Word Shatter: Word Block MODDED


Learn words in word blitz, brain crush levels are generated!
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Need a brain crush? You can use Word Shatter to get some word crush!

-Easy operation: Just slide your fingers to eliminate word blitz.
-Play anytime, anywhere:No WIFI connection required in the word crush.
-Educational Fun: Word Shatter contains tens of thousands of word block and word crush.
-Massive word blitz levels: Increasing difficulty, extremely easy to use but difficult to pass through brain puzzle.

How to play:
-Swipe the selected letters to form a word brain.
-If the selected letters can be combined into brain crush in order, it will disappear automatically. When the selected idiom disappears, the word block above it will fall.
-Observe the text on those word block to form word blitz , which can help you eliminate the word block.
-The brain crush game can also accumulate reward vocabulary. When you find the vocabulary that matches the prompt type but not the standard answer, this vocabulary will enter the vocabulary reward button.

This is a word game that is actually more rare than it looks.


-Fix bugs.
-Optimize level difficulty.
We're constantly working to make the best puzzle game for you! In this update we've made some subtle changes for the app to run more smoothly.Should you have any feedback or issues - we're always ready to assist!


40 comentarios en "Word Shatter: Word Block MODDED"

  1. So far this game is FANTASTIC! The graphics are phenomenal, especially the “live” component (the background moves: for example the clovers 🍀 appear to be moving as if a subtle wind is blowing; this is mesmerizing and very relaxing!). This integrates with the music 🎶, making an immersive experience. Offering a very reasonably priced ad-free option (which I will purchase immediately after this review to help support great developers to make more great games!) is “icing on the cake”. 5 🌟s!

  2. I thought this would be a fun game, as it has a variety of games included. First, there are no instructions, so if you’ve never played any of the style/type of games, you will get frustrated quickly. Second if you are trying to figure out what buttons do what, you will lose all your progress and points. Third this game also doesn’t do well when you switch between games. It freezes up, and you have to quit to get the game to work…again loosing all your progress.

  3. I gave this game a chance. There are 8 games in this app. Each of them are irritating. But the most irritating is the one where you have to remove blocks to bring the top shape down. The game itself is challenging, but I got to a point where I was bringing it down and boom an advert, I was clicking blocks. There are adverts everywhere in this game! It’s say, it’s a fun game. But like most app sellouts this is another let down. Download if you have the patience to sit through many adds.

  4. So my initial review was a 5 but after the update, especially for Water sort puzzle, the interface(background) color is brown, a very disgusting color compared to the previous bright and multicolored one. I have not played a single game since then because even the water colors aren’t that distinctive.

  5. I love this game I mainly like the cat game tho I just finished level 500 so I’m waiting for the next level to open I recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t want to take up a lot of space but want a few games this game has 9 different game in the app

  6. The game is extremely addictive and relaxing and so much fun to play. However, there are too many damn ads and that alone takes the fun out of playing the game.

  7. Once you obtain about level 8, ads, offers to stop ads, in-game purchases options hit after EVERY level. The ads that come are long ads of at least 15-20 seconds each, and require no less than 3 refusals per ad.

  8. C. Tucker dice:

    Love the challenge of getting as many words as I can. It is a real brain workout!

  9. I enjoyed the game, but when I went over 100 there were some very strange, non-existant words. Also, a word would just stay in place after swiping it, but with a clue it would give the same word I used, but wouldn’t leave the puzzle. Really disliked both occurrences! It looked as serious glitches or cheating in the game. Not attractive strategy! As a result, game was uninstalled.

  10. Delayed playing this game for a long time. Hubby & grandson were playing it, and I kept saying, not for me. Asked hubby to let me try it at camp with no internet. Lo and behold, I love it. Can barely put it fown.

  11. Since the recent update, there are no longer challenges for Word Shatter and you do not get rewarded with help options for Water Sort Puzzle. It’s just coins and more coins which you cannot use. Getting boring.

  12. Very interesting games are here. But.. Out of all the games there is an issue in the game word shatter. Saved coins are automatic disappearing instead of growing. 😏😏

  13. It is so cool and it’s good for my mental health despite of many things to do in studies or jobs.I love it and the good thing is it’s offline so I can play this without using data or wifi on it.

  14. You have to click three levels of ads once you finish a level of play. Uninstalling.

  15. Good and very addictive games. The new update sometimes does not play the ads to the fullest and moves your phone screen blank and you have to close the game forcefully to restart it. The water filling needs some work to be done on it. You will play and have about 50 to 60 water points but yet you can’t use it to unlock another move to free space. In all is a very good game

  16. I just feel like uninstalling it, after a short move it stop responding, its hangs

  17. Good for knowledge and learn new words…. I love it….

  18. Love the game and enjoying it. Felt bad after the recent update lacks soduku. Please ensure in the next update soduku is made available

  19. It’s entertaining,relaxes your mind and keeps you sharp, focused and not idle.

  20. wonderfully gamee….brain improvement game….this game very useful for childrens brain i love it

  21. Was a really nice game at the start but then It came to a point where you had to watch ads to complete levels because otherwise it’s useless.

  22. Jennifer dice:

    I like the game but sometimes there are words not used in American English. I was doing a level titled popular American food. One of the words was burgoo… I have no idea what that is…instead of burger or pizza… Other words are used that I have never seen used ever . What rhymes with ocean? Apparently Asian does-according to this game anyway

  23. Too many ads that I cannot exit from . Uninstalling. Would nor recommend it. Please do not email me on this matter.

  24. Decent game without being too taxing. Looking for words on a theme for each level. Ok if you are also doing something else at the same time, and just need a fill in because there is no time pressure. Very “international english” in theme and spelling. The adverts are just too much, thirty second delay after each level.

  25. The game was okay at first, especially the water sort game with colors but it came to a point (level 604) – yeah I loved it that much – it became absolutely impossible to solve!!! Y’all deliberately rejected my moves it’s like you programmed it to do so so it’s like if you can’t uptake the challenges we players are giving by playing the game just don’t make it in the first place!!! I’m so frustrated!!!! I really loved that game. I hate it now. Two stars for me.

  26. The ads for getting extra hint & bottle do not load since last 25 days. Why??? JUST FRUSTRATED WITH THE GAME. Every time it says Loading failed, try again later……. & that later never comes…..

  27. I love the game because it has a variety of games in it. But I don’t think the name actually applies for it has games without words.

  28. It is very nice. Its very amazing.its very beautiful.its very soothing to hear. I like the soundtrack of this game. Its a 8 in 1 game. Im never tired on playing this game. It makes me analyze or think what move or stategy ill do with the other games. As you progress on the game, it becoming harder as it gets. You are trying to beat your own score and try harder as you beat it on the next level of the game. Ive learn different vocabulary that i havent learn or heard. Hope you guys will like it 2.

  29. Nice, relaxing entertainment so far. I’d only played this one for 5 minutes when the rating request popped up. May edit review after I’ve played more.

  30. I used to love this game… Now it freezes more and it takes longer to open it. Water puzzle is boring now.. it’s so boring 😒

  31. Arlene dice:

    The ads every time before a level starts are irritating. I fell asleep while waiting for an ad to finish. Uninstalled this when I wake up. The games are not even challenging

  32. its fun… many choices to. play

  33. A split of a second the title or clue shown. But if your not looking then you just have to guess the words appropriate in that level. Hahaha you dont have the access to review the clue. The rewards in every level is very little so you are required to watch EVERY ADDS to increase your coin. (very disapointing and tiresome)

  34. Laxmi dice:

    Last time when I mentioned there was a glitch in one advanced level, later on, they cleared it ie; fully changed the combination itself, as I could compare it with the previous screenshots. Now it seems there is another glitch at level 742…hope this time too they will fix the issue as done earlier!

  35. W.S. of all the puzzle, and other word games, i always come back to W.S. variety never, boring, love when player gets challenged by some serious compact words, leaves one tongue tied, Developers gets a thumbs up, ads minimal, graphics, music, and lay-out, quality, lots of free gifts, and gift stores, prices, reasonable, internet, access, superb, but beware, that one word sneaked in to keep you working for a while, but luckily you can use the HINT button, Love this game. BRAVO.

  36. Imani dice:

    I just downloaded this game and I loved it! The only problem I had with it was it kept crashing. More specifically, the app stopped responding, then just closed. I had to delete it unfortunately. Hopefully, the creators can fix this problem and I’d be able to play again 🙂

  37. I expect the bird feather 🪶 effect😅😅 because it’s in the commercial. But I enjoyed the game really!

  38. it’s a nice game.it helps me to forget about stressing.when am playing it I forget about something else and focus on the game.

  39. Would be 5 stars but…….. In word shatter …. leave the category of words on the playing screen and when finished a set of words let the game pause, so as to review the list of words. Press a button to continue. Useful especially if the last word was done by helping cpu. UPDATE and still no change… Time to delete and find new/better game….

  40. Same Words that are recognized at a certain time & not at another.Plurals are rarely recognized… They ARE words. Outdated.Words that are words are not recognized …but it’s what I enjoy doing & I really enjoyed it otherwise. 102.000 bonus points. I compliment myself. Thanks much. I’ve reached the limit & I need to clear space.

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