Psych! Outwit your friends 2022


Test your knowledge & bluff your friends with this hilarious party game!
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Get Psyched! From the creators of “Heads Up!” comes “PSYCH!” – one of the best new party games to play with friends!

Looking for new zoom games to play with friends? Look no further! Psych makes it simple to play online games with friends. From the developers that brought you multiple Warner Bros games such as Heads Up! and Ellen’s Game of Games – Psych! is yet another ridiculously awesome group game to play with friends on zoom or live! Challenge friends and get the party games started!

Challenge friends and play super fun group games like you’ve never played before! PSYCH introduces a sweet new guessing game by Ellen DeGeneres, where trivia games meet cards against humanity. Think strategically, articulate your answers, and sike your friends into choosing your game card! May the best bluffer win!

Think you’re a trivia star? Challenge friends to this exciting online Trivia game – what you know doesn’t matter so much. It’s what you bluff that will make you a Psych game winner! These are games for family and friends who think they can outwit each other! Sharpen your bluffing skills, practice your poker face, and let the bluffing games begin!

How to Play PSYCH!
Ready for online games with friends?! Just choose from a variety of fun categories like Word Up or Movie Bluff, in which each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions. Can you outwit your buddies and choose the outrageous real answer among your friends’ fakes? Get points for choosing the right answer in this tricky guessing game, and for each other player you PSYCH! into choosing yours. Play with friends and bluff your way to the top!

“PSYCH!” is the perfect party game app for family game night, road trips, or even to play with friends while waiting in line. Like to play zoom games with friends? You guessed it, this is one of the best games on zoom – you can even play with Ellen DeGeneres! So grab your phones, gather ‘round, and bluff til the truth comes out. Get ready for a gaming experience unlike any other house party games you’ve ever played!
Ever thought you’ll get the chance to bluff Ellen DeGeners? Well now it’s your chance! In this funny trivia game, you can outwit your friends and family, you can even try to outwit Ellen, but I doubt it.
Ellen’s fun party game will make you and your friends play together even when you’re apart! You guessed it – the Psych app is the best online Trivia game to play with your friends even during such socially distant times. So cmon, let’s get this party game started and see who the real trivia star is!
Cool, we get it. Psych is simultaneously one of the best games to play with friends and one of the best games for family nights! But, why? Psych is the perfect game for you literary geniuses to come up with incredibly clever answers. A super exciting word game that lets your creative juices flow, like a party for your brain! Seriously, I’m not bluffing.
Have what it takes to play these bluff-tastic online games with friends? “Liar liar pants on fire” is what you’ll probably say after hearing all your friends twisting trivia facts and coming up with fake answers. This group game will make you trust no one but yourself, and maybe Ellen. 😜
Planning a house party? Looking for cooler dinner party games? Here’s a little heads up – Psych is a fun new group game for all ages! So whether you’re here to play party games for adults or kids – your greatest challenge will be bluffing your friends! 😎

Play PSYCH & enjoy these awesome card decks:
🙊 The Truth Comes Out
❓ Is That a Fact?
🎬 Movie Bluff
💬 Word Up
😮 The Naked Truth (for the adults in the group…)
🌟 And many more!

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Did you know cats can't taste sweet?
This update includes bug fixes and game play enhancements. Happy playing!


40 comentarios en "Psych! Outwit your friends 2022"

  1. Fun game but it has some kinks to work out. Too many ads, especially since decks cost money as well with the exception of a few starter options. Needs a timer so answers are required within 1 minute to keep the game moving. Great concept though. Also force closes a lot. Need an option to keep kids from seeing the adult decks as well.

  2. Joyce Liu dice:

    This is the same as Fibbage from Jackbox, but can host a lot more players. If you’ve always wished you could play Fibbage with larger parties (I believe up to 20 people), this is it! And also, there are different categories of topics to choose from. The Truth Comes Out decks are confusing, and we didn’t figure out until the end of the game you’re supposed to choose your favorite answer, not the right answer. All of the other decks you’re supposed to choose the right answer.

  3. This is a super fun game but it crashes constantly and provides no end of frustration to people just trying to have a fun time together. I’ve played a lot of psych games and I’ve never played a sing one where it did crash and need to be restarted at least once for someone in the game, usually several times for several of the people. Why even bother playing then? Also, the scoring seems to make no sense when people jump in mid game. How does someone end up loosing points???

  4. Used to love it but of course they’re trying to squeeze every penny out of it so now there’s a lot of ads and then blackmail to remove the ads. I’ve purchased several games but am shopping around for alternatives now. I’ll give Jackbox a try. Oh they don’t even show you who in your group has finished answering anymore…to make room for more ads. Gross.

  5. Crashes are, and at this point will be frequently experienced. My group had 18 people, and to be honest laughed and had fun with it. That said, we all had terrible crashing experiences. Some crashes held the game up for more than 5 minutes and the app had to be reloaded more than 8 times to get it going. Rinse, repeat. Uninstalled. Needs a time limit for answering questions. Looking for a great party game, go with jackbox. Far better. More fun.

  6. Glitchy. As soon as I opened it, the screen began rotating at random. There was, I think, an introductory video, but it lagged behind the VO, which went on and off as the screen rotated. I decided to quit before I even made it to the game. But wait, it gets worse! There’s a button on the bottom to pay to get rid of ads, but it was over my screen’s home & back buttons, so it was impossible to hit them without also hitting the pay button. I finally had to restart my phone. Uninstall.

  7. Good idea for games, absolutely awful app design 1. Starting a game freezes your screen.. All 8 party members tried numerous times before we got a game going 2. Even when all players are ready, loading next question takes several minutes. Bad syncing. 3. On android takes over your whole screen. Can’t push home or back buttons to get out of the app. Should be disqualified by google on this alone, absolutely awful design. Giving it a 2 because actual games are fun. Deleted this promptly.

  8. I’m giving it 2 stars since I had this game once and had lot of fun with friends and fam. However after not using it for a while I uninstalled it and when I reinstalled it a few months later to enjoy some precious family time together but it wouldnt get passed the initial loading page. I tried reinstalling it and clearing cache, memory and RAM to no avail. I emailed their email a month ago and they still haven’t responded. I’m very disappointed.

  9. It’s a fun game…Lots of fun to play with family. Although it can be very frustrating when the game crashes to multiple players each round and the final results are never seen by those players. For that reason I have it 2 stars. The waiting can really ruin the moment Please fix those bugs I would love to add some stars.

  10. There are many choices of games, some you can play for free (with ads), if you want extra games or to play ad free they are inexpensive and most importantly “A one-time buy” no monthly fees. Also only one person in the group has to buy a game for everyone to play without ads. Players aren’t disconnected continuously as with other games (talking about you scrabulous).

  11. It’s a fun game in principle but you’ll quickly run out of new questions and it becomes very repetitive. While it has some advantages over, say, Fibbage (jackbox) it also has a much, much lower degree of replayability. Needs updating badly. Also, it seems very glitchy on some devices and frequently fails to start at all for some players. Please fix!

  12. Kim Hale dice:

    This game is terrible. It’s frozen, and I’ve deleted and reinstalled it THREE times, and it still won’t work. I’ve also restarted my phone twice, and it still won’t let me do anything. It also froze right where I can’t buy the games with the discount, so I’m gonna miss out on that, too!

  13. Don’t buy the packs. I purchased one for $6.99 that promised access to all the decks and the game is still trying to charge me $2.99 every time I try to use any of the non free decks. Super annoying. And there’s still ads even after buying the premium decks.

  14. Abi x dice:

    Everything in the games that i played were good but when you go onto the app and you have choices to create or join one, the screen goes all grey and it takes ages to fix even if you refresh the app or redownload it again (trust me I tried) so it doesn’t let you make one and you can only join from a link. please fix this issue

  15. Too many adverts even on paid version! I paid for 2x decks and the adverts really spoiled the game they were too long, and one advert in particular kept freezing the screen so by the time you had signed out then signed back in to the game you are playing the other players were getting bored were losing interest! The adverts shouldn’t be there if you are buying a deck, also charging £8.49 to then remove adverts is very expensive and really does take the enjoyment out of this otherwise fun app!

  16. Intrusive ads. I paid $10 for this app and still need to watch a commercial every 2 minutes. Also they make you stare at a static ad for so long without any indication of how long they are going to force me to watch it, you think it’s broken.

  17. Awesome game but really slow for some reason Edit: I just purchased all packs and there are still ads which is annoying. To be clear the game didn’t say I wouldn’t have ads if I purchase everything it’s just kinda expected.

  18. After updating today Feb 7 2023, several of us cant get it to work because of an error pertaining to a missing file: The issue is for Samsung A13s. Please resolve this immediately as we just purchased 10 decks last night.

  19. Upgrade Fails To Appear. Free games play well and it’s a good concept keeping family members of ages 12+ occupied and entertained. Sadly App is badly executed. Paid for access to multiple games that then still required paid in-app upgrades before access granted. Download to play free games. Don’t give them your money.

  20. The number of tech issues is a 3 minute period was ridiculous. 8 of our team members got kicked put 4 times and I keep getting error messages that unable to receive.

  21. It was supposed to be a team building activity but the app kept crashing, so we had to come up with something else last minute. Too bad.

  22. Disappointing to see this game get so add heavy and expensive at the same time. A family member bought this so we can all play and now that isn’t honoured.

  23. A fun Balderdash twist with a variety of categories, however some prompts not written as well as others brings this solid game back

  24. The game would not allow me to complete a round. I was able to go ready after making up an answer and enjoy the game with friends.

  25. This new version is So. GLITCHY. It’s impossible to get through it without someone getting kicked out or frozen.

  26. So many ads…. Even after I paid for the full version. Literally one every 5 minutes, really kills the mood halfway through a game. It drains your battery life in about 5 minutes, probably because of all the ads they put in. Also, did I mention how many ads you have to watch?

  27. Psych used to be really good game before. But now, it keeps hanging and the number of ads on it are unbelievable. I love the concept, but it is so slow and so difficult to play. It’s quite annoying to keep seeing the splash screen with every game. I also had access to all the decks before, but that seems to have gone. It’s 2020! Your app cannot afford to be that slow on a network with strong data/WiFi connections.

  28. It’s incredibly fun to play with friends when it works. But the app is horrendously slow. Switching between apps causes it to load from scratch again , games don’t start, takes forever to load options in the menu. And it’s not like I have a bad phone, I have OnePlus 5 and I can play demanding games with high frame rate. It’s a shame really, I was planning to spend money on decks and it’s now plagued with issues.

  29. Super glitchy – I love the concept and the design work is lovely but that’s where it ends. The screen orientation was constantly changing so I never knew which way up to hold my phone, trying to start a game just resulted in adverts for the app itself and I never figured out how to actually start a game 🤔 tried watching the tutorial video but of course, it changes orientation part way through which cut the ends off the image. Long story short, I gave up 🤷

  30. Sofie dice:

    Awesome game but it doesnt really work anymore. Keeps crashing for people

  31. This used to be really good back in 2020 but I tried to play it again recently and we had to give up because every time I started a game it crashed immediately on all the iPhones and only worked on Android.

  32. Really buggy. Half my friends were unable to even load into the app, and during one game it never even showed results to half the friend group.

  33. Sam Birch dice:

    The concept is good and theoretically it would be fun. However it is extremely glitchy and almost unplayable. It will often struggle to work if one of the players switches apps even for a second and then its very glitchy for them to rejoin. For this game to actually be good they need to fix all the bugs and add time limits to keep the pace of the game up.

  34. G W dice:

    Love the game. I can’t use the app and have Spotify playing in the background 😔

  35. It’s fun if you invite a couple of friends. However, the app seems to be slow and glitchy at times. Can I suggest that the app can add a voice chat so it can be more fun and enjoying experience? It can be useful to add if we want to commnicate with each other, if we are not playing next to each other, but at a distance if we want to play each other during quarantine.

  36. In theory, it’s a great idea for an app and especially in these times of isolation it’s a great way to interact with friends. However in practice the app crashes all the time, and MASSIVELY drains your battery and basically just screws your phone up while you’re playing it. If there are similar apps I’d recommend using those instead.

  37. Used to be so fun to play with friends and family. But now all it does is crash. I’d stay away from this one.

  38. Sri Lekha dice:

    The game is good but the experience with the app is bad. The game didnt let me in for almost 2 days after installing it. It was always stuck on the launching game screen. But recently, i was able to play it. While playing, it keeps throwing requesttimeout error and pusing me out of the game. Please rectify the bugs soon so that i can have a good experience with the app.

  39. Fun before ads ruined it. Payed for decks when it first came out, and it was a lot of fun, then force update caused ads, ads, and wait, ads.

  40. Ben Holt dice:

    No longer free to play. I don’t mind paying for a couple of modes, but after purchasing and playing “The Truth Comes Out” last night with friends I’m not sure where the money is going as the experience has gotten worse. The game kept lagging and multiple people had issues connecting. I also kept seeing ads asking me to pay for the other game modes which was equally annoying. If I’m giving you my money don’t cram ads down my throat…

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