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Keep your brain sharp by solving easy crossword puzzles on your favorite themes!
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A fun crossword game with each day connected to a different theme. Choose from a range of topics like Movies, Sports, Technology, Games, History, Architecture and more!

Access to hundreds of puzzles, right on your Android device, so play or review your crosswords when you want, wherever you want!

Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day!

Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun, and all for free!

Daily Themed Crossword features :

-Fun puzzles for everyone.

-A new puzzle everyday, 365 days a year.

-Get rewards for playing daily.

-Hints to get you past those obscure words.

-Each day of the week has a theme attached to it.

-Hard enough to keep you interested and easy enough to keep you coming back.

-Learn about famous personalities, events, discoveries and loads of new words.

Download Daily Themed Crossword now, join thousands of crossword enthusiasts and see why everyone is hooked!

Write back to us with any issues or suggestions, we are all ears!


All the cool things that we've added!
Enjoy the free daily puzzles, curated packs, quests, and events every single day.


40 comentarios en "Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles FULL"

  1. The puzzles are great! The reason I gave it two stars? Ads! Not only are they breaking your concentration, but they don’t even run through their entirety! If you’re going to “promote” them, let them run, otherwise REMOVE them! After about half an hour later, MAJOR glitch! Watched an ad to advance, but nope! Then more ads! Every single game! Ridiculous!

  2. Jodanne D dice:

    I have multiple complaints about this game, but they all come back to the same thing. The yellow “cursor-key” jumps around wherever it wants RIGHT WHEN IM TAPPING! I look back at at the board and suddenly it’s a mess. I know, method/madness. Whatever. How about at the very least, when we’ve put correct answers in boxes (not single letters, but the full words) those tiles could be locked in? If correct answers couldn’t be messed up by the jumping “cursor” I wouldn’t mind the occasional chaos.

  3. maniCARNY dice:

    It is what it describes. The crosswords are quite difficult which makes it fun, and although some prompts are recycled it’s still unique enough for each puzzle. There are quite a few ads between puzzles but personally it doesn’t bother me. The formatting is easy to learn but a bit difficult to navigate at times. Despite that, this is probably my favorite crossword app so far.

  4. Anthony C dice:

    I enjoy the game but there has been a recent change to the puzzles. Like the mini is no longer a mini, so is almost impossible to get three stars on it in a minute. And also the classic is actually a full puzzle now, so it’s also impossible to finish in time to get three stars. I hope you guys fix this. Thanks

  5. Gina Benn dice:

    The puzzles are very easy so they are finished quickly. There is an ad every time you open a new puzzle and they are 20+ seconds each and non skippable. If the ads were skippable after 5 seconds I would be playing this all the time, but with the 20+ second ads it’s just not worth it. It offers a monthly subscription for an ad free experience but another subscription is just another pocket drainer. It would be great if it was a one time payment, but nope. Again, not worth it.

  6. The games themselves are great and enjoyable. I like the little timed mini events. What kills the entire experience is ads, ads, ads. The 30 sec + kind. Ads to get into a puzzle, ads that run when you finish a puzzle, then another ad to start a new one. I was in line to win 1st place coins in a set of one minute timed games. In the 1.5 min it took to watch ads, six people got ahead, the event ended and I got no reward and lost my last ticket. No coins. No tickets. Can’t do much. Done w/it.

  7. I’m really enjoying this app. It’s easy to use and has a good balance between relaxing and challenging. There are mini games you can choose to participate in or not. I think that’s what I like about this game, you have choices… You can choose to watch adds to get boosters and coins on just play the puzzle as is. You can choose to try to beat the clock and get more stars or you can relax and take your time. There are ads between puzzles but they’re usually short or you can fast forward.

  8. This game was really fun. Since the recent update 95% of the ads that are shown are all 30 seconds long. I’m not referring to the ones we players watch for extra rewards. If we are forced to watch 30 second ads in between puzzles, we should get a coin or two. I understand that you’re not to blame when offers don’t pay, but what about when they do pay but they don’t deduct extra coins? I get stuck from time to time and use boosts. The 10 coins boosts deduct 20 coins while the 20 one takes 40.

  9. GREAT! Although took me a while to learn how all the bells and whistles work. LOTS of choices, options, snd visuals to take in. Bit much for me. Some of the pop ups don’t stay on screen long enough for me to read and take in. But do like your puzzles, and the weekend tournament, and the option in settings to not get entered into tournament. TY for that.

  10. It would be great if they didn’t shove ads down your throat every time you try to do anything. Randomly show ads after completing a puzzle. Force you to watch ads in order to play more puzzles. Like I’m cool with ads in free games to a certain extent, but this is just really ridiculous. If seeing the terrible ad for homescapes didn’t make me want to play it the first time it certainly isn’t gonna make me want to play it the 562nd time.

  11. I installed this through Mistplay. This and Mistplay were the only apps running. Played a bunch of puzzles, all were kinda easy. Got a popup from my device that it was overheating. Took it out of the case and it was much warmer than it should be. I almost considered putting it in the fridge. I shut down the game and Mistplay. It has now cooled down to normal. Was it the app? Not sure. But, the puzzles are easy, the ads suck, and it potentially overheats your device. Uninstalling.

  12. This would actually be five stars if not for one nearly game breaking issue. The keyboard is one of the worst I’ve ever used on a smartphone. Far far far too many times, I hit the wrong letter and didn’t notice right away. It messes the entire puzzle up and you spend more time looking for that damn typo than actually playing the game.

  13. It took almost two months to transfer progress from my old phone to new one but otherwise I really like this app. The daily crosswords are great and so are the mini ones. I like the way that you can get additional letters by watching an ad and also that it will auto fill some in for the daily ones. Great way to pass the time.

  14. I say NO to the commerical and get one anyway with NO reward so you might as well watch for a reward. And I love that I get a time limit and when we are down to the last 2 minutes I go from 1st to 5th place and get a commercial before and after every match (while the clock is still counting down) so I lose EVERYTIME. They also don’t give me my rewards! Like I can only have 1 of each reward. I’m deleting this one and finding one offline so I don’t have constant ads and can enjoy the game.

  15. Overall, it’s nice to have a new theme each day. This game always had ads in between each puzzle, a minor annoyance, but now I might uninstall the game because of the ads that automatically pop open Google play without me clicking on them. Plus, this happens in the middle of working on a crossword, instead of at the end like the other ads. I was on the verge of rating this 3 stars because of the new pop open ads.

  16. Fun app, there’s 3 mini puzzles that allow you to compete with others on the server (i assume) on an hourly rotation which is cool. They re-use some words quite a bit although that may be the nature of endless crosswords. The most annoying thing about the app is, surprise, the ads. There’s a lot. They have quests you can do but roughly midway to 2/3 thru them it’s highly unlikely you won’t be watching a 15-30 sec ad or paying in game coins before each crossword. Very annoying.

  17. Josh C dice:

    I’ve been playing this game for a couple years and I genuinely enjoy it. The daily puzzles usually have a fun and interesting theme, and the mini packs are fun to play when you just need something to stay busy. Recently, though, the app has been having a bug where when I try to open it up, it freezes on the home screen before it loads, and no matter how long I wait it doesn’t load. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t work, and it only erased all my data. Would love this to get fixed

  18. I haven’t been able to properly play my crosswords for weeks. The app continuously freezes and stops working. It takes ages to get through a puzzle, but only by exiting and coming back to the puzzle over ten times. Often I give up and lose my streak. I’ve already attempted to Uninstall and reinstall the app twice and cleared the cache, but nothing is working. It’s a great app when it works, but I know I’m not the only one experiencing problems.

  19. I love this app. I play it almost every day. The only thing I don’t like is it’s hard to earn coins quickly and it takes 20 coins to see mistakes in the puzzle. Sometimes I can’t finish a puzzle so I want to see what I have wrong. Most of the time I only have 1 or 2 letters wrong and I had to waste 20 coins to find that out. It would be nice if it was a lot less coins to see mistakes, or if it was easier to earn more coins faster without having to watch several minutes of ads.

  20. It would be 5 stars for the game but 2 for how poorly it works. So I’m saying 3. This is the second time I downloaded thus game. I enjoy the game but the mechanics drive me up the wall. Just trying to play a puzzle, I stead of opening it, the game keeps showing me an ad over and over again. On the 3rd ad (30 secs each) I quit again. I’ll try 1 more time. If it keeps doing it, I’ll uninstall again.

  21. E. Butler dice:

    Good game but…I paid for one of the packages to remove ads. But I’m still watching ads! The Quest part has an ad every 2 or 3 puzzles and you can’t go any further unless you watch an ad to unlock the next puzzle. I paid for something advertised but got something different. That is a bait and switch. Will be contacting Google Apps.

  22. Can’t turn off notifications. While you can use android to disable notifications for the app from your dropdown menu, there will be more notifications that come through the next day. Nothing in settings of the app itself to stop them. Otherwise, frequently repeated and poorly curated questions. The bottom of the barrel, really. I downloaded for themed crosswords but only 1/4 of the questions on a theme will be related to the topic whatsoever.

  23. I have been playing this crossword for a long time. I really like it, but it has been freezing on videos, it’s like the app crashes and hangs up. You have to get out and start all over. Coin Machine has been stating “No Video Available” for weeks. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I have a whole new game, lost all my previous points, etc. I contacted Support and they said to make sure I have the latest update, which I did. But, now it’s like I’m starting over from scratch.

  24. Not good. Everything costs quite a bit and they only let you get a certain amount of coins every hour or so. At first it seems like there is a good variety of puzzles, but very few are available at a time. Finally, I watched two videos to get 10 coins, and I left a puzzle to start another one. When I started the puzzle, 𝙄 𝙝𝙖𝙙 𝙯𝙚𝙧𝙤 𝙘𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙨. It’s just a lame app with a thousand ads

  25. Ok, but the game for today (2.6.19) has misspelled words. Even checked my spelling… twice! Plus the ads are too frequent and way too loud. Edit- 10.9.22 I switched phones. Game info says it will transfer progress if signed in through FB which I thought I was. Tried emailing the help desk but it says my email is wrong (though I’ve had same one for 15 years). Now I’ve lost all my progress which included 5095 stars and 5376 coins. Not happy at all. Moved from 3 stars to 1.

  26. Carolyn dice:

    I like this app but I have one problem with it. I get 2, maybe 3 answers then it freezes. All I can do is close it. When I reopen and try again, same thing. I’ll add more stars when this freezing glitch is fixed. If it helps, I’m using the Motorola Moto G Power 2021 running Android 11. UPDATE: As promised, more stars now that the freezing glitch is fixed.

  27. Joe Kirk dice:

    The classic crossword puzzle used to be small but the decided to change to the same size as the regular crossword but they still only give you the four minutes to do it in to get the three stars. That was definitely the stupidest thing they’ve done and it took a lot of the fun out of doing the daily tasks. I am really looking forward to deleting this app.

  28. Played this game off and on for years. When I downloaded it this time around, have had nothing but problems. Game freezes multiple times in a single puzzle and take several minutes to unfreeze. Have uninstalled and reinstalled it as well as rebooting my phone and freeing up more space but continues to happen. Almost too frustrating to play.

  29. Jane Cain dice:

    Love crosswords but there are not nearly enough. Have done all there are. Am very disappointed, decided to go ahead and put this on Facebook to keep my progress. Lost all my points I was in first place in the race and everything became a mess. Just went ahead and uninstalled it. I love crossword but not like that. May consider coming back some other time for now will just get another jigsaw.

  30. The way the game works of filling i the letters make it very unfriendly to the user. I’d try and spell the whole word and ended up filling in blank spots for the next 3-6 words. The keyboard is a little cluttered making it hard to type, but not the worst flaw. The game is also just a bit too aggresive for the home screen, just too much going on making it difficult to navigate. Clues are kind of lame, but some are funny and helpful.i had fun for the first 10 minutes but after that, things began to get annoying. Would not recommend.

  31. Puzzles are great for passing the time as they are not too difficult or large, but the ads have gotten out of control after the last few updates. Ads sometimes pop open right in the middle of playing, causing me to click on them unintentionally. Other times you get “interactive ads” that are supposed to be on a timer that aren’t, then you have to exit the app to get rid of it.

  32. Actually able to finish most puzzles on my own. They’re pretty easy. Just one really frustrating part, when I was playing and I chose a wrong letter it showed me it was wrong. I didn’t ask for it to show me. When I looked, the button showing me what’s wrong was turned on and I was out 20 coins bc I accidentally tapped that instead of a letter. Why not switch the ad bar and the hints bar? If I accidentally tap on the ad instead of a letter, I can back out of an ad without losing 20 coins. Or….make a pop up to ask if I’m sure I want to spend the 20 coins to see what’s wrong. It’s an easy fix, then I will put back to 5 stars.

  33. I just love the ads! Can you add more pop ups and stuff? It’s just so great watching some dumb video ad for 30 seconds before AND after a puzzle! And, not to be outdone by that, sometimes I’ll have to watch an ad while in the MIDDLE of a puzzle! But, the most amazing part is the ad to subscribe to your game, to be rid of the ads, for a whopping 12 bucks a month! I’d rather drink turpentine and piss on a brush fire than pay that kind of money! Greedy jerks!

  34. Honestly I enjoy the puzzles, they’re at just the right difficulty for me to where I know a few, and might have to think a little harder or use the other words for clues. My only (minor) complaints would be that’s it’s a little challenging to get more coins for other packs (and I’m not in the mood to buy coins or play other games for it), and a strange bug where the app will play music in the background and I can’t turn it off until I fully close the app as it continues playing even when I leave

  35. Puzzles both challenging and easy but all fun! Like the option of the mini puzzles and larger ones. I dont like the piggy bank addition. It activated it automatically, has been filled countless times and Im not paying to open it but there doesnt seem to be a way to turn it off. The Masters Tournaments are fun and they are available for play at just the right frequency. Not too often to be annoying. Otherwise its been great fun!!

  36. I like the game, it’s fun and the layout is great. I spent $20 for coins and to get rid of ads because I liked it so much. But now the ads crash the game nearly every time, the help chat is not showing any messages I’ve sent so I received no help when I logged into Facebook and everything I bought disappeared. The hints cost too much compared to what you win. I’d be totally willing to pay for a set price or monthly subscription if I hadn’t lost my money within my first week of playing it.

  37. Love the puzzles. Nice variety of topics (except on the quests, could use some fun facts about something other than insects). The quests could use more rewards along the way. Also, the contests lately only give rewards for first and second places, it would be more challenging if there were more prize places. Overall, a great way to keep your mind active.

  38. It’s pretty fun. I like crossword puzzles a lot. I don’t like that you have to remember to turn off or on the bonuses before each level though. I went through a lot of coins without realizing it at first lol. I also don’t like that if you accidently your a letter that is already there (moving too quickly) it goes in the next blank space. I understand why, but it is a little annoying to backtrack.

  39. 30 second ads are bad and extremely repetitive, some have visible timers but many don’t. The worst thing is that if you want to get a hint for ten coins, confirmation is required, but if you want to show wrong letters, which costs twenty coins, there is none needed. The control for this is in a location where it is easy to hit by mistake (which I’m sure is by design). I’ve wasted hundreds of coins on accident. There is even an option to require confirmation in the settings but it does not work.

  40. Do you like your ads to be with a side of ads? Do you like ads to pop up in the middle of trying to solve a puzzle, ultimately making you lose out on getting a perfect score? When you think of a relaxing puzzle game, do you want ads and “purchase now” graphics to be in the perfect areas for your fingers to accidentally hit them? If yes, then you will love this app! Also, the puzzles are great, until they get super repetitive, hence the two stars instead of one.

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