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Word Puzzles from the hit TV show! Spin the wheel for fun word games!
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Spin the wheel, solve puzzles and train your brain as you play the official Wheel of Fortune mobile game with family, friends and Wheel of Fortune fans everywhere! Challenge yourself to brand new puzzles every day!

Have you ever wanted to buy a vowel? Spin the Wheel with Pat Sajak? Guess letters and watch them appear on the iconic puzzle board? It’s WHEEL…OF…FORTUNE – based on the popular game show, and now you can be a contestant!

Jump into the Emmy®-winning TV game show you know and love because now it’s an addicting mobile game! Spin the Wheel, solve new puzzles written by the show’s producers, and win prizes. Challenge your friends and family through Facebook or play with millions of other players from around the world!

Make it a daily habit and challenge yourself to new exciting puzzles and fun categories every day!

In Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak guides you on a fun-filled trip around the world with new puzzles from the hit TV game show! Play thousands of other fans, friends and family for a huge prize! The winner of these word puzzles will come out on top with the ultimate jackpot!


Word Games written by the Producers!
– Guess on thousands of brand-new official word puzzles from the producers of the hit TV show!
– TV show host Pat Sajak guides you on a word game journey around the world, from New York and Paris to Tokyo and Hollywood
– New word games are added all the time. There’s always a new game show puzzle to solve!
– Fans of word games will have a blast solving each word puzzle with their friends!

Spin the Wheel & Win!
– Prize wheel action is here – win big with Wild Card and or get lucky with Free Play…but watch out for Bankrupt and Lose a Turn wedges!

Classic Word Games with TV Show Flair
– Play classic word games just like the TV show! You’ll even get a selection of letters for spelling opportunities in the Bonus Round!
– Opt for a VIP All-Access Pass membership to get protection from Bankrupt and Lose a Turn wedges, and get lots of special perks!

Tournament Word Games & Multiplayer Games
– Compete in word puzzle tournaments against other players online for huge prizes and unique collectibles!
– Play free word games with friends, Facebook friends and family as well as thousands of other players from around the world!
– Join game shows against thousands of players worldwide in free multiplayer word games, and have no delay starting a new puzzle game!

Spin the wheel, play free word games and solve word puzzles from America’s favorite TV game show by downloading Wheel of Fortune Free Play!

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By installing this game you agree to the terms of the license agreements.
Wheel of Fortune ® & © 2018 Califon Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Emmy® is a trademark of ATAS/NATAS


Spin the Wheel with Pat and Vanna!
- Celebrate Vanna’s birthday in a special Birthday Bash event!
- President’s Day, Ski Resort and Pat’s Fortune events are coming soon with brand new puzzles!
- A new Season begins this week with more animated frames and prizes!
- Mardi Gras frame will be available in Vanna’s Jewelry Shop!
- Bug fixes and improvements in clubs and chat features.


40 comentarios en "Wheel of Fortune: TV Game FULL"

  1. I really enjoy playing Wheel of fortune, I’m getting better at it.. one thing some of the puzzles are really hard and some are fun to figure out. The category it’s so wide ranged that’s impossible to figure it out and you have to use all of your lifelines to even try to get the answer but I still love the game keep working on the programs workout the glitches 😁

  2. It is very challenging for hours of fun. It offers quite a good selection of varied puzzle topics. I also like how they stay current on themes for contests like the winter weather, christmas, super bowl. They have included a good number of diverse puzzle options to challenge yourself on. I see improvements to the game . And I can’t believe there is no cost …

  3. I was having fun with the game until recently. For some reason whenever I choose a letter, it clicks on the ad on the top of the screen and takes me to random websites even though I didn’t tap ANYWHERE near the ad! The ads have become annoying. I can tolerate the video ads but please remove the ads at the top of the screen during gameplay

  4. There are to many ads that keep popping up. You have to watch a ad after you solve puzzle going to the bonus round. Then you have to watch a ad after you play the bonus round. The only time you should have to watch a ad is if there’s a prize awarded. There’s also to many glitches in the game and you keep having to update it every 2 or 3 months but the same problems are still there

  5. Way too many problems with the game freezing up and screen going black for the ads. You can’t just hit the back button so only choice is to close everything, then you lose all you got during the game! Very frustrating! Had this problem a year ago so uninstalled game then I thought I’d try it again…. Nope still not fixed. Uninstalling again.

  6. I’m about over this app. It pauses on its own. It freezes during the middle of games. I have to go out, come back in to resume. By then, I’ve lost an entry ticket and any prizes I’ve earned during the game I was in the middle of. These are not isolated incidents. Happens all the time! *I wrote this a year ago and absolutely nothing has changed. Except now, it won’t come back from ads. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled and not played for months at a time, hoping it would get better. Ridiculous!!*

  7. There are sooooo many ads. The game is enjoyable. Would give it 5 stars but the extreme amount of ads you have to watch just to play makes the game almost unbearable. I am about to uninstall it. Would love to keep playing it but for each puzzle when challenging someone you have to watch 2 ads. Not fun.

  8. The gameplay is great, worthy of 5 Stars judging ONLY the game itself. However, I must take a star away for the bugs. I play every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I experience a freeze-up daily. At first, I thought maybe the ads were causing the freezing due to the videos and animations. So, I bought the VIP package to totally avoid ads. No change whatsoever. I’ve had it about a year and I’m finally ready to give up. Tired of losing what I’ve earned due to freezing.

  9. The games within the game are fantastic. But alot times you don’t get the letters you need to complete a word with in Vanna’s showcase. Some of the puzzles are ridiculously hard. The puzzles consist of names, characters, towns phrases that you have never heard of or from other countries. So if you have free vowels or letters they make sure you use those up to solve the puzzles. It’s very hard to win or place 1st in tournaments no matter how many games you play. No more space to type.

  10. Absolutely love this game!!! The only two cons I have is that 1, there should be tournaments where to don’t have to pay diamonds after the first round and 2, it freezes and makes it impossible to spin the wheel sometimes. At some points, it even crashes like at the end of round and it sometimes doesn’t give you your money you won after you restart the app. Plus, when it does crash, it makes my phone all wonky and slow. Other than that, it definitely is a 5 star game!

  11. I enjoy the game a lot…the ads suck and there are some glitches when they have tournaments. For instance, there was just a holiday one where you had to compete against a reindeer and build up to get prizes, but the opportunity to play the reindeer and random and sometimes when I played him and won, it would go unnoticed in the challenge. It made it very frustrating. But otherwise, normal play is fun!

  12. I know they want you to spend the $10 a month to remove ads. However, the ads are constant and cause numerous glitches. Nothing like watching a 30 second ad, then playing the bonus round to be subjected to another 30 second ad. Also, bankrupt and lose a turn are laughably predictable. Once you hit Alaska it takes forever to level up. I still play but not as often. Lower the price and maybe more people would do a monthly subscription. Ya’ll must make a killing off those ads.

  13. I really like playing the game (it IS addictive) but I don’t like how you only get five tickets. Five puzzles and that’s it for refills. If I could recomend some changes one would be to up the amount of tickets you can have when full (maybe 10?). Also, add the option to watch ads for extra tickets or something? As well, I dont like how you only get to spin once per turn. If you guess a letter correctly you ought to be able to spin again but you can’t in this app. I’d be playing much more often if I didn’t have to walk away for a half hour waiting for one new ticket to load. In a half hour I usually find something better to do with my time! Just my input

  14. The idea of the game is great, I enjoy playing it. I had to give it a low rating because it freezes up so much in between rounds. After playing one round i have to wait at least 2 minutes to see the prizes I won, another minute for the screen to load and give me the option to play again and then another minute for the new round to start once I press play.

  15. Would be 5 stars, but it keeps force closing for no reason right in the middle of a puzzle. You lose your whole streak and your ticket. Been happening since I downloaded it and I have been giving feedback but it is still happening and I still have not been compensated. That being said… it is a very fun game with cool extras for free so I can’t really complain too much.

  16. I get that it’s free and, thus, advertising but these adverts are A LOT. Some crash my game, which is annoying. Speaking of crashes, I can’t seem to play for more than 20 minutes without crashing. I send reports every time. This game encourages joining clubs in a non-intrusive way and it works GREAT. Edit: it’s been a year and now I have to put up with 6 advertisements for the very game I am playing before I can play.

  17. That’s it! I’m uninstalling! Tried to play again & it froze. I had to completely reboot. Froze again (the second time) rebooted & then again the third time, rebooted once more. Not worth the hassle. Good bye Wheel of Fortune! You suck! Funny how no other game does this! An update on the game. I’ve been extremely patient playing this game. It’s great. However, since my last post, nothing has changed. Continues to freeze or lose connection absolutely every time I play. Unless you’ve got hours upon hours to completely reboot it’s terribly frustrating. I will give them one more chance to fix the bug before uninstalling. I certainly hope it gets better. Otherwise, don’t waste your time. Older post from last week… Very disappointed in this game. It continues to freeze in the middle of a game & you lose your tickets or disconnects while guessing the answer. Happens EVERY TIME I try to play. They only have one more opportunity to fix or I will uninstall. Too bad coz I love the game.

  18. Too much fun but too much in-game animation as well. Wish the quantity could be adjusted but I can’t find a way. Category preferences would also be good (I hate sports so… I lose). Many of the answers are definitely localized to California culture, not so much from other locales. It is great fun though and truly addictive. I love playing the game!

  19. I like many things about this game. Unfortunately the instructions on how everything works is basically nothing. For example, I still have “cards” with no clue what they are for. The ads are beyond annoying. It seems anytime there is a screen change a 30 second ad was forced on me. I don’t mind to have a few 30 second ads to keep the app free… but dang. I spent more time being forced to watch ads than the time spent on actually playing the game.

  20. Idk if its my phone, but my game crashes quite often by flickering and/or freezing or the screen going completely black without warning. I have to close out to get back in and usually lose the spot I was at when it crashed. Other than this inconvenience, the game is a lot of fun and somewhat addicting. I enjoy being able to play for free and don’t mind watching the ads in lieu of making a payment.

  21. I would love to give this app a better rating, unfortunately there are so many glitches that the cons outweigh the pros. The app crashes everytime I use it for more than 10 minutes. I also noticed that my phone over heats while I use this app. When the app crashes you lose tickets and prizes. There’s a lot of potential for this to be a great app but it does need a lot of fixing.

  22. I like the game- I use it alot in the morning to wake my brain up a little. I do not like that there are ads in between levels and ads to earn more diamonds- but I understand that comes with the territory of playing the free version of games. Some of the puzzles are a bit obscure but for the most part easy enough to solve but hard enough to make you think a bit.

  23. It’s a really good game. Just like TV 😜. But u only get 5 tickets to play and they go way too fast. If u win it shouldn’t cost another ticket to play or something, give us a break. It’s all about wanting us to spend real money. Too many adds!!!! Plus adds on screen, boooo👎!!!! But the game runs fast and smooth. Give us more tickets and it’d be a 5* game. I definitely recommend it to waste time with challenging puzzles.

  24. This game is fun, but… The ads never work!! You get the option to watch an ad for a free hint, bronze box, or a ticket and you watch the whole dumb ad just for it to not work… ever. It actually makes me not want to play. I love solving puzzles, so I still play sometimes, but it is extremely frustrating. Then magically, it works! Once. Then your hopes are dashed again. This seems to never be fixed.

  25. Though there are tons of ads, I actually don’t mind them here. The developers should be commended. They took such a simple game and worked it from every angle. There’s regular gameplay, goals, rewards, head to head competitions, teams, personalized profiles, chat, etc. There’s really so much you can do! They really took the time to research so they could deliver an overall game from such a simple concept. Kudos

  26. N dice:

    Constant pop ups and slowwww animations. Take off the reward animations in the game and it would be less frustrating and annoying and I would enjoy the game more and raise the rating. Also, very congested game. So many things happening at once. Nothing is organized. Needs a better layout. Keep all the rewards in that one mailbox and we can press claim all. It’s just too much. Make it make sense.

  27. game is amazing and addictive. great graphics and sound. puzzles are challenging at times which is great. however the game lags way too much because of the unnecessary stuff they added like the over the top main screen which is pointless to the player anyway. it kicks you out of the game if you put it into the backround to answer a text or take a phone call..and you lose your place or money earned which can be very frustrating. the collecting of souvenirs doesnt always work at the end of levels.

  28. Stoney dice:

    Pretty clear cut game. Lots of puzzles to answer and a reasonable amount of ads. Most free games flood you every round with ads and that’s not my experience. You need tickets to play rounds which run out very quickly and take real time to gain back. You have to obtain enough collectables to move onto the next city, and it takes a long time to get the collectables. Overall it’s fun, you get the W.o.F. experience without the stress

  29. Glitches and kicks me out mid game. Sometimes when finishing a bonus puzzle, it cuts to an ad, which is fine, but the ad glitches and then the game stops, forcing me to close it and I lose my reward. Super annoying. It used to just happen now and then, but it’s happening more often. I love this game and I hope they fix it. Otherwise I will end up uninstalling it again.

  30. I have been playing this game for a couple of years. the puzzles are challenging but the way the designers manipulate the program is off key. the game ran appropriately but then they redesign and make it the most unrewarding game of all games. you earn frames of each destination as well as the level of the destination. but greed has gotten the best of the designers, nobody wins. I’ll go back to chess at less I control my own rewards. Poorly programmed, to many hiccups that they will not fix.

  31. gets tiring pretty fast, -sadly! takes too long to progress through levels which require more energy as well as, completed/won games, simply to continue to progress, ironically, the amount of points required to level seems to progress much faster than anything else!? you run out of energy and then have to wait for regeneration yet the amount of points necessary to move on to the next little dot on the map, multiplies so rapidly, i literally felt like i was just fighting a losing battle!!

  32. Kris s dice:

    I do enjoy playing the game it feels like the real game. The biggest problem is that if you loose, you have to start all over and lose everything you won in previous levels. You can save yourself but you have to spend money thar gives you the saves to keep you from forfeiting. It’s one to lose but you shouldn’t lose all your progress. I’m going to Uninstall the game because that’s really not fair.

  33. It’s really OK and fun to play. But I’m kind of annoyed how everytime I get a letter wrong it has this feature where you can either pick a gem or press skip (Or even if you just tap the side of the screen) it selects the gem of its own choice and fills in some of the boxes so you can’t solve the puzzle on your own. And sometimes solving the puzzle takes longer than it should and all the right letters aren’t always available.

  34. RIGGED! “Free Play” is a lie! The game forces to make in app purchases if you want to progress. If you don’t pay or purchase diamonds, you’ll land on Bankrupt or Lose a Turn every fourth or fifth spin (way too often and consistent to be random; has to be programmed). When that happens, the only way to continue is to pay to play the bonus round. The game can be fun, but it’s frustrating because until you’re willing to pay their ridiculous prices, you don’t really get a chance to solve.

  35. Been playing for years. I do prefer the regular game without the having to accomplish 10 games to move ahead with the calendar themed games. Also, the Vanna letters in order to complete a word takes forever. I do like you can skip other players turns as well. I mostly play because I’ve enjoyed the show since I was younger as well as being a writer I love to figure out puzzle, so I can do without all the hoopla and extra bells and whistles.

  36. Been playing for about 6 months. Very addictive game. Kinda pricey for the 9.99 I pay each month for the VIP All Access….but like they say…you have to pay to play. Overall great game except for occasional freezing which could possibly be my own phone/internet connection. Also, the only problem that I would suggest changing is taking a help letter on a free play. I really wish you wouldn’t take my free help letters if I spin the wheel and land on a free play!! That kinda defeats the purpose!

  37. I loved this game and played frequently in the past. I got frustrated with game glitches. Recently I began to play again and I’m even more frustrated than I was before. Not cool when you have won the round or the bonus round and your game freezes. My winnings usually aren’t saved or it puts me a box behind what I already achieved. However it is fun when running property. The events especially over the holidays are very creative and cute. Spin the wheel and make your own decision.

  38. A lot of fun, puzzles are just right as far as difficulty. Sometimes, I don’t think the special gameplay works correctly for me (the different themed games that appear in the upper left), but I might just have to update. Graphics are great, play is smooth, and there’s more to do while waiting for tickets to reload (which isn’t too long compared to other apps).

  39. The gameplay is great. As a long time WOF viewer, I know my ways to play this game. However, I have one issue. The game works great, however, after updates, there is a chance that the game will stop, glitch, or freeze after a simple task. Not necessarily while playing the game, but mostly moving screens. Other than that, this game is great.

  40. I really like the game, especially the special prize offers from time to time. However, I cannot usually play for a long time with out the games freezing or closing unexpectedly. When I notice slow spins, I usually close the app then open. But sometimes I don’t and I forfeit my progress or says I resigned the game, when it was the app that closed itself. If these issues do not get fixed by the next update, I might consider deleting.

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