Alice’s Resort – Word Game MOD 2022


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A relaxing word game with interesting stories!
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Alice’s Resort is a BRAND-NEW relaxing word game with interesting stories with Alice and her friends. Based on the classic word search or crossword gameplay, it allows you to enjoy thousands of challenging word cross puzzles in your hand.

You’re a newly appointed manager of the hotel, and also the leader of Alice and Grace’s team. When you heard the news that the resort would be closed, Alice asked you and Grace for help. You are decided to make plans to renovate and regain the glory of the resort…

➤ Highlights

You can collect resources during the game, renovate and redesign the island hotel to restore the former glory of the resort.
Explore the mysterious island by complete the various activities during the process of the game.
During the process of renovation and exploration, the dusty past stories will be unveiled. More characters with distinctive personalities will also will appear.
All the great moments on the island will be captured by the “Camera” and saved as treasured memory photos.

Addictive word puzzle games based on classic gameplay.
Creative and unique story based on running a resort on a mysterious island.
Nice & Clear gaming graphics and user interfaces.
Thousands of word puzzles are ready for you to challenge.

Constantly find out correct words to make “Combos”.
A “Bulb” helps you to find a word at a time.
A “Firecracker” helps you find a letter in a certain block.
A “Lightning” helps you to find 5 letters in different blocks.

Pass more levels to unlock themes.
Challenge to find “Extra Words” as many as possible.
Collect more items and themes for decoration.
More characters and various themes are waiting for you to discover.

➤ How to Play

– Swipe from one letter to another to line up words on the board vertically or horizontally
– Use a certain booster (such as “Shuffle”, “Lightning”, “Firecracker”, “Bulb”) for help when you get stuck
– Challenge to find all the hidden “Extra Words” as many as possible
– Purchasing items to decorate and renovate the restaurant
– Share to your friends for help when you get stuck

➤ Contact Us
[email protected]

Do you want to play word games’ challenges with a unique island resort theme?
Here is a CHANCE for you to experience an exciting exploration with word search puzzles! You’ll never have a dull moment after you try these addicting word puzzles!
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4 comentarios en "Alice’s Resort – Word Game MOD 2022"

  1. Kristin Cox dice:

    I really enjoy just playing the game. The renovation part is a bonus. It is not a word find like the ads say. It has letters in a circle at the bottom and you have to make words out of them which populate in a crossword style above. I love that you can play until you’re blue in the face and it doesn’t have “lives” or “energy” to limit your play time. That is awesome. My only complaint is I can’t link with Facebook or Google to save my progress if I change devices.

  2. J P. dice:

    I’ve had this game a while and I actually really enjoy it. There are no “lives” or “energy” to wait for and the furniture themes are cute. Ad version has short ads and isn’t invasive. Only con I have is some words that are okay, and some are not. The only example I have in a search for words to complete a puzzle is that “cum” was okay, but “pee” wasn’t. Kinda weird. Maybe a dictionary refresh with some updated terms.

  3. Victory Cobb dice:

    It’s a fun game but the leaf event I cant buy the decorations so it’s just there popping up after every game teasing me. I find it insanely aggravating. Update: I don’t know why they did this you use to only get a 5s ad you could skip once you complete a level now it’s also when you’re just decorating they also changed the two free options to one (the free dont match most the time) The more I play the more disappointed I become. I also never received help for the event problem.

  4. felicia bryan dice:

    Finally a game that isn’t merging AND you get to decorate! Also love the diversity and representation in characters, I love the decor and that you can go back and change them if you change your mind. I like that we can change outfits too! Only complaint I have is not enough coins! I’m pretty high in levels now and it’s sometimes very hard and I hardly have coins for hints!

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