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Challenge your brain with online learning and solve word puzzles!
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Save the farm animals on this Free word scrabble puzzle game!

In our new challenging and super fun word game for adults and kids, you will word swipe your way into becoming the beloved hero of the farm.

Word Farm Adventure is not just about solving crossword puzzles for free – it is also about enjoying a great story while fighting the evil forces that want to destroy the farm.

So let’s get going, fast – the animals need you at your best!

In this free challenging word game, you will:

🧩 Solve Word Puzzles! 🧩
Solve crossword puzzles, word find challenges, word scramble missions, word swipe scrabble quests, and more challenges for your brain.

🦸 Become the Farm’s Hero! 🦸
Unveil the story of Perry the Parrot, Rex the Dog, and the other farm heroes on their adventure in this awesome word puzzle game!

🧱 Renovate and Design! 🧱
Fix, build, paint and design your farm just like on other games – but with a twist…

💡Solve Wordle puzzles💡
Play Wordle puzzles! and come back for a new challenge.
Guess a word and use the tile colors to guide your next decision. You get up to get six attempts to guess the correct word.

🌟 Game Highlights 🌟

It’s time to skip those ordinary scrabble games and crossword puzzles. Join us on the farm! The Word Farm Adventure game offers so much more than a word search!

To solve each level, you need to complete a word puzzle by connecting the letters and spelling words that fit perfectly into the crossword puzzle blocks.

After you solve each puzzle of words, you’ll be rewarded with coins and shovels to help you complete missions and restore the farm to its glory days. Once you help the animals rebuild the farm and prove to uncle Jeff that it’s worth saving, you’ll venture on to the county fair.

Long ago, the animals built the fair to prove to uncle Jeff that the farm could turn a profit. The fair was once a place filled with fun and laughter, but it’s been neglected. It’s up to you to redesign and renovate the fairgrounds so everyone can come back and enjoy the atmosphere.

Now, like any farm, there’s always more work to be done! The once extravagant farmhouse is in complete disrepair, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Keep solving word puzzles and earning shovels so you can redesign the farmhouse and make it beautiful again! Continue playing and you’ll keep discovering more of the story and additional areas of the farm that need your help.

Every level of this exciting free word game is more challenging than the last so get ready for hours of fun with your new farm animal friends.

If you’re ever having trouble solving a word puzzle, tap on the fireworks or hammer to reveal puzzle letters, or blast away an entire word with dynamite. Don’t forget that the magic wand is also only a tap away.

Visit the farm for daily puzzles. Don’t miss out on each month’s special event because you’ll never experience the same one twice! This brings a whole new challenge to puzzle word games!

If you enjoy word search games, crossword puzzles, online learning or scrabble, you’ll love playing Word Farm Adventure.

Download and play our word game today!

Word Farm Adventure is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

More content coming in each update
The farm needs a hero, and you are that hero. So join our puzzle adventure now, and get ready to save the farm!

Questions? Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to:
[email protected]

Want to enjoy exclusive bonuses, meet other word puzzle enthusiasts, and dive deeper into the Van Der Farm story? Let’s connect!


Bug fixes & game improvements, enjoy!


40 comentarios en "Word Farm Adventure: Word Game MODDED 2022"

  1. The game is alright, I like playing it but I’m only willing to give it 4 stars. The constant request to rate the app is a nusciance, the pop up ‘buy this, buy that’ irks me. All of the events are up and running at the same time, that doesn’t bother me, it’s the constant event pop up that appears when I go back to make a decor choice. On the positive side, the game is too easy, which makes me want to keep playing. The ‘watch 5 ads’ feature is cool. All in all, a decent game.

  2. kay cee dice:

    Takes a long time to create new levels to play, quickly (without connectivity issues ironically enough). Accepts payment for prizes…but very, very slow, due to “connectivity” issues, to allow you to watch videos for “free rewards”. Too many times I’ve lost rewards because the game cuts off and restarts. I don’t mind the many ads, free way to get rewards. But why so many issues getting rewards, or viewing reward videos to the player, but no issues accepting payment for rewards.

  3. Ace dice:

    There is a ridiculous amount of ads even at the end of a level when you choose not to watch the ad for a double up you still are forced to watch one so there’s no point in saying no, and the pop ups that show up wanting you to make in game purchases while your in the middle of a level are very annoying especially when your making a word when it happens. Edit: it seems that giving a review with anything advertisement related in it will only get you the same copy paste response. Not worth it

  4. HA DANG dice:

    This is the first game that I’m giving 5 stars EVER because the game is super smooth, and it does not have much ads. I love how the game incorporates a puzzle each round and your choice of decorations. The word puzzles really made me think and helped me with my English, and the decorations help my mind take a rest from thinking. Overall I absolutely recomend this game! Keep up the good work developers!

  5. The game itself is fun and a good time waster. My irritation is when I want to play an ad to chose a selection of color gates, the ad fails to load and it automatically chooses the free one I didn’t like and I can’t change it. Can you make an option to go back and change what you didn’t originally want?

  6. I’m loving this game so far! The characters are cute but not obnoxious, the story is brief and well-constructed, and the animations are smooth. There’s a lot of tasks to play levels for, but watching an ad instead is an option, and it still feels like you’re making progress. Levels are a little repetitive with shorter words, but the longer words are varied. Highly recommended!

  7. Fun game and enough free stuff to keep me interested but some issues with ads. I don’t mind ads to keep it free but sometimes it doesn’t give me the promised reward and I have to watch a second one which is annoying. Also they are very slow once in a while and even freeze so I have to restart the game. Fix the ad issues and it would be a better game.

  8. Ky Bock dice:

    Too many ads and when you pay to remove them (price varies) the game gives you a lot of pop-ups for “sales” and countless pop-ups to invite your friends. Edit 9/3/22: Game keeps crashing when trying to play. Bought a $3.99 package and now can’t play because of constant crashing. Even uninstalled and reinstalled but didn’t fix the problem. Supposedly fixed bugs on 8/29; yea right…can’t even play now!

  9. C McGill dice:

    RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF ADS! I am all the way to level 86 and suddenly can’t do anything without being forced to watch 3 clips of adds before I can do anything!!! Every puzzle I finish, 3 ads, everything I repair on the farm, 3 ADS!! This game use to be fun till it’s suddenly ruined with all the stupid ADVERTISEMENTS!!!!! Super disappointed because I enjoyed it till now but now I guess I’m gonna uninstall it bc I’m not paying to play!

  10. Joey Poe dice:

    Nice game, but way too many ads…waaaaaaay too many. If you don’t want to spend coins, you can watch a video, which is cool, but then there’s ads in between as well. Your data will skyrocket with this game. It was fun for a bit, but the ads are just too much to deal with. It’s $8 to remove ads. If you really like the game, I think it’d definitely be worth it. And then the farm tasks require more and more shovels for each task. I don’t like the usual 3 choices of decorations either.

  11. Im changing my 4 stars to 2 stars. The ads are unbearable. In just a few months. And i have read previous reviews about ads making the game free and there is an payable temporary option to make that stop but even though the ads were there before, they weren’t this bad. I can deal with the ads keeping the game free. But i cant be interrupted after every word game to watch ads, have ads at the bottom of the puzzle and ads that pop up before you start the game. Its exhausting.

  12. Lynn Webb dice:

    Fun enough game, I like the integration of decorating the farm and the word puzzles. The one thing I do NOT like is having to exit out of the million and one personal ads! I don’t need to press the ‘x’ five or six times to go from a level to the farm or to the next level. I don’t want to see 5 offers for money, plus different tiles choices, plus ask friends and it goes on and on and on. Ridiculous.

  13. A fun mix of Wordscapes and Gardenscapes with a farm theme! But there are a LOT of pop-ups asking me to purchase boosters or watch ads. Every time I find a “bonus word”, it aggressively reminds me that I need to pay real money to get rewarded for that. It’s constantly asking me to buy stuff that I don’t even want. And the boosters activate automatically at the start of a level, to the point where it almost completes the entire level for me. This app is insanely annoying to use.

  14. I like the game, but I sent an “help me” text and the game reopened and wouldn’t let me go back to the game I was stuck on. THAT irked me. There seem to be too many new characters too quickly, space them out. The flow of the game seems a bit rushed. I would have made the levels harder and then introduced the different special assistances as the game progressed. Other than that it’s cute and fun.

  15. C S dice:

    Update #2: Ads have almost completely stopped, back to like it used to be. Changed rating back to 5 stars. It’s a fun, cute game worth the download. Good word game, cute animal characters restoring amusement park. Initially there were very few ads, but once I hit higher levels they started coming constantly – before & after almost every level. I don’t mind watching ads because I understand they’re necessary, but these seem to have become excessive. Perhaps it’s the timing of them; not sure.

  16. I really love the storyline and the characters, but back when I started playing, there were almost 0 adds, except for what YOU decided to watch. Now, the game is clogged by ads every 2 levels, and tons of ingame popups between each one. It gets aggravating when you have to tap 5 or more X’s JUST to get back to playing the game. I spend more time closing out windows and ads, than I do playing levels. It was a good game when I started, but the playability has deteriorated too much. I’m done.

  17. The concept is good but the flow is interrupted with ads way too much. The game having to reload after an ad is also annoying. I would suggest picking a point in the game, after 5 levels for example, and run 2 or 3 ads at that point. But having the game stop and start like it does pretty much guarantees I won’t stick with it. The graphics are good and the story line is good.

  18. Games is awesome. I love the option to skip the drawn out character dialogue. The problem? The last 2 updates. The first caused the girl randomly shutdown and now it’s complaint about weak connection and never gets past the loading screen. I’m sure I’m connected to a strong wifi network, so that’s definitely not the problem. Please fix so I can go back to my Darling 🥺

  19. Attempted to get into game to email but can’t get into game. Attempted to email you at developer email listed here and it bounced back. Here’s email, “Decided to try and give the game another try. I really do enjoy it. But it still is glitchy and won’t let me in this morning. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t get in. I’ve gotten thrown out of the game… And I lost a ton of levels then. Ugh. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling.”

  20. Cute, but bombards u with “buy this, bug ur friends with that”. So much so that I don’t enjoy playing it. If I wanted to buy things or bother my friends, I’d do it! I don’t need a reminder between EVERY LEVEL! Also the levels are consistently easy as far as I got. I also paid for “no ads”, but the annoying pop ups between levels are just as bad. It cost like, $3.99 to remove ads. That money is down the drain now, as this game is intolerable.

  21. Good way to pass the time, very easy game. I love how there are no ads with this game, makes it very enjoyable compared to most games like this have an ad every few minutes. Would like the levels to be a little harder, and would like it if you can change the choices you make when choosing the different colors for items. Other than that, great job!

  22. Cute game. Good concept and characters but so many request to buy packages. I don’t mind the optional ads that allow you to get extras but the countless pop-ups to get you to spend do detract from the experience. I totally understand the developer’s need to be paid for their work but their is a fine line where it becomes a turn off. I used to play Paradise Bay and it was so beautifully done you wanted to support them. Same with Board Kings. They are borderline too pushy but not as much as this.

  23. This is a solid game with a few issues! 1) I don’t have anything against ads but there’s a lot, and the response that they’re all optional is a lie. 2) There needs to be a way to select customization on objects, if something has two different customizing options (paint & material) then holding down only lets you change one.

  24. J Wright dice:

    This started out fun as a good way to wake up my brain with spelling puzzles. After 2 weeks though, around level 200, it started showing so many ads. You have to watch the ads for 30 seconds and after that you have to find a tiny x to exit out of the ad and most of the time it would take me to the ap store. The ads come with know rhyme or reason- several in a row only seconds apart, in the middle of games or at the end. I understand needing to make a profit by advertising but this was too much.

  25. Worst ads ever. It takes 10 sec to finish a level and 30 seconds to have to watch the ads. Some you can exit out of early but a lot you have to watch the whole thing 1/2 a min or longer and that’s 3x what it took to finish a level. So most of my time playing this games has been In ads. Not a fun time. I mean it’s one of those games that isn’t fun for that long anyways because there is only so far you can go with this type of game . But the ads make it unbearable.

  26. I really love playing this game! Its easy to play, fun, and is very addictive! The only bad part of this game, is how aggressive the commercials are!! This is the absolute, hands down, worst game for commercials! There every minute it seems like, an they’re the same repetitive, stupid commercials back to back! Im watching more commercials than playing the game! Also sometimes, after an Ad plays, it crashes. ☹ ill give 5 stars if this fixed.

  27. D D dice:

    This is such a cute, fun game. I enjoy the puzzles and fixing up the farm is just an added bonus. Good time killer. I understand the concept of ads making the game free. So although there are a lot, you can skip thru most within a few seconds. Also adding Wordle to the game brought added joy to me. I love solving those daily to get some bonus help items free!! Thanks for a great game!! Keep up the great work!! ♥️👍 1200 levels and still a great game!!

  28. Great game. My daddy got me in to playing it and we love to play it together. Only problem I’ve had was the quest to change designs, I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Might help with some quests to have instructions and maybe be able to tap the quest thing to remember what it is. Sometimes I accept challenges but forget what it is. 🤦‍♀️

  29. I enjoy this game, but I am getting frustrated with the amount of shovels I earn. No matter what level you get too, how hard the level is, or of you buy packs! Give more shovels for harder levels and when you purchase bundles. I thought for sure once I got a few hundred levels in I would earn more. Plus it takes a ridiculous amount of shovels (sometimes I feel cheated with the tasks!) To complete chapters. Plus the ads have gotten worse since I played before. These things keep me from giving 5!

  30. ** edit I restarted it and it works great! Thanks so much! Now to grow my farm. Just downloaded this. I love these type of games. However, the whole screen is purple and many pieces are missing that need fixed (no barn or stables just fence and small parts all over the ground.) I would love to be able to play this without all the extra issues.

  31. Cheesey d dice:

    I really, REALLY like this game so far. Simple and fun. Not too difficult. But EXTREMELY expensive. If they started their prices at $1.99 ($.99 cents for the piggy bank) instead of $3.99, id definitly spend money in game. Unfortunately tho, i cannot afford $3.99 to $9.99 or $10.99. Especially the piggy bank, where it offers multiple times to buy. Also, the amount of coins to win compared to the amount of coins it costs to buy stuff is super out of balance.

  32. Stacy H. dice:

    Challenging levels, but not too hard with a great bank feature for words you can create but they did not use. Characters are adorable, and have personality plus. There is not too many puzzles required for each task, and the options are all equally nice, with something for everyone’s taste in decorating the farm. I love how the pig has the “Animal Farm”-esque character qualities, at least so far. A perfect casual game for those that prefer word games to match-3 style play. Great casual game!

  33. I am editing this down to 2 stars. The ads have gotten so bad that its almost unplayable. I played for 15 minutes and actually played 1 level. There were 2 unskippable ads that lasted a minute+ each, then 4 rewards that required ads, then 3 attempts to get me to buy packages out of the cash shop. The greed has just ruined what was a good game. UNINSTALLING and wont be back.

  34. This was a fun game of word discovery and testing your knowledge of words and your vocabulary. It adds in a hero and villain feature to keep you enough involved to want to continue. It does get a little frustrating when rooms you think should be done one way are done another. But like I said, it holds your interest just enough to complete the process. To bad you have to wait for a continuation. You only can work on the farm nothing afterwards. That’s a downside.

  35. So I’m at the Fair part of the game & I can’t change a lot of things. They don’t give you an option to get more coins. So I chose a downgraded fence bc there’s no back button to exit so I can get more coins. & now I can’t change the fence, either. So I’m stuck with a look I don’t like. I wish they’d fix these problems. I emailed them & waiting for a reply.

  36. J G dice:

    The number of ads is brutal and meant to be unbearable, as they frequently request money to get a respite from them for a short 7 days. It’s a shame, because they have designed a really cute game around the basic Wordscapes engine, but they are only interested in grabbing the most money possible as fast as possible from those who will pay, while quickly alienating everyone else.

  37. I thought this looked fun and decided to try it.$19.99 for no ads with zero additional perks, plus you can only watch one video for coins and then you have to spend real money if you want to continue. It’s just sad that money has to be extorted if you want to make any nice improvegame. It was fun. Deleted now. Moving on to an inexpensive game.

  38. Disappointed. Reached over level 3800 and then suddenly ads started to automatically download without permission or approval. Fed up. NOT happy. Game locks up, shuts down and then won’t restart causing me to reboot my device. On first loading the game and after ads pop up, when I try to play the game, instead of going to the puzzle, it goes to temporary holiday game, then locks back up. Not worth the trouble. Definitely uninstalling.

  39. Fun puzzles, interesting storyline but there more and more ads, several which drop the game at the end of their long unskipplable it pulls up google play services unbidden to more easily download their awful games [bitlife is the worst offender]. This kills the app and is really annoying when buff timers are going as it takes a while to reload the app. But, hey, no annoying match three puzzles. And I do like the many events they have to earn powerups.

  40. Game is fun! The Ads are out of control. I paid to have 0 ads like 3 or 4 months ago and now they are asking me to pay again for no ads. I feel like if I pay once I shouldn’t have to pay again! I was in the middle of guessing the Wordle puzzle and an ad started mid guess. Every game I play has ads but this is over the top. I alresdy paid. Please take away my ads.

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