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The Original Word Game with More Ways to Play with Friends!
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Welcome to Scrabble GO, the free new and updated version of the classic word game!
⭐Play Scrabble GO – your winning Scrabble word awaits!⭐

Classic Scrabble Game with New Word Game Features
Official scrabble board ➤ Custom word tiles ➤ Scrabble dictionary ➤ Authentic crossword game experience

Now with Multiplayer!
Our newest feature allows you to play classic Scrabble the way it was meant to be played: with multiple opponents!

Play with Friends and Family
Easily find new Scrabble friends ➤ Challenge your friends ➤ Use our fun and easy-to-use chat emojis & phrases to chat with friends & family

New Word Games – Move beyond the traditional scrabble board with 4 fast-paced competitive game modes!
1. Duels – Fast-Paced, head-to-head Scrabble game! Play 5 turns against players of similar skill. Watch out for the timer and unlock Scrabble prize chests.
2. Word Drop – New word search game. Used word tiles are replaced with new custom tiles, opening new crossword game possibilities!
3. Tumbler – Like anagrams? Find as many high-scoring words from a rotating set of letters in a limited amount of time.
4. Rush – Beat yourself in this Solo Scrabble mode, set up high-scoring plays on a smaller 11×11 scrabble board.
⭐Play the updated version of the classic word game as a free to play mobile game⭐

Collect Playable Word Tiles
Play Scrabble GO and personalize the classic scrabble experience with custom word tiles! Unlock chests to discover and collect a variety of new tiles! New and limited-edition tiles are added often, so be sure to collect them all!

Scrabble Game Features
➤Scrabble Leagues – Play against other Scrabble friends to achieve top league rankings to get more XP and chests as well as an exclusive League Frame to show off your progress.
➤Practice Mode – Play Scrabble 1-on-1 against the computer. Designed to match your skill level, it’s a great way to test out new strategies and tactics.
➤Boosts – Powerful word game boosts like Hint, Upgrade, Word Spy, and Vortex help take your gameplay to the next level.
➤Track Stats – View your scoring averages, longest words, best plays, and more! See how your word puzzle Scrabble skills are progressing with our in-depth profile page or visit another player’s profile.
➤Level up & Unlock more – Unlock new collectible Scrabble tiles and other features by scoring points in Scrabble games and Duels, or by ranking high on the Arena leaderboards!

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SCRABBLE, the associated logo, the design of the associated SCRABBLE brand game
board, and the distinctive letter tile designs are trademarks of Hasbro in the US and Canada and are used with permission. © 2021 Hasbro


Enjoy an improved experience with more polish, bug fixes, and performance optimizations


40 comentarios en "Scrabble® GO-Classic Word Game 2022"

  1. I enjoy the classic mode because I’m only interested in playing Scrabble. I tried the Go mode but I’m finding it very annoying with all the pop-ups about challenges and tournaments and I’m just not interested in this. I went to switch the back to classic and the mode button is gone. The help article says to message customer service via the chat and request to be have the button restored; I did, but that hasn’t happened yet. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn’t work.

  2. I would be a regular, consistent player of this game if it weren’t for the pop up ads. This game uses all three models of ads: watch an ad to get bonus stuff, banner ads, and ads that play in between moves that open up background tabs. The first two, I can deal with. I understand you gotta make money and those don’t disrupt gameplay. The third kind though makes my blood pressure rise, especially when it’s an ad with a fake X that takes you to the download page. It could’ve been great.

  3. Jessica M dice:

    There’s so much extra stuff I dont care about, but I liked it better than words with friends, to at first. They make sure you get hooked before they come in with the ads, but they’re there. The UI is clunky and it feels like the whole app could be streamlined, there’s award animations you constantly have to click through, they take way too long and most of us probably don’t care about them anyway. They could strip away half of this app and it would be better.

  4. I love Scrabble, and I love being able to play with different people. .. that being said. I hate the ads after every single turn. It’s excessive. Once someone exits an ad they shouldn’t see the same ad several times in a row immediately after, let alone 100 other times after. I also dislike the fact that some of the guys are trying to use this as a pickup site.

  5. This game will allow you to play Scrabble. Connecting with people is only a bit difficult. But the ads! The consistent prizes and chests! The educational pop-ups are all obnoxious. These things actually stop your game to go look at some ridiculous ad, prize, chest, or “cool” feature you may not have noticed yet. Ok, thanks, but I am trying to play my game! It offers way too much help. If the help stops you from what your trying to do- like play Scrabble- then it isn’t very helpful.

  6. Audra A dice:

    Haven’t played in a while and now I remember why I stopped. Ads are beyond excessive and even when the ad finally completes, half the time you can’t x out of it to get back to the game and end up routed to the Play store instead. Within the game when you do level up the opening of the prize chests is supper annoying and drawn out. I just want to get back to the game but instead I have to wait for the prize animations to complete that I could care less about watching.

  7. It showed promise at first but now it is very aggressive. It started multiple games for me with strangers, then it wouldn’t leave me alone to play the games. It kept trying to put me into multi-player games and groups and other odd things, not letting me finish the original games it put me in. It was also hard to find out where I could turn off the sound and game notifications (I eventually found the game settings). OMG!!!! 7.99/month to get rid of their annoying ads!!!! LMAO

  8. There’s been a social aspect to the scrabble games themselves; themes sometimes have emerged, so art form as well. The side games act as individual game tutorials, so I can improve my game and enjoy the challenge. At times I’ve had to isolate, so to find this online can lead to a positive outcome that I’ll sometimes need. I have been enjoying the experience in these ways.

  9. Lul Cinco dice:

    Fix the bugs, it freezes and ask for feedback or to close app. This game would be okay if there wasn’t an enormous amount of ads and pop-ups, it is overly ridiculous. The suggestions on the game are ridiculous. Right now I cannot play the game because there is a suggestion for me to look at and when I press the button nothing happens on the screen. I have logged out and log back in several times nothing

  10. The play is good, options to play traditionally or with bonuses. But the ads are nearly unbearable. After every single turn. To get rid of them you have to pay a monthly subscription or you can buy a day or a few days but then they come back. There should be an ad free paid version that isn’t a recurring charge. The greed makes the app almost unusable. And the ads are at times inappropriate, both suggestive and violent albiet in cartoon form. Off-putting regardless

  11. It’s nice to play scrabble with both live and computers. The variety of mini games and tournaments are great. However the ads are interrupting game play on tournaments or other timed/ticketed plays. You don’t go anywhere near the ad and it still acts like you clicked it and by the time you back-up, scrabble has to restart. Which means you don’t get to finish the timed tournament round you were on and lose any points you may have had if allowed to finish. 3 times in a row in the last 5 minutes.

  12. Brandy dice:

    Found the ads and the interface extremely annoying. There’s too much going on in this game, the reward system is confusing, too many dumb mini games and just things popping in your face all the time. I saw there was another mode under setting that was just “classic Scrabble” so I switched to that. Well this made me accidentally forfiet about 6 games that I was in the middle of that I thought were normal Scrabble games, but apparently they counted as someth. else. This mode doesn’t work at all.

  13. Latest update commits ad click fraud. Inferior to the old Scrabble in almost every way. This is Scrabble designed for folks who don’t like Scrabble– flashy, hyper-animated, and designed mostly to try to gain more users. The actual gameplay is poor: you cannot move pieces on the board without first recalling all of them, for example. It’s hard to find settings and features, and overall the whole thing feels like they got the designer of an eye candy game for toddlers to redesign the experience.

  14. Lots of extra games besides just classic scrabble which keeps things interesting. There are quite a bit of ads but most you can skip or you can win ad free time. Lots of prizes too the only downside is collecting them takes forever. Overall they do a great job keeping you engaged just need to chill on the ads and add prizes to inventory automatically.

  15. Pretty good except for too many ads. I wish there was a way to tell if someone is playing Classic or the game with hint features before accepting a request. I like to play Classic but don’t list as Classic only because I like to play some of the little side games. Is it possible to play them if I change to Classic only? Still too many ads, here lately the ad sometimes starts before I can even finish a word.

  16. David G dice:

    I mean it’s Scrabble, so yeah that’s fun to a point, but in this version the ads are overwhelming, and even worse are the gut-wrenching, never-ending award animation pop ups. Every time you level up or win a chest (which is frequent) you have to endure an award presentation. There’s no way to skip or turn off. Best you can do his tap the screen multiple times to hurry it along.

  17. The game itself is enjoyable. After installing it I was immediately matched up to two players for two different games. It is similar to Words With Friends, just parts of the interface are different but not difficult to navigate. I’m disappointed with I’ve glitch. Get frequently when I try to select a time to make a wyd on the board, an advertisement opens up in a new browser window. I have to wait a few seconds before I can close it and go back to my game. It’s annoying. Otherwise, fun game.

  18. It’s Scrabble. To the point. Ads are annoying. The biggest problem I’m having is that it wants to show me “Word of the Day” or whatever and it shows a blank white box with an arrow. When I click on it, it doesn’t do anything and won’t let me get passed that screen. I’m going to attempt to uninstall and the reinstall if I can’t get passed it soon but if it continues, my rate will go from 4* to 1* and uninstall it permanently.

  19. Easily one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. So choked with ads that it’s almost unplayable (unless you pay, of course). Put down a tile, get hit with an ad. It’s awful. Then, out of nowhere, it started crashing. Like, all the time. So instead of constant ads, it’s now constant crashes. At least with the ads the game stayed open. I can’t play anything, I can’t claim rewards, I can just open it up and watch it crash. Disgusting. Spare yourself the torment and stick with words with friends.

  20. Mel Bryan dice:

    The overall game play is great. I have no problem with the app functioning properly. However, I hate the rewards system, especially that you have to go to your account inbox to manually claim your rewards, when they could easily be added automatically. There are also a bunch of rewards that seem to do nothing for me, that I wish I could turn off, like collectable cards and tiles, that really don’t benefit you at all.

  21. If it weren’t for the excessive amount of ads this app would be fine. I appreciate the classic mode that lets me avoid all the unnecessary bloat that gets in the way of actually playing Scrabble. The most recent ad annoyance is when your web browser opens unprompted while you’re thinking over a move. I’ve gotten used to quitting and reopening the app to avoid ads that pop up after moves, but ads popping up at random is a new low.

  22. I have always loved Scrabble and playing online with friends makes it a super convenient and enjoyable pastime. However, I find it very frustrating with the unnecessary amount of ads and how costly and unaffordable it is to be able to get the perks. If they offered a reasonably priced yearly membership I would be all over it but here’s the numbers… For no ads it’s $9 per week, $36 a month, and that ladies and gentlethieves adds up to a whopping $432 a year! This is disgusting and shameful!

  23. Luke P dice:

    Ads appear all the time, sometimes as popups, sometimes just on the edges of the screen, and sometimes by opening up a new tab in your browser that leads to a dumb site that they are advertising. The game is hardly even worth the number of ads, and I don’t even think it’s worth paying the money to get rid of them. Additionally, one gets countless requests to start games with completely random people without even trying to start a game, half of which are bots. The game itself works as intended.

  24. Too many ads, too expensive to remove them! I get they want me to buy the game to remove the ads, but $96 per year?? No way! I can deal with a few ads on occasion, but after every play and several pop-ups while I’m trying to concentrate on the tiles, it is just too much. It all culminates in a very unenjoyable experience. I d rather play Word Wars. Yes, they have ads, but after a few runs, they stop.

  25. It’s ok but it has a lots of glitches and stops working often. The ads freeze up mostly and random ads have started to pop up in the middle of moves. It also has added a lot of unnecessary “cards” and “rewards” that don’t much but slow the game done. It’s frustrating because I have been playing a long time but I am about ready to delete it.

  26. I enjoy the game itself, but some of the ads are so intrusive. I can literally be looking at the screen, my hands nowhere near it, and an ad will minimize the game and load in a new window. I am fine with ads on a free game; that’s how they can remain cost-free. But when ads cause your game to reset, sometimes several times in a row, it’s extremely frustrating. There is a monthly cost to remove ads, but it is quite expensive and not really worth the cost. It may be easier just to find a new app.

  27. Jim dice:

    Pretty fun game but having to watch an ad after every turn is kind of ridiculous and now it opens your browser to some random website. Plus there’s too much going on with so many screens and unnecessary “prizes” that the game is pretty confusing just to navigate. Plus it constantly tries to get you to start a different game in the middle of your current game. It also seriously drains your battery.

  28. Ben Hall dice:

    The game is very fun. However there are way too many ads. I can’t give this more than 3 stars since ads constantly pop up. I will say i still find the game very fun and since I usually have just spent s good bit of time thinking for a word, the ads give my brain a little break from the game. I just wish there were way fewer ads. And I am not paying 8 dollars a month for no ads. That price point is a little insulting.

  29. Too many ads, & extravagant animations & steps to go through for the rewards. I would like just a simple Scrabble without all the awards & animations. Also, paid $1.99 for what I thought would be a no-ad experience for life, but it was actually only for no-ads for 24hrs! That is crazy! I would never have paid ifI knew that. I am currently attempting to get a refund for the purchase.

  30. Adds open in the middle of game play (Not the adds in between turns but adds that just randomly open up pages on your web browser in the middle of your turn.) Also, the adds in between turns will give you an X to skip them but when you press the X, it doesn’t skip. It opens the add on a webpage instead. So frustrating!!! I had originally given this app 4 stars. The adds, or rather the mismanagement of the adds, ruined it.

  31. Frustrating. Ads after every play! You would think that it would be impossible to mess up a Scrabble game, but these guys found a way – greed. It starts out normal enough with an occasional ad. But soon you either have to pay a recurring fee of $8.00 / month or be forced to watch an annoying ad EVERY TIME YOU PLAY A WORD! On top of that, if you don’t hit the X in exactly the right spot, you’re taken to a page to download it. Not worth the time.

  32. Way too many animations and “prizes” popping up constantly. I opened the app and it forced me to click a bunch of new features and it took me 30 seconds to get to the game I wanted to play. Then I finished the game and it took almost a minute to get past all the stupid pop ups for their random prizes, power ups, collections, level ups, etc. Absolutely obnoxious app for a simple game.

  33. I love playing this game, it’s so fun & so many other people from all over the world can play Scrabble w/ you, or they have single-player games, tournaments,competitions, all sorts of different things to play & at different skill levels too. However, the last 2 wks everytime I launch the game it immediately crashes after about 3 secs so I’m not sure what’s going on w/ this app but I hope it gets fixed soon!!! Very dissapointed I’m not able to play now!!

  34. The games are awesome but it seems like after every single turn you take there is an ad!!! Yes, you have the option to get rid of them by buying a pass…the only issue is you can’t get rid of them indefinitely. The only options you have are a day pass or a week pass (ad free) then you have to keep re-purchasing. I never bought them but it seems like a scam to get your money.

  35. George dice:

    The ads make this game unplayable. Seriously…unplayable. We’re talking a 10 to 30 second ad every few plays, with 3 or 4 clicks/taps to dismiss the ad. The cost to remove all those ads is 8 bucks per month (not 8 bucks once). That’s a ridiculous price. I put this game down for more than a year, came back to the exact same game play (overwhelming and pointless animations EVERYWHERE), and the exact same advertising fire hose. Yuck.

  36. i’m sick and tired of the game suddenly redirecting to a website! i close chrome right away, but half the time when i go back to my game it reloads the app. like, i can handle an add after every turn, as annoying as that is, but this is just invasive! i don’t even tap anything or have my hands near the ad. i could just be trying to figure out a word for the daily word search and suddenly it redirects! i’m about ready to uninstall it out of frustration, which is a shame.

  37. Bamm Bamm dice:

    Way too many ads. Wouldn’t be bad if they were only after each game. But they’re not. They’re before each turn, after each turn, and sometimes during your turn. Ads, ads, and more ads. Non skippable ads too, even full on commercials. No joke. And if you’re willing to pay for no ads, it’s $2 a day. Everything in this game is behind an Ad-wall. Very toxic money grab.

  38. Fun game, but the ads are absurd! I understand watching adds for additional lives, or to start a new game, but the ads in this game frequently come up between each and every play. It’s really absurd. They offer add-free for ONE DAY for $1.99. You’ve got to be joking! Also, could not recommend to my dad with poor eyesight, because the little “x”s you have to hit to exit ads (often more than once per ad) are very hard to find/see/hit, even for me. Ads ruin the fun.

  39. When I downloaded this game, it was fine and working properly, but now, after 3 or 4 updates since, this game has become unplayable…buttons lock up, you can’t redeem items, heck; you can’t even see the results of certain matches you participated in. Even if you delete the cache, uninstall and then reinstall the game, the problems just won’t go away. The makers of this app should be ashamed of themselves…This is the textbook definition of “Amateur Hour”

  40. Tricia dice:

    The game is fun, quick, nice that it’s interactive with other players or verse a computer the downside is the ads make it very difficult to play. They randomly open my chrome or Google play and I have to keep closing them and reloading scrabble. It makes it annoying and after awhile I just close scrabble rather then allowing it to reload again and again. The card packs are also a bit redundant. When it rewards the same cards over and over and there is no progression then why even bother.

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