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Redecorate & Create Star Luxury Mansion Makeover Interiors & Master Words Puzzle
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Do you like luxury homes and want to design & makeover a millionaire’s house? Welcome to My Home Design Luxury! Play the best luxury home design makeover meets crossy word puzzles game! Help stars, millionaires, billionaire clients to design, decorate, renovate and build dream homes with interiors worth millions of dollars with amazing home makeover designs. Can you scrabble & solve all the crosswords and anagrams? Challenge your brain in the best offline luxury home design crossy words scrabble game. Solve crossy word puzzles to help design, decorate, renovate, restore, build, fix, flip & create the perfect luxury dream home makeover with beautiful room decor.
The goal is to create, design, decorate, renovate, flip, fix, makeover & restore your client’s luxury house or a mansion home with garden & play fun word puzzles. Become the best home designer as lots of families are counting on you to restore, renovate their home down-and-out fixer uppers!

* Luxury House Design: Become a home makeover and interior designing master! Makeover, build, create, renovate, design, redecorate, fix, flip & restore millionaire, stars & billionaire’s dream houses, mansions, gardens & homes.

* Furniture Styles: Master all furniture styles & become a truly professional decorator, each HGTV like clients with his/her own project design challenge! Renovate a variety of fixer uppers that need your interior design eye: Mansions, Gardens, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Decks, Living Rooms, Villas & luxurious projects & properties!

* Renovate: Restore and remodel homes, mansions, gardens, houses with million dollar luxurious interior styles or go Vintage? Redecorate outdated interior designs into outstanding million dollar luxurious makeovers with bold accents, pops of color, stylish fixtures & finishes.

*Creativity boosting & Express yourself: with an incredible variety of high-end luxury designer furniture, lighting, flooring & décor choices. Play with home decor styles, express your creativity and improve your design skills. Challenge your creative sense – adjust & redecorate wall colors, floors and furniture placements to harmonize the room. Customize every piece of your own furniture.

* Different Stories: Handle variety of projects. Help various HGTV like clients brothers, celebrities, families, newlyweds to transform dreams into reality. Build the most incredible property or fixer upper for brothers, celebrity stars and millionaire families with kids. Help them create, design, decorate, restore, renovate, build, flip, fix and makeover their old houses & outdated mansions, gardens into beautiful luxurious dream makeovers.

* Exciting crosswords levels: Test & improve your spelling, vocabulary and word skills for free. Enjoy the best selection of word search, word scrabble, anagrams, and crosswords. Stack words to play crossword solver. Intelligently designed crossword game allows you to train your brain by connecting, searching the words & resolving anagrams. Solve crossword puzzles and experience incredible brain challenging fun in the most addictive word search game.

* Multiple houses, mansions & homes: Not satisfied with decorating, building, designing, creating or restoring few projects? We have plenty of HGTV like clients, celebrity stars for you to build, flip, design, craft, renovate, restore, create or decorate & have a blast! Renovate different room styles including family-friendly living rooms, luxurious mansions, gardens, rustic kitchens, stylish bathrooms, chic bedrooms, private study rooms, amazing office spaces & chilled out decks!

* Rewards: Unlock & earn rewards as you are decorating client homes, house or mansion with amazing beautiful makeovers. Scrabble & hunt the words and find all answers and solutions to the crosswords.

You don’t need to be a house designer or flipper to know house building, interior designing, decorating, creating, restoring, renovating or flipping. My Home Design Luxury is a free to play game.


- bug fixes and game improvements


40 comentarios en "My Home Design: My House Games MODDED 2022"

  1. Just downloaded the other day & it worked fine. Loved it. Now constantly keeps closing. Within seconds of opening. No update needed. Tried to restart my phone. Just reinstalled. We shall see round two. I do like the bubble words concept. Very original. Different twist from all the other match-3 and other common word or puzzle games. Hope it works this time.

  2. I was really enjoying this game till yesterday. Something is happening in the loading screen as of last night that makes it flash like a strobe between the home screen (with the large play button) and whatever ad it trying to load. I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing with no difference. It’s not happening with anything else on my computer so I is definitely this game. I’m actually really bummed out – I really liked the word puzzles instead of the stupid match games! Please help!

  3. Just started. So far i really like it. Plus it doesnt have the same overused, unoriginal match games that most everyone else seems to use. Thank you for that. Oh and it moves along faster than usual. Its easy to keep playing for morr cash, you dont have to go ALL the way back to the main screen to then travel back through to the games to make more cash. Here you have the option to stayand continue with the games. Again Thank you.

  4. Susan N dice:

    Cannot get past level 170, no help with passing level Has froze my tablet twice which I have to wait for battery to drain to restart happened twice, once more will uninstall. If no help to get past level will uninstall

  5. Loved this game at first. Decor is quite nice and I liked the puzzles. Until now. I am in the 800 levels and some of your puzzles are too difficult. Even worse, there is no way to skip a puzzle. I don’t care how long I play, I will never know much about anatomy or mariachi bands. And so I will probably have to uninstall it now as I cannot afford to spend money on these games to buy power ups.

  6. So far, it’s been a fun game! I just completed the the lobby/main room, and the word games to earn coins didn’t take too long nor were they difficult up to now. I’ll keep you posted on how the game progresses. 🤗

  7. So far enjoying it. Only Issue – the subject of word search on the top left cannot be seen so nicely, it’s way too light.

  8. This game is nice but it is very laggy and it gets disconnected so many times . The game it’s self is low quality of the display and it was said you can play offline but it is very laggy when you are offline.

  9. I have got to level 781 and now I have reached the limit no more levels until the update which was on the 14th of this month till have rooms to do but can’t play I guess it was fun.

  10. Ginger J dice:

    This game is good like the point it’s words you have to figure out sometimes it is hard. But makes you think I love mind thinking games

  11. This game is an amazing and fun game the only thing I would say is that more boost gifts should come the words can become difficult.

  12. Nice word game, find the words using the hint title and you get coins after every level you beat and the words get bigger and better each round. And they aren’t ridiculously high priced furniture options and it not 1K colors to choose from but the pieces they suggest all match each other. I may have found my new home decor game!

  13. I just started the game. So far, this is the best home design I’ve played. I like the fact you Don’t have to watch ads that are so repetitive, it makes you want to delete the game. If it continues like this … it’ll be the 4th app/game I use. I’ve deleted so many others, I hope I don’t have to delete it. Thanks for a decent game!

  14. This game is fun. If you like to design and build things this in the perfect thing for you. To be able to build it is like a crossword you have to solve and there is not as much ads.

  15. Beth dice:

    Holy Cow Studio has many great games! This one does not dissapoint. Great selection of decor and scenes. Games are exiting and rewarding. Very addictive!

  16. I really love this app it’s really fun and interesting finding words .The items are not so high in price this make it unique from other games I played. So this earns a 5 stars ♥️♥️♥️ and highly recommended to play if you like Home disign games .

  17. I do not like to rate so early in the game so I just give everything a medium and upgrade later if desired

  18. I’m stuck on a game and can’t move on because the subject want change cause I cant beat the level. I think after so many tries the game should move on to another subject

  19. Too many ads. Was really enjoying the game but the short ads became longer and more frequent. If this continues I’ll be uninstalling very soon,.

  20. This game is fun I wish it was a little easier or had more to it than just finding the word but I do enjoy this game. I updated this game and gave it five stars because it is super fun I definitely know that you can make it better and I look forward to seeing what you can do with it thank you

  21. I just finished my first room. Great so far, I’m sure it’s going to get harder but it’s fun so far. Very nice selections bc I’m no designer. So I look at the specs. I’m going back to playing now. I’ll update later…

  22. I am now on level 360, anniversary matters, but I’m completely stuck. Is there any way to skip the level? I love the game, but…

  23. Yan Yan dice:

    I like the graphics and the game itself.Its fun but theres always ads every after game and its so annoying and everytime i close the ads my game freeze and too long to respond.Its sad 😓

  24. Enjoying this game so far as match 3 design games get tedious but the challenge of finding words without a timer is a great mental workout and you get bonus of designing different rooms from a choice of 3 options without being tempted to buy furnishings. Ads between each level are a bit annoying but to be expected on free games. My favourite design game so far.

  25. Just fine, there are a few bugs which ruin the game. When you quit a level in between even if you did a few levels before, you won’t get the coins. You get the coins only when you complete the level and THEN quit. And the extra words is also broken, if you collect those gems (or whatever they are) after you already found 10+ words, it still resets to 0/10. And some stuff is hard to change after you already bought it and choose the best at the first.

  26. Love ❣️ this game best I’ve ever played by one question I downloaded this game also on my tablet but having many glitches won’t let me play could you please help I also play another game from you and love ❣️ that also great job!!!!!

  27. Interesting decor to choose from. Easy words.tx

  28. I love this game you dont have to spend alot of money and you get to design the rooms the way you want and you have no time limit thats the best thing

  29. This is definitely a fun game. You earn money to spend on redecorating by playing (what I consider to be ) a fun challenging word game. No “blocks or glitches so far. Game instructions would be nice, but I find few games with them or even a “help” menu. If you like decor games, it works.

  30. I appreciate that it’s a word game and not a match 3 and each round varies in difficulty. However there are only v3 options for decor, a lot of ads and the further you get the more things cost, but the money you “earn” stays the same. You end up playing so many rounds to buy one or two pieces of furniture or even a small decoration . Also there’s no real rhyme or reason to the amount of money you get in each round. It hovers around 550 to 650 coins each round regardless of the difficulty.

  31. Laid back . No ads so far, not asking for real money so far, not a huge selection but that’s okay.

  32. I invested $6.33 in your game and got nothing in return, please help. Thank you.THIS IS THE 3RD TIME YOU HAVE TAKEN MY MONEY ANB I HAE NOT GOTTEN MY BUNBLE!

  33. Shelley dice:

    Only done the first room BUT so far so good. Nothing bad about the game so far. I’ll keep playing and hope this game remains good .

  34. My love of word games and interior designing together equals challenging & addicting. Fun game to play.

  35. I love this game and this company’s apps, but they are not optimized for lower end devices. They are so laggy and constantly freeze. I would love to continue playing but it just doesn’t work well at all on my phone. 🙁 The visuals are gorgeous, so elegant!

  36. Have had so much fun these past few weeks that I’ve been playing! The decorations are beautiful! And, come on, who ever thought they’d design the inside of a private jet! I play many word deco games. And other types, coloring, cross stitch and more. I’ve never given 5 stars till now! 12/21/21 Still great game! Addictive! Now I have a new tablet that’s so much faster I can play 50 levels easily!! Highly recommend

  37. I am in the early levels of the game, and pleasantly surprised with the challenge word puzzles – a nice break from exploding squares or circles; enjoying the casual pace of the decorating and the choices. Overall, thumbs up. Thank you🙂

  38. Great game And i love it but found the worst word I could find in a word game. The N word. And it was a bonus word. Only reason im giving it two stars. That word is majorly offensive and I am a person of color. Edited review less than an hour after this review. I’ve updated the game but now the ads wont work. They worked completely fine before i updated. I cant get extra Diamonds now. Please fix!

  39. Well I’ve tried it so far and it’s amazing it keeps me smile each time I do some good work on the decorations

  40. Frustrating! The game play is great, but there seems to an issue in claiming extra points! The box pops up stating “no ads” to show at this time! I never heard of such a thing so I uninstalled the game.

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