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The best word game to test your vocabulary and play your way to word domination!
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If you love to ruzzle on word games, then the Yahtzee of word games Word Bingo will become your new favorite word game!

How good are you at spotting words from a random set of letters? Do you have the Yahtzee skills to get the Bingo? Get ready to test your word skills on this new addictive word game!

Word Bingo is unlike any word game you have seen before. It can be best described as the perfect combination of word game and Yahtzee. It’s a word game that will test your vocabulary and word skills in quick and short games.

Word Bingo comes with a whole new word game mode for people who love to play on the go. Challenge your friends and show them who’s the real word game genius!

Stay connected with your friends and make new ones with our in game chat!

Unlike other word games, Word Bingo is very easy to understand and start playing. Both you and your opponent will have 7 letters from which to form words on the board to get the best scores. If you get the bingo you get an extra 100 points!

If you love word puzzles and crosswords, Word Bingo will definitely win your heart and become your favorite new word game!

Leave your stress at the door with this unique Yahtzee-style word game where there are no time limits and you can play at your own pace. Also, you can play as many games as you want all at the same time.

It’s not just all about fun either. With each round you play with friends or family, you will learn new words! Your vocabulary will grow by leaps and bounds!

Think your spelling and vocabulary are top-notch? Can you get the top spot and win the title of Word Bingo Master?

Take Word Bingo for a spin and experience a whole new world of word games!


1. Regular tuning and fixes to make your experience smoother.
2. Under the hood improvements.


40 comentarios en "Word Bingo – Fun Word Games MODDED 2022"

  1. I love the game. I would however, like it if there was no pointy finger. Perhaps one could enhance the background – gradually changing color and getting brighter then a sort of quick warning flash and back to normal with an option(at bottom of screen) to continue. Other than that it’s a good game. I’m enjoying the brain excercise!

  2. It’s a fun game. WHEN you get to play! There is an ad after literally EVERY SINGLE MOVE YOU MAKE! The ads take up much more time than the game play does! I’ve honestly never seen a game with more ads in it! Plus, you will start a game with someone & they will quit mid-game. Then they have you start another game. I’ve literally had like 5 games going at a time before. Between all of that jumping around & the ads every 2-3 minutes you CANNOT GET ANYTHING DONE! Very poorly designed! F-!

  3. Ka Ho dice:

    I like that this game allows me to play and come back to it if necessary. The cons… sometimes usually when I’m playing the computer, there’s a commercial just before they put in the last word. Kind of like the computer is running through the available word choices. Hard enough to play against the bot without that. And then you don’t always get to see what they played you just find out that you lost

  4. Jude dice:

    I give it 0. The ads are 3 layers after, before, during play. You have to close them out before game resumes. Typically more ads than game. Sneaky 3 layered, not just 1 add. So you lose time on the actual game itself. I too, have never heard or seen these words of some, I’ve looked them up. No definition. It’s a free for all yet the opponents get a return of high points on a 2 or 3 letter score. If it weren’t for EXTREME 3 layered adds. Was a deal breaker for me. I deleted it after 1 day of it

  5. Love the game… But am tired of it constantly freezing up on me right in the middle of almost every game… It usually happens when the adds are playing. If it wasn’t for that one issue I would give it 5 stars. I am editing my review due to all bugs have been fixed and the game works wonderfully now. I thoroughly enjoy the game and am totally addicted. Can’t put it down. Has become my favorite game ever! 😀 Thank you for fixing the bugs!

  6. I enjoy playing this game. It gives you the opportunity to start with any word. I would have given this game 5 stars EXCEPT it does NOT state anywhere in game play instructions that you are penalized for not finishing a game by a certain time limit. I don’t mind losing against an opponent if they get better scoring words, but to lose a game for timing out when there’s nothing indicating that rule, nor does it state how long you do have to play before being penalized. This needs to be addressed.

  7. I don’t mind ads after a match, but having 2 or 3 ads during a match is ridiculous. Also, this game has nothing to do with bingo. It’s basically scrabble. Just with 5 words and you try to make the highest point word you can with the tiles given for each word. The game itself is ok. Basic. Only skill involved is having a good vocabulary. There are better ones just like this out there.

  8. This game is really fun. I just have an issue with the multiplayer feature. Whenever one of my friends wins the game, it doesn’t update on my end (and vice versa). I have like six or so games that are completed, but they still show as unfinished. This only occurs for games that I play with my friends on Facebook. The rest of the app works without any issues. If this connectivity issue can be resolved, I would love to increase my rating. Thank you!

  9. I love this game but there are some glitches. Once I made a move on a new game and immediately lost! It said game expired when the other person hadn’t even made their move yet. Sometimes a tile will be missing and I have to restart the game to fix it. Also games expire and count as a loss for me when it’s their turn to make a move! Plus there’s no way of knowing when they are going to expire. But other than that, it’s a fun game!

  10. This could be one of the.best thats on my phone. It’s fun, exciting and you will increase your vocabulary along the way. There are definate issues with the app, like it crashes every single time. Sometimes i’m on there less 5 minutes and it kicks me off. I really don’t want to uninstall it so come on folks fix this app, PLEASE Michael

  11. Great game! Love playing, when it works properly. SO. MANY. BUGS!! Sometimes it won’t even let me through the loading screen. Other times I can’t open games in progress. Then it makes me play myself a dozen times. Kinda ridiculous, but I’m reinstalling (again) and giving it one more chance.

  12. A Brown dice:

    I USE to love this game. But lately it has been horrible. I can play one game and it freezes. Also, an ad pops up and when I get out of the ad to go back to the game it goes to a black screen and i have to leave the game completely. Then when I open the game back up, the game I was playing is gone so I can’t finish it!! I will most likely delete as it’s becoming more trouble than it’s worth.

  13. This game is just like another game I play called “Better Letter” so I thought I would love it…..NO! There are ads in both games but, in better letter you get to play a whole run before one starts and, to get extra letters, you can watch a video as an option. In this game, ads come on in the middle of your game, several times sometimes, and to get extra letters you have to use your coins! What I hate most is you get the same letters over and over again (W, N, D, A, I, U). Awful Game!

  14. Cynthia dice:

    Firstly, I do enjoy the game, however, it takes SO LONG TO LOAD!!! It has also increased my vocabulary/lexicon. Secondly, it would be SO much easier to access the Players if you would sort them properly. For example, ALPHABETIZE! It is helpful that you sort ALL OF THOSE whom you have played with a WHITE background and THOSE OF WHOM you have not are in the ORANGE background. PLEASE CONSIDER THESE TIPS!

  15. Almost identical to Wordzee but I can see the tiles better. Very cool. I’ve played a lot more games now. The screen freezes two or three times per game. Sometimes they give you the same letters you started with during the letter swap. Annoying. I’m giving it less stars.

  16. The game is a fun, and exciting game to play, especially with the scores getting higher and higher, and helps pass the time when you are in a rehab hospital recovering from a brokehip and a compressed fracture ETC, even though you are in therapy and the pain is extremely bad the game takes my mind off of it for a While, just hope it doesn’t get stuck,or freeze up and stop working. Sometimes I wish I could play the game ALL night, but I have to get my rest/sleep.

  17. Addictive fun game. Sometimes at the beginning of games, it can become repetitive with the initial letters given. (So I just use one of the two or maybe all of the shuffles order to change up the lettering.) Outside of that I highly recommend the game.

  18. I love this game but the ads are horrible!!! And the ads are so long your component gets mad and calls the game half way thru. It Is really to bad the ads are so extreme. Yah, I am thru messing with it. Deleting. Maybe they can fix it and I will try again.

  19. I love this game! It’s a lot of fun but I keep getting 30 second ads and then the people will send me a message that says play faster. How can I play faster when I have a 30-second ad 3 to 4 times in one game! I would even purchase something for no ads, but they don’t offer that.

  20. Far to many ads, and not just the 5 second ones. These ads are 30 seconds after almost every play. Too many games started, and people left. I have 33 games started, and it would be nice to clear them out. The game has potential, but needs work.

  21. I like this game because I like word games in general. Not too many ads. Only negative thing is sometimes u have to wait for your opponent to play their turn for days so you might want to have several games going at one time if u want to play constantly 😉

  22. I love this game; I’m always trying to outdo myself and nuke my opponents. Too bad about the endless ads; they are super annoying. Can’t they be formatted differently so they aren’t so intrusive? Or… a one time purchase to not have any ads?

  23. I am deleting this app because the ads are too many and too long. This game is fun but too long of ads are aggravating. And they happen in the middle of the game. Sometimes people leave because they are waiting to long on you to play because you are stuck watching the ad. The ads should be shorter and should only happen one time either before or after the game is over. Never in the middle. Done and leaving

  24. I hate being messaged by creepy men , they sulk when I don’t message them , a function is needed to stop messages . They are not interested in playing the game, that is the purpose of me downloading this game, I found it very bizarre that the same bloke ended 1 game to restart another , to end that game to start another , and so on. Sort out a block and a don’t want messages function asap . Thank you. Oh and a game against the system , just because that bloke has put me right off you’re game.

  25. Fun game. Too many ads to be 5-star. Between each turn instead of between each game. Would be better to have banner and during the game.

  26. I enjoy the game, but I don’t play often because it takes forever to load-from 3 to 5 minutes. I’ve got current updates to the game and my tablet. It’s also annoying when people do not finish games and they just sit in a long list of in progress.

  27. Holly C dice:

    Would be nice to not have the pop up reminding how what level you’re on each time. Also some different power ups, but otherwise I like this game better than words with friends.

  28. I have gotten really hooked on this game and I have actually learned words that never even existed in my vocabulary. But for the most part it has opened my mind to alot of “New” words.I have recommended this game to my family & friends. I have recommended this game to anyone looking for good crossword puzzles,and I will continue to recommend it and so forth.Thank you.

  29. I do enjoy the game for the most part. I don’t like that people can just quit when they’re losing. You need to make sure this affects them negatively in some way maybe loss of coins Etc. Also, why can other people use other origin words like greek or French, but I can’t submit Spanish words??

  30. Totally love this game. Even more because it’s not heavily censored, I’ve quit spelling games in the past because they were censored to the point that it was no longer the English language. Thank you word bingo 💗 4 days later…LOVE IT!

  31. I like it better than Words With Friends. After playing for months I still love this game. I don’t even play WWF anymore. Keep up the good work!!! I am not a fan of all the ads!! That’s my only complaint. I love the game, I’ve learned a lot of new words.

  32. This game is amazingly Fun!! It Charges too much for the things you need to pay for though! Soo, I just trudge along and play it for free,, Long as I can! It may take me a little longer to get there, But I’ll Live!!

  33. I really love this game ❣️💕 It’s a fast game. So if you are running short on time, you will always have time for a game of Word Bingo ! This game is good for keeping your brain sharp! It’s challenging , exciting and a whole lot of fun 🙃

  34. This is the kind of game I would pay real money for. Unfortunately, the developers have decided to squeeze money out of advertisers rather than allowing me to just give them money for an ad-free version. It’s sad this is their chosen business model.

  35. Julie V dice:

    Great app. 5 🤩 stars. This is wonderful swing to ordinary Scrabble. Loads of fun to play! Play simple is the best when it comes to having great sites for us who love Word games! Try Word Bingo once and folks you are HOOKED!

  36. The game is therapy for my brain. After my stroke, it’s a vocabulary builder. The theme of the game brings a lot of fun. The first time playing will get you hooked!

  37. Old Crone dice:

    I enjoyed the old coins…new coins are silly. It seems I play the same players a lot. Maybe if I get better it will change.

  38. Love the challenge of coming up with words! Great game, sometimes too many ads.

  39. Lots of ads for other games, and no buy out and never able to finish a whole game with one person in one session.

  40. Adds Don’t bother me. I figure they let me play free. It’s amazing to see all the crazy words I’ve never known. Fun & enjoyable!!

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