Text Express: Word Adventure MODDED 2022


Play a word game like no other: solve word puzzles, crosswords & unlock stories!
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Play Text Express: Word Adventure – a new genre defining game that combines word search puzzles, interactive stories and epic adventures! Join Tilly, a brave and smart young woman, as she travels in her old train to majestic destinations, meets new friends and unlocks her true destiny. Discover how the words you find impact the story!

Text Express doesn’t have any time limits or penalties! Sit back, relax, swipe words and enjoy a wonderful story as Tilly starts her epic journey.

Play thousands of unique crossword levels, find hidden words, discover new daily challenges and combine letters into words to progress in the story. Who knows, maybe you will pick up a new word or two and expand your vocabulary!

A world full of wonders awaits Tilly. Fix and decorate an old train to travel all around it! Reach fantastic locations: from beautiful gardens to mysterious towns. Collect cute souvenirs on the way!

Mysteries, family secrets, drama, comedy, adventure, love story – Tilly will experience it all! Unlock stories with every new chapter and help Tilly become the author of her own life.

Text Express is a free-to-play game, though some items can be purchased for real money.
Text Express is created by Story Giant Games, a small indie game studio expertised in combining casual gameplay and strong storytelling, and published by GameHouse Original Stories, a game developer and publisher focused on bringing fun and meaningful gaming experiences to women around the world.


🗺️ Explore a new Region and continue Tilly's journey!
🪶 Expand your Tilly XP Wallet!
🎟️ Get amazing benefits with your Golden Ticket!

The Golden Ticket gives you bonus gems every level, a second daily chest, a bigger Piggy Bank capacity, and an increased Tilly XP Wallet!

Grab your Golden Ticket and start your Word Adventure today in v20.0.3(154)!


18 comentarios en "Text Express: Word Adventure MODDED 2022"

  1. Edit: My syncing issues were fully resolved. Customer support was friendly, fast, thorough and communicative, it couldn’t have been handled any better. I can get back to enjoying the game and story. Thanks! 👍 I was really enjoying this game, signed in on my Google account but when I transferred to a new device, my data wasn’t restored and I lost all my progress.

  2. Fun, relaxing, boring .. sigh Great concept. Ads ONLY if you want them for coins. 😁 Moves along until lvl 19, then SLOWS down. I’m at lvl 28, taking forever; you only get 1200 energy fills in 6 hrs. You can keep playing, but you won’t level up at a reasonable pace. Allow more energy, or reduce points needed to level. It’s getting old, I’ve lost the story line Also annoying: at end of journey if you have more points than needed, you get 1 coin for each 10 pts over, only up to 10 coins. Srsly?

  3. Love it, great graphics, story line is just long enough you don’t get bored and perfect amount of difficulty, need to be able to get more coins tho, the cost to upgrade letters gets to high, overall great game. 👍

  4. It’s an amazing game. The character are portrayed in depth…I sniffled when someone died. The game is challenging and fun, not too tough, but keeps me thinking.

  5. I’m really enjoying the game, but I’m not sure it’s E-rated. 1 of the crosswords needed the word “NUDES” to be completed. The game is a lot of fun, though

  6. Roland S dice:

    Nice graphics…interesting story…varied ways to earn coins…no need to pay to advance. A very nice game by the developers.

  7. Kay Bee dice:

    I had a lot of hope for this game but the way that bonus words are handled is an automatic delete for me. Points from bonus words are kept in a ‘piggy bank’ that has a limit and can only be opened once a day or else opened with premium currency. Half the point of playing these word games for me is the bonus words and you severly limited their existence. (Also you have to exit out of a premium payment window every single level). Deleting.

  8. good brain exercise, kind of fun and you don’t need to spend a bunch of money.

  9. The progress is very slow, there are words that wordle accepts that this game didn’t so the dictionary should be expanded. If you’ve unlocked the journey to a location you should be able to travel there free from then on.

  10. Rachael L dice:

    Few small glitches so far, but fun!

  11. I really love this game, it’s the first game I’ve ever played like this where you have the words and the adventure all in one. it’s not too easy but it’s not too hard

  12. This game is great! Especially for kids who are learning to spell.

  13. Fun but it’s laggy and sometimes the game kicks me out

  14. Interesting & fun. I like it. Thanks.

  15. This game is a blast. I play until I fall asleep. ❤

  16. Good game play original

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