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Draw N Guess Multiplayer is one of the best competitive multiplayer games. This game is all about drawing and guessing the word online with your friends and family. The fun begins when you get connected with thousands of people around the world and start playing with them.

The objective of Draw N Guess multiplayer game is, one player has to draw the word and the other players should guess the word and vice-versa. A turn based drawing and guessing game mode is also available which helps to express your artistic skills. So, here you get to experience the craziness of the players with their funny guesses and sketches.

* A competitive multiplayer game providing a platform to exhibit your artwork
* Best Pictionary type game
* 2 to 6 players can play together online
* Play at your own pace in the turn based drawing and guessing game mode.
* Unlock the distinct color sets, paints, crayons, stickers, smileys and variety of brushes for best painting and drawing experience.
* Guess the word of the drawing based on the artistic skill of the painter.
* Draw awesome doodles in the turn based game mode.
* Start with a quick game and match up with the new players around the world.
* Play with your friends and family in a party mode alongside chatting and talking with them.
* Find new friends showcasing your drawing and appreciate each other through chat.
* Get connected socially through Facebook and share your drawings if they are cool.
* Winning the games by completing the achievements fetches you precious trophies, coins and powerups.
* Playing well automatically progresses your way to top the global leaderboard.

How to play ?
Register an account by logging in using Facebook or Google. Or play as a guest.

The fun begins here! If it’s your turn to draw, start drawing pretty pictures for the given word. If it’s your turn to guess, start making funny guesses. Beware!!! To win a round, you need to be the first one to guess the word. So hold on tight and start making guesses!
You get bonus points too, if you play good.

The fun doesn’t stop here. You can also play with your DRAW N GUESS friends online by clicking PLAY NOW –> PLAY WITH FRIENDS
You can play live games with your family, friends or other players from all around the world.

Turn Based Game Mode:
Enjoy the fun and addictive turn-based drawing and guessing game with infinite time on the clock in this mode. Sketch, paint and show your creativity with colors. You can draw something for the given word and you could also guess what other artists have drawn and challenge your friends and family to find your drawing in this mode.

If you have any queries or if you encounter any difficulty when playing Draw N Guess, please drop a mail to us at [email protected]

Sounds simple, but it’s unbelievable how amazingly fun and addictive Draw N Guess Multiplayer can become!
So what are you waiting for? Download Draw N Guess Multiplayer and start having fun!!!
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- Minor bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Draw N Guess Multiplayer MODDED"

  1. I do enjoy this app but there are a few glitches! There were countless of times when someone drew something to a word that didn’t match. For so long I thought the players were just being jerks and sabotaging me. It wasn’t until I played with a friend of mine is when I realized there was a huge disconnect here. Her drawing came up as a different drawing for me. The word didn’t match the picture. Look into this. Also, focus on making chat interface more convenient, up to date and easy to use.

  2. The relentless adds for upgrading is quite annoying. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more filtering with level of difficulty. Some have to draw a picture of an apple, some a picture of the word terrace… Two very different levels of difficulty in the same game, same people; leaving a few with the upper hand. Also creating games with friends; I’ve been redirected to online games, or app closes before the start of a game. Could just simply be my phone, not sure. Not a terrible game though.

  3. This is a very fun game, but the ads ruin in. When I’m in the middle of a game, a 30 second ad pops up. Finally the ad ends, but I’ve missed chances to guess and even my chance to draw! The only way to remove ads is to purchase something, which isn’t that necessary because you can earn money and hearts very easily. VIP? Might be worth buying. If you fix the ads, I might re-install this game and give a better rating.

  4. Love the new feature of being able to talk to friends, but it is pretty laggy. Thinking about buying the full game if it were a little cheaper, or if that fixed the lag issue. Really cool though to be able to realtime talk and play! I wish that in a private game you could extend the rounds so if you only have 3 people, you could play a longer game. Keep up the creativity though bro!

  5. I really like this game but it really runs the game when ads pop up while your playing the game. I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t the ones that are super long and you can’t get out of till it’s done then after I get out of the ad finally, the round is already over!!! I hate it!!! Please fix it. And one more thing, when you get into the game a little page pops up or whatever and I can’t close it without clicking super fast and once it closes, I accidentally press the get rid of ads button, annoying!!

  6. This app is great for a lot of reasons but definitely needs some fixes. The turn-based play is awesome, except for the errors and bugs. Often my friend and i cannot see each other’s drawings finish and are left with only the first few scribbles to guess with. This, unfortunately, is not fixed by backing out or restarting the game. In fact, restarting the app without completing your turn often makes ur game permanently inaccessible for both ppl. Also, why is there 5 blues & 3 greens, but no grey?

  7. Good game concept, it’s always great as any game. But the fact that I had to pay with in-game money to USE other WORDS in the list to draw AND pay to use other colors to draw with was a giant deal breaker. I mean I get what you’re trying to do, leveling and coins, but limiting colors and words with in-game currency isn’t how you do it. Should add more modes/other things in the game instead of restricting gameplay nessecities.

  8. this could be a great game if only there were any way to report a problem. there are frequent screen freezes unable to draw on your turn in speed rounds. and it costs 30 hearts to play each game. with no way to report this problem, i have been unable to participate in at least 4 games today alone. Additionally, this glitch seems to land me in an advertisement loop. a 30 second or one min ad will end, and instead of returning to my game, it sends me straight to 3-4 more ads. i LOVE THIS GAME

  9. I have never purchase “no ad” experience in any other games. Decided to do go for this game cause ads were overwhelming in free mode. Purcahed ad free. Many ads no longer pop up but it isn’t totally ad free. Certain aspects like the daily spin pop up a ad each time. Separate issue. I had to uninstall the original game cause it kept lagging. Even after shutting down my phone. I uninstalled and re-installed. Again, all the ads were back and so I purchased the no ads. Same issue as stated above.

  10. I was loving this game before I started having issues with ads. I watched all 10 ads to completely remove ads and unlock avatars etc. And I didn’t have ads for like two days and now I can’t even play a single match because the ads screw me over in the middle of game and make it glitch. I am extremely annoyed and disappointed….please fix this!

  11. Angela dice:

    I LOVED this game at first but now it’s glitching. It’s picking FOR ME on what to draw and when it is MY TURN to draw, as I start, it says (insert other username) isn’t drawing so game is over in 3,2,1 It’s MY TURN so no one else is drawing! I don’t know why this game is glitching. I was really enjoying it before this happened

  12. Edit: don’t bother watching ads to get the paint can tool, it is just a scam brush, it doesn’t “fill in”. My friends iphone gets “battery notifications” and that notification will kick them out of the game.

  13. So many bugs. The worst is that your friend maybe be disconnected which happens all the time, but you would have e no idea the game doesn’t notify you.

  14. Jax Fest dice:

    The game is ok but it gave an option to be a VIP when you watch 10 ads straight and on the last ad to complete this it would then say “no ads available”, very misleading and a waste of time.

  15. Daawo TV dice:

    Developers use ghost bots to deceive users. Worst game experience for multiplayer. 5 attempts to play online and every time was a failure. couldn’t see drawing, somebody else drawing instead (ghost), sometimes games fail because of version of software. Horrible experience and don’t recommend multiplayer

  16. Brill but please can there be an update where you can walk around, equip pants,shoes,masks, etc and have your own house, and last one at least.. make a big building with a big drawing guessing board and you line up, then when you’ve finished you sit down or walk out, please add all this if your going to update it🙏🥺

  17. Its a fun game you can play on the bus,train car journeys and even at home,you will get laughs and see some interesing things so i recommend you at least trying it out,its all real people to soooooo,yeah..

  18. Love the game but when I go to play the top of my screen is covered by some ad and when someone is drawing there is no picture being drawn. I just sat thru 10 ads to get ad free but now I can’t even play!!!! Gotta uninstall, bye.

  19. I liked this game alot before. But it’s too glitchy. I’m guessing the words but its not working. I just sit there and wait for the word reveal only to find out i gussed it a million times. Its not even updating my level. Installed it after a long time deleting the app after a few hours of playing. 2 stars because its entertaining. Hope you fix the bugs.

  20. It gave me an ad that lasted 1 hour (not literally)but when I tried to get rid of the ad it didn’t work and I lost the game

  21. It’s an amazing game and it will teach kids that you can have fun and draw and not only that it’s fun for other people to so it a very good game 🎮🙂

  22. When I open my keyboard the top portion of the screen disappears so I can’t see the hints, how many letters are in the word ect

  23. Sierra R dice:

    Fun but way too many ads. Ad after every drawing is too much.

  24. Update the crashes have been fixed and this game is really awesone. I am enjoying it and would definitely recommend. One thing i would like to see is an upgrade where you can see if your friends are online fron your list. I really enjoy this game but sometimes the app goes black in the middle of a round or at the start of a new game; it’s like it crashes and you have to come out the game and go back in, which doesn’t work all the time. Please fix, I lose out on a lot of rounds due to this.

  25. It didn’t show me my friend’s drawing multiple times. I don’t like that anyone can add you. It’s very busy and hard to find the game you’re playing. It was hard to get a game started with my friend.

  26. ArkAngel dice:

    Keeps freezing my entire phone and crashing every time I click a button. Yes, my wifi is fine, my storage is fine. This app is trash.

  27. When prompted to leave a game, the option for yes is colored red. And no is colored green. This isn’t to say that colours necessarily have to mean things. But I’m just sayin, it doesn’t make sense

  28. Tony M dice:

    Glitchy A F. This app was 800% better 6 years ago. When you bought a color it actually worked (and it was an entire pallette, not just 1).

  29. Concept is good and fun for sure but app is buggy, can’t even add friends

  30. i had an account from the old version of the game where it’s a vip account and i wanna transfer it to a new phone but the game doesn’t have a connect account to either email or facebook option, how can i connect it

  31. I played just 3 matches and lost 2 games because the GODDAMN keyboard wouldn’t come up!!!! So im uninstalling. Its also painfully slow, and the adds literally pop up in the middle of the game, which often takes me to playstore and I lose precious time, it runs everything but smoothly so its very easy to click on an add or the wrong button. But PLEASE make that keyboard actually appear through all the rounds, not just a few.

  32. i like the game but some of the player is not darwing maybe its just lagg idk but the game is rly fun i enjoy it so much love ita

  33. I was playing music on my Spotify through Bluetooth headphones, I opened the game application and it paused my music; notwithstnding that, the application made my phone loose all Bluetooth capabilities, as long as I had the app open and not closed completely in the application menu of the phone.

  34. Excellent game, there is only 1 problem though. Sometimes, the words of the drawer and the one for the guessers don’t match. For example, I just played a game, the drawer was drawing a pizza then the word turned out to be “square”! There is also a time the drawer tried writing the complicated word in drawing, we were trying to understand it, then the actual word turned out to be COMPLETELY different from what he wrote. This happens frequently and there are other forgotten examples, hope you fix.

  35. This game is very fun but it lags everytime when I want to buy something with ads it does not work it stucks in loading everytime so I did not play this game😅🤬 *★*

  36. I love it! Bought it in premium shortly, the ads are really annoying. I found two issues: (1) sometimes you draw something based on a certain word and the guesser sees a different word guessed that doesn’t match the drawing. Or my guesser sees that I drew something I didn’t! I clear the app cache and it gets fixed for certain games/users. There is a memory problem. (2) one of my games with guest15715 is looping in asking me to draw a word over and over again. please help! -Sylvie

  37. Great it is so impressive and i can also play with my friends and it is so fun

  38. We decided to download this game since, me and my friends, live far away from each other but it’s not working that great. The game it’s really fun and the audio is a Very good idea. The problem is that sometimes it takes too long to connect, to accept the invite. Sometimes you’re drawing and one of the players disappear or the microphone stop working. I’ll give 5 starts when it will work perfectly

  39. It’s more ads than a game. The overwhelming amount of ads makes the app more like an ads projector but not a game. I was not able to find what the game is about because of more than one minute waiting for the ads to finish. In my opinion the app is very good in case you are looking to see endless advertising videos without any other interaction. The team behind the app does not consist of developers but a skilled advertising directors and proceducers. The app is nearly useless.

  40. KingH dice:

    Worst game EVER. It’s trash, laggy, glitchy, and you don’t even play with real people. I even tried writing out the word, and nobody could guess.

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