Text Express: Word Adventure MODDED 2022


Play a word game like no other: solve word puzzles, crosswords & unlock stories!
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🏆The winner of Best Mobile Puzzle Game at Pocket Gamer Awards 2022!

Play Text Express: Word Adventure – a new genre defining game that combines word search puzzles, interactive stories and epic adventures! Join Tilly, a brave and smart young woman, as she travels in her old train to wonderful destinations, and discover how the words you find impact the story!

Connect with friends in the game and play Birdle to solve brand new daily challenges! Collaborate and compete!

Text Express doesn’t have any time limits or penalties! Sit back, relax, connect letters into words, solve crosswords and enjoy a wonderful story.

Play thousands of unique crossword levels, find hidden words, discover new daily challenges and connect letters into words to progress in the story. Who knows, maybe you will pick up a new word or two and expand your vocabulary!

A world full of wonders awaits Tilly. Fix and decorate an old train to travel all around it! Reach fantastic locations: from beautiful gardens to mysterious towns. Collect cute souvenirs on the way!

Mysteries, family secrets, drama, comedy, adventure, love story – Tilly will experience it all! Unlock stories with every new chapter and help Tilly become the author of her own life.

Text Express is a free-to-play game, though some items can be purchased for real money.

Text Express is created by Story Giant Games, a small indie game studio who are experts in combining casual gameplay and strong storytelling, and published by GameHouse Original Stories, a game developer and publisher focused on bringing fun and meaningful gaming experiences to women around the world.


Want to earn more XP? Claim FREE Tilly Wallet boosters while playing and keep your train running at full speed!

Riding with a Golden Ticket makes the journey even more fun! With our new monthly subscription option, you get all the benefits at a discount in v26.0.0 (239)!


58 comentarios en "Text Express: Word Adventure MODDED 2022"

  1. Edit: My syncing issues were fully resolved. Customer support was friendly, fast, thorough and communicative, it couldn’t have been handled any better. I can get back to enjoying the game and story. Thanks! 👍 I was really enjoying this game, signed in on my Google account but when I transferred to a new device, my data wasn’t restored and I lost all my progress.

  2. Fun, relaxing, boring .. sigh Great concept. Ads ONLY if you want them for coins. 😁 Moves along until lvl 19, then SLOWS down. I’m at lvl 28, taking forever; you only get 1200 energy fills in 6 hrs. You can keep playing, but you won’t level up at a reasonable pace. Allow more energy, or reduce points needed to level. It’s getting old, I’ve lost the story line Also annoying: at end of journey if you have more points than needed, you get 1 coin for each 10 pts over, only up to 10 coins. Srsly?

  3. Love it, great graphics, story line is just long enough you don’t get bored and perfect amount of difficulty, need to be able to get more coins tho, the cost to upgrade letters gets to high, overall great game. 👍

  4. It’s an amazing game. The character are portrayed in depth…I sniffled when someone died. The game is challenging and fun, not too tough, but keeps me thinking.

  5. I’m really enjoying the game, but I’m not sure it’s E-rated. 1 of the crosswords needed the word “NUDES” to be completed. The game is a lot of fun, though

  6. Roland S dice:

    Nice graphics…interesting story…varied ways to earn coins…no need to pay to advance. A very nice game by the developers.

  7. Kay Bee dice:

    I had a lot of hope for this game but the way that bonus words are handled is an automatic delete for me. Points from bonus words are kept in a ‘piggy bank’ that has a limit and can only be opened once a day or else opened with premium currency. Half the point of playing these word games for me is the bonus words and you severly limited their existence. (Also you have to exit out of a premium payment window every single level). Deleting.

  8. good brain exercise, kind of fun and you don’t need to spend a bunch of money.

  9. The progress is very slow, there are words that wordle accepts that this game didn’t so the dictionary should be expanded. If you’ve unlocked the journey to a location you should be able to travel there free from then on.

  10. Rachael L dice:

    Few small glitches so far, but fun!

  11. I really love this game, it’s the first game I’ve ever played like this where you have the words and the adventure all in one. it’s not too easy but it’s not too hard

  12. This game is great! Especially for kids who are learning to spell.

  13. Fun but it’s laggy and sometimes the game kicks me out

  14. Interesting & fun. I like it. Thanks.

  15. This game is a blast. I play until I fall asleep. ❤

  16. Good game play original

  17. Angi dice:

    You could be really nice to your players and give us more free coins, since the hints are so expensive. All those extra pink tiles that don’t get used in our travel? Those could all be turned into free coins. Instead of giving us nothing but progress in the daily, weekly, and special challenges, some of those could be turned into free coins. Otherwise this is just another typical pay to play, and that would suck.

  18. I have tried several games of this type. This one has an intriguing story line, I can go at my own pace, it doesn’t nickle and dime me to death, has nice graphics, and keeps me coming back. My only major complaint is that the special events are near impossible to achieve completion. I have tried several times to finish these timed events (It’s where the cool train car decorations come from as prizes), but even if I were to spend 4 hours a day playing, I still wouldn’t come close.

  19. Tiffy W dice:

    I seem to have played until I have no main quests to play, so I’ll be waiting for more updates! Unfortunately, I ran into a few glitches that forced me to reset the game. While evacuating Cascada Village, the screen went black, no background animations played, and any move I made left tracks on the screen. It seemed to be fixed after resetting, but on the occasion I’d still see the overworld glitch with assets not quite loaded in. These also were fixed by resetting, though.

  20. This game takes the word game genre to the next level and sets it as the new standard FOR that genre. In mostly all other word games there is just a static background ( although usually beautiful scenery ) accompanied by soothing music. That’s fine in itself, but TEXT EXPRESS brings in a complete storyline, animated videos, character interactions and more. There are all kinds of side games, extra challenge levels and a gazillion other bells & whistles not found in any other games. A true jewel!

  21. I do like this game. The variety of places to go in the story and the creative ways they use the word games. I wouldn’t say the graphics are the highest quality but the animation is pretty and the music isn’t annoying yet. I like the sound effects of the train. It makes it fun like you really are going on a journey. I do wish that the pink tokens got you farther on the track-you have to watch ads or pay 💎’s which cost real$. I save 💎’s which means watching ads. That part is getting frequent 😕

  22. This is one of the few word games I play, & I’m so addicted to it. I enjoy the little side activities where you collect things, & the story has surprised me. Only criticism is the ‘wallet’ of exp (which is limited to a certain amount & you have to gather diamonds to expand it). If you keep playing beyond that limit, you won’t get any exp for it (to contribute to leveling up which is required to access the storyline). This caused me to take a SUPER long time to progress in the story/levels.

  23. I love the games ideas and options. Why I didn’t give it 5 stars is I’ve noticed when different messages have popped up when playing the game. It’s as if the game freezes and no matter what you try and tap to exit, nothing works. The only way to exit out of it freezing and exit the game completely. This has happened to me on several occasions

  24. By far one of the best and most fair games I’ve ever played. I’ve been making steady progress without spending a dime on it, which leaves me happy to watch ads for an extra boost to support the game. Staff is responsive whenever I’ve reported any kind of issue or bug. And of course it’s extremely fun! The fact I can keep playing after I empty my XP wallet has been great, and I love collecting items and the story is pretty good for a mobile game.

  25. No forced ads. No timer. No pressure. Soothing music. In-game dictionary for all the words I find. Touching, family friendly story told through 3D cutscenes. It feels like a game that was truly made with fun in mind! EDIT: Could I ask the devs to remove the function where you lose your combo for trying words you already found? It’s tiring to memorize the ones found, and not much better to have to look at the found words list each time I try a word.

  26. Seriously, HANDS DOWN the best word game out there! Instead of mindlessly completing word puzzles, this game really makes you feel like you’re working towards something. I love how the ads are 100% optional, like you don’t have to wait hours to play again if you choose not to watch them. I honestly don’t mind the ads, because they’re there to help me get to my goal sooner. The graphics and story are beyond any game out there! And it doesn’t even slow down my ph! Seriously give it a try!

  27. These puzzles are overall not as challenging as i like; but the narrative, lovely art, and goals anchored to tangible progress are SUPER enjoyable and have made me an addict. It’s an upbeat, gentle game with a nice variety of puzzles, and ***I LOVE THE ELECTIVE ADS***. I have broken my usual rule of no in-app purchasing just to support this approach. Only quibble is the typos in some “tips”- will edit for coins 😉

  28. Tk Powell dice:

    I’m a bit confused, is the train supposed to reset to the start after completing a puzzle? For instance whenever i go to the mines and do a puzzle there, when game returns to the main screen, it shows the train is back at the bridge and i have to travel to the mine all over again. But when i completed any level at the tree, the train remained in place. Is my game glitched?

  29. I really love this game. It’s very unique. I’ve never seen any other word game that comes close. You’d have to download several games to get all the types of word puzzles this one game offers. I love that you can keep playing even when your Tilly Wallet is empty. You won’t advance in levels quickly that way, but I don’t care. The animations are rather crude in spots, but that’s a small price to pay for a truly fun game that tests your vocabulary and spelling while delivering an engaging story.

  30. John S dice:

    I’m liking the story and the game play so far. I may need to invest on more coins but that’s not an issue. I rated 4 stars because I think you need to expand on the vocabulary just a little bit. Personally, if I can find the word in the dictionary. It’s a word and should be added to my bonus words pot. For example LEO and a curse word (classified as not a word in the game) S***. There’s a few more questionable words that I know. I wonder if they will work if I get the chance to enter them in.

  31. cool game so far, though sometimes the ads don’t load (black screen with audio), and occasionally the game script is off. Edit: had to lower to three stars because frequently, when I’d try to watch an ad for an extra reward, it claims the internet “disconnected”, the game crashes, and it completely RESETS all progress on that task. This seems like a convenient way for the game to delete progress while getting the user to watch extra ads…

  32. i have to say, this is a new and exciting type of word game. i absolutely love it. it only received 4 stars bc i can tell the coins you get are minimal compared to what you have to pay for hints and things. however, you do have a chance to win coins so thats good. Also, it is a little conplicated to navigate the map and things to do but you eventually get it. If you guys change the coins won and maybe add a tutorial for at least some things, i am happy to give it 5 stars!!!

  33. I very much enjoy this game! It is tolerant of mistakes (losing out on a perfect level generally just means a couple fewer coins earned because that’s based on combo level), ads only when you opt for them, engaging story, and underlying gameplay that’s fun and fair. Having letter xp that will always outpace your coins for levelling letters is quirky, but not a big deal. If you like finding words from a collection of letters, this is an excellent place to do that.

  34. Jamie dice:

    Unironically great. I figured I’d give this game a shot and drop it when an energy system annoyed me, but guess what! No energy system! I can just travel around and solve puzzles as much as I want! And the little minigames are delightfully varied – some even need a bit of strategy to optimize!

  35. Imo this is what it looks like when you have a game that people actually put heart into it. There’s quality to the gameplay and I really like their business model so far, which is that its convenient but not forced. It’s very grindy though, which is fine, however I don’t like that I have to grind to travel /back/ to somewhere to then grind /there/, and I’ve also got a glitch where the train model and land has completely disappeared which I can’t get to come back. I hope this can be fixed soon.

  36. Faisre dice:

    Definitely one of the better word games out there. Graphics and story are cute, the train angle is unique as far as I’ve seen, customer service has been great the couple times I’ve reached out, and best of all – any ads you watch are 100% voluntary and rewarded. If I have one complaint, it is the cost of things compared to how time consuming it is to accumulate coins. Spend them wisely, because it will take dozens of levels to save up for a single letter upgrade in no time at all.

  37. Liv Luv dice:

    this game is incredible. the graphics are adorable they remind me of wizard 101. the story is great so far (I only just finished fixing the locomotive). the puzzles start out easy and get more challenging as the levels progress. no ads unless you want to watch rewarded ads. I LOVE it. the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I can see the coin system getting tedious after a while after upgrading your letters a few times as it isn’t terribly easy to accumulate coins.

  38. I cannot express how much I love this game. Wonderful story. Wonderfully balanced. Beautiful graphics. I love every mechanic in this game! You can play as much as you want as there’s no energy system (just exp that regens). There are side and story challenges and it’s up to you how you play! The levels aren’t the same, but are similar enough that you begin to make a connection between words. I love the dictionary feature! It even counts the words you find that aren’t in the puzzle!

  39. NahMasTay dice:

    Edit:story progression is EXTREMELY slow. The story is what attracted me to even download the game. Ive honestly forgotten the main plot since you only get tidbits of it with each new plotpoint is hidden behind HOURS of puzzles. I really wish they would get rid of having to play puzzles to travel to locations already unlocked. I know you can use coins to skip that, but you shouldn’t have to. With most locations having their own mini games, you already have to play for a few hours as it is.

  40. Yer Xiong dice:

    Meh. It’s alright so far, but…. I can’t listen to my podcasts, music, or anything else in the background. Will automatically shut it off once I start to play which makes it a little annoying. Ads are fine, that’s when I can actually play my podcasts or music. Edit: thanks a bunch for updating and making this a better experience!

  41. I love this game. I like leveling up, the balance of reasons to keep playing versus reasons to take a break, the optimism. Ads aren’t intrusive at all and always a choice on the player’s part. One complaint: there are ridiculous words in the dictionary. Abbreviations of words is the main culprit, but I also ran into “Luv” defined as “A deliberate misspelling of love.” Really? Sometimes at the end I have to try every letter combination to find that last fake or intensely obscure word.

  42. one of the best free games I have ever played. ads by choice, purchases not mandatory. play as much as you want. no timers. beautiful graphics soothing sounds. a story. Edited to 4 stars because if you play too fast you stop earning experience and have to wait to earn experience at a reasonable rate again, which halts story progression at level gates.

  43. I. Love. This. Game. Ads & purchases are available but not required to fully enjoy. I subscribed ($3/wk) just to support the game. The xp system is very well-balanced, allowing progression without speeding you through content, while still allowing you to play as much as you want. At lvl 20 you unlock fantastic daily & weekly tasks.The seasonal events give out lots of bonuses, though I wish the rewards were tiered. My big complaint is how very white the majority of the cast is. For real. WHY???

  44. seriously debated dropping it Two stars for how badly it annoys me that repeated words drop your combo and ruin your perfect. ultimately i only did one because honestly, the game is otherwise really great. i absolutely love that it lets you play without a limit – you just only earn a few experience points. but you can still play to earn collectables. a real shame about the combo killer, though.

  45. A dice:

    I like it a lot but there’s an issue. It constantly glitches so that you get stuck on a screen with no way to get out of that page and go back to the main story menu. I keep having to back out of the app and “quit” the game so that when I open it again, it’ll reload to the home screen. Pretty annoying. Seems to happen with every new tutorial thing it makes you click on. Otherwise I love the gameplay and really want to keep playing. I’m only on the fourth or fifth task!

  46. I have never found a word game that I like until now. There’s so many goals and you can choose where to go and what to do. Game play varies a little depending on the goal. ONLY Dislike: some words are actually abbreviations (e.g “mech”). It ruins your perfect score if you’re trying abbreviations that don’t register or if you think it’s supposed to be a whole word that maybe you’re not familiar with and you guess incorrectly

  47. LOVE the storyline! This is the first time in a game I haven’t skipped over it. The ads are optional and give you extra items. There are text games that go along with the story. You can customize your train. I had only two glitches with ads, one freezing and ads not available.

  48. Absolutely adore this game, the visuals are stunning, the music is soothing and the gameplay loop is engaging and rather addictive. The only issue I’m facing is that my Tilly Exp runs out quickly and the time for it to fill back up is rather long. If there was a way to speed up the recharge time (perhaps included in the ticket subscription) then I’d happily give this game 5 stars.

  49. I was having issues with the game after the Midfair Bridge update and was unable to play for several days so I uninstalled it. The developer fixed the issue quickly and I was able to reinstall the game and resume playing. I like this game a lot and play every day so thank you! The game gets you thinking and tests your vocabulary. You don’t have to pay to play although you do have the option of paying for hints and special items. It’s an enjoyable way to occupy yourself!

  50. The graphics are gorgeous, the story engaging and the music is peaceful. However, they don’t give you a lot of time for events. Treasure locations are also limited, which means I’m going to miss out on the new years train 😿 Microtransactions are decent, the weekly pass is a bit excessive though.

  51. This is probably the best word game I have played on mobile. The storyline is interesting and the graphics are good. There are no forced ads. My only criticisms are the levelling up animations get annoying very quickly, and some of the words in the puzzles are things nobody would guess, eg “clou”? But I suppose that teaches you new words. Story is a very slow burn, but I stay for the anagrams!

  52. This game is actually a lot of fun. And, like everyone else, I really like the fact that the ads aren’t forced. I can choose if I want to watch them to gain additional points. Other developers should take note that forced ads don’t get clicked on. The update has fixed the sudden closing issue and I’m happy to give this game the 5 stars it deserves! I’m totally hooked!

  53. Great story and graphics elevate the Scrabble style game to something beautiful. I recommend playing it–it’s very entertaining for word gamers. I would miss having never met Tilly and friends. I also enjoy playing Birdle. That said, the rating is actually 4.5 because the friend/help invitation is not user-friendly. Also, the tasks are all completed after several levels, giving the game a hurry up and wait quality. I do credit the developers for working to make a really good game great.

  54. Amy Hicks dice:

    the story is nice, the graphics are good, the game play is the right balance of easy and challenging. The best part…. the game is ad free!! I can watch ads for a bonus, but it’s not required to play the game. This game is seriously slept on!

  55. I picked this up after the ads looked interesting, and it’s a blast. Your typical word game, but with a compelling story and great graphics. And, the reason I finally decided to leave a review – they just had a loading screen to celebrate women and girls in science. As a female scientist, I heartily approve!

  56. Love the game but I wish the XP would fill at a faster pace espyif we’re paying the weekly subscription fee. We get extra XP with the subscription but it takes forever to refill. It doesn’t make sense to keep playing after it’s all drained, and bich doesn’t take long to do. Otherwise love the challenges and storyline.

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