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Challenge your brain and memory with daily tricky word games
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KEEP YOUR BRAIN SHARP with WORD PUZZLE GAMES like crosswords and other daily spelling & letter challenges.

You can play CodyCross offline and sign up for a no-ads game experience. Also, check below for our subscription offers.

CodyCross is a famous crossword game that keeps improving with constant updates and daily challenges for free! 🤩

Game story:
You’ll help lovable alien explorer Cody Cross learn about Earth—and have a fantastic trivia and word puzzle adventure in the process! Cody Cross finally got his first mission: Explore Earth! He’s eager to learn all he can—but he needs your help! Solve crossword puzzles to give CodyCross the ultimate tour of Earth! 🌎🌍🌏

Game Features:
– Do you remember newspaper crosswords? We don’t! CodyCross is A MODERN twist on the CLASSIC crossword puzzles you know and love! 😍
– Progress and explore several BEAUTIFUL THEMED WORLDS from all across time and space, including Paris, the spa, movies, music, celebrities, and the 1970s!
– More than 6000 FREE CROSSWORD PUZZLES are available from the start, and to play offline! 🤗
– Challenge yourself daily and have fun at TODAY’S PUZZLES every day! Plus, EVEN MORE, every month! 📅
– Need a HINT? Use power-ups to REVEAL A LETTER, multiple letters, or an entire word! 😉
– Subscribe to UNLOCK UNLIMITED DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLES in any difficulty you choose and, play with no ads. 😲
– Solve FREE DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLES to unlock special prizes.
-Play on the go: this is also an offline game
– A game with collectibles: The new LIBRARY enables you to unlock amusing facts about animals 🦁, history 🏰, food 🍕, and more!
– The easy crosswords puzzles free GAME you can PLAY ANYWHERE, whether on the couch or out and about! CodyCross can be your quick game while waiting for your bus, train or airplane – play offline -. 😎
– One of the best easy crosswords puzzles, free offline games.
– ENJOY YOURSELF and EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN 🧠 at the same time!
– HAVE FUN with CodyCross free 🥳 as you LEARN about our AMAZING WORLD!

– Available in 11 LANGUAGES, including English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, and more! CodyCross can also help you learn new vocabulary or practice other languages.
– Send your friends SECRET MESSAGES 🕵️ hidden in word games by using the automatic CUSTOM PUZZLE GENERATOR!

From Fanatee, the studio that created hit word games including the tricky brain teaser Word Lanes, Everyday Puzzles (with Cladder and Password – a wordle like game), and the original free fun word game STOP 😃

How to play:
CodyCross gives you all the fun of classic word puzzle games—but with no pen or paper required! As you challenge yourself to decipher crossword clues and fill in the words, you’ll learn some of the letters in other answers. You can puzzle out the answers in order or move all around the list, solving easier words to unlock more letters for the harder words. If you need help, trade a prize token with your alien buddies to unlock some—or even all—of the solution! Play offline or on the go! CodyCross is a free game, but you can support us with a no-ads optional signup.

About subscriptions:
– The ultimate way to play CodyCross: subscriptions!
– Play with no ads interrupting your experience while supporting our ongoing game development.
– Subscribers also get UNLIMITED ENERGY to play crossword missions,
– EARN MORE PRIZES with Premium Chests,
– DOUBLE THE REWARDS by completing the Bitz bar!
– Unlimited crossword puzzle word games are available in four different difficulties: easy, medium, hard and kids
– Subscribers unlock UNLIMITED ACCESS to the entire Crossword Puzzle Free Daily games archive—that’s YEARS of additional daily word puzzle games!

– You can read our privacy policy at
– You can read our terms of use at


Hey friend!

What do you like to do when you have some free time? Play along with CodyCross as he learns about different Hobbies. 100 new puzzles are ready for you!



40 comentarios en "CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles MODDED 2022"

  1. This is a fun little word game that definitely has it charms. I saw no issues with the game itself. There are some quirks worth mentioning. One, the clues for some of the words are so vague that you have to use the purchasable hints to have a chance of figuring it out. Two, some answers are so obscure. For example, how many of you know the history of governors of North Dakota? The ads are obnoxious and often force you to the download page even when you click to close them.

  2. A Collins dice:

    I love this game. Yes it has ads, but it’s a FREE game. Only occasionally are they long ads. Plus you can pay to make them go away. I am hooked on this game and if the ads keep the game free, then I cannot complain. The game runs smoothly and never lags, freezes or drops. You can’t say that about all the games anymore. Quit focusing on the negative aspects (ads). Just relax and enjoy the game.

  3. Absolutely love it – it is a wonderful app that really engages the brain without exhausting it. I love that I can choose the difficulty level according to my mood and I also really enjoy the little trivia bits at the end of each level. Perfectly designed and a ton of fun! Highly, highly recommend!

  4. Ads you are able to skip after just a few short seconds. Never an ad during a round. Thank you. The game play has a couple of side things that are pretty cool. Ive had a couple repeat words but rarely. Also love it gives a couple of hint letters when solving others. Don’t change that! Or always keep it as an option lol

  5. Note to the developer: 8-10 dollars just to stop ads is way too expensive, so no thank you. Update: Still way too many ads. Now, sometimes 2 in a row will try to play after only one Puzzle. Makes it hard to enjoy. Thinking I might just uninstall Great game overall. It’s the ads after every single puzzle that ruins it for. At least me do like 4 or 5 before you make me watch an ad for a game that I’ll never install anyway.

  6. Used to be my favorite game but it keeps freezing up during the ads. Game gets progressively harder the longer you play. Some of the answers are for geniuses. But the reason I have to delete this game is because the developers thought putting ads on the game screen was a good idea. It is annoying, intrusive and the game is no longer enjoyable

  7. Fun to play at 1st but will eventually get pricey. I like playing the starter puzzles, though the theme wears a bit thin on me. It’d be better if you had a fun informative fact along with the words. Alone they are just time passing fun until the game is over. I don’t encourage purchasing additional packs. Highway robbery! Cheapest is $10. But that’s just me. Uninstalling eventually

  8. the game is fun. However, there are way to many ads. your game gets interrupted several times before you finish one game. the game has issues with it freezing and crashes and it will happen at any time. a whole lot of hassle just for a free game! other games that I have tried from this developer do the same things. 2 stars because the game is fun but just to many ads and issues. there are other free games that are much more fun because you do not have these issues! uninstall…

  9. I have played this game for almost as long as its been out. And loved every second of it. But it used to be an ad every 3 or 4 puzzles. Now its literally every single puzzle. And i usually dont complain about that because, hey, the creators gotta make money too. But the ads are intrusive. There isnt enough space to go into the why. But can we please go back to an ad every 3-4 puzzles?! This app coupled with Netflix help me fall asleep at night. But not like this. Love the puzzles, though 🥰🥰🥰

  10. Fun game, great range of trivia questions. However the constant ads between every step of every level, as well as the fact that it takes 5 steps per level to get 2 coins, and it takes 2 coins just to complete one step makes no sense. For this reason I’m likely going to delete the app. It’s nearly impossible to play without paying quite a lot of money.

  11. ORIGINALITY is good! Good research and editing, ads need rules. I appreciate any game that favors thinking and gets the facts right. I have two complaints about the ads. 1- In any game, if the player turns the sound and music off, they should stay off during ads. 2- I like ads you can close immediately or after 5 seconds. I don’t know why anyone would think that forcing players to watch for 30 seconds, and then popping up another version of it, will make them more likely to click on an ad.

  12. I like the game that it’s not too difficult. Several times when I first put an answer in that I’m sure is correct, it says it is wrong. As I fill in more puzzle, I go back and put the same answer as earlier, and it is correct. My opinion has changed. If I could give it zero stars, I would. I don’t mind some ads, but when I have to wait through 5 thirty second ads in 5 puzzles, I am done with this game.

  13. Amanda dice:

    This game was super fun before, even with some ads. It’s getting ridiculous now though. Ad after every single level and I can’t exit out of the ads until I’ve been taken to the play store and gone back. Sometimes the X doesn’t even show up until it’s happened multiple times and, by then, I’m too irritated to even continue. I get that you guys have to make money but you’re losing customers, ie no money anyways!

  14. Generally fun crossword game with library collectibles. I’m having a problem with some event levels, though and can’t find any tech support option. On the ones with a keyword at the top, if I don’t enter everything exactly right, I get an error saying I have a word wrong, which is fine. But even when I correct it, the game never recognizes it or completes the level. This makes it impossible for me to continue the event.

  15. For those interested in downloading this app, please don’t. The high ratings you see are from a better time long ago [see below] This game used to be awesome, where the only ads are those that give you extra coins. Now, everything is ads (home screen, switching between menu screens, and after every level) and you have to pay for coins and hints. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the most recent update freezes the game in the middle of the level. It makes me want to throw my phone across the room.

  16. I love the game, but there are way too many ads. The game is fun the questions are interesting and just hard enough to make you feel accomplished after completing a level. But after each level there’s an ad. The only way to disable ads is to pay $4-10 a month or $65 a year! As much as I like this game thats ridiculous! I’m not paying more than a AAA Console/PC game just to not have ads every few minutes! Uninstalled.

  17. Relaxing background music and good clues to help solve fun puzzles. Makes you think more than most I’ve tried. Also helps to build spelling skills. The hints have been free and unlimited so far. The ads aren’t to annoying & easy to close. I’ve only gotten to level 30 and haven’t had to buy anything to proceed. I like this game alot. Even got my husband addicted!

  18. Hey! This game is very fun and I enjoy it a lot. The themes are cool and it’s nice to see a change of pace every so often. The little yellow bug/fairy thing (the one that fills in a letter for a coin) is SO ADORABLE! Does she/he have a name? I only have two critiques for this game. One, a lot of the words and prompts repeat multiple times. For example, the crossword clue and word will be the same. They show up multiple times. My other critique is that the game is SO LOUD, but it may just be me.

  19. Very addicting, would give it 5 stars but the ads are very annoying. Add an option to pay to get rid of them. Especially annoying are the videos that make you watch, then watch again so you have to exit twice. *Updated: gave it 1 star, I love the game, but the ads are just too much. Can only play a little while before I get frustrated with annoying ads and have to take a break.

  20. The game can be fun, if you like crossword puzzles. However, gameplay is slow. Animations after answering clues waste take too long. Players have to wait for the game to do its thing before they can start answering the next one. WAY TOO MANY ADS. No way to stop them except to exit the game. Not even a pay option to get rid of the adds. Uninstalled after one day. If I could have gotten rid of the ads for $1.99 or less, I might have kept the game.

  21. I’ve been playing this game for years and love the challenge of the levels but I’m done. The ads are over the top now. It never used to be like this. You finish one puzzle within the five needed to go to the next set within that level and every game now has an ad, long 30 second ads. You complete a puzzle in a couple minutes and another 30 second ad appears. I can’t stand it any longer. Too bad the ad demons are winning over most games these days. Games are meant to be relaxing and fun.

  22. This is a fun word game that I enjoy playing. But I got to say that you are crazy to be expecting today’s gamers to watch 30 second advertisements. Gamers just don’t put up with that anymore. You can barely get them to tolerate 15-second ads. That’s why you see most games now having 5 Second ads or the ability to use the back button to escape ads after 5 to 10 seconds. When one of your 30 second commercials comes up all I do is close the app and restart it. I’d rather wait for an app to start then to watch a commercial I’ve probably seen 20 times. Shortnose ads or you’re going to lose a lot of players.

  23. TLDR; ads are longer than the time it takes to clear levels. If you are good at these games then do not play this one. You will spend more time watching verses playing. Ads are kinda infrequent for the first x amount of levels. Then all of sudden there’s an ad before you can start the first level after loading the game and then after every level. My issue is that I’m forced to watch 30 secs of ads when the level doesn’t even take that long.

  24. Like the game but this app goes overboard with ads. Generally a game will have an ad every third or fourth level, well this one is EVERY level. And when the ad is over and you try to click out of it, it takes you to the app store. I can’t even decide if I like it enough to buy it because I can’t get past the first few levels without having to watch several minutes of ads. Not worth it for me.

  25. Game is slow to load. Ads load even slower. The actual game is fun, but the slow response makes it not worth my time. The ads frequently freeze while loading, which is beyond irritating. I don’t like it when the ads usurp control of my tablet. Based on my experience thus far, I would never pay for this game. Again, the game concept is fun, but this app definitely needs serious work.

  26. As everyone else has mentioned, the ads are obnoxious. If that’s something you can’t stand, don’t bother with this game. I don’t usually mind the ads, I ignore them or skip them, but in this game they really are intrusive and after every puzzle. My major issue is with the controls. I never want a hint reminder, never, now I have hint reminders covering the bottom row of letters. Also, tapping on a square doesn’t allow me to change what’s in that square. Why would I want something I didn’t tap?

  27. This a great game. Not too easy and not too hard. I gave 5 stars, but a couple of items of feedback: I wish you could manually erase after a wrong answer instead of it all being wiped off. I have accidentally hit the wrong letter at the end and had to retype the answer. The other is that is autoscrolls to the next blank at the bottom if you are going back to a word that was skipped earlier. Neither is too bad, but could make the user experience a little better.

  28. I absolutely L❤️ve CodyCross! I would recommend this crossword to everyone! Very good for making you think, and keeping your brain sharp, while also learning new words, and ways to look at figuring out your answers! The hint options come in handy, though I try not to ever use them. There are 4 (hint) ways to help you figure out your answers to the clues, and depending on your choice, cost various points. The points are easy to get, and maintain, so you always have some when the need arises!

  29. The best game I’ve played thus far. The graphics are ultra colorful and visually pleasing. The characters are creative and lovable. It’s easy to interface with the games and to figure out the rules. The games initially are easy but progressively become difficult. I learn new things every time i play it. There are occasional ads which are reasonable in number. It’s relaxing to play yet it’s also challenging at thesame time. I absolutely love this game! Lea

  30. Love this game! It’s challenging enough to keep me interested and rewarding enough to feel like I’ve accomplished something. Without all the pay to win content of other puzzle games. The ads are shorter than on other games. The hint costs are super reasonable so no need to watch a million ads to earn enough coins to use the hints. All in all I’d say totally worth the download. Keep up the good work! 🙂 🙂

  31. Fun, doesn’t dock you for errors, can retry all the letters in a spot if you need to guess, ads are short, large variety of words spanning several decades of human culture, keeps it interesting, even when you have to guess those you have no knowledge of. Only con: I’m only on Level 13 & have had repeat words already, just different clues for them. But it’s a good game.

  32. CodyCross is a simple crossword/clue game that is easy to play and hard to put down. It’s a great app to kill some time with, and the clues to each puzzle range from being either a bit too easy, to just challenging enough. The art style is quite cute, and the sound design is pleasantly harmonic. My only issue with the game so far is the frequency of the ads: between every 1-3 puzzles, a 30-second ad will play out with no skip option. Lower the frequency of the ads, and you’ve got a 5-star game.

  33. I really enjoy playing this game, it combines Trivia, Spelling and with a hint of the ” crossword puzzle ” feel to it…The gameplay is smooth and fast and the Ads are not too bad, most of the ads are VERY short and some of them you don’t even have to watch you just have to click on the X and that’s it. So, overall CodyCross is a winner with nothing negative about it!! ☆KUDOS To The App Developers ☆

  34. Moderately fun. I can only play a few rounds at a time though, because the animations after entering each word are annoying. I would much rather play fast, and not being able to enter the next word until the animations resolve is aggravating. I could do a round in 10 seconds if I could just type, but it takes 90 seconds because of animations taking priority over gameplay. *****Please add an option in settings to speed up and/or remove the animations.*****

  35. I am liking it so far! It has a good mix of hard and semi-easy questions. Thankfully I can skip the hard ones and come back to them later in hopes that some letters were filled. Actually learned some things, too! Th only gripe (the 4-star) is that I do not see a feature to buy out ads. Like, a shop to pay a one-time fee to turn them off, because it’s annoying getting an ad after every level.

  36. I love the puzzles. My son and I play together to help build his vocabulary but the bookshelf doesn’t work. Of we click on it and go through the tutorial for it we can’t leave or check anything. We have to close the game and reopen to continue playing. We’ve started ignoring it but it’s frustrating to have the little red dot telling is to check it out when it basically freezes us there. Update: issue fixed! And we received some extra items for the inconvenience. Thank you!

  37. very fun trivia based crossword puzzle game. i can already see myself spending hours on this. my only gripe right now is the apparent inability to turn off the little bug guys popups. “drag me to a space to reveal a letter”. its really a minor annoyance, but it’s often the smallest annoyances that are the most aggravating. regardless, if you are thinking of trying it out, give it a shot! edit: upon progressing further into the game, the little reminders to use the bug friend have ceased!

  38. The game itself is well balanced between easy and difficult levels. It’s moderately fun. The biggest problem, which cost them a star, is the ads. The ads are much more troublesome to deal with than other games I play. They are difficult to opt out of and frequently send you to another window to download a game. Very annoying! If Iwant to visit the ads website I’ll click on the ad. Fix that problem and I’ll up it to 4 stars. I understand the need for ads.It’s the system to close them that is bad

  39. Great game for people who want to pass time with cross words, but the ads are really frequent, it would be much more tolerable if it were one ad per level instead of five ads per level. The amount of time it takes for an incorrect answer to go away is also a little extra, I feel like it should be shortened a lot. Other than that, this is a great game for all demographics.

  40. I saw a friend playing this game on her phone and decided to add it to my tablet. The puzzles aren’t too easy or too hard which I like. It is annoying though to have an ad after EVERY puzzle. Maybe one or 2 after the 5th puzzle would be fine. Plus the ads are the same every time which is also annoying. I would pay for no ads but not at that price.

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