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W-E-I-R-D or W-I-E-R-D?
A-C-C-O-M-M-O-D-A-T-E or A-C-C-O-M-O-D-A-T-E?

Enjoy the world’s most popular word game with a big TWIST created by BitMango
Word Crush: Hidden Themes!

• Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards.
• Simply swipe your finger over a word to select it.
• If you find a valid word it will remain highlighted and marked on the word list as found.
• Find all the words in the list to complete the level.
• The faster you find the words, the higher the score and ranking.

– Find hidden words.

– Easy to learn and fun to master.

– Various Themes! You can enjoy the game with endless fun!

– It’s the perfect blend of brainteaser, word game, and puzzle!

– Enjoy the game anytime, anywhere for a short while!

– You can play offline anytime.

– Soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects.

– HINTS : It’s a good friend. Of course, it may be wrong.

– Support both PHONES & TABLETS.
– Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES.

• “Words Crush: Hidden Themes!” contain ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
• “Words Crush: Hidden Themes!” is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items like AD FREE and packages.

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** App Permissions **

[Required Permissions]
– None

[Optional Permissions]
– Photo / Media / File: required storage access permission to save game data

[Permission setting and withdrawal method]
– Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access
– Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting application


20.0731.00 Updated!
- Minor Bug fixed
- Performance Improvements
Have Fun & Enjoy!


40 comentarios en "Words Crush: Hidden Themes! MODDED"

  1. Once past the beginning stages, the game is different and fun! Only one teeny weeny “thing” that is annoying; you’re encouraged to find as many extra words as you can – o.k., but the extra moves taken for the extra words adds to your “move count”. This bugs me – I want the little red trophy ribbons; so, I find the extra words – reset – then solve the puzzle. Am I doing the game correctly? Really doesn’t matter (maybe), it’s still fun!

  2. Very frustrating that after each game it just sits there and spins and won’t reload to the next level. I have to continually close it out and come back. Thought it was a one time thing but it continues to happen and it has been months now. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no luck!

  3. Good Fun. I’ve been through a few levels. I enjoy this game. Fun, great time crusher in situations where you need to wait on your turn. It does start to work your brain after you’ve played the really easy levels.

  4. I used to give this game 5⭐ bec it deserved em. However, i noticed that when it changed its devs (used to be Bitmango), it has since been unstable: the app not opening even when it’s connected to wifi, my progress doesn’t sync with FB, etc. I reinstalled thrice bec i loved the game, but when I resync with FB & google play, it would lose several levels from where am at now, and the coins wouldn’t be back. No issue with changing devs but they should’ve improved the game instead of these bugs 😔

  5. I LOVED this game! Was a great way to pass time while waiting for anything…. but now it just stops loading… I have to uninstall and reinstall and lose all my achievements and start over… I did it twice… now it won’t load again… im not doing it again… its awful cause I really did enjoy this game

  6. I like this game quite a bit. That said I don’t like that extra words get scored against you. So if you find extra words whether or not they’re on the list it shows that its taken like 6 tries to finish the level when in fact you knew the words right away but wanted to get the extra points. So Bitmango maybe you can change it in the game.

  7. Fun game, but the number of ads is ridiculous. Ads pop every 3-4 rounds, they are extremely repetitive (I just watched the same 30 second ad 4 times in a row), and tgey pop up in the middle if a round if your screen times out (which never happens to me in other games.) Not sure i will be keeping this much longer.

  8. Love this game when it let’s me play! I had to reinstall a while back because it would just keep loading. That forced me to lose my progress. Now that I’m around the same place I was before again it’s doing the loading forever and can’t play thing again. I do save my progress through Google play but if I reinstall again and lose my progress I’m done playing for good.

  9. The game is fun when you can get into it. Its annoying when you hit play and get an ad right away that freezes the game forcing me to close it and reopen it to get in. To be able to get in right away would be lovely and I’d give the fifth star.

  10. Archie A dice:

    Almost from the get go, there are hidden words that cannot be filled no matter what, no matter what permutation you use, even after removing words and that’s really off-putting. This from the very second level. And then there are days won’t allow me input the hidden words at all.

  11. Liz Forde dice:

    The game’s quite good until you get to the very last 3 classifications, then the blatant spelling mistakes start showing up, eg: broaband, which should be broadband only missing a “d”. There are others too, I got fed up and deleted the app. Pretty poor that it wasn’t spell checked.

  12. I find the game very challenging. I just started playing it. I don’t like one of the advertisement for car insurance once it comes up it won’t let me leave it without giving my information I have to totally go out of the came.

  13. I was really enjoy this until the movie section I know the puzzle is screen and fun. You want me to keep hitting the hit button to use all the money coin’s and it will spell the words.that’s not fair for me to use all my money coins when you won’t let me get to the words where is the shuffle button is what you need. Very frustrating 😠😡😠😡😠. I will be uninstalling.

  14. Got done w level 1 when this popped up, I was barely given a chance to play before before they started asking me to rate the game. I’m tired of these people who set up these games, & then want a rating after a level or two. Especially the worst one’s, the ones who want a rating as soon as you open it. I’m starting to wonder if they don’t trust it so they want to get a 5 start rating as soon as they can. They know most people especially kids won’t go back & change their rating.

  15. I enjoy this game because it’s totally different from the other word find games. It makes you use your brain to solve each puzzle and each theme. Thank!!!!

  16. Game is messed up. You should be able to get “coins” when you touch “free”. Hasn’t worked for over a week. Tried rebooting…no good. Uninstalled 3 times. Lost how far I was in my game.

  17. Enjoy the game immensely. Do not enjoy when the extra words aren’t recognized. Seems like a random glitch, but removes much of the challenge that keeps me playing.

  18. Way too many commercials! Especially political ones! Haven’t played in awhile but decided to tonight. Saw the same political ad after every game. Will be deleting the game. Don’t need the ads when try to relax!

  19. Adds have gotten worse. I had this game for some time now, and the add frequency has just gone wild. Now it’s mostly and advertising site with a few games thrown in the middle. I’m deleting it. Shame, since it’s a really good word game.

  20. It is very good even though the ad showing sometimes. It’s fun and very helpful. I could improve my spelling and vocabulary while I am playing. Thanks

  21. Word crush hidden. I used to enjoy it. But since the last time it was updated . When it shows apps it won’t let you get out of apps. You have to get out of the game then get on to it again. And this is everytime. I’m thinking of uninstalling it

  22. When it works, it’s a good game. The when is the problem. If the excessive ads don’t keep you from playing, the spinning circle of death keeps you from playing. That’s a shame.

  23. Would be a nice little game for time killing. STILL TOO MANY ADS in between levels, that is why I am uninstalling for a second time. Thanks!

  24. I enjoy this game but it is very frustrating that it doesn’t load most the time. It is not a problem with my brand new phone. It happens a lot.

  25. I Like The Game However The Ads After Every Game Play Is Annoying And Exhausting Making Less Interested. Also The Game Itself Is Repetitive It Would Be Nice If It Had Background Themes And There We’re More Animation And The Music Was A Lil Bit More Upbeat Other That I Feel This Game Has Potential And Be Twice As Fun And Addictive 😉

  26. Love this app!!! Different from the other word games, plus, you don’t have to sit through all the ads – they let you exit out of them with the touch of an “X” – more apps should be like this one! No complaints here*

  27. I have played a lot of word games but this one is my favorite..starts off slow and easy then gets challenging, puts the brain to work!

  28. Great fun! Some puzzles are not that easy to solve – making the game much more challenging. A great word puzzle for sure!

  29. My favorite word game. Increasingly challenging but solvable. Highly recommend, but you definitely need to develop a 2nd version.

  30. Ruth W dice:

    I enjoy this game a lot. I don’t have a problem with ads. The extra words are frustrating me right now because it seems like some of them can’t be created without shuffling. I really like finding all of them.

  31. Haven’t played this game in a long time. If I can correctly remember I always enjoyed playing this game. The game is exciting and fun. So here I am again trying to regain my status in Words Crush: Hidden Themes!

  32. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years & it is still absolutely brilliant. It gives your brain a good workout. If you love word games I strongly recommed that you download it now guy’s 😻

  33. Best word game ever! Not repetitive, not a lot of ads, and no pressure to spend money. Just plain gameplay. I love it!!!

  34. The levels are challenging and make you think, some times I am stumped but I take a break and try again and wham. there it is.

  35. I don’t like the fact that you get deducted points for finding extra words. There no point putting extra words in to find just to have points taken away from getting a 3 star in the puzzle. It makes no sense.

  36. Its not as good as word connect very dissapointing. You lose turns for finding the extra words. And the two words never go togethether.

  37. I enjoy the challenge, I like it gets more challenging and switches in variety and there are so many levels.

  38. First time I’ve ever played it. As a matter of fact ive never seen it before some words are harder but it is making this old brain work I’m telling my grandkids about it. No 3 in a row …just different. Thanks for a new game to play Linda

  39. The game is fine. I understand there must be adverts. I had turned off sound but the adverts come on and ignore that setting. NO SOUND WANTED.

  40. The ad is annoying! I understand its a free game but having the ads to block the hint given by watching the video is too much! Please fix it

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