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Play a word game like no other: solve word puzzles, crosswords & unlock stories!
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Play Text Express: Word Adventure – a new genre defining game that combines word search puzzles, interactive stories and epic adventures! Join Tilly, a brave and smart young woman, as she travels in her old train to majestic destinations, meets new friends and unlocks her true destiny. Discover how the words you find impact the story!

Text Express doesn’t have any time limits or penalties! Sit back, relax, swipe words and enjoy a wonderful story as Tilly starts her epic journey.

Play thousands of unique crossword levels, find hidden words, discover new daily challenges and combine letters into words to progress in the story. Who knows, maybe you will pick up a new word or two and expand your vocabulary!

A world full of wonders awaits Tilly. Fix and decorate an old train to travel all around it! Reach fantastic locations: from beautiful gardens to mysterious towns. Collect cute souvenirs on the way!

Mysteries, family secrets, drama, comedy, adventure, love story – Tilly will experience it all! Unlock stories with every new chapter and help Tilly become the author of her own life.

Text Express is a free-to-play game, though some items can be purchased for real money.

Text Express is created by Story Giant Games, a small indie game studio expertised in combining casual gameplay and strong storytelling, and published by GameHouse Original Stories, a game developer and publisher focused on bringing fun and meaningful gaming experiences to women around the world.

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There’s a ton of new things to discover in the latest Text Express update!

New stories have been added, as well as brand new events!

We’ve adjusted the Tilly levels, added some extra rewards so that your experience is smoother as you start your journey, and we've removed some issues that were jamming up the gears. Players should have smoother connections, and once again can listen to their audio of choice while they play the game!

Start your word adventure today in v22.0.3 (203)!


58 comentarios en "Text Express: Word Adventure MODDED 2022"

  1. Edit: My syncing issues were fully resolved. Customer support was friendly, fast, thorough and communicative, it couldn’t have been handled any better. I can get back to enjoying the game and story. Thanks! 👍 I was really enjoying this game, signed in on my Google account but when I transferred to a new device, my data wasn’t restored and I lost all my progress.

  2. Fun, relaxing, boring .. sigh Great concept. Ads ONLY if you want them for coins. 😁 Moves along until lvl 19, then SLOWS down. I’m at lvl 28, taking forever; you only get 1200 energy fills in 6 hrs. You can keep playing, but you won’t level up at a reasonable pace. Allow more energy, or reduce points needed to level. It’s getting old, I’ve lost the story line Also annoying: at end of journey if you have more points than needed, you get 1 coin for each 10 pts over, only up to 10 coins. Srsly?

  3. Love it, great graphics, story line is just long enough you don’t get bored and perfect amount of difficulty, need to be able to get more coins tho, the cost to upgrade letters gets to high, overall great game. 👍

  4. It’s an amazing game. The character are portrayed in depth…I sniffled when someone died. The game is challenging and fun, not too tough, but keeps me thinking.

  5. I’m really enjoying the game, but I’m not sure it’s E-rated. 1 of the crosswords needed the word “NUDES” to be completed. The game is a lot of fun, though

  6. Roland S dice:

    Nice graphics…interesting story…varied ways to earn coins…no need to pay to advance. A very nice game by the developers.

  7. Kay Bee dice:

    I had a lot of hope for this game but the way that bonus words are handled is an automatic delete for me. Points from bonus words are kept in a ‘piggy bank’ that has a limit and can only be opened once a day or else opened with premium currency. Half the point of playing these word games for me is the bonus words and you severly limited their existence. (Also you have to exit out of a premium payment window every single level). Deleting.

  8. Kerry Pitt dice:

    good brain exercise, kind of fun and you don’t need to spend a bunch of money.

  9. The progress is very slow, there are words that wordle accepts that this game didn’t so the dictionary should be expanded. If you’ve unlocked the journey to a location you should be able to travel there free from then on.

  10. Rachael L dice:

    Few small glitches so far, but fun!

  11. I really love this game, it’s the first game I’ve ever played like this where you have the words and the adventure all in one. it’s not too easy but it’s not too hard

  12. This game is great! Especially for kids who are learning to spell.

  13. Fun but it’s laggy and sometimes the game kicks me out

  14. Interesting & fun. I like it. Thanks.

  15. This game is a blast. I play until I fall asleep. ❤

  16. Great Game. Love It !!!

  17. Good game play original

  18. Liv Luv dice:

    this game is incredible. the graphics are adorable they remind me of wizard 101. the story is great so far (I only just finished fixing the locomotive). the puzzles start out easy and get more challenging as the levels progress. no ads unless you want to watch rewarded ads. I LOVE it. the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I can see the coin system getting tedious after a while after upgrading your letters a few times as it isn’t terribly easy to accumulate coins.

  19. one of the best free games I have ever played. ads by choice, purchases not mandatory. play as much as you want. no timers. beautiful graphics soothing sounds. a story. Edited to 4 stars because if you play too fast you stop earning experience and have to wait to earn experience at a reasonable rate again, which halts story progression at level gates.

  20. Imo this is what it looks like when you have a game that people actually put heart into it. There’s quality to the gameplay and I really like their business model so far, which is that its convenient but not forced. It’s very grindy though, which is fine, however I don’t like that I have to grind to travel /back/ to somewhere to then grind /there/, and I’ve also got a glitch where the train model and land has completely disappeared which I can’t get to come back. I hope this can be fixed soon.

  21. Faisre dice:

    Definitely one of the better word games out there. Graphics and story are cute, the train angle is unique as far as I’ve seen, customer service has been great the couple times I’ve reached out, and best of all – any ads you watch are 100% voluntary and rewarded. If I have one complaint, it is the cost of things compared to how time consuming it is to accumulate coins. Spend them wisely, because it will take dozens of levels to save up for a single letter upgrade in no time at all.

  22. NahMasTay dice:

    Edit:story progression is EXTREMELY slow. The story is what attracted me to even download the game. Ive honestly forgotten the main plot since you only get tidbits of it with each new plotpoint is hidden behind HOURS of puzzles. I really wish they would get rid of having to play puzzles to travel to locations already unlocked. I know you can use coins to skip that, but you shouldn’t have to. With most locations having their own mini games, you already have to play for a few hours as it is.

  23. Tanya Butt dice:

    I love this game. I like leveling up, the balance of reasons to keep playing versus reasons to take a break, the optimism. Ads aren’t intrusive at all and always a choice on the player’s part. One complaint: there are ridiculous words in the dictionary. Abbreviations of words is the main culprit, but I also ran into “Luv” defined as “A deliberate misspelling of love.” Really? Sometimes at the end I have to try every letter combination to find that last fake or intensely obscure word.

  24. I cannot express how much I love this game. Wonderful story. Wonderfully balanced. Beautiful graphics. I love every mechanic in this game! You can play as much as you want as there’s no energy system (just exp that regens). There are side and story challenges and it’s up to you how you play! The levels aren’t the same, but are similar enough that you begin to make a connection between words. I love the dictionary feature! It even counts the words you find that aren’t in the puzzle!

  25. Yer Xiong dice:

    Meh. It’s alright so far, but…. I can’t listen to my podcasts, music, or anything else in the background. Will automatically shut it off once I start to play which makes it a little annoying. Ads are fine, that’s when I can actually play my podcasts or music. Edit: thanks a bunch for updating and making this a better experience!

  26. I. Love. This. Game. Ads & purchases are available but not required to fully enjoy. I subscribed ($3/wk) just to support the game. The xp system is very well-balanced, allowing progression without speeding you through content, while still allowing you to play as much as you want. At lvl 20 you unlock fantastic daily & weekly tasks.The seasonal events give out lots of bonuses, though I wish the rewards were tiered. My big complaint is how very white the majority of the cast is. For real. WHY???

  27. seriously debated dropping it Two stars for how badly it annoys me that repeated words drop your combo and ruin your perfect. ultimately i only did one because honestly, the game is otherwise really great. i absolutely love that it lets you play without a limit – you just only earn a few experience points. but you can still play to earn collectables. a real shame about the combo killer, though.

  28. I like that there is no timer. Rather than punish for mistakes, it rewards more for not making errors. More games should take note. I only wish there was a way to pause or rematch cutscenes. I was interrupted watching one and I missed part of the story.

  29. A dice:

    I like it a lot but there’s an issue. It constantly glitches so that you get stuck on a screen with no way to get out of that page and go back to the main story menu. I keep having to back out of the app and “quit” the game so that when I open it again, it’ll reload to the home screen. Pretty annoying. Seems to happen with every new tutorial thing it makes you click on. Otherwise I love the gameplay and really want to keep playing. I’m only on the fourth or fifth task!

  30. I have never found a word game that I like until now. There’s so many goals and you can choose where to go and what to do. Game play varies a little depending on the goal. ONLY Dislike: some words are actually abbreviations (e.g “mech”). It ruins your perfect score if you’re trying abbreviations that don’t register or if you think it’s supposed to be a whole word that maybe you’re not familiar with and you guess incorrectly

  31. LOVE the storyline! This is the first time in a game I haven’t skipped over it. The ads are optional and give you extra items. There are text games that go along with the story. You can customize your train. I had only two glitches with ads, one freezing and ads not available.

  32. I would have loved this game if I could actually get past the first part. I put in who and how to build the wheels and got some experience and blocks for the first part but then it cut me right off to the home screen. I will keep trying to get it to work as the design, characters and graphics looks amazing!

  33. Bubble Gum dice:

    Definitely one of the best cross word puzzle game out there,the levels get challenging as you progress,the cions and upgrade are a bit of a pain in the butt but they make the game more more challenging, there’s just so much this game has to offer beside puzzles it has a story line and characters the graphics are cute and you get to design your own train!! ❤️ It’s kinda time consuming but still very entertaining 5/5.

  34. Mark E. dice:

    Ultra slow progress after level 30, running back and forth around the same area becomes really boring. The puzzles become repetitive. The story is okay, graphics well done, but I can’t believe how many times the last word of the crossword is actually a word already entered that landed as an EXTRA. This way I must use my helpers just to have my mind blown. Enough is enough.

  35. I’ve been playing the game for a few days and it’s the best word game I’ve come across. The story is good and is something to work through, there are different game modes for different features, lots to collect and unlock, the more you play the faster you can travel as you level up letters for more points and there are no ads, unless you’d like extra rewards so you can watch as many or few as you like (but please watch some to support the dev). Thanks for the fun game!

  36. PriiT dice:

    Lvl 34 and the more I play the more I love it. Hope you keep the levels and tasks coming, especially tasks so it doesn’t get too grindy between the levels. Right now it’s perfect, the deeper you go in the game, the more tasks you get. Gives you something to work towards rather than mindlessly grinding same levels to gather XP in order to progress. I don’t even mind the previously mentioned diamond lock for fast travel anymore, you don’t really need to use it. Back up to five stars we go.

  37. Pro: wonderful graphic, fresh & unique story line, nice concept with different ways to pass the level. Con: takes too long to move forward, boring words that came up again and again, xp runs low too fast so even though you played for a long time you won’t earn much to be upgraded, gets bored quickly as I have to come back to the same place just to earn xp and solve similar words.

  38. Level 29 and uninstalling: too many 3 words, s, e, ed and repeats. Only getting bonus words over hundreds of possibilities is tiresome. Very few hints placed where fingers hold the tablet/phone are often mistakenly clicked. Crosswords without clues and at times no visible number of letters, lead to endless quests for the right word. Too many words in dictionary not allowed. Streamlining and linear progression would also improve the experience. The story line is engaging and charming.

  39. OMG!! This is the BEST game I’ve ever played!! I’m unable to put it down!! Easy to understand and very easy to play!! I’ve even uninstalled other games just so I can play this one!! The story line is beautiful, as are the graphics. The developers have really outdone themselves!! All the other games I’ve tried are nowhere near as fantastic as this!! I highly recommend you download this game!! Plus there are NO adverts unless you choose to watch one for a boost!! BEST GAME EVER!!

  40. This game is frustrating. I play the game for about 2 puzzles then when a new puzzle starts come up with lost connection with host. I have reported it and have done what they have said to do which was to clear creche and it still does it. I have sent 3 more messages regarding this issue and now I’m not getting any reply from them. When I reload the game after clearing the creche it puts me back 4 puzzles that I have already done. This needs to be sorted out. I think it is disgusting no reply

  41. I started playing this game as a beta tester in August. I expected a few glitches but it was already perfect! If you like making words, this is the game for you. There are no forced ads, seriously NO FORCED ADS. And unlimited playing time. There’s a story attached – it’s a bit of a slow burn, but okay so far. Graphics are good and it’s pretty easy to learn how things work. This game is one of the best offers on the Play Store. Try it out now.

  42. loads of fun, no intrusive ads, great story line. monetisation could be better, 4 pounds a week I think not my friend, that would cost more than an mmo subscription. 4 pounds a month or there abouts and then you’ll get my money 🙂 the other cash shop options aren’t worth it. Having said that there’s no need to pay, perfectly playable without. Would recommend to everyone, just can’t support the developers at that price.

  43. The quality of this game is among the best i’ve seen. A lot of time and love has gone into making this game. Best of all you can play with NO ADS! Progress takes only slightly longer, and i’d rather be left to play at my own pace than watch endless ads like MOST games, i hope they never change this. Excellent excellent game!

  44. Very fun and well designed game with great story and art. Let’s you keep playing even if you run out of energy. Animation lags a little on my phone but not much. Very beautiful to look at.

  45. Mephisto dice:

    Turns out we can get the same train parts that we already have from the Trainyard Trinkets reward, happened twice for me. edit : aah so i should never actually got them to begin with. if that’s so, then it’s understandable, thx for the confirmation. Love this game ♥️, the best in the genre.

  46. Started out fun. It has great graphics! Once I got to level 3 I couldn’t see the train anymore. It doesn’t show when you are choosing the design. Apparently the game still has some unfortunate issues.

  47. Fanny Hua dice:

    Game kept showing no Internet connection towards completing the trip to Basinbarrow. Immediately played other game but Internet no issues at clear. Cleared cache, restart that level, just to be stuck at the same stage! Was a fun game initially but gets frustrating now. Don’t waste your time.

  48. Great game. I love this and it’s very addicctive. Only problem is freezing on the loading page. But if you click on the settings button on this page you’re sent to a chat page with the team. I have to say the response from the team is brilliant and a reason I’m keeping the game. I’m sure they will come up with the solution to this problem.

  49. This is by far the coolest word game I have ever played and I’ve played a bunch of them. I really enjoy the storyline with Tilly’s adventure. The graphics are pretty darn amazing 👏,. The side stories are incredible. $2.99 per week is well worth it. Bravo to the devlopers on a great word game.

  50. Mona F. dice:

    Pretty fun game. A little glitchy at times but fun. I am not very interested in word finding games but the ads for this game looked so interesting I had to give it a try. If you like word games with a story this is it. I’m uninstalling though because eventhough it was fun it’s too slow for me.

  51. E H dice:

    Absolutely the best word game on the playstore. But I cannot believe you killed the grandma and then made us help write her death note LMAOO. Besides that part lol, great game! I did buy some coins because leveling up letters is a little pricey, but you do offer (optional!) ads to earn coins and gems and such, so purchases definitely aren’t required as far as I can tell (I’m just impatient lol). I really like this game!!

  52. Amazing game. But it’s little laggy. And pls add dictionary to all words we found of all levels not just of current level. Pls add more game modes like crossword,scribble,word buddies,etc….. and pls add events also and many unique mini games and many other new features keep on adding in future.

  53. Paul. G dice:

    This is Exceptional good game for the whole family, educational too. Great graphics and music very catchy, and you can play as much as you like with NO energy or hearts to heed your progress. I’m currently on level 42 thoroughly enjoying the story so exciting. This is how games should be made, and devs have knocked this amazing little game out of the park. I’m awarding this 5***** Devs please keep making more of this story, im playing 2 hrs a day. So hooked.

  54. I love this game. It is easy to begin with but certainly becomes challenging. There is no time limit or limited energy levels. I have had technical issues with it not loading but think it was I hadn’t fully loaded Google Play Store App.

  55. Absolutely wonderful. I have not enjoyed a word game more. It’s visually appealing, the story engaging, the game play diverse, and you really can play without buying something first. The game I recommend to word lovers like myself. Hats off to the devs. This one is totally a winner!

  56. English is not my first language and Text Express helps learn, memorize and practice vocabulary. Different from other word games, its dictionary is far richer. Plus, it tells Tilly’s story, which makes the game funnier. On playability, the energy refills faster so it’s virtually endless. Great game!

  57. Jill C. dice:

    What a great game! The graphics and story are amazing… excellent game play (without ads), and you have the ability to play without having to pay! There are in game purchases, but they’re optional. This isn’t like any other game out there that I’ve found. I’d highly recommend it!

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