A word game with a twist. Train your brain & test your vocabulary today!
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Wordle – word game – is a free word puzzle with a twist. Train your brain and test your vocabulary by finding as many words as possible within the given time. Simply swipe the letters to build a word, scoring points along the way. If you enjoy word games you’ll love Wordle!

Wordle combines the best of word searching and word-related games making for a truly challenging and addictive experience!

Extend your vocabulary as you go on a word hunt through hundreds of stages each with a different focus

Learn a new language or brush up on your linguistics by choosing from different dictionaries!

If you enjoy a word search that challenges your brain then play Wordle today!


Please note, this game will no longer be updated, but you can still play ad-free! Thank you for playing and enjoy!


40 comentarios en "Wordle MODDED"

  1. Game itself isn’t bad but the ads are atrocious. After every single round and sometimes it takes 3 clicks on an “x” for the same ad to disappear. I’m all for a free game with an ad to help cover the cost but this goes above and beyond that notion. Would even venture to say I’ve spent more time watching an ad than playing the actual game.

  2. Fun game except for two things. I turned the sound off but every time I open the app, even though the sound says “off” it is on. I have to turn it on then off again to have no sound . The other thing is the way the new letters drop. They bounce a bit when they hit the board. It looks cool but you can’t use them till they settle down.

  3. nw hepcat dice:

    This not the Wordle you are looking for. That said, I’ve enjoyed playing this, with some caveats. The nonclassic was fun until I got a starting letter I can’t beat, so I can’t play that anymore. Classic version wastes time with the way letters populate. If you look at the (useful) info on how many words are possible, you’ve wasted more. I find myself playing the same words over and over for speed’s sake, which is leading to some boredom.

  4. Steph H dice:

    I really like this game. I haven’t found another one like it. There is one thing that’s very frustrating however. On the harder levels (i.e. Words ending with M) even though there’s a free “Shake” when no words can be found, the timer keeps going. The timer should stop until a board with possible words come up. I lost over 45 seconds looking for a board with possible words. Thanks.

  5. I was looking for the other wordle 😅 sorry yall (just saw the description). I thought I’d give a genuine review tho. 😁 This game seems really straightforward and relaxed, I think it could be really good. The controls work well, and the ads aren’t invasive. Unfortunately I found myself a little frustrated after repeatedly entering words that are not in the games dictionary. Additionally, i find it somewhat visually unappealing. The design is clean, but it feels a little sterile.

  6. Okay, I’ve played it a while now—and I hate to be a wet blanket (especially with anything that encourages literacy), but I don’t see the point. Unlike most word-search games, you must (usually) begin or end each word with a specified letter, which just reduces the play possibilities (often drastically). There are multiple levels, but they all seem the same; it just goes on and on. The “bouncing letters” animations quickly get tedious, and can’t be stopped. A fun idea, maybe, but why? 🤷‍♂️

  7. 5×5 grid that doesn’t get bigger or more challenging from what I saw from the first 5 levels or so. Adverts after each level. The thing that makes it a 1 is those adverts, regardless of pressing the X to close it, it still takes you to the ad page for what’s being advertised. Game developers seem to have made it so you click the advert regardless of whether you want to or not. I genuinely hate that, the game isn’t very challenging either.

  8. It would be a much better game if the scoring was actually explicit, and if there was more variety of beginning and ending letters. The main problem is that there just aren’t that many possibilities for making words that begin with certain letters from a grid with such limited lexical options, realistically. Nice idea, and when it flows better (which it does in some rounds) it’s satisfying and enjoyable. But too much dead time involved in chasing words beginning with I or ending in B!

  9. Eilleen dice:

    Update: I decided to rate from 5 to 4 star because there are not enough levels in the game and once you do all the levels it just brings you back to the start. I am enjoying this game! Two modes – classic play for a quick game or you go through the levels. The balance between ads and game play are just right. Thank you!

  10. Gameplay can be fun but the UX is rather poor. Everything from the colour scheme to the unresponsivness of the menus to the lack of user input feedback is mildly annoying, but the most egregious effect is the “drop down” effect when a puzzle opens. The animation is too slow, and the bounce back is way too strong. You don’t have a good view of the letters from the start and the effect is very frustrating. It’s not an experience that makes you want to keep playing.

  11. This is a great game, thanks. I would like to see bonus points for word length, since the winning strategy (for classic model at least) seems to be to stick to easy 3-letter words. Would also like an option to review all words for the game just completed. BTW my scoring rate more than doubled with recent update, not complaining but finding it hard to believe I suddenly got so much smarter.

  12. BeBe dice:

    Would be one of my favorite games to play if it wouldn’t crash every time I am on it. Thought it was crashing cause my phone needed an update, but it just didn’t crash as soon afterwards. Otherwise I would have gave 5 stars for what I was able to play. Please fix this issue!

  13. It’s fun and fairly challenging when you keep moving forward. But if you hit a wall it makes you feel like an idiot. I like word games because I have a broad vocabulary but I need a PhD for this game. There should be a way to earn extra moves. If I can’t get past the level I’m on within a couple of days I’ll probably delete the game.

  14. Jeff (P) dice:

    UNSUPPORTED, but it works for what it is I realize the New York times feels like it’s doing us all a favor by leaving the app up on Google Play… However if they really wanted to do us a favor they keep the app updated after they bought Wordle PS: Really wish they would introduce a true WORDLE app with multiple word game variations, including Wordle Archives

  15. Steve L dice:

    Apart from the game not knowing lots of words it’s really easy. The levels are all locked and so you go through lots of sessions getting words in set times. Once you get to the end of that level which you have no idea how as you just have to keep playing and it just suddenly seems to end. Then you go to next padlocked level. But you end up somehow doing all the levels without knowing. I have done them all in a few evenings. Game seems to just end. Too easy

  16. Found this game when looking for the Wordle web game, realise yours is older! Worked through 50 levels quickly, now play Classic. Would like to choose length of timer, or play without timer. Would also like to see list of words found in round and how they were scored. Seems that the “best” word listed at the end of the round isn’t always the highest scored word? Fun game, needs a few variations to keep interest, eg progress tracker how many rounds played, how many words found, avg score etc.

  17. I finished this game in two days. Which means I enjoyed it, but it was too short lived! It could include more challenges, like minimum length of a word, no repeats, etc. I tried it because I love word games and the origin story of this game, specifically. There are occasional short ads, which aren’t too annoying for me.

  18. Cute game but has nothing to do with wordle. Plays like Boggle. Few ads which is lovely. One major drawback is the main game is not timed which makes it rather boring. I’ve played the classic (which is timed and I’ve reached a score of 315 which I doubt I’ll beat so now I’m bored of that.) I thought if you change the setting to “hard” it would be timed but it isn’t, it just makes you play more words. So I’ll be deleting the app soon bc I’m kinda bored of it in its current form.

  19. It’s fun at first, but after around level 20, the letter boxes start dropping with no word possibilities. For example: words starting with ‘p’, the box (a 25 letter choice) count drops with lots of “m, d, p, n o, r, etc. 3 letter words have lowest value but after a while that’s all you can get; or they give you 5 letters of 6 letter word>p.e.d.d.l.e… It gets old.. How many words do you know that start with pm, pp, ph, and so on. And if a word such as “phish” is possible, it’s missing a letter.

  20. Pat Zorne dice:

    Great game until it crashes, over and over! So often, when I was close on a really difficult stage, it locked up and I had to close it down and start over. So annoying, as are the ads that take you to Google Play, which you can’t get out of without shutting it down. May have to uninstall.

  21. Fast paced. A nice challenge w/o being ‘hard’. Surprisingly fun. Not a lot of ads and the ones you do see you can skip. You can stop the game @ anytime and jump back in later…this is a free game, I cannot find much wrong with it. 2 thumbs up.

  22. Angela A dice:

    I’ve now completed all levels. They need to allow users to deactivate the timer feature. As you progress to 5 letter words, the board often shows 0-5 words possible. It becomes hugely frustrating. Time ticks away as you have to repeatedly shake & reload. Sometimes I have to shake 5 or 6 times before getting a suitable board to play on. The game also needs to reshake automatically if there are 0 words available. And the timer starts before the words have even settled in position, losing time.

  23. I thoroughly enjoyed this game until it began to feel impossible to achieve. Finding four letter words, all with letters that you can only reach next to each other with a finger glide, with a time limit of 2 minutes and you’ve run out of ‘shake’ or ‘rotate’ ability is incredibly hard. This is especially true of words beginning with A or ending with N for example. I’m now not wanting to play as it feels like I won’t achieve it.

  24. It was a good game at first, taking you through several levels. But it suddenly seemed to stop going through the levels and stuck on one game. It’s become increasingly slow to open and has no refresh button when it seems to get stuck.

  25. Steve B dice:

    Trivially easy and repetitive with no variety beyond the core concept. Would rather have incrementally shorter timers and no animation (which is unnecessary and massively affects gameplay) to make it more of a challenge and based on skill. Would also be a lot better if score targets were higher and exponentially more points were given for longer words, rewarding vocab breadth and speed. Unsure if this is a first draft of similar. Seems to not remember in-game progress, either.

  26. Moderately challenging but still fun and addictive – but easy to put down. Exactly what I needed. 3+ letter words starting with letter “i” are few and far between in English. Should make that final the Boss level. Also, 50 levels done, but what good are all my 88 tokens? Game needs to evolve. Add a random “blank” letter(s) on the board while distracting player with cool background graphics (not fireworks) to make it more challenging when clock is running.

  27. Trac Fone dice:

    This would be a much better game if the dictionary wasn’t so limited. The dictionary is extremely limited and very, very basic. You need a much better dictionary for it to have better appeal for building language. You claim it’s a ‘Vocabulary Builder’, yet it won’t accept most words. It’s great that it can be played Offline, and the concept of finding words with certain letters at the start or end is innovative, but when you limit what words are accepted or not, you limit vocabulary building.

  28. I was going to give this game a 4 at least, however, I was on level 121 gold, having issues with 5 letter words ending in ‘G’. I played DAILY until today when I thought, I will watch a video to earn some hint points. After I did, it reset. I went back into the game and it was at 0%, where usually the number rolls up to my current level. I put in alot of time hoping to get to the end. I am apprehensive to start over if it randomly ends after lvl 120. Sad. Can you help? It’s at 0. Wth? 😟

  29. This is really stupid game that does not get any more difficult as you progress… same time limit, same scoring system, no challenges at all. Worst of all when you finish the game (50 levels), there is no record of you having finished, instead you go back to start and you’re being called a “newb” again. What game does that?

  30. Not the web-based game that’s so popular right now. This game precedes the other by several years. Gameplay involves finding and spelling out words from a grid of letters. Selected letters disappear and are replaced from above, Candy-crush style. Speed and accuracy are required. I found it frustrating to play on my phone – I think it would be better suited to a tablet. Not my cup of tea, but worth checking out if you like a dash of adrenaline with your word games.

  31. App crashed once and I lost everything but then unexpectedly I was able to recover my progress but without the credits I had earned. Next I am certain some of the allowed English words do not exist. And it would be useful if it got harder as you progressed, rather than jumping about in how difficult/easy it is. Anyway I am currently stuck on words beginning with ‘i’ towards the end of the game, and can’t see me getting past this, so will probably just then uninstall.

  32. S WD dice:

    I have to turn the sounds off each time I go in. Even though my settings say they are off, they aren’t. I tried to send feedback but the email address doesn’t work. Game is fun and different. I’d like less bouncing, it’s gets.old fast.

  33. The game is only good for the first few stages – once it goes on to 5 letter words and more, it’s a pain. The grid size remains the same, and to find a 5+ letter word starting with ‘E’ or ending with ‘G’ etc with the limited letters available in many cases is impossible as there is no legal word at all. Add to that the time limit in the bonus round, where finding twenty 5 letter words in 90 seconds will be impossible for even Messrs Merriam and Webster. To top it all, now the app keeps crashing.

  34. Sarah F dice:

    It turns out that you don’t even need to bother with real words! Just swipe around, and the app will happily ignore the dictionary for you to get points on non, non, doon, tay, noy, sond etc. In just a few rounds, it accepted dozens of invalid entries. I’ll consider re-downloading when the makers purchase a dictionary

  35. I thought I’d been playing the more famous Wordle, and just hadn’t unlocked the logic puzzle mode. Apart from that, the dictionary is very limited, so the game can be more about remembering which real words it’ll accept. I don’t think it’s worth the inconvenience of the intrusive ads.

  36. S Enns dice:

    When I first got this app, it had almost no ads, except the ones you could watch to gain points. Now it’s like watching cable tv – half very intrusive ads that not only interrupt the flow of the game, but cause problems with the app itself.

  37. Maybe I’ll figure out the scoring, but at the moment I don’t get it. The higher the word score the faster the round ends. I don’t know what the joker does but I wasted it because it’s not a wild card letter.. Anyway. Fun enough game but needs better guidance to understand the points and point. Oh, and check the language you start with. That messed me up because it was set to French 🙄

  38. TL Bach dice:

    The game is average. There are so many ways to improve the game. Make the transition between levels seemless instead of announcing a complete level every time. Seems you spend just as much time reading the announcements and clicking to go to the level then you do actually playing the game.

  39. Megan dice:

    I’ve been playing this for a couple weeks now. I worked through the 50 levels pretty quickly, so now I just play the Classic. I would have given more stars except for the recent update. The latest update has made the dictionary worse. At least the English dictionary is worse. I can’t play words that I know are words or others that I’ve played since the beginning.

  40. L Sarber dice:

    This USED to be a great game until the latest update. Now it is awful. It is slow to respond, screen is “shaky” and has a ghost screen with another board behind it. Words I have been playing/using for several years are not longer valid and it won’t recognize some basic words. Please fix!!!

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