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Who can find more words? Challenge your friends and test your vocabulary!

Warning: Risk of getting addicted! Word Blitz is an action-packed word game where you can face off against your friends and other players.

Form words from letters randomly arranged on the playing field. Play every word you can find and get the most points! Don’t forget the bonus fields to step your points up a notch!

Word Blitz is easy: Swipe to link adjacent letters. Play as many words as you want, in every direction: left, right, up, down or diagonal!

But don’t wait too long – you’re racing against the clock. What are you waiting for? The countdown has begun! Find the best words and WIN!


• Exciting multiplayer fun. Challenge friends and family and find more words than them!
• Thrilling duels. Play against random opponents any time! Millions of players are waiting for you!
• Varied word hunt. Countless words are waiting to be discovered on ever changing playing fields!
• You against the whole country. Seize the daily opportunity to compete against the rest of your country!
• Completely in English. Word Blitz is available free-of-charge in 16 languages!

Excited yet?
Get going, your friends are waiting!


This update improves the stability of Word Blitz. Bugs fixed and performance improved for action-packed word duels!


40 comentarios en "Word Blitz MOD"

  1. Fun game! So far it doesn’t lag or freeze up like other word games I’ve recently tried. After playing this game for a while now I want to update my review. This game is great! I used to play Boggle with friends until it became so frustrating with viral ads, games freezing up causing a loss of points, and causing me anxiety instead of relaxation. I had to uninstall it. Then I found Word Blitz! Yay! This is better than Boggle!! Thank you for creating this fun, relaxing, multiplayer word game!

  2. This was a GREAT Facebook game. But now, all the noisy ads are disturbing. I’d pay to eliminate the ads. I always preferred playing against random partners and just keeping scores. The trophies and all that other stuff takes away from playing just a challenging but not super competitive game to relax.

  3. I really like playing word blitz. The game and other people are very competitive. Don’t understand how some are able to get 90 words to my 23 or 28 in the same amount of time but that’s OK it’s just a game and all in fun. Keeps the mind alert. Play Word Blitz it is truly very challenging, actually your opponent is challenging and yourself also as you are trying to beat your own score and time. Thank you for the challenge, at my age I need alllll the help I can round up.

  4. Addicting game, but syndicated ads sometimes freeze up the app. I had a 800 score going for today’s daily game and then it crashed with the ad after the game and after restarting it shows my daily game score of 0, and no way to replay to…I don’t mind the ads to pay for the game, but having them crash to the point you have to kill the app and then lose your last round information is damn annoying..

  5. A Alger dice:

    Updated after 2 weeks. It definitely is fast paced and challenging but don’t you think it would still be an exciting game if you added more time to the clock to play longer. It would be more balanced in that it might relieve the irritation in having to watch so many ads( tho to be fair they are short) and also some frustration of not making more words. I think adding a bit of time would make it a keeper for me even with the ads and I don’t think I’ve ever made that statement before

  6. I’m frustrated that often l spell words that don’t end up counted in my score. I always go over the comparative lists, and am surprised at how often ones l have attempted to spell aren’t caught. On the other hand, l love having the complete word lists to study. I learn so much from reading them, and kick myself in the tail for missing so many! Oh…One more thing: When my turn is interrupted by a phone call, l lose my turn and my stats are messed up. It would be great if the game could be paused

  7. A year later the constant freezing is beyond frustrating. I need meds now.. I liked it at 1st but now it freezes, or gives my wins to the opponents. I don’t understand the point system either. Lose by 2 points they take 6 or more trophies, when by 500 pts, you get 1 trophy? I’m forever stuck in the 1700 range because of the stupid point system. Edit: I will never buy from wish because 7 ads in a row with no way to mute the music is just wrong. It could be such a good game but as. Kmn.

  8. It’s slow and takes up a lot of memory that I don’t have. Seeing now that this was a Facebook game first explains a lot. 2 stars because it’s slow and it force closes on me from time to time. Also when. It force closes in the middle of a match rather than trying again I’m given a score of 0. Otherwise your game is great. I hope the puzzles open up more and that you also give us more variety. I’m noticing that there has been a certain lack of specific letters.

  9. The user interface was designed very poorly in that it is difficult to leave the app. The only way I found is to swipe the screen to from the bottom to reveal my phone’s back and home buttons… but this is a the game’s version, because it only lasts for a couple seconds. Sometimes, I mistakenly tap on a player & it automatically starts a game, when all I was trying to do is leave the app. Very frustrating! Please make it easier to leave the app, or I’ll uninstall & tell everyone not to use.

  10. Definitely addicting and fun game to play with people you know (especially in isolation!). Overall an easy-to-use UI, generally easy to start games with friends or random people. Only negatives are of repetitive notifications, and I can say the ads I get are consistently annoying (basically ads of products I find annoying, or the ads themselves are cringey – nothing against the developer having ads to support themselves, which I don’t mind in itself).

  11. D B dice:

    I used to love this game however ever since the change with trophies, stars and hearts a while go it’s super lame. I get one measly trophy if I win but if I lose, I lose up to 9 trophies. There’s no unlimited or free play against other players or AI. You have to invite friends. You can participate in a league with random players but you need hearts and have to wait an hour for them to refill (limit 3) and sometimes can watch an add to refill them.

  12. I loved playing this game. Then a week or so ago, a notice appeared saying upgrade required, however when I clicked the Upgrade link nothing happened. I tried many times and nothing happened. When I uninstalled, I could not reinstall. A notice appeared saying it was already installed. So far I have tried many things to reinstall it but no success. I miss playing it. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  13. Okay this might be a strange review but I could find no where else to report it. The downloadable version of this game is fine. It plays well and it’s just good. However something has recently happened to the Facebook version I don’t know if you guys did an update or what but please roll it back. Whatever you have done to the Facebook version has made it slow and laggy on my phone running Android 10 where just a day or so ago it ran snappy and fast. This needs to be fixed or you will lose player

  14. My issue with the game is that I cannot challenge people to rematches after being matched with them via a random play match, nor can I add them as a friend to continue playing with them. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or missed a menu option. Is this an android only issue? I don’t see this problem on iOS devices… Game play itself is very fun. -EDIT 9/23 The issues mentioned above were resolved next day! Support team got back to me immediately, and the issue was resolved. In short, it was user error.

  15. I like the game but it wont save your stars most of the time which is frustrating. I wanted more hearts so I watched the Gplan video. I was interested and tried to do the quiz. I couldn’t finish the quiz because it wouldn’t let me put in the gender. I went back to the game and I didn’t get my 3 hearts. I have also not been allowed to save my stars when I lose most of the time. The video won’t play no matter how long I wait. It is a challenging game and good to keep your brain working.

  16. I played this game via Facebook and added a shortcut on my phone. The shortcut stopped working and it will no longer let me access via Facebook. I downloaded the app and even though I used my Facebook credentials I lost everything. All trophies are gone. I had reached level 11 but from what I can levels are no longer a thing? The one-and-done games are also a thing of the past since now it seems you’re required to do a 3 game round. All of this without warning.

  17. Fast-paced, engaging, challenging. Moving up levels is a lot of work, so you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Pleasant sound effects, great colors and special effects. I do feel the time pressure at the end of each round which is probably contributing to my anxiety! But I can’t stop playing, and I don’t want to. I’d like a little more time in the rounds, but I guess I’ll just have to get faster! I also love being given the chance to save the stars I’ve already earned, in tournament mode.

  18. Somehow I keep getting put in other groups or games that are not the one I have been playing. Hence losing my place each time or losing time in the league. I was once in first place playing over 60 people with 100 thousand lead and somehow the game lost me and my position. I have been jumping from game to game and not by choice. The game frequently freezes up also causing problems.

  19. I downloaded the app so I didn’t have to go through FB messenger all the time and it won’t link with my already playing games even though I selected for it to at setup. Not very happy with that. Other than that I love it. It challenges you to think quickly. Good brain exercise. Just frustrated that it won’t sync

  20. Absolutely love this game, hands down. But you’ve got to have an option to purchase WITHOUT ADS, please. One glitch. It takes too long to post my opponent’s play, and then all of them seem to affiliated appear at the same time on my end. And, 24 to 36 hours later! To long to wait!

  21. Good game, ruined a bit by too many players who start a game but never finish it if they’re losing. While there’s a limit of 2 days for them to respond or lose the game, I believe they don’t because they know they will lose fewer trophies than they would from a points defeat. Problem is, you can find yourself unable to carry on playing because there’s a limit on the number of players you can be waiting for so have to wait for the time to run out. You can block them, but there’s always more.

  22. The game does not require friends which is nice. There it’s an icon to switch the board. After using twice I noticed all it does is turn the board,in its entirety, half a turn. You may pick up a few words. It would be better if the letters actually scrambled. Uninstalled. I can see other words but can’t do anything because the letters don’t scramble.

  23. I really enjoyed this game but after passing so many levels, it wouldn’t allow me to move forward as I had to play with friends. I don’t want to play with anyone. 12/27 I revised my previous review from 3 to a 2 start. The exact message says “you’ve reached the maximum number of friends start a game with a friend”. Do I need to unload it again and reinstall just to play?

  24. Rose B. dice:

    App could be better. The game itself is kind of addicting. That said I have no idea how the scoring works, I see a lot of numbers but have no idea what they mean. Wish there was an option for longer play to find more words, would be more fun and less stressful.

  25. There are entirely too many ads. It also jumps over to Facebook and is hard to close to continue playing. The longer i play the more ads interfere.I know of other android users of this game who do not have ads interrupting their playing. Playing experience is a turn off, unless corrected, I will Uninstall this app!

  26. Jenn dice:

    Can no longer use the app since the end of the season. It won’t let me access the games anymore; it’s just frozen on the end of seasons results page! So frustrating as I’ve built my score up to 8500 again after losing my phone and subsequently my last account a few month ago. Please fix!!

  27. Great fun!! Like you can play with friends and random players as well. If you like word games and a having a challenge with others to win or lose its fun in just seeing just how many words you can get or see what you missed at end of the games.

  28. Lost all my conections to players l have played for months and years, lost friends and family players, lost all the trophies l had earned over Years, And the adds are loud and obnoxious!! Will probably quit playing. This was a Valuable connection for my family out of state, when they played l knew they were okay, when they didn’t play l knew l needed to check in. This supposed Upgrade just screwed up a bunch of those connections. Not the 1st time, so shame on me for this second time. Very Disapp

  29. Elle King dice:

    Good game until an ad for tile triple 3d appeared. Had no option to close and couldn’t go back, making the game inaccessible. Tried closing game and reopening, even clicked on install to get off ad. Had to uninstall! Won’t bother with this game again.

  30. I started playing the game because I like word games but then I got a brain injury where my retina is leaking into my brain stem so I played a game so that I can remember I don’t forget repetitive things but the game is turned out to make really good friends and it’s really a Time saver and it it’s relaxing I love the game I like the whole thing meet new people and have a great time

  31. Anthony D dice:

    The game is fun but I hope they update it to where if you spell a word with a normal letter and then the same word with a higher letter it should give you the difference for the higher letter version. Example currently: the word “at” is worth 2 pts. But if there was another t×3w the word is worth 6pts…but if i already hit the lower version i get nothing when i guess the same word with higher valued & special letters

  32. I absolutely love playing this game and have been playing for a long time. However what I dont like about it is, that you all of a sudden can’t play with one of your opponents. This happens part way through a set. At the moment I am locked out completely from Word Blitz and have had to start up as a new player. Very disappointing as I’ve played with some of my opponents for months🥺.

  33. The letters do not respond when I touch them. That was true the letters didn’t respond when I touched and slid my finger. Today it has gone very well. The game screen has been very sensitive to my touch makeing it fun to play.

  34. This is such a degradation of the original Boggle..The game dictionary is missing so many valid words, rarely ever seems to accept valid suggestions yet contains so many words that sound like subliterate babble. Even worse, the valued tile scoring system routinely rewards hack-players who simply focus on accruing masses of short words. I am sure that many “high scorers” on this game would be embarrassed to see how much their scores would deflate on an actual Boggle board.

  35. This is for my brain exercise. My mind is trained to 🤔 think quickly. I have an idea what to say in any platform because of the words formed in my head. Thank 😊 you, Word Blitz!

  36. It’s a good game but you can’t merge your Facebook and WhatsApp games/ friends. I don’t like playing through Facebook messenger. Also, today I have a score of 0 and top 100%in the Daily Game despite completing it and thinking I scored highly.

  37. Felicity dice:

    I love this game, but can you please add a word? I never had to request this before, so I didn’t know how to, and the method requires you to know how to request the word before you ever need to. Not very user friendly. The word to add is POSIES. It is the plural of POSY, a flower. Thanks

  38. It can be Pretty fun! It doesn’t always pick up the words and the most negative thing is the constant ads that pop up – otherwise it’s a great game

  39. Very enjoyable game… As always from lotum… Great format for interaction with others… Keeps brain active… Support brilliant from staff

  40. Unknown J dice:

    The latest update hits you with paid sub after a game and then shows zero for your game. Have to constantly reload the game to show the results. This is after the latest update.

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