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Get a new job with words!
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Get a new job with words!

Mary’s Promotion is a free word game, which is considered to be the most potential nominee for the mobile word game of 2019. It includes a way better and smarter game modes, easy-to-use interface and challenging puzzle levels. Expand your vocabulary and show off your spelling skills as you pass the highest level and rank on top of the world players in this beloved word game. 

Easy to Play
► Swipe your finger to connect the letters diagonally, horizontally, and vertically to score points based on a word’s rarity, determined by how often the word is found by the other players. You can rotate the board to better see different combination options. Though this game is always fun, and you’ll be laughing out loud once you start with seven-letter words.

Plenty of Exciting Levels
► This is a great casual game that starts pretty easy but gets progressively more and more difficult as you reach higher levels. Early levels are pretty easy to follow. When there are only a few words to spell, it’s not much of a trouble to complete the puzzle. But when you’re staring at a dozen blank words, figuring out how they all join up together is an invigorating test. There are thousands of levels to play, so you’re never going to run out of puzzles.

Different game modes
► You’ll have to play for a while to level up and unlock new modes like Find, Snake, Mole, and Tooth. To mention, there are also daily bonus rewards to keep you playing. If you love word games, you’ll love this mobile game as well. And you can find the model that you would like the most!

Daily Challenge
► What’s even better: every day you receive a new puzzle, giving the game reason to stick around on your device for a long time. The challenge is always pretty hard to solve, it makes your brain running. Once you complete the challenge, a big reward will be waiting for you!

Ranks and League
► The Player League is unlocked after completing Level 20. This feature provides various rewards to the player, such as thousands of coins, and medals of honor. To get the rewards, players have to reach certain ranks, which are the sum of the stars of you have this week. 

Teamwork with your friends
► In the game, you can create a team and invite your friends together to help each other. It’s a great game to play by yourself or with a small group of friends. It gets your brain working — and there only a few rare ads in this game, a nice change from those regular games. And it’s free!

✔ Test and improve your spelling, vocabulary and word skills
✔ Simple, easy rules, swipe and connect to win a game!
✔ Explore BONUS words to get additional rewards!
✔ ALL LEVELS are FREE for all users!
✔ No time limit, adjust your pace at any level!
✔ Classic graphics, light music for you!
✔ Play offline! No connection required
✔ FREE hints, get tips without fees
✔ 10000+ levels without repeat, be a word master in our training!
✔ Sync your game progress among your devices!
✔ Kill time-no pressure no push!
✔ Suitable for both kids and adults.
✔ Challenge your brain and vocabulary.

We are working on improving the game, so if you have any question, let us know your thought and tips via [email protected]

The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.


Bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Mary’s Promotion – Word Game FULL"

  1. Not great, just an okay time killer, the puzzles repeat way too often, the broken english makes it hard to play when you can not understand what is being asked. the words on the word find puzzle are too small to see at times and the word find puzzle with the car had no words in it when I was given it during play. Not sure if the ad I saw is real gameplay as you need to get a ridiculous amount of levels to unlock the new areas. Feelsnlike a pay to win type of app.

  2. The idea is good, poorly implemented though. You not only have to figure out what words the letter combinations make, you also need to guess which words the game makers chose. So you could find several words it’s NOT looking for and never solve the puzzle. Additionally, it doesn’t list previous guesses for your review, so you have to keep track yourself. This is a real problem when trying to guess which three letter word the app is looking for. Not a serious puzzle experience.

  3. Practically the same as word link but with silly cartoon bits in between. Has difficulty running when not connected to the net. It does jump over a few levels if you do well, which I don’t think word link does and you don’t need to use all the letters for at least one of the words. Why it was promoted on word link I have no idea. I prefer word link so uninstalled Mary’s promotion.

  4. This game is pretty much one of those ads vs reality. You see something that looks intresting in an ad so you want to try it. Then you play the game to find out its nothing like the ad showed you. It shows that you move items at the right area then you level up. When you play the game its just you making words like all the other game. You shouldnt make an ad for your game that shows something that dosen’t happen in the game.

  5. I usually rate with 5 stars, however I have noticed the devs aren’t responding. I paid to remove ads, however if you play offline there are not any annoying ads. JFYI

  6. have to edit rating down this could be a great game but there’s alot to fix. Theres no ads half the time guess your forcing people to pay. Zodiac.10 words in 30 sec is a bit ridiculous but if you can finish theres no reward?!. Not even a free hint or coin.unfathomable. tourney.wheel of fortune have the same puzzles everytime, the solve option should be AFTER you choose a letter. retarded. Boggle is best but it gives a win even when u lose so after a few games its over. Fix it and its 5☆

  7. At this time, this game needs help. The dictionary is quite limited and just had a level that had the same word twice, but had to use 200 coins to complete the word the second time (by using the hint button 4 times). Lots of ads, too.

  8. I enjoyed it at first but have since deleted it. Only select words are allowed so you cannot continue to add to your total word collection. I also did not understand how the pictures showed above puzzles had any connections to the allowed words. No explanation to the tiles accumulated when you completed levels.

  9. game is trash. The makes of the game should give hints for each level. The player can come up with 1000 words or answers per level and it still won’t be the right answer. sometimes, you have to repeat the correct answer over and over before it finally accepts your response. After playing it for 20 mins, I had enough. I deleted it.

  10. It was fun, but it wasn’t like how it was depicted in the ad. The ad showed that you drag words to pictures and have some silly cartoon play after, and instead it was dragging letters to make words. I could do the same with Wordscapes.

  11. Purchased the Ad-free version since I was enjoying the daily events and getting coins out of them. A while later the event stars are gone and event coins go to the piggy bank instead that requires additonal money to unlock. There is totally no satisfaction and progression from playing events anymore, regret supporting these greedy devs. EDIT: Even the daily puzzles as well. Its ridiculous.

  12. this game was very fun when I first started playing it. But now, for what ever reason, it don’t allow me to swipe the letters right and it gets frustrating because it makes it harder to play the game. On top of that the game is not allowing me to watch videos to received hints. please fix the problems, thank you.

  13. I will give this app 5 stars as it does kill time. But one thing I will not give it is money I will not pay money to buy my coins that I won back at a discounted price. That is beyond ridiculous they have words that are not even in scrabbles Dictionary lol as one reviewer pointed out. I wish we had different sections to rate on because I do give the game 5 stars but the other 2 things that I mentioned would have gotten 1 or 2 stars.

  14. you asked me if to rate it. Horrid in one game as popped up 20 times to buy coins. Could even get out of game. Other word programs much better, I know it’s free but really the ads are intrusive, no free coins for watching videos etc. Basically u suck.

  15. This game is tedious. The ad showed her earning clothes. I’m on level 148 and she still has no job and is wearing rags. The challenges are dull. I kept playing think surely something would have happened by now. Nope. plus it’s all short words. Sometimes a word is not accepted and the interviewer gets mad and throws you out the elevator. Sometimes the letters stick and you can’t unstick without it counting as a word. All in all it’s very boring. Absolutely nothing happens between level 1 -148

  16. Completely different game than advertised. I was led to believe this was a game of finding spelling errors but instead I find a swipe to make words game of which there are so many already. Game misfired and didn’t award anything after reaching the second “gift” tier. Nothing in this to keep you engaged.

  17. Lying The app lies in the adds, in the ads it shows you as a business lady at level one working for a level 100 lady but when you get in the app it’s just like wordscapes. Overall on my opinion I don’t like this game, I would read in the ratings before installing. Thank you for your time.

  18. Very simple. Played 50 levels without having to think much. The descriptions are very poorly written and often do not mesh with the meaning of the word, rendering them useless. After 50 levels of the same thing I just uninstalled.

  19. this game was fun at first but the ads are buggy and cause the screen to black out, and now it just stays at a black screen,it’s too annoying to keep dealing with,uninstalling game,very upset as I was at quite a high level.

  20. This app was alright in the beginning, but the more i played the choppier the gameplay got. The game froze, then my phone restarted on its own to fix whatever problem the game was causing. Plus, it didn’t match the advertisements.

  21. Terrible, money grabbing game. They randomly choose a few of the many anagrams of the letters given. The only clue is that, grouped by size, they are in alphabetical order, or of course you can pay for clues. otherwise you might as well be throwing darts to see what sticks, because you get nothing for listing the 100 other words that also work in that space. Pointless.

  22. Please. Change the adds. This is not the most popular word game. The adds do not match the gameplay. PLEASE. Change. The. Adds. Hello, developers. I saw both the one where you were playing as a office worker named Emily, and where it was winter and you had to guess words to get clothes. Neither of them match the gameplay. One more thing, the arena is too high level. You need to be at level 350+ to even start it.

  23. keeps brain active and the more you complete the more difficult they get yet not overly difficult it just makes you think mote. I love the game. It reminds me of word search cuz that is what you are doing. You just have to find the right combination of letters. FUN FUN FUNZ

  24. while the game itself is not bad, it was absolute false advertisement. the creator(s)/marketer(s) should be ashamed. I downloaded what was advertised as a “spot the misspelled word” game to open it and find basic “make words from letters” game. Very disappointed!

  25. Further to my previous review, i have to point out to whoever sets the answers for the ‘Tourney’ guess word mini-game, the title of the Eartha Kitt song, in the recent game, is “SANTA Baby”, not “SANDRA Baby”. It did annoy me, as i would have easily got it. Also, less USA based questions please, i haven’t heard of some of the tv shows. Please check your questions/answers before publishing. Other than that, i’m still loving the game.

  26. Makes up words and ACTUAL words aren’t the answers nor do you get added points for them. Downloaded because an add showed you having to pick miss-spelled words in a picture, got to lvl 40 and never had that as an option in game play.

  27. I downloaded the game thinking that I will be getting the actual game that is advertise and in the pictures you uploaded. Which was quite a disappointment because the game would’ve been alot more better if it was actually the way it was advertise. How ever I love word games and I think the concept you’ve now is okay but I would love to have the advertise game.

  28. Contrary to others experience or ratings, I LOVE this game! I enjoy it immensely & highly reccomend it to others. The only draw backs for me, are having to buy your winnings back via the Piggy Bank & there are words used which DO NOT appear in any dictionary I can find, including The Official Scrabble Dictionary, which is the “standard” reference for other word games. Love it anyway, just take the hit on having to deal with 😊 👍

  29. This game is not as advertised. I wanted to help the lady get a job. This is just the word game. Also there are too many ads and I think it shorted me some coins from the “you found a word that wasn’t in our puzzle” bonus.

  30. This game is not advertised as the game that was downloaded. Furthermore I believe that this type of deception along with other game developers who are using the same tactics should be fined and charged. For starters this game was advertised as someone walking through the desert and you pick items for her survival. Secondly the game was originally called road word but for some reason was changed to Mary’s promotion

  31. Play a level see an ad. Play another level see another stupid ad. Spend more time trying to click out of ads than game play. Game doesn’t recognize all words. Ads drain batteries. You can spend money to get rid of the ads but why would you when the game doesn’t recognize common words? Not to mention they’re making bank selling ads. Don’t waste your time or money on this game.

  32. It’s the best word game i play… Enjoyable and addictive… It’s not hard to get coins and ads are not annoying cause they don’t interrupt your playing and when you choose to watch them rewards are good… The atmosphere is beautiful and the difficulty of the levels are meaningful… I love it…

  33. horrible, i saw an ad for this game on Facebook and thought id like it. it was very misleading. you do the same as any other word game, use your finger and place letters in the right order to make the correct words. wish it was different.

  34. It is a ok game but I honestly just downloaded becaus eI saw the ad of Mary working in a office and thought it would be fun but instead I have to play to level 350 for a little mole game that was not even in the add!!? I thought that it would just be a game that had a couple word quizs and then go to Mary… But then all I see is the ads don’t even match the game and is to much to even do. I do like the game but please change the ads for the game because they don’t match at all………………

  35. It is NOTHING like the add I thought it would be dragging items to the correct words but it’s not dont make an add that is completely different to ur game take down the add and either fix it or make a new one so it actually looks like the game u told someone that the add was going to be sorted out that was a week ago and it still hasn’t changed or even been removed

  36. I strongly suggest you/the developers take a look at the advertisement in representation of the game, followed by actually playing the game to compare (& personally understand my sentiments) instead of giving me a generic response to my honest and genuine review. I just want the Same Game that was advertised since that’s what enticed me to download the game in the first place, not realizing I was being baited/misled. I guess that would be my suggestion on how to improve the game since you asked.

  37. Extremely educative. I was at first disappointed, thought it was just one aspect all through, but later discovered there were many stages and challenges to explore. Love it

  38. I enjoy the game, but what made me install was, ” please help this girl” girl got fired, saw sign help needed, went in to take test, failed. it was the same girl in the top screen and in the challenges, very misleading, this is 3rd game that has done that! And I uninstalled the other two. DO I need to do the same with this one or does helping the girl come later?

  39. What a great game! I love this game because it is really awesome, you learn while playing it, trust me this is a must have game. I read other people’s reviews and one person was complaining about the ads, but while I was playing it tells me to remove ads but because I love the game I didn’t bother myself to remove the ads.

  40. It’s really fun & educational! Also It offer’s more than one kind of hint…almost like 2 games in one! Plus, for every word, there is a brief, concise little dictionary that is available! 😎👌

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