LiteracyPlanet Word Mania MODDED 2022


The official Android app for the LiteracyPlanet Word Mania Challenge!
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Are you a champion word builder? Find out now!

Create as many words as possible from 15 letters in only three minutes. Drag letters into the word panel, click the “Mark” button and score points.
– Spell words correctly in a row to increase the multiplier.
– Spell five words in a row to get a gold tile, to boost your score.
– Spell four words using gold tiles and receive a diamond tile.

Get your school involved. The Word Mania challenge is open to all school students in Years 1 to 9.

Word Mania is one of thousands of fun and educational exercises created by LiteracyPlanet. LiteracyPlanet is the premier online literacy education resource for children. Developed by educators and aligned to the National Curriculum.


LiteracyPlanet Word Mania is available for students in Years/Grades 1 to 9!


40 comentarios en "LiteracyPlanet Word Mania MODDED 2022"

  1. I think ht e game is of top quality. I also think here that the game is very educational and is very easy and wonderful and overwhelming sometimes because of the time given, which makes some slow pokes speed up. I think this game is a game that should be continued because of the good works and news. I once again thank you for creating such a beautiful game!

  2. More features need to be added, the website has quests, avatars etc. But the app doesn’t have these features, I would appreciate if you guys are them.

  3. wonderful . helps learn new words. thank you very much for all this. I Love this game. keeps me good in English. download it. good for me and you. have a nice time playing it. hope my review helps .

  4. Great on IOS but will not work on Android Samsung S10. It is a shame as my son would be able to access this game more if it displayed properly on android. Once the bugs are fixed for Android it will be a 5* review.

  5. Wonderful and enjoyable to play on I would absolutely love to be able to continue to play this spectacular game.

  6. It’s ok but all you can do on this app is just put words together and it’s not like the website wich is way more fun than this i just wish it’s like the app where you can play word mania and play minigames.

  7. Its been a wonderful experience since I started playing this game. This game even helps us learn new words in our vocabulary. This is the reason why I am giving this game 5 stars!

  8. I love this game this game is so awesome because of that game is word letter you can make any letter you want to you can win a trophy and price

  9. This an amazing game,it increases our vocabulary, increases your competition by giving you three minutes to solve the game

  10. It is awesome quiz that can improve your IQ and an enjoying quiz BTW I like this so much

  11. It is a brilliant game for kids to improve their english plus spelling mistakes

  12. In my way I gived it 5/5 stars because in my school we all use this app in any lesson it is really intresting app and it also dosen’t have ads wow such great app.👍✌

  13. This game is so fun to play and I love that you get timed keep the good work up💕 (thanks to my teacher for recommending it)

  14. Anonymous dice:

    This game is amazing when i went to primary/elementery school it was the funnest game and is super adictive it helped me learn really fast

  15. It’s amazing and educational. Increases vocabulary and hand-eye cordination. I love this app. 😊😊😊😊

  16. I can’t even get past the first screen. It asks if I have an account or to be guest, but no matter how much I tap and click; It won’t let me choose.

  17. It is good for learning. Thank you because from my spelling grades are so low it became high

  18. It is an amazing app and you have to be concentrating in the game because also you have to have a big storage of word

  19. Love it so much I can’t stop playing it at school thanks so much for making it I made 5000 points and 100 words

  20. Takes ages to download I waited 2 wks but it still download and I have a very good iPad and I have 1 terabyte of space!

  21. This is a very useful game that at school we made competition for it and I got 121when I played it at home and 48 at scu

  22. This game can accesible in anyway and it does not have any ads.

  23. It is a very good app for children to learn English-language

  24. it graet fun you can play with friends and challenge your self and more

  25. u can also play at school or show a friend or someone at school.Anyway,My point is,You can show other people this app,Play,Challenge,or play it anywhere

  26. L love this game is super fun and it Learns how to be more good in english and Its more fun then any game and it deserve 5 stars 💫

  27. It is soooooo boring and there is a lot of glitches and it is siooo slow

  28. I love this game and i dont know who deleted this from my phone but we even had a city competiotion of this

  29. It is educational app and very good and interasting game

  30. M Zeeshan dice:

    Good game and you can also play word link it is a good vacabloury game also

  31. I started playing this game and I cant get enough of it I play it at school this game is educational and fun

  32. It keeps on crashing!!!!!!!

  33. AMAIZING this game is ive played it about 30 times now and im not board.

  34. It is the best literacy game I loved it my highest score is 20,000 it is recommended for the children need of grade 1

  35. I adore this game it is so addictive and very helpful my high score is 3378 and I am only hit her then ten and less then 15

  36. Excellent app for learning new words

  37. This is really good and is really entertaining for my kids

  38. Very good educational material for kids

  39. This is very good app Install this game we you all install this game is very good and enjoy I very enjoy and I get many time money 🤑 💰

  40. I like this game… it helps you a lot in english……

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