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A mind reading party game
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Hot or cold. Soft or hard. Wizard or…not a wizard? Work together to decide where your clue falls on the spectrum – and win by reading your friends’ minds.

“One of the best party games we’ve ever played” -Polygon
“The best party game since Codenames” -Dicebreaker

The Wavelength app is an evolution of the hit boardgame that allows you to play remotely or in person. It features loads of new content and designs, like real-time synchronous dial movements and emoji reactions.

Wavelength can be played with 2-10+ players and can be played remotely or in person.

Available for both Android and iOS so everyone can play together.

Over 200 unique spectrum cards, with over 50 brand new cards only available in the app.

Work together with your friends, react in real-time with synchronous dial movements, and express yourself with emoji reactions.

We created beautiful and customizable avatars with over 100,000 unique combinations to find your best you.

As a team you work together to try to beat your high score, and individuals can be rewarded with personalized achievements.

Have questions or feedback? Talk to us! https://www.wavelength.zone/contact


‘Tis the season for new Wavelength packs
- Holiday Pack: Could dolphins replace reindeer? Get cozy and find out in this free pack of spectrums.
- Lickable Pack: Does Lady Gaga own a sword? It's up for debate in this new pack of absurd spectrums.

- Improvement: Added "Dismiss" to update notifications
- Fixed: Visiting the Store or Settings page would show a blank screen
- Fixed: Sharing room invite would crash some phones
- Fixed: Some people could not restore purchases


40 comentarios en "Wavelength MOD 2022"

  1. Tom Leary dice:

    Incredibly dln game. It was entirely different when I played with just two of us versus when we played with 7. It was a lot of fun, and I love that you could play entirely for free, or purchase packs for more variety. The clues are so heavily dependent on the clue giver and the environment we’re in.

  2. Couldn’t play, because the only option is to know someone else who plays. Can’t invite someone from the game section because the app crashes every time I try. Wish there was a random match mode or something so I could check it out to see if I want to recommend it to friends!

  3. Was excited to try the app… At least i could see the menu and the explanation. The game is designed only to play with people you know. No, you can’t just go online and find random people to play with. I want to play when I want to play not when me and all my friends find time to do it. The concept of “mobile game” it’s a bit lost here. Uninstall.

  4. Never got it to work, sitting next to the other player, same version of the game. Kept saying “uh oh, room not found”. We tried different packs, no luck.

  5. great game!! no ads makes it so nice. the UI is so cute and easy to understand. i love the physical boardgame as well!

  6. Installed. Found out no pass-and-play. Tried convincing others to install. Failed. App never got played… The app does look polished though so 3 stars instead of 2 star. Make pass-and-play and this could easily get the virality, “evergreen-ess” and revenue of Heads Up.

  7. Got my family to install this app & played it NYE. It was a riot! 10/10 would recommend, the game was easy enough for everyone to learn and created some memorable moments 😂

  8. I’m liking this, but playing with friends from all over the way regions work is a big hassle. It’d be nice if room codes would work universally!

  9. Game is good, but only one or two sets just make it repetitive. How hard can it be to add more spectrums for free??

  10. A good replacement for when you can’t use the board game, like waiting to be sat at a restaurant.

  11. Eglė dice:

    Tried playing with 1 friend, points were not awarded even though we guessed the location of the pointer, but overall, a fun game

  12. I live the concept of Wavelength and the game is great. I’m only missing one feature in the app a lot: a pass & play game mode. I’m having a bit of a hard time convincing all the people on the table to download the app and in theory, you’d only need one device to play. Hope to see this in the future perhaps 🙂

  13. Fun, imaginative, easy to learn, great repeatability etc.

  14. Mark D dice:

    I enjoy the American Wavinglength game. It is fun to play with the family and they love it as well. What’s not to love? It’s suspenseful and thought-provoking.

  15. Love it! Maybe even better than the cooperative version of the actual boardgame!

  16. A great option for people who don’t live near each other and still want to enjoy the game!

  17. This game is super fun to play with a group of friends or just one one one with someone, but my only gripe with it is lack of a pass-and-play mode since it’s hard to convince people to all download the app when it seems like it could easily be something you pass around the table

  18. Ning Xiao dice:

    First of all this is an absolute 5 star party time. Super easy to learn, great fun to play, and encourage some very interesting conversations! I do have an issue which might be coz I am Android user located in Europe? For the life of me I cannot purchase any of your packs (I wanted to buy all of them!) Tried it for a few days already and always came back with “Something went wrong on our end” error. Already tried uninstall and reinstall with no joy. Bit of pity coz I organised an online party to play this and ended up only having the started pack. Please fix this 🙏🏻 One small recommendation – any chance to add spectator mode? I know the rounds are short anyway but would be good for friends who joined midway to watch and join in the chat.

  19. L R dice:

    This is one of my favorite board games and I’ve been waiting forever for a digital version of it. The game is great, my only complaint is that cards repeat too often. I’ve played 6 games so far and I’ve only seen maybe 10 cards total. Edit: even after buying 2 packs, I keep seeing the same cards in a short amount of time.

  20. Binh Pham dice:

    Absolutely an amazing adaptation! This app completely enhances the Wavelength experience. I would say that this replaced the board game for me. I was worried that playing this on the phone would lose that personal feeling of the board game, but it does not. You still get all the discussion and the app is fun to play with. I’m really glad the publishers made this game free with a starter pack. I would continue to support this publisher!

  21. kent lee dice:

    Amazing game. But there should be a pass and play option. Without this option it is alot harder to introduce people to this game. It’s a lot more difficult to convince people to download an app they may or may not enjoy before trying the game.

  22. This is a the most fun group activity I’ve ever played. New fav team game.

  23. Really fun but lacks control. I wish there was ways to modify settings and rules such as the amount of time allowed for guessing and hint giving, control of cards such as not reapting till all cards are used and the amount of hints required per player. Other than that a good game!

  24. Everything was working great; I had zero problems, until I updated the game. Now it freezes at the end of every round so I have to close and reopen. It’s a giant pain in my butt and it’s extra frustrating because I had just paid for all the packs. Now I can barely enjoy my purchase. 🤦

  25. Love this board game, can’t believe they captured the fun in the app! Everything works well and is easy to understand, small easter eggs everywhere. Small performance issues in initiating the games but I expect that will improve.

  26. There should be a mode where you just use the app as a word generator for the physical board game. I don’t really have much interest in playing this online, but would love to be able to just prop my phone up where the card usually goes and have the app show the word pairs, with purchasable expansion packs.

  27. So you not even gonna hide the fact you looking for wizards .. just gonna find em capture em and siphon off there magic… Wow

  28. Super fun game to play with friends. Gets people talking, arguing, and laughing. Love thatthere’s no ads in this base game, that always makes me want to support the creators so I unlocked all the extra packs. Well worth the cost!

  29. Ben T dice:

    fun game! easy to learn.

  30. Very fun for a group of 4 or more

  31. RyGuy dice:

    What a great adaptation from board game to app. Didn’t see any bugs after three matches. But please consider making a web version so I don’t have to use my Android Emulator on PC.

  32. We used this as a team building exercise at work, and it went well! The onboarding is long and doesn’t include many examples, but overall it was fun.

  33. jeffo dice:

    First few reviews lesgo The game is classic, nice UI and i love the emoji reactions at the end of each round The only bad thing is the starter pack (free) is very limited and u gotta buy the packs to get lots of content, though it’s reasonably priced

  34. Great adaptation of the physical game. Seemless experience. I have played with 2 and 3 people, worked well at both player counts.

  35. Sky dice:

    Omg I love this game so much. It’s the perfect party game for a short amount of time and when you don’t want to play anything physical like a card game. Once you learn the rules it’s really quick, easy and fun.

  36. Very fun game, can be played by two people or a team. The rules are simple. Also good for parties with colleagues

  37. Free version is fun until you’ve played all the options. I don’t think I am interested enough to buy expansions.

  38. Gerard M dice:

    Would be nice to have a matchmaking feature in the future.

  39. An option to play with random people on the internet would be nice… Can’t be bothered getting all my friends to download and play with me. Also more interesting opinions from people halfway around the world.

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