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Play classic word search puzzles with beautiful scenery and relax your mind!
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With Word Search Explorer embark on a wondrous quest of adventure and wisdom, where the fun never stops!

This FREE TO PLAY word game makes learning new words so easy and much more fun. Flex your brain, connect the letters and swipe your way through hundreds of word puzzles, while steadily growing your vocabulary and confidence for the challenges ahead!

Successfully completing each puzzle will bring you closer to your next destination!

Buckle-up and get ready to go on an endeavour that takes you through breathtaking landscapes while training your brain to become a TRUE champion of the mind!

Believe the hype, join thousands of word game enthusiasts and download Word Search Explorer today!


As easy as taking a walk in the park, find words that are hidden in the letter grid related to a common theme. Swipe your fingers to form the words that are hidden in plain sight. The puzzles get trickier as you progress while gaining more wisdom!


– FREE TO PLAY: Get this game for FREE and put your word game skills to the test
– GUIDING HINTS: The game offers multiple hints which will guide and help you on your journey.
– PLAY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Take a break and play offline wherever you want!
– CHALLENGING PUZZLES: Easy to play, hard to master! A new challenge awaits for you after every puzzle
– BOOSTS YOUR VOCABULARY: Improve your vocabulary as the game exposes you to a wide variety of words that will help you in your daily life
– SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS: Login through facebook and sync your game progress across multiple devices

Pack your bags and get ready to Explore, Wander & Discover. No need to wait, start playing Word Search Explorer and begin your voyage today!


- River Race - An exciting new competitive event is here. Challenge other players and be the first to cross the finish line to win exciting rewards!
- UI and animation fixes for a smoother gameplay.


40 comentarios en "Word Search Explorer MODDED 2022"

  1. THL dice:

    It’s fun to play but when you start getting past a lot of levels you realize they’re all basically in the same locations and it makes it easy to find these words and honestly I don’t like how you can watch an ad to remove all the unused letters it just makes it too easy, I also don’t like how it says 16% of players completed this level, when most likely that’s a lie. Still kinda fun though.

  2. App freezes intermittently. Usually it frees up after a few seconds, but as soon as I reached level 67, it freezes hard after finding a word. (It no longer responds to touch or swipe) Force closing and relaunching doesn’t help, it just freezes again. I may have to uninstall it if I can’t get a fix. Other than that it’s a fun and relaxing game.

  3. Megan 14 dice:

    Edit: when I wrote my original review below, I was at level 50 or so, and there were hardly any ads. I’m at around level 80 now, and it seems like I get an ad after almost every level now. Kind of disappointed, it was pretty fun Minimal ads, background’s not too distracting, goes straight to the next level without taking you out to see your progress or what have you, and is a nice game to play when you want to wind down 🙂

  4. I’m changing my review. I had complained about the abundance and frequency of ads. I maintain that statement, however, they don’t intrude on game play, and you can quickly opt out and either come right back, or take a little break. Overall, I find the game calming, challenging, and very enjoyable. Everybody’s gotta’ eat.

  5. Good game and the ads aren’t overly annoying, you get through a few levels before you get one. It feels repetitive though and isn’t getting any harder as the levels go on, I’m on level 330 and still finding it quite easy. Says solved by 6.79% of players but I assume most got bored and stopped playing lol

  6. Trying to exit the ads the X doesn’t respond very well keeps taking you to the games store gets very frustrating and paying £5 to get rid of the ads smacks ripoff to play a game that repeats it’s self plus the ads at the bottom of your screen are a bit intrusive way to big this review is after a second download still the same with the X trying to exit the ads.

  7. Brilliant Game If you love doing word searches then this is the app for you. It’s also worth getting the ads removed, it’s cheap and makes the levels flow easier. I could play this game all day if given the chance.

  8. A B dice:

    Ads too loud and startling. How come ads can’t be muted like the rest of the game? It’s quite disturbing and alarming to suddenly be jolted out of my revere by the loud sound of an ad. There’s no playing this game in a quiet area or in bed with a partner. THE ADS ARE TOO LOUD AND STARTLING!!! If I mute my tablet then I can’t hear other notifications, so don’t ask me to do that or try to make yourself the victim or me the bad guy. By disallowing ad muting you are just making me uninstall

  9. I am enjoying this game a great deal. I love these kinds of puzzles. My one question however is how do I redeem my bonus points? I’m often finding words within the puzzle that are not on the list to be found and at the beginning was gaining bonus points for them no I just keep getting a pop up that says redeem your bonus points. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to go about doing that so I’m not gaining any more points for all the words I find. A little disappointing.

  10. really good game, only thing I would complain about is the fact you can only highlight the word from the first letter to the last. I’d prefer it if I could highlight the last letter and go backwards, otherwise I’m enjoying the game very much. I’m going through the levels quite quickly at the moment, no doubt it will be a lot harder the further through I go.

  11. I’m changing my review. Over 1,400 levels I’ve loved this game. Relaxing.Very enjoyable. Now, there is words you have to search for that are not on the list. Instead gold coins and have to guess the words. I even bought the version with no ads. Was worth the money. These missing words…gives me stress. I do not not play a game for stress. Will be rethinking if I’m going to keep this game. Not a happy person…..

  12. A fun game! I’ve always enjoyed word search. There are no overlapping words in the clues but you get extra “credit” for finding other hidden words. Fun themes but i usually just search for words without looking fir the words they want me to find. Music is relaxing and pleasant.

  13. Pat Haack dice:

    The puzzles keep repeating themselves. One can find words which are in the same places. If you know where the words are you can find them every time. Game has become boring. Uninstall is next step

  14. Basically a nice game, but does not get more challenging, also far too many ads , I know they are there to help improvements but after and then again before each board , way over the top.

  15. I love that it’s literally JUST a crossword puzzle! I’ve been wanting to find a game like this for a long time. There’s no apparent timer and I love that! It makes the game non-stressful. It’s preview of the game is exactly what it is when you play it. Thank you for not being missing to promote your game. Thank you so much! 🙂

  16. This monbsession by developers with long, multiple and annoying ads has become an epidemic. This kind is sneaky…they wait until you’ve played for a while then inject VERY VERY long ads you have to wait for after EACH game and charge $5.99 to get rid of them. IMO too high and too deceptive. Uninstalled. Bye bye.

  17. The ads for this app are excessively long which leaves an unfavorable impression. Installed simply to leave a comment. Shorten your ads and I might install it again. Fifteen seconds or less for favorable impression. There are better ad companies than Unity.

  18. Was challenging until as you get higher it’s the same puzzles in each country… Time to delete,was fun while it lasted.. at first I have five stars but after playing more it gets two…

  19. Fun Game! It doesn’t have a lot of ads. It allows you to play many levels without ads. Sure it’s easy. But it helps pass the time and have a little fun.

  20. relaxing . there are some points I can’t win, like Facebook or purchasing money. I don’t do Facebook and never buy coins. there’s no pressure to do either. I really like the game

  21. A little challenging, fun time passer, ads aren’t to awful, I’m to cheap to pay for no ad version. Enjoy game thus far.

  22. Of all the word search apps I have tried, this is the most fun and LEAST exploitive regarding ads. I keep this app installed for whenever I feel like a word search game! No higher praise than that.

  23. An old (and completely addictive) favorite, & just what the doctor ordered when it’s time to wake my groggy ol’ brain in time for a challenging day at work. Thanks for keepin’ me thinking!!!

  24. I have worked these puzzles for years and my mind is very sharp and active. I love this kind of word jpuzzle .because of the channel for thinking that it offers.

  25. The public review I’d say, Word search allows crosswords puzzles with fun basic words, and enjoyment, I’d love to play on word search with mobile devices.

  26. easy for kids to play and find the words. not really a game for adults no challenge but for children it is wonderful

  27. Fun simple game that does what it promises exceptionally well. IMHO, a fun & quick way to challenge your brain daily.

  28. OMZ77 dice:

    Really good game, it’s very therapeutic. love the calming music in the background. Another good thing is ads don’t pop up everytime u complete a level.

  29. Absolutely love this game! It puts me at ease and is very stress relieving! 5/5 stars. Amazing. The game is nice and simple; a classing word search. Highly recommend to those who enjoy these types of games!

  30. This game is garbage it let me get to needing only 47 more to cash out to start acting crazy saying check my connection all of a sudden after I done watched multiple ads it’s a rip off I just installed out I’m about to uninstall it .it’s a rip off just to make money for you watching their ads I have unlimited data how in the hell is my connection bad sad don’t waste y’all time I believe whoever leaving positive feedback must work for this company or be part of it it’s a scam I’m very upset sad!!

  31. Good to pass the time but gets a bit repetitive. The coins you earn in the game you cannot use in the shop.

  32. Really enjoying the simplicity of finding the words without a lot of distractions.

  33. I’m a fan of the simple game line. I unwind from word wars which I play from sun up till midnight. But my other favs from “play simple” .Wordy,Word search,Word bingo, Themed crossword puzzle are fantastic. Awesome 😆

  34. Mari Cruz dice:

    I enjoy relaxing with this game but I dont need the ads after every puzzle. you could at least make it after every 2 or 3 games. Unistalled

  35. As I progress through the levels I’m finding puzzles repeating themselves, so no real incentive to continue playing

  36. Fun and engrossing game that makes you “think of many ways to come up with different words” other than ordinary ways which can help with brain development…P.S. thanks for making this good game 😉

  37. finally, a game that doesn’t have an ad each time you clear it. Never mind I spoke too soon. Uninstalling it while making the review.

  38. Love this game!! I’m on level 147 and it’s going great. It’s my favorite go to. It didn’t have ads until around round 30 and they’re not annoying or constant.

  39. Some of the levels seem AI generated and a bit strange. The overly Christian puzzle of the day is meh and some of the ads are wildly offensive. Very inappropriate.

  40. Jay Zeal dice:

    The game is good it helps pass time ..I really enjoye it … But it gets boring after awhile … what’s the coins for? What can I purchase??? I know I can purchase more coins ….I don’t want that ..smh

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