Word Surf – Word Game MODDED 2022


Be the word master by swiping your finger on correct letters!
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Word Surf is a Creative & Brand-New word search game with mind challenging puzzles. Find the hidden words inside word blocks and swipe them to crush down! A new free crossword game for daily brain training with your friends and family.


• Swipe to reveal hidden words inside word blocks
• Words will crush down after you swipe the correct letters
• New hidden words will be formed after letters collapse
• Search and find words, crush them all and solve puzzles
• Easy at first but challenging fast


Word Surf presents brand-new gameplay if you are bored of classic word swipe games. Experience the addicting, brain-challenging gameplay that is loved by word game players.


• Each puzzle has a subject. You can use it to find related words and solve the puzzle.
• Puzzle will evolve as you find and crush the words.
• Hundreds of levels and thousands of words are waiting for you.
• Fill your Word Bucket by finding extra words and earn coins.
• You can use Shuffle and Search buttons when you get stuck!

Do you like playing word games with your friends and family? Do you want to be a real word search master?
Don’t hesitate and download it! Start playing the most addictive word search game for FREE!

App musics have been taken from bensound.com, zapsplat.com


40 comentarios en "Word Surf – Word Game MODDED 2022"

  1. Game gets pretty boring fast. It’s not that hard. And as many people have mentioned, the ads are TERRIBLE. They are insistent. And some are extremely long. I get they have to make money but jeez. It was fun for awhile but that’s it.

  2. Early days for me but I am liking the challenge of the game. Have only done one daily change but it is good to have some variety. having said that the ads are poor, sometimes 2 or 3 in a row after every 2 challenges. The app also crashes regularly but I haven’t lost coins yet.

  3. A good game, but I just got sick of the very long adverts AFTER EVERY session, so I play one round, takes maybe 30 seconds, then I am supposed to watch adverts that are longer! Really! So basically I just spend more time watching adverts than playing the game. The adverts are very difficult to close, many of them don’t let you back out of them so you either watch then or close the game. No thank you. I just getting more and more angry.

  4. Denise Q dice:

    I just started playing this game and I’m already going to Uninstall. Why? Because of the ads. Not because it has ads but because of how the ads are done. The same ones play over and over, and don’t allow you to back out, and you get no points for watching. It’s my personal opinion the ads are getting out of hand, getting longer, and are VERY annoying. I understand the reason for the ads, so the creators of the game(s) can make some good money. Google needs to change the ad process. Bye 👋

  5. Drew dice:

    Too many adverts and half way through a game, my device would automatically open the website browser to adverts. This is a virus in disguise……???? Uninstalled, Cowboy developers

  6. Fun word game! They have a LOT of languages, which is great – I use it for vocabulary practice when learning a new one. Having the words in each level connected by topic is a really nice touch! Nearly 30k levels is great. A lot of ads but they’re not too expensive to get rid of. The only thing I really wish for is a built-in dictionary like Wordscapes has, to make it easy to look up the words I found which I don’t know.

  7. As usual a little Americana, but a good game very relaxing, not at all stressy. I return to add, the words included are awful. “Ads” as in adverts is not a word. Too many non words in this game. If it is to remain a game to be taken seriously and maintain some form of integrity then I suggest using a decent dictionary would help.

  8. i like the game but they are soo many adds and the miusic gets disturbed while you playing so you cant really relax, and that is what the game said it was and i dont think it is, they also make it soo easy to find the words so i just dont like it.

  9. I’m up to 278 and there’s too many ad’s and you have to use your power ups to shuffle because there’s no matches. Too much tension to be relaxing so I’m deleting it.

  10. Good game but once again feel bashed over the head by the advertising. I know they have to be there but ads that go on for 30 seconds are so annoying I would not download them on principal.

  11. This game is not what I thought I was downloading. So far, I have tried to download the game with a lot of boxes. Instead I get something different. It is a bait and switch hoax. I am now going to delete all 3 that I got while trying to get what was portrayed. I say it is dishonest.

  12. This is a very good app – responsive and the ads aren’t too intrusive. The bonus words feature definitely enhances it. All in all, definitely recommended!

  13. It was great at first but once you get to high you get kicked after you do the daily and if you were supposed to receive a reward you lose it. So I am uninstalling the game because I am not going to put in the work for nothing!!

  14. Game is fine but I object to being bombarded literally with an ad claiming to have weight reducing pills for sale. The product has been reviewed numerous times as a scam with the company using well known names to sell it. These people have already stated they do not endorse this product. I appreciate the need for ads but PLEASE at least check the products and companies are legitimate. Allowing these ads doesn’t do you any favours

  15. This game is very challenging. I believe this game will keep my brain fit and not let it get fog bound.

  16. Fast paced, visually attractive and easy to use. A good word game which you can use either to fill in a few minutes or hours with.

  17. I loved this game,it’s really awesome and amazing, but for several times(more than 7) the 150 points prize are completely lost, because they place frozen ads and after waiting for more than a minute to collect your reward there comes a frozen ad and steal your points. It’s really not fair. I am so angry, The developers should be aware of this issue because they are pushing freezing ads that steal your prizes and makes you loose your interest for playing the game.It’s a shame 😱😱😱

  18. Mary D dice:

    This is really fun and well thought out. I appreciate, like someone else mentioned, that you are not bombarded with ads.

  19. Meri Niko dice:

    Fix the bug, display freezes often so I have to restart the game. The adds are milling me, so I deleted it.

  20. I like this game it’s something new that I’m trying and I really like it it makes you use your mind you have to think and I think that’s just wonderful cuz most the games that I play you don’t have to thank you just play and do it so I’m enjoying this game thank you for inventing it whoever invent it. And have a Happy New Year.

  21. Good and Easy to find. Shatter is useful rare. If New words are found, they are collected and points should be given.

  22. Best word game ever! Very few and short (mandatory) ads. Easy levels and many different fields

  23. Good game but when you reach a certain level, the games repeat. Why? I don’t have short term memory loss!!!!

  24. Turned off notifications but still continuously getting alerts. Why have that option if it doesn’t work? I’m uninstalling this game for good 👋

  25. Davie dice:

    I’d give you no stars if possible. Ad after ad after ad forced even during a level. Absolute waste of time

  26. Just started playing. Will review again after a while, but, so far there are a great variety of words, requiring some thought. If you’re up for a bit of a challenge then this is a good game to exercise your vocabulary and brain cells!

  27. I enjoy the letters that sometimes make me a little off the game. I will play this game for a long timer

  28. Too many ads. Every 2 minutes on average.

  29. I’d like to give this app 5 stars but it glitches and freezes up too often. The ads won’t let me use the x. Sometime the ad won’t go away and I have to close the game. Now the puzzle ain’t loading

  30. I can’t go to level 200 because I can’t find out about Canada.When the level moves, the word search gets very hard.

  31. Pat Krar dice:

    Just started playing. So far no problems with the game. It’s very challenging and a good way to exercise your brain.

  32. The game itself is not bad. It is fun when it actually works properly. The first day I played the game was excellent and enjoyable. Today however it was a nightmarish experience. I could not select any word in the game without it freezing. I would have to exit the game and restart the level just for it to repeat the same thing again & again. Ads of this quanity result in game being uninstalled. Let alone the game being one that controls its own choices of word selection.

  33. It makes it brain work more than you use it normally.. I love it!

  34. Cathy S dice:

    The game makes you use your brain, helps your spelling, it’s challenging.

  35. Played for months it Nice n addicted. Easy to manage. Can play offline. I lvl 500+ still can easy solve the words just using the free coin gift. It’s free play for me n it’s no stress or bored in games n really build Yr mind alerts on words. Ty creator game for making a relaxing mind game. Keep up the good works. Give 5 stars n if got more stars will give full stars. Worth to play so far n recommended it.

  36. This was my new favorite game…just had a weird experience…the game arbitrarily changed the language and I lost all of my points…what the heck??? Can you fix this??? Five stars if you can, one if you can’t.

  37. game play dice:

    Nice and adfree so far, (level20)wait and see for new rating..not in Afrikaans language available.. NEW RATING.. AFTER LEVEL 43, LONG FORCED ADS INTERRUPTING GAME.. U can THOUGH later on get ad free options by exchanging LOTS IF accumalating points for SOME AD free GAMES!!

  38. Fun. Moves fast. Good tool when you need a distraction such as MD appointments.

  39. Very few ads, this good, I have uninstalled games with too many ads or ads with no exit.

  40. Just amazing!!! I really love to play with words . It is the easiest way get to know with some words relating with specific topics

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