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Make a chain of words to solve each word connect game.
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Create a word chain of two-word answers to solve each puzzle. The second word of one answer becomes the first word of the next answer. Crossword puzzle style clues help to guess each answer in the string of words. Together all the answers form a chain reaction from the first word to the last.

★ Hours of word game fun
★ Solve crossword puzzle clues for each answer
★ Earn gold coins by completing chapters of word puzzles
★ Hints are available to help your progress
★ Learn to think outside the box by solving clues
★ Train your brain – word games are a great way to increase your vocabulary

This is not just another standard word connect or word search game. Fans of crossword puzzles, letter guessing games, and other word games will love String of Words because it is something new and different. This is a word puzzle game for adults who like to have fun!

Download today for word game fun!

** Now with daily mini puzzles!


New Books 7 and 8!


4 comentarios en "String of Words MOD"

  1. Scott Tanaka dice:

    Fortunately, I’m a Play Pass subscriber so I can have unlimited hints. Otherwise, some of the clues and word combos are misleading or make no sense and I would never have guessed the correct word without spending coins for hints. Some require regional knowledge or are so vague that you need to get the previous words to help. Most of the puzzles are fun, but the others can be frustrating.

  2. Amber Montañez dice:

    I love the premise of the game. The app design is ok. I’m not a fan of the in app keyboard. The letters are small which causes frequent typos and it lags a little causing letters to be left out. My biggest issue is that some of the clues and corresponding solutions are pretty abstract. Like the clue “uses crayons” for the solution “color book”. I’ve come across multiple clues and solutions like this. Could be a 5 star game otherwise.

  3. Samantha Epp dice:

    Pros: If you are looking for a challenge, this is the game for you. The clues are a mix of easy and difficult. It will certainly make you think. Some of the later levels are easier than the first level. Cons: Many of the clues are only loosely related to the answer (clue: “bird house” does not make me think “eagle nest”) and you mostly need to complete the clues in order. At times, there is a lot of guesswork and similar clues (“a-one” and “a-one performance”) have nothing in common.

  4. Michelle dice:

    This game is absolutely aggrevating. It’s great that it is absolutely 100% free, but then there isn’t any way to purchase more coins for hints. You can’t get coins for levels you beat either. If you are stuck, you are done with the game, can’t go any further & that is the most irritating thing. I tried the contact & got absolutely no where. It brings you to another page to share. The clues aren’t very good either. It would be a great game otherwise.

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