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2021 Addictive Crossword Games! Solve classic word puzzles to hunt more words!
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Download to train your brain with 2000+ challenging levels! Play it offline at any time for FREE!

⭐No time limit
⭐Automatically saved
⭐Single player play the offline game at any time
⭐Well designed for all ages
⭐Supported on both phone and tablet
⭐Surprising Bonus: login every day and get daily bonus
⭐Get coins after finding out the Extra Words

Word Find Music – Crossword is an incredible crossword game with all the essences of free word games! With this puzzle game you can become a real master of word puzzle games!

– Swipe the letters into words to fill up the blanks horizontally or vertically on the board.
– Find all the words and fill in every block with a word to win a game.
– You can tap the shuffle button to change the order of the letters.
– You can tap the hints button to get clues.
– Get more hints by coins via purchasing or watching videos.
– Collect extra words to earn bonus.

Join Word Find Music and experience the tremendous brain challenging fun of word puzzle games. Just swipe and connect to win a game! With this game there won’t be a dull moment!

For all free word games lovers, Word Find Music – Crossword is truly what you deserve. Word Find Music is quite easy to play, since the main goal is connecting the given letters to complete different words and fill them into the board. You could train your brain and expand your vocabulary with the joy of playing our word puzzle games!

The game starts off easily but become hard fast! Every level is subtly designed with a good balance of fun and difficulty, so all the players can adjust their paces at any level in the word puzzle games.

Download and join the brain-building game!
It has captured the hearts of more than 100 thousand free word games lovers!
Start your free word games daily brain training and show off your spelling skills NOW!

Keep Playing, Keep Learning!
2000+ fun levels are waiting for you! Climb your own way up to reach the top!


Train your brain and boost your vocabs!


40 comentarios en "Word Games Music – Crossword MODDED 2022"

  1. Disappointed! I thought the game would have music from the categories you played, like rock or classical. But no, its just another word game with lousy same music. Good clear colors, though. Nothing great about gameplay. Update…I tried tapping the phonograph buttons for levels and no change to the music! There is nothing I tap to change anything. This is on a good tablet. Sorry, uninstalling again.

  2. Meh. Daily coin rewards don’t credit to my coin balance any more and I also can’t collect coins from achievements – they are completed but since I can’t collect them, they just sit unclaimed in my achievement list. It used to be easier to collect coins without having to pay. Now you just get points to unlock stupid stuff. You also reach a point where the words are just so obscure and unheard-of that you end up getting the word by process if elimination. Fix the bugs. Blah.

  3. A fun little puzzler. Key issues are the recognized words… the game’s dictionary is far from complete and doesn’t recognize a lot of words for the bonus pot. Ads don’t start for awhile, which is nice, but then they’re every level. I wouldn’t mind it if not for the loud sound. I get that the developers need to make money but it isn’t very good design. You have to turn off the music for each ad individually as it plays. Ad free isn’t too expensive; 3.99 cdn.

  4. This was a good word game. Recent changes have made it no fun to play. I was on level 1138 but now no bonus points for progressing to higher levels and extra words need to be 300 (vs 200 previously) for any bonus points. Seems that the developers are hungry for money. Uninstalling today. As for my suggestions, see above. The things I complained about need fixing. There is currently no incentive to keep going. Good luck with the update. I have found and moved on to a better word game.

  5. Sara Cova dice:

    I really like the new update! As always a step towards the right direction, there is just one tiny detail the 1/16 when you pass a level is not centered, it’s centered in its own space but not with the rest of the elements. Thank you for a wonderful game! The best of its kind

  6. I love this game but for the past 4 days it kept crashing. Even after restarting my phone. So I Uninstalled the game. It helped with the crashing but now I lost all my progress and I spent a lot of money on this game… i cannot log in or get anything back… I hate that I have to start all over again and lost money too…. I rather delete the game and forget about it

  7. Only a few minutes in and the word it needed was “feer”. Technically a (obscure) word I guess but clearly unintentional since every word before for that was a very common one. Poor quality control quitting now before I get frustrated trying to unscramble another random or simply incorrectly spelled word.

  8. Fantastic game,so easy and you will really enjoy..good for passing time. You’ll never notice,it helps enhance your knowledge . I recommend this kind of apps to young and adult.,rather than playing games that no value in terms of Education.I’d been playing and try different apps,nothing change my love for Word games,i got stuck on it. No matter what my friends recommend on me ,which and what kind of apps to install,just make a try and have to uninstall it and back to my likes ,playing word games

  9. JOAN ROSS dice:

    Easy so far. I have this game on my phone also. I have advanced to more difficult levels now. I wish this game had a Daily Challenge. The music is nice. Price to remove the ad’s is reasonable, 2.99.

  10. The game is excellent. The music us great and its so okeasing to look at. There are so many letter combinations to think of! The game gives your brain a wonderful exercise! It’s souch fun I can’t get enough. Definitely would recommend!

  11. This is a very nice app. I get to learn new words. But I gave it only 4 stars because I would like if there are less ads and if they provide the dictionary for the extra words. As sometimes I just swipe my finger across letters and it forms a extra words. So would like to know there meanings.

  12. I love this game. However, it has stopped me from recieving rewards. When I tap on any reward the game freezes and I have to close the game and then re-open it. All I can do is solve the puzzles.

  13. Excellent game. Well designed. Increases your vocabulary . Quite relaxing also as there is no time limit given to complete a level. You can play at your own convenient speed.👍

  14. Ad every after each level, some ads aren’t easy to close get stuck to it somehow to the point of closing & reopening the game. I don’t mind the ads but it got to the point where it’s irritating. Sorry.

  15. I really love this word game! This is a respectable app. It does not try to suck every cent out of you. You can earn rewards to get help with your level. I waited to rate to see if there was a glitch. Not happening with these people, they are tremendously respectable of your money & continuously offer not too time consuming ways to keep your coins up. Also, this app has a fantastic coin reward system! I cannot express how delighted i am with this app & the people behind it, TY, job well done!

  16. I enjoy this game very much. As one goes to higher levels it gets more challenging. So no boredom. My favorite part is there are fewer ads and the ads are much shorter than other games. Thank you.

  17. It used to be an addictive game, we can’t make use of the rewards anymore.. so annoying. The music reward isn’t necessary since we can’t make use of it also. Daily rewards can’t be added up to the coins likewise task rewards. Won’t play this game again until all is fixed

  18. Dont know how to reply back to other review. I am on level 404 and it started very early maybe level 100 , and it is still doing it. I know I am spelling the words correctly and I have used the words on different levels but sometimes they wont except the same word I used on a different level . And what about the ads? I know there has to be ads but on some there is no way at all to click off of them I have to quit the game and go back on.

  19. Surprisingly entertaining! A lot more interactive. Lots of levels with different types of play. Also it has challenge tasks throughout which only add to the fun.

  20. it’s not hard.. i wish that the background music can change every level, hope does what it says in the title of the game. so far so good so i rate it 4 stars for now. I give 5 stars next when every level changes it’s background music.😊

  21. The flaw is that the same word is used twice in the puzzle like ‘set’ & ‘sets’ ; ‘let’ & ‘lets’. Please upgrade the app so that this game provides as much vocabulary to the players. But overall it’s a good game

  22. Ally S dice:

    Not what I thought it would be. The puzzles aren’t in that format. The puzzles are actually more of a crossword format, rather than finding words in rows, as is shown in the screenshots.

  23. Just loving it and addicted also. There are free hints for each level and also loving the thing, that we get so many coins.We can also know the meaning of a particular word just by tapping it.I would recommend everyone to download this game it’s just so awesome😍

  24. I initially liked the game. Then the ads got crazy, one after every game round. I don’t mind the occasional ad, but seeing them constantly is another story. Sorry. Good bye.

  25. Just uninstalled this game.i was high ranking and mafe a lot of points,only to be taken away and applied to some music choices. So not its nearly impossible to get any bonus points to help. Thanks developers for ruining a good game.

  26. i love this game and the challenges are very easy for me. very addicting. i actually like this game more than other word games. you get more coins than other apps and level up fast on this. love it.

  27. Is their any accolade higher than a 5-star?,this game should be given that😩😩. The accuracy of the game,the dictionary added🙈,the music used,the words used too(including extra words like the “Eon”😂) I’ve learnt so much from just a single game🤭 To the producers, God bless you all,y’all did a very wonderful job creating the game No hustle,no stress,it doesn’t even take time to load😘. The game is worth playing,so I recommend to all, young and old🤝. Play it and your brain will thank you😏🙃.

  28. Great app. I highly recommend you all to download it. it will improve your words knowledge too. But after completing 20 levels, It Starting showing me Ads After completing each level. But its ok…

  29. Awsome gaming app, gives you chance to relax and excersice your mind at the same time.Its one of the best… However, something is off about tips on the most easiest tasks especially in the first stages of the game.

  30. This is a very good app❤❤ . But there is a some problem -some levels are too hard and when we are online play in this game they are showing many ad’s this is the two reason that’s why I give 4 starts. And other Features is good 😍😍

  31. I give it four stars because am just starting it today. But I find it interesting and more educative. It is very helpful for students as well. Most especially the dictionary. I like/played games like this but this one, for me is the best of all because you came across words you know not their meanings.

  32. Obtrusive ads at the bottom of the screen. Does not go away always there. Pops up one after another. Sponsored by google of course. The app itself is good.

  33. Thought i had just the right word puzzle game untill the suggestion COST changed from 3 to 100 after 45 level… The main reason for downloading the game was the affordable suggestions…. BUT STILL IT IS A VERY NICE WORD GAME AND HAVE ENJOYED THE MUSIC OPTIONS,, WILL UNINSTALL WHEN MY SUGGESTIONS ARE FINISHED

  34. I like that so far this game is a easy for me and that you can choose different music to suit your mood. It’s different from the other word games. Really I’m glad I picked it over other word games. 😊🦋🦋🦋

  35. Began simple yet enjoyable with non intrusive ads. However after complete of just over 10 short levels, ads shown after each very short level completion. Uninstalling.

  36. Amani M dice:

    This is the best game knowledgeable game for kids like me. I completed 500 levels in this game. You can even tap the word to know the meaning of the word. I just love this game. But a little problem please give spin the wheel after every level. I suggest you this game to become clever. Thank you.

  37. Love the game makes you stop and think. However, freezes when I go for the rewards. Tried to uninstall and reinstall didn’t work.

  38. One of the better word games I have played. Adverts there are if you want to play for free but they are reasonably short. I do like this game especially when I have time to kill or am a little bored.

  39. I was pleasantly surprised to disover another word game that will keep .me interested and create lots of fun for me. The game is not very difficult at àlll. All you have to do is create words from the given lettters It’s a wonderful game for children between 8 and 14 yeaŕs old who want to check or improvè their vocabulary..

  40. I liked this game very much when I first started playing it but when I started having problems I emailed the support center twice and have received no reply. You earn coins for completing “tasks”. I have not been able to get my coins for my tasks. Thanksgiving and I still can’t claim my task coins. Update on review: I have uninstalled and stopped playing this game. I have run out of coins and refuse to pay for more on a game that is supposed to be free. I have not been able to claim my coins.

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