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The Official UPWORDS Board Game!
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The classic game UPWORDS from indie developers at Lonely Star Software.

UPWORDS adds another dimension to crossword board games. Build words by playing letters across, down and stacked atop existing letters. This unique 3-dimensional game play allows you to change existing words into new words. Score points for each letter tile in your word and every letter tile under your word. The higher you the stack, the higher you score. Build words, stack letters, score high and have fun!

If you love word games, give UPWORDS a try.

-Online multiplayer with friends or random opponents
-Play against the Computer Opponent with 4 skill levels
-Pass and Play
-In-game chat

So much more!


Small Bug Fixes


40 comentarios en "Upwords MODDED 2022"

  1. It expects the player to move too fast and it clears the screen to another one often. I get a letter hung up on the sides and have to go out of the game to get it cleared. I like the formatting and the faster playing at the end of each play. I’d like the game to not be interrupted with internet options. When I play I like to just play without other things in the way!

  2. The game board is hard to use. Normally you can spread two fingers to be able to see the numbers on the tiles, but this game is not very responsive. You also cannot drag just one tile back to the board, you have to recall all of them and then replace them all except the one you were wanting to remove. These changes would be beneficial!

  3. Pretty fun as I’ve enjoyed the physical game a lot with friends before, now having a blast playing with friends and the computer. A little bit clunky going back and forth between the two ways of playing the game online or in person, but once I get past that it was fine. Also, the frequency of the advertisements is a little bit overdone. Yes I know I have an option of spending a very reasonable four bucks for eliminating the ads, but the ads are a little bit on the overkill side, don’t you think?

  4. For fans of the board game this software has significant differences. The scoring system is very different, which, OK, I can accept as just a variation of the rules that doesn’t really affect game play. The serious flaw, however, is its dictionary, which allows far too many words not to be found in a standard dictionary. A solid vocabulary can be of little use against random plays that are accepted as valid. The result is that the continuous frustration has ruined this game for me.

  5. A really great and fun game! The constant ads are annoying, but they’re easy to swipe away. The game does have some minor bugs (like the game board freezing up sometimes) but these bugs will probably be fixed soon in future releases. All in all, a very well-written online game, which is very addicting.

  6. The app is a good mind stretcher even on the lowest level. I have noticed that the computer characters use words not.found in the dictionary and abbreviations, also “words” like MM and HHM just. To name a few. Also the computer players always seem to have the necessary letters to good words in difficult situations. The higher the level, the more often that happens.

  7. The app is fun, I have always loved playing the board game Upwards. Obviously the constant ads running are annoying and some won’t let you back into the game, leaving you to close out and having to restart the whole game. I think the amounts of ads may cause me to delete this app.

  8. It can be fun & addictive, but too many glitches & popup ads! The Chat feature works for some, but not for everyone. It needs to be improved for sure, but the competition online is often falling asleep or too slow responding to a game. I must quit or delete unfinished games because the other people are much too slow!

  9. Great game! I only wish that there were no advertisements every few moves! Annoying! Also there are advertisements that cannot be closed. Extremely irritating.

  10. D Steiner dice:

    Been using this app for years and just got tired of repetitive ads. Tried paying for App twice and they automatically canceled subscription and reimbursed but now all I get tons of ads. I guess they don’t want my money.

  11. Marj dice:

    Like Scrabble, but nothing like Scrabble! Quite challenging and very engaging, once you get your head around it.

  12. I really enjoy this app & game. My only complaint, like so many other users, is that an acknowledged English dictionary is not used. It is very difficult to play against the computer, when it uses words that do not exist in any standard English dictionary.

  13. I love the game but hate this last update. Allow us to choose the colors or go back to the old colors. Too hard to read white wording on the light color that is used.

  14. Mr B dice:

    Good game but too many updates. Ads ok but make it clearer to stop/close them as inadvertently opened a few causing panic in case they were viruses. Luckily Norton AV stepped in

  15. Tina B dice:

    TOO MANY ADS. Plays an ad after every word play! Good luck with that. Expensive monthly fee for no ads. UNINSTALL!

  16. I accept the need to monetize an app, but the sheer number of ads make this game unplayable. Add in the poor choice of dictionaries and the frequent handstand I give this app 2 thumbs down.

  17. Good but … software has been updated and I am having problems playing it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite – bought in October 2022. There is no means of exiting the game – without turning my tablet off – and even then I cannot exit the game – not even by restarting my tablet. I have however used this software (older version) on my current tablet and on previous tablets.

  18. New update. Ad at the bottom of the screen covers play button. And am unable to use chats as the ad covers the box

  19. Was great until the latest revamp. Now the font and the graphics are hard on the eye and I am barely playing.

  20. Love it. The games should be more personalised. Instead of randomly head to head with online matches, there should be more information on your opponent that you may play against for months. There is no goal setting which makes it a bit boring. Goal setting may include an incentive if you have managed to win a certain amount of games with an opponent. Or if you consistently lose with an opponent, incentives for great words played. The Upwards dictionary needs to be updated!!

  21. Fun and challenging game. No annoying ads!

  22. I would like to be able to see a percentage history for the total of wins/losses. Also am surprised that there are many words considered invalid that are accepted in scrabble. I would also like to see a brief dictionary explanation for when the computer comes out with an obscure word. Not sure if I were to pay whether or not any of the aforementioned things would be available, the ads don’t bother me. I am however thoroughly enjoying playing hence 4 stars, highly recommended!

  23. UPDATE: This is the buggiest game app in use. 90% of my time interacting with it is trying to get it to load. It never takes less than three attempts to open the app. Really like the idea of the game but can’t rely on notifications. Inaccurate and often missing completely. I also can’t figure out the logic behind scoring and the dictionary they use is a mystery.

  24. A clever twist on the original. It’s easy to get started. I highly recommend this. Gameplay that can change the board multiple times over by transforming words. It would be nice to get a play move that includes bonuses for certain alphabet letters and impressively long word combinations. My BF and l have played this together quite a few rounds. It’s the only game we play together actually.

  25. Potential of being a great app. Positives. Better than Scrabble. Negatives. This app loses credability because it does not recognise or allow so many legitimate words. Please use the English Oxford Dictionary. So basically, strategy and thinking ahead becomes redundant. Also, give the option of a timed game, such as 2 minutes per turn. It becomes boring and frustrating if someone only plays a few turns each day. So much great potential but let down by basics which other similar games offer.

  26. Fun to play, but sometimes glitchy. At times the app wont let me click on anything so I must restart it to enable it to function properly again. The ads are a little annoying, but thankfully short and expected for a free app. The app could do with a revamp to look more 2020 & fun like other popular mobile game apps. What about a sharing or inviting friends option too? Seems like a missed opportunity! Otherwise I love this game and happily look past its minor flaws to continuing playing.

  27. Upwords 3.0 gives you an ad after each turn. I was loving this game until now.

  28. Dollie dice:

    So many ads, one after every move! 14+ ads during a game

  29. Great game to play against family and friends or even on your own against the computer. A big downside is the choice of dictionary and the bizarre “words” allowed. It ends up simply a game of trying all your letters rendomly until you hit lucky and the game decides it is a valid word even though you may not ever have heard or seen it before. There can be very little skill involved, or the need for a good vocabulary, toward the end of games.

  30. RDC113 dice:

    Really good version of upwards. Brilliant for free. Really enjoyed 2 player online games, ads don’t really bother me. The English dictionary (although the standard Scrabble one I think) is terrible though. Single player games are a bit of a nightmare with the computer only playing daft words no one has heard of like oe, hided, jeu, etc. Suggestion…have another game option that has a ‘deny word’ button so you can stop the ai playing daft words. It would also be useful in multi player-and fun

  31. I enjoy this game but mixed feelings about the app. It comes up with some ridiculous words which I’m not convinced exist, doesn’t allow some perfectly reasonable words, and seems to give you duplicates of letters you’ve already got too much to be pure chance. I realise it can’t do that indefinitely but I frequently end up with 4 out of 7 letters the same. I’ve decided this must be a glitch as it happens too often.

  32. love the game.but to many ads

  33. Thought they would get rid of those ads that we will never use. Going back to scrabble due to the ads are small and short, they also don’t steal the entire phones screen just to show an ad of a badly setup game that we will never use or buy. Can still play the game while the ad is running. Here on Upwords we loose the entire screen to ads that will not be used.

  34. This game is fun but increasingly frustrating. The algorithm that runs this game takes the fun out of it. If you play long enough and against other opponents you will see that after you win some games and get a decent rank you will start to see some terrible letters in your hands. “Random” drawn letters you dont see a Z X U U U U as common as you do. When I first started I thought the game was pretty fun but the mundain lack of randomness of the tiles takes the fun out of it.

  35. A little spotty but fun. The game has a bug that requires it to shut down before you can resume play. It’s a nuisance, and it happens every few games. The words that are allowed are crazy! I’m playing words that you’d see in a sentence, plus a few well-known scrabble classics, while my opponents all seem to have an app or a book somewhere telling them that “max” and “mid” are okay words, but “min” is not. Some other obscure words are allowed, but not some others. You have to get used to it.

  36. A good challenging game but app is very slow and clunky. Dictionary words are quite odd and restrictive. Visually it is very simple and a bit boring to look at. It seems to give you the hardest letters at the start of the game, which makes for slow progress.

  37. Enjoy this game! Ever challenging! Great game.

  38. It’s a great game but it’s a pain in the bum when it freezes, and takes ages to “get info” on a current game being played with someone else. If you can fix the delays, I’ll give a higher rating. I’m in South Australia and have good mobile coverage. For some reason this app doesn’t work well with a Wi-Fi modem. Can you fix that too please?

  39. I love this game! It’s very simplistic, yet challenging. If you like to just play the game as is, you’ll still enjoy it. However, it could very easily be so much better. The current style is incredibly dated looking. I wish you could choose themes or work towards bonuses. If the creators could enhance it a bit, I’d easily give it a 5 star rating.

  40. This is one better than any other word game! Graphics could be enhanced some, and there are problems with the ads, ie, if you watch an ad then when you try to go back to the game it freezes the game for a while!

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