JW Crossword: Theocratic Crossword Puzzles MODDED 2022


Theocratic crossword puzzles for Jehovah's Witness Bible study
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Solve fun theocratic crosswords and learn more about the Bible with JW Crossword!

Challenge your Bible trivia knowledge with theocratic puzzles made by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Use the Bible Timeline or Study Guide crosswords to review key events alongside your Bible reading or our organization’s publications. Solve the weekly crosswords based on our meetings to aid in remembering main points from the Watchtower study or in the meeting workbook.

What’s inside:
• Over 100 Bible-themed crosswords for Jehovah’s Witnesses with more updates every week
• Weekly crossword puzzles based on the midweek meeting and Watchtower study
• Look up scripture or publication references on Watchtower Online Library right in the crossword

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40 comentarios en "JW Crossword: Theocratic Crossword Puzzles MODDED 2022"

  1. Really enjoy because it tests my Bible knowledge. At times I’m distracted by doing more study with various scriptures. Meeting reviews are fun as well. It would be great if the meeting review puzzles were archived for subscribers. Also nice to have a better way to reset puzzles as a group (such as reset all easy, etc). A note to let you know how many words for multiple word answers would be helpful (after clue: (2W) or like). Also being available offline would be helpful.

  2. I have always enjoyed doing the crosswords puzzles when they were in the awake magazine. Now I love this app but there are a few bugs, it takes to long to load when moving from clue to clue or square to square. And some of the clues are so vague I am left wondering what answer you are looking for. Otherwise love it.

  3. The crosswords in Awake really helped me to develop interest in spiritual matters as a youth. Thank you for producing these new puzzles. I hope that many people find them encouraging and helpful on the road to life. “At times riddles were used, not to mystify the ones who heard them, but apparently to arouse interest and to make the message conveyed more vivid.” Insight on the Scriptures, topic “Riddle” This has been my experience.

  4. I’ve just finished the first puzzle and really enjoyed how it made me dig for things I couldn’t remember. I think it would be great for family worship with older kids and adults to keep it interesting.

  5. Thank you for this app. Searching for the answers is very educational. reminds me of the puzzles in older Awake issues.

  6. Creative and fun! Recently downloaded the game, Im very impressed and enjoy the challenge. I would really love an Afrikaans version though!

  7. This app helps me challenge my memory and learn new facts from the Bible. Thank you for making this.I think it is better on Android than the IPad.

  8. This crossword puzzle is great! It is helping me with my memory of Our Father’s Word! Thank you soooo much !

  9. An excellent, fun way to recall past Bible accounts and learn new things!!! thank you so much for creating this app ❤️

  10. Wonderful game very educational and accurate you can definitely tell this was made by spiritual brothers and sisters

  11. Nadya dice:

    The app is great. easy to play no adverts. funny party the designers have very tiny fingers. it’s too small to navigate make available settings to increase size. clues are spot on

  12. Very happy thankyou so much to the designers of this app. I can keep my brain sharp with Bible knowledge while enjoying doing crosswords ( one of my favourite passtimes) and looking up scriptures at same time. Its great!

  13. Great fun and a way to be more familiar with Bible verses

  14. Mark Gent dice:

    Can’t sign in as the app refuses to accept o have internet connection. Why must I sign in anyway?

  15. I hated ‘English’ in school. Now I’m paying for it. But in a fun way. I love this. Kinda. This is a love/hate thing. Definitely increasing my bible knowledge.First crossword puzzles I’ve ever finished. Good for the brain.

  16. Nice way to relax, using God’s Word and a hint index. Well done. I think I would prefer a purchase, as opposed to subscription.

  17. Awesome crossword game for indoor players. I really loved it very much and recommend it to everyone.

  18. it’s fun and addictive. love it

  19. I really like it deepening my biblical knowledge. thank Jehovah for the creators of this app

  20. It’s helping remember some Bible verses great brain teaser

  21. Great app, really fun way to see what I remember from studying. Definitely worth the subscription.

  22. vis tech dice:

    Crossword is very good for mind development. Very good for all people. Every one should play this game.

  23. great game good for learning about the bible and Jehovh

  24. Grdn L dice:

    Excellent app! Very smart person who created it 🙂

  25. this game is so cool, thanks brothers . l enjoyed it 😍

  26. it is very nice to have a properly theocratic “game”.

  27. Love this app. Use it nearly everyday. Works as an aid to memory as well. Great job!!!

  28. this is the best crossword because it helps to study the bible.you should always include offline too

  29. Love that it’s updated weekly according to our meetings. Has other amazing crosswords! Thank you

  30. This game for everyone. Very good for mind development. Everyone should play. Highly recommended.

  31. I really like doing these puzzles. They are fun and challenging.

  32. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles so I downloaded this app…it’s wonderful!

  33. really enjoy. Testing my brain and helping my memory.

  34. Very interesting JW Crossroad puzzle. Love to play. Highly recommend this app.

  35. This game is a real fun game. If you want to improve thinking skill play this game. This game is awesome. It will make your mind sharp. Thanks for this game.

  36. I love the clues an cites research

  37. Jehovah helped us with this app it keeps us busy than playing other games that Jehovah doesn’t like………

  38. This app is fun and helps me increase my Bible knowledge. I love it, thank you!

  39. Xariama dice:

    Tests my knowledge, very enjoyable

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