close after a few seconds.

  17. James W dice:

    Ridiculously easy. Does anyone even need the clues? The only positive was that the ads weren’t bad at all

  18. Really like this game. helps me with spelling words. Enjoy playing. I play everyday. I just wish you gave more coins and rewards. Maybe add a spinning wheel with rewards. That would be fun. Just a suggestion.

  19. Hang in there, the game does become a challenge and is enjoyable!

  20. Great concept, but the clues are horrible.

  21. I love this game, very entertaining. But since the update my game won’t load… Help please

  22. The ads at the bottom of the screen cover things we need access to.

  23. This is a great game for anyone who likes word puzzles, but the clues are soo bad! There’s cryptic and nonsensical…these clues are definitely not cryptic.

  24. Fun game to have a quick play, does start to become boring over time but is exactly what it says. Nice alternative to otherword games.

  25. Katie Pra dice:

    Love this game, but since the update it freezes before the game even opens all the way. I tried reinstalling still doesnt work.

  26. How come I can get this game on my Huawei phone but not on my Huawei tablet. It doesn’t come up in Google play on a search on my tablet. My wife has it on her Samsung tablet.

  27. Fay Trigg dice:

    Brilliant! love it! I am addicted can’t stop playing.

  28. I love the game. Only issue is that occasionally, the letters appear disjointed once a word is solved.

  29. Could be a great game. Good concept. The clues are actually horrible. Makes it unplayable when you’re just guessing the words by moving letters around. I play a lot of crossword games and these clues for each word are the worst I’ve seen.

  30. Challenging. Quick response by dev to fix issue

  31. You should know the language before you make a word game. Some of the clues don’t match with the answers.

  32. I think a lot of the clues are very clever, much like an actual crossword puzzle. I’m having a lot of fun with this game! I do wish I could just “click” the letters into the right places, though, as the dragging mechanic can be a bit clumsy.

  33. Game crashed after about 15 minutes. When I tried to open it again, several times, I couldn’t get past the home screen with a message that says “signed in with Apple” I have a Pixel 7 phone…… uninstalled

  34. Great game but some letters land wrong and block the other word. Uninstall Ed wouldn’t play after certain level

  35. It is a very good game to play it certainly keeps your brain active

  36. I was enjoying it until now I can’t get any power ups because somehow I’m in the negatives in coins…? 🤔

  37. Enjoyable and somewhat difficult

  38. I really like this game it is fun, challenging and I learn new words.

  39. Love this game so much, I even paid to remove the ads.

  40. I like this game alot, as I like word games, so it’s an alternative word game!

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