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Bold Moves: Positivity Puzzles MODDED 2022 - APK PEAK

Bold Moves: Positivity Puzzles MODDED 2022


Relaxing Match 3 Games: Swipe Fun Colors, Solve Easy Matching Word Puzzle!
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Bold Moves is one of OPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS! Need a little more joy and positivity in your life? Solve hundreds of motivational, celebrity quote word puzzles. Match 3 colors to collect letters, build words, and solve the phrase. Once you’ve unlocked the inspiring quote, share it with your friends! Play and enjoy daily rewards, affirmations, positivity, and relaxation. It’s a word puzzle meets match 3 game with calming, zen-like landscapes!

“Soooo many people have told me how much they love a good game. And, if you didn’t already know, I LOVE a great quote! So we mixed the two together! OWN presents Bold Moves, a brand new game that challenges you to solve captivating puzzles and unlock hundreds of quotes that you can share with your friends. It’s already one of my Favorite Things… I hope it becomes one of yours, too!” – Oprah Winfrey

Download Bold Moves to begin your daily inspirational journey!

Calming Match 3 Quote Solving
• Make matches of 3 or more to clear letter tiles
• Remove obstacles and collect letters to form words
• Solve the phrase to unlock the celebrity quote and win!

Relaxing and Meditative
• Easy to play, challenging to master. Test your brain power with the swipe of your finger
• Endless levels of calm, serene match 3 adventure
• Unique gameplay with dazzling combos and power-ups
• Weekly events and tons of zen puzzles to keep your brain strong
• Play with friends and share your favorite quotes on social media
• Beautiful design featuring peaceful and natural landscapes and gardens
• Meaningful daily quotes can even serve as journal or diary inspiration, or to help you share encouraging words with friends!

Bold Moves is an inspirational quote Match 3 word puzzle that will help you relax and give you the daily motivation you need to stay positive & calm!


General Product Improvements and Fixes. #226645


40 comentarios en "Bold Moves: Positivity Puzzles MODDED 2022"

  1. Update… this w/e they had a decent offer for more lives etc so I bought 2 lots. Both appeared on my a/c then after 1hr disappeared. Despite reaching out to the developers Ive heard nothing. It’s difficult to log in, keeps bouncing me out. 😡 I play too much I know! But the past few days there is some glitch that keeps it hanging and only solution is to close & reload. I don’t want to reinstall as I will lose all my progress. I hope they know there is a problem & will soon fix it!

  2. I really like the positivity that’s infused into this game! It’s slow to load and to go from one screen to the next. Can be glitchy at times. The 5 games go by so fast and it seems very hard to consistently get 3 starts. If they are going to limit game play, I wish they’d make scoring decent scores more accessible, and offer more game-based rewards more frequently…. Especially unlimited games for whatever time span (2 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, etc) I like the overall concept here, but would like to see some technical things fixed and I’d like to see the game being a little less stringent in scoring and limiting game plays.

  3. Great concept! I usually don’t like match-3 games, but the inspirational stuff in this one is enough to override that. However, it not enough to override the lack of response to my stylus. The Samsung Galaxy devices work best using their stylus. With precious few exceptions, nothing in Bold Moves works with the stylus, AT ALL. This was frustrating enough that I uninstalled after two levels.

  4. Overall I give it more like a 3.50 maybe 3.7 and here’s why. When I go to move a piece one direction it will go the opposite. Also right when I’m about to beat the level it will freeze up for a second and restart itself. I have request though. There are a lot of games that connect to Facebook let you share stuff between each other and this one doesn’t do that so it would be a nice feature.

  5. This latest update is horrible. It created bugs instead of fixing them. I’m on level 432 and can’t see the screen now. There are pink streaks over the entire game. A special play game popped up, so I started playing that. I can at least see the screen, but it using my boosters even when I don’t click on them. For instance, I used the flower booster on one level (I didn’t win) and when I went to play that level again, it used my flower booster even though I didn’t select it. Redo this update!

  6. I enjoyed this game a lot early on, but the levels get VERY hard after about level 60. I like a challenge, but not a frustrating exercise in futility. And when you finally DO beat an extremely hard level, on multiple occasions, the game locks up and you have to repeat it! I’m done. Great concept, terrible execution.

  7. Jen Chada dice:

    The most interesting and inspiring game I’ve ever seen. As I move forward the challenges get more difficult and sometimes it takes a few ‘lives’ to get to the reward. Building good life skills. Almost two years later and the graphics have gotten too glitchy for me to continue. I finally got frustrated enough to let it go.

  8. Love the game. I’ve been playing it longer than any other, however, I’m so tired of waiting on new levels. I always have to go months before having any gameplay and then you add on like 10 levels and I go through them so quickly. Also, after introducing the jelly fish, there’s been nothing new to make it exciting. Seems like you just keep repeating copy-cats of other levels. Went frok beibg my favorite game to a huge disappointment within a year. Uninstalling if no new EXCITING levels soon.

  9. The game was fun at first. The quotes are very good. However as you progress through the game it’s almost impossible to solve the levels without purchasing boosters at an alarming rate. I have progressed to level 420 but I refuse to pay money to play a game. Been on this level for 5 weeks and cannot be completed with the required moves. Ridiculous, the fun has evaporated.

  10. December 2020 Very frustrating- the response to all problems is to contact the help desk. Why not fix the problems as a whole instead of one by one? Used to enjoy the game. The slow movement is terrible. I keep trying. Ready to put it to bed now. May 2020 I hate the giant pink confetti too. I imagine that some developer thought it would add difficulty to the game but it’s more annoying than anything. Please consider blowing it off.

  11. Fun encouraging and positive game. Takes a little time to load each time you open the app but I have found it to be worth the download. Some of the higher levels (47 and up) are pretty difficult and have taken a lot of attempts to defeat. However, it is possible without purchasing anything though as long as you have patience…one level took me playing 1 or 2 times a day for almost 4 weeks straight!

  12. takes to long to complete the games that say difficult. not enough control. Same issue. therevis not enough flexibility in the games to be incontrol of how the pieces fall. It can take weeks to complete a game, especially the one that say difficult. a bit difficult is fine but not hours and hours. takes the fun out. and too long to get more lives.

  13. When you finally get up to higher levels it aways seems to shut down and you have to start back at level one. When this happens you loose all the boosters you have accumulated. I’m waiting to see if it will start again. It starts like it going to start up to 100% then just sits there. I’m probably done if I have to go back to day one, this would l be the 3rd time I had to start over.

  14. This update is riddled with issues. I can’t use the extended game feature because anytime I click to watch the ad or if I have to pause the game it freezes. No way to recover except to completely reboot the app. I’ve been playing this game for a very long time and I enjoy it immensely, but the new update is not that great for me.

  15. I have enjoyed playing however 2 items that needs to be fixed: 1) once the letters pop up on the screen place them somewhere else other than the place you made that move. you can’t make another move in the space because the letters are there you can’t see to make your next move. The system makes its move and you are blocked 2)When I swipe to move to the right the system moves it to the left or to a position I did not want it to go to. I guess this is by design so the system wins

  16. Some of the levels are ridiculously tough to finish like the levels with the shells. Your can only use a pet up to get rid of them and the power ups have to be in just the right spot on the board and of course you don’t give us enough moves. So frustrating. It’s ruining an otherwise good game. Give us more moves and more opportunities to get power ups so the game is more fair. The game also cheats, your will have 20 moves and make one move and it will say 18 moves instead of 19. Fix it…

  17. Give it two stars one for all the time I’ve waisted and one for the only game I’ve ever spent .99 to get off of a level! YOU GOT ME!! I’ve been playing this game for a long while through all of the bugs and more than difficult levels. I had to reset my phone and have lost all of my progress unable to logon through Facebook says a admin has to log me on because the app is not set up on facebook? I was on level 401! Guess that means I’ve mastered Bold Moves~ uninstalling more frustration than zen!

  18. I’ve played Bold Moves since Jan. I play every day, 2-3x’s daily. Now although I’ve played level 87 numerous times, the game jumped me back to level #21. I welcome your assistance in correcting this error that occurs more frequently. I really love this game it keeps my mind active in more ways than one. Please help! I also got stopped with the “special” for Veteran’s Day… although there are 5 more days to play it…daily awards also stopped 3 days ago…. HELP!

  19. I’ve been playing this game since it was introduced and have had occasional problems. This time it’s apparently beyond fixing and it’s really frustrating. It worked on my phone but not my tablet, but now it doesn’t work anywhere unless I start at level 1 again! Really??? I’m at level 365! Very disappointed!

  20. I will be uninstalling. Don’t care for limited moves or timed games as the major platform. Give me an option to choose the harder, limited or timed game, and I will come back. Also need better explanations for the obstacles within a game and how to overcome them. Sorry to have to uninstall because everything else is lovely- just way too frustrating, and not in keeping with the overall philosophical character of the game.

  21. I wanted to love this game. But it’s so frustrating that I’m about to delete it. I can’t figure it out and it’s so frustrating. First, sometimes I will have done what I need to do in order to achieve, say, a butterfly, and yet no butterfly appears, while at other times it will be fine. (I’m careful.) Also, it seems that some of the games are set up to fail, that they position an element in the very center of the puzzle with no obvious way to win that puzzle, since you can’t win that element. Finally, I can’t even figure out how to use the in-game boosters, since apparently I needed to have memorized and written down what each one does when I first heard it in the game. In every other game in the universe, you can click something and it will remind you of what that booster does. And even when I click on the booster blindly, it makes no sense as to how to then use it, much less what it does. In other words, I will click on the hurricane thing, not sure of what to expect, and then I’m not even sure what to do next to make the hurricane activate. Maybe I’m an idiot. But I’ve played Bejeweled and similar games for years and not had these problems. It is simply set up to frustrate me. I can guess the saying to solve the puzzle effortlessly. I just can’t clear the challenges in order to get to the point where it will allow me to solve the puzzle. I guess I could try to go online to find hints from other disgruntled players, but really, life is too short.

  22. THANK YOU for the quick response and for the fix. If anyone likes a challenge, this is the game for you. Its helpful to go on daily and get the daily rewards. After I completed level 196 I clicked on the highlighted little picture to go to the next level and it takes me back to level 1 through 25 and I can’t get to level 197. I just completed my 808 day of receiving rewards so I go on here daily. I’ve emailed 4 times and have not gotten a response back as to what the problem I am having.

  23. Maddenly SLOW! I completed the game three years ago and loved it. Now with a brand new Galaxy I am frustrated that it takes forever to do a move. Is it because the screen is small and my fingers are bigger than the tiles? And it doesn’t let me skip the instructional hints. Really, we all know how match three games work!!

  24. Last update messed it up, doesn’t open.nThird day now, app shuts down before opening. I have been on a long win streak of hundreds and hundreds of consecutive days and I don’t want to lose and go back to day one due to an app update Edited review a few days later as they got back to me to say the bugs are fixed. I still need them to revert my status to before losing it all on last upgrade. If they do, I will add more stars. No progress more than five weeks later…..

  25. The game is good as well as challenging, however it sometimes makes a move for you, when you could have won, causing you to lose. Dont like that at all. It wants you ho purchase more in Order to lose, and repurchase because you want to win so bald. Don’t do it!!

  26. Its a good game but it makes wrong moves a lot. It freezes when u try to solve or choose wrong letter. Game will just stop and you have to log out completely and lose the game you are solving. It needs a way to share game with others and ask for moves when you get stuck. I really do like playing but would be helpful if the cheats were easier to understand.

  27. Inspiring phrases to elevate your mood & consciousness! But, it takes too long to load each puzzle. There are NOT clear instructions on how to manipulate the icons. For example… How do you remove acorns; what happens when you utilize a flower blossom; Or how to get rid of fireflies… It’s very cumbersome. CLEAR & CONCISE DIRECTIONS in the help center would prove extremely useful and make the game less frustrating, more welcoming, and more enjoyable. Thanks for the inspirational ideas!

  28. M K dice:

    I love this game. I can’t stop playing it, but it is not relaxing. I can only play while I sometimes have infinite lives. I’ve played a hundred other match 3 games and done very well. It’s not fun when you have to play each level over and over. I love the theme of this game that includes inspiring anagrams. The design is beautiful. And, it is stable. But it is not calming when you keep losing all of your lives. What am I missing? Yes, I strategically use power moves.

  29. Another way to put money in Oprah’s pocket. This isn’t a game you will advance levels in without spending money or taking forever. You can’t spend more than 15 minutes playing because you go through all your lives in a flash because the levels are so hard to beat. Then you miss one letter in solving the puzzle you worked so hard to beat and you have to start over. More frustrating than fun/relaxing. I’ll give it another day or two, then delete the game and find something better.

  30. It’s an addicting game but when you go spend a lot of time on a level and clear it. Then the app freezes up, and does not acknowledge you got through it, and you have to. Redo it. Also some of the extras your supposed to earn sometimes don’t happen.

  31. Update again: Well, it worked for 2 days! I did what they said to do, but it didn’t work. Different problem this time, but same outcome – I can’t play! There are no icons on the bottom of the screen to use. No logging in or out. Nothing happens if I try to play on my level either. Update: It is happening again. I get a message that the internet is required to load the game – when I am already connected. This is getting old!

  32. The game crashes on launch. Both paid for and bonus gems have disappeared. This used to be a good game, but the game instabilities and lost money are a huge strike against it.

  33. Lately this game has been crashing can something be done. It opens then goes back to the Google play store. I’m so sad right now. Hope this gets fixed soon. I enjoy the events.

  34. Can’t even get the game to load since they did some type of update Don’t bother I have uninstalled this game.

  35. I have enjoyed Bold Moves and like the challenge without so many bells & whistles, however, I have encountered a number of glitches in the program. Also, at the higher levels, it is virtually impossible to succeed without being forced to buy more boosts and turns. Disappointing to complete a whole section, all 6 pieces of “pie”, and be rewarded one measly “river” boost. My interest is waning after so many unwinnable games. I like the graphics, and support people are helpful.

  36. The messages and design are beautiful and make this an overall rewarding game to play. There are plenty of levels with different themes so it is hard to get sick of. I love the added challenge of solving a puzzle along with reaching in game goals. What I don’t like is the money grubbing. It takes 20 minutes for one life to refill, so if you get a gameover, you have to wait over an hour to play again. not to mention the obvious algorithms to make or break your game.

  37. Fantastic game. I love it. What I don’t love is the fact that some levels are extremely brutal. Not the phrase, that’s not a problem. You know the phrase, but you can’t clear the level without spending money. Just now, I purchased the basic $1.29 for additional 10 moves. Needed another 10…..when trying to purchase it kept giving me an error message. I than tried the $8.99 offer and lo and behold!!!!! No error message!! Great game that is a true money stealer.

  38. I loved this game and have been playing for about 2 years, it was my go-to when I wanted to chill. But the ads have become so much more intrusive recently, it’s completely spoiled the game for me. Ads now pop up randomly in the middle of a level, interrupting game play and cutting off your train of thought. It’s completely ruined the formerly pleasant experience.

  39. Stuck on level 221 because giant pink squares keep falling over the game making it impossible to see the whole screen at once or to make moves when the pink squares are in the way. The only time I play a game is when there is a special game. I noticed my last review disappeared. It still gets a low score because of the annoying quirks. NOTE: Not fixed in update.

  40. Love this game, I’ve had it for years the updated version is wonderful, it gives you a much needed rest from being stuck on a certain level!! But as of 2 weeks ago i can’t get the game to download, gets to 95% ,and stops!! Don’t want to uninstall and start over!! Help!!! Well after reading other reviews and cancelling the game and downloading, got about to where i left off. What do you think happened… downloads to 95% and nothing, waited it out 3 days and once again uninstalled! IDK!!!

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