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Create, Dream, Decorate, Flip House & Redecorate Mansion Home With Word Puzzles
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Would you like to design home, and expand your vocabulary-all at the same time? With My Home Makeover Design you can! Play the best home design meets word puzzle game! Help clients decide, design & decorate their homes and transform their dreams into reality with amazing home makeovers!

Can you scrabble and solve all the crosswords and anagrams? Challenge your brain in the best offline home design words scrabble game ever. Solve fun stacks of word game puzzles to help design, decorate, renovate, restore, build, fix, flip & create the perfect dream home makeover with beautiful room decor.

The goal is to design, decorate, create, makeover, flip, fix, renovate & restore your client’s house, mansion or home & play fun stacks of word puzzles. Become the best home designer as lots of families are counting on you to restore, renovate their home down-and-out fixer uppers!

Expand your vocabulary and demonstrate your interior designer skills as you search & scrabble words, solve crosswords & hit the highest score in this free offline home design word search game.


* Renovate: Remodel homes, mansions, houses with traditional interior styles or go Modern? You decide, you design! Rebuild outdated interior designs into outstanding makeovers with bold accents, pops of color, stylish fixtures & finishes.

* Furniture Styles: Master all furniture styles & become a truly professional decorator, each client with his/her own design challenge! Renovate a variety of fixer uppers that need your interior design eye: kitchens, bathrooms, decks, living rooms, offices & more!

* House Design: Open-ended addictive puzzle game-play. Various styles at your own disposal! Makeover, build, create, renovate, design, decorate, fix, flip & restore other people’s dream houses, mansions & homes all by yourself & make them happy!

* Exciting crosswords levels: Enjoy the best selection of word search, word scrabble, anagrams, and crosswords. Test & improve your spelling, vocabulary & word skills for free. Swipe stacks of words to play crossword solver. Intelligently designed crossword game allows you to train your brain by connecting, searching the stacks of words & resolving anagrams. Solve crossword puzzles & experience incredible brain challenging fun in the most addictive stacks of word search game.

* Express yourself: With an incredible variety of high-end designer furniture, lighting, flooring & other décor choices. Challenge your sense of design – adjust wall colors, flooring and furniture placements to harmonize the atmosphere. Customize every piece of your own furniture. Any color you choose! you decide!

* Multiple houses / mansions / homes: Not satisfied with decorating, building, designing, creating or restoring only one mystery house & just one sweet fantasy story? We have plenty of simulation mystery houses for you to build, flip, design, craft, renovate, restore, create or decorate & have a blast! Design & renovate different room styles including family-friendly living rooms, rustic kitchens, stylish bathrooms, chic bedrooms, private study rooms, amazing office spaces & chilled out decks!

* Different Stories: Work with various types of client personalities. Help various HGTV like clients brothers, celebrities, families, newlyweds to transform dreams into reality. Build the most incredible property or fixer upper for brothers, celebrities and families with kids. Help create, design, decorate, restore, renovate, build, flip, fix & makeover their old homes, broken houses & outdated mansions into beautiful dream makeovers.

* Rewards: Unlock multiple rewards & earn them as you impress your clients by decorating the home, house or mansion of their dreams with amazing beautiful makeovers. Scrabble through & hunt the stacks of words, find all answers & solutions to the crosswords.
Don’t necessarily have to be a house flipper or have knowledge of house building, interior designing, decorating, creating, restoring, renovating or flipping.


- added new rooms and new challenging levels
- bug fixes and game improvements


40 comentarios en "My Home Makeover Design: Games MOD 2022"

  1. Jim Dunn dice:

    As per usual, these games start out great than go downhill fast. Very fun at first. The word puzzle part is much better than the matching games, however, within a few rooms, prices to makeover get rediculous. When a game gets frustrating, I am out! I play to have fun. I wish they could just let well enough alone instead of ruining a good thing! Uninstalling!

  2. I think the word puzzle feature is the most unique aspect of this home decor game. In most cases, there’s a match-3 game needing to be solved in order to earn in-game currency. I like that the items in each set don’t get obnoxiously expensive the more you buy. I think the wall patterns and colors are hideous, and some of the furniture harkens back to that of my grandparents back in the 70s and 80s. Their matching of woods, furniture colors, and wall colors is too simplistic.

  3. The rooms are unique, the puzzles aren’t too hard. My biggest gripe is how long it takes to load. And the ad at the loading screen before you even start to play comes across as greedy. Suggestion to other players: don’t bother doubling the gems you get for extra words. You get plenty for goals, finishing rooms, etc. Otherwise, you’ll get weary watching too many ads.

  4. Only fault I found is it takes forever to load pages and open levels. I am enjoying the game very much otherwise and was really pleased with the selections I had to choose from and that I can leave my design for important matters and come back too it. It is set up so that I can earn plenty of play points without breaking the bank too which is why this will be my only design game after this month. I did get cheated out of like 2000 points when games I completed closed the app.

  5. This is one of my favorite design games. No excessive dialogue, no storyline to big down gameplay, and very few ads. Graphics are smooth and cleanly detailed, the game is fun, challenging, and addictive, and so far I haven’t seen any offers to buy or upgrade anything.

  6. Lisa M dice:

    My Favorite Game Ever! The best decorating game out there. It doesn’t bully you to pay to continue playing like all the other games do. It’s really pretty perfect. The rooms are beautiful, and the options are endless. Once you finish a room, you can go back to it anytime and change it. The word games are fun and just challenging enough to keep you occupied. After playing several weeks, my husband says my vocabulary seems to be expanding! I recommend Holy Cow Studios to everyone I know.

  7. Fun game to play. Passes time and not too difficult to pass levels which I cannot stand to be stuck on a level because they made it too hard to pass it so your losing time, money, bonuses, and you’re tired & bored so I uninstall & move on to the next game so yeah so far so good. As of now I recommend this game to others. Thanks

  8. Perfect. Ok I’ve completed every room, need more or can you restart the game over? Like erase what you did and start over? It takes forever for your company to add more rooms, let me know , I’ve tried unistalling it, but it comes back just where you left off other than that it was perfect, no problems, no irritating commercials! I’m in love but now I’m ready for more! Dont leave me hanging, lolololo

  9. It is a pretty good game actually… with amazing decorations and wonderful colour schemes. The only reason I have given this a 4-star is because this gets very exhausting as the levels get harder. The furniture gets too expensive and that makes it so tiring because you don’t get enough amount of money for winning a game. Please do something about that plus please add some new mini games to get money from too so we have multiple options that would be so interesting otherwise one game is boring.

  10. This app feels more like a word game than a decorating game. I spend more time doing word puzzles so I can collect coins to purchase furniture that I don’t even love. You have to complete one to two word puzzles just to purchase your next decor piece. I wanted a design app, not a word game app.

  11. I really like this game. My problem is the categories don’t always fit the answers. For instance,Bodies of Water. Some of the answers were: oasis,meander,dam,seashore, iceberg,gulch. I went into the dictionary to see if I was wrong but they aren’t bodies of water. Another example is Food:batter,fat,lard,millet, bitter. Millet is also a bird food but the others are used to make food or how it tastes. Countries nobody has ever heard of. I could go on but space is limited. Thank you for reading. 🌞

  12. Puzzles are hard even at the beginning,probably will uninstall soon,more frustrating then fun that’s too bad.

  13. Games with piggy banks can go to heck! The decor is pretty bad once you get to the second room. Wishing I hadn’t wasted data downloading this… It gets two stars instead of one because having a word game for earning.

  14. I like the word puzzles, but it takes too long for the game to load. That needs to be fixed. You’re game ratings will improve once that issue is resolved.

  15. The purchases are too high. I make a large purchase with my credit card in order decorate and you ask for thousands back. It’s hard to complete a room without the dimonds. I must DELETE.

  16. It’s a good app but just like some things are really hard and you can’t pass it without reversing it and sometimes we don’t have money or gems to do it

  17. I have gotten up to level 8 and now game doesn’t want to load. I was going to give 5 star review because it started out fine. But as the game continues am having a hard time to load the game now. Sorry but I will delete this game now, please work out the bugs because it’s really a cool game, and I like the music. ☹️

  18. Since the last update on 4-1-22 the game has not worked correctly. When I click on “×2” it states that there are no adds available. It also states that there are no weekly bonuses left on the very first day of the week! Please fix or I’m deleting

  19. It’s ok… But it’s clearly an immitation of a certain “brothers” renovation game except with words…and American Spelling…very annoying

  20. I like this game but I need the 2021 version I was playing before I bought this new phone. The scrabble-like word connect With home decor are the ones I prefer. All my info and data was put in this Samsung Android A12 from the J3 version, but My Design Home Makeover from you guys was put in but from the first level. It does not load for me to go to the words and win coins. Only pause and one couch is there. You can hear the music-that is it! I want it to work and get to 2200 word level I did.

  21. Good, solid interior design game with nice graphics and decent furniture. Not much to choose from, but all the choices are reasonably attractive. Best of all, no match-3 game! You earn decorating items by playing a word game. I would have given it five stars, but there are ads and so far (I’ve been playing less than a day), there’s no option to go ad-free.

  22. Game is really easy the graphics are good the words are easy and rooms are fun to decorate

  23. Two out of three puzzles crash and i lose all my cash!!! Plz fix.Its been a while so far it’s working fine

  24. Nice game but the loading time between levels and after watching ads is a huge turn off! About ready to uninstall. Please get this part of the game fixed it’s a big thumbs down otherwise

  25. Deb Marks dice:

    The game was okay when I first started ( a week ago) but now all it does is crash after finishing 3 or more word puzzles. When this happens I loose all the money I’ve earned. So frustrating trying to figure out American words , and constant military puzzles or Halloween words I’ve never heard of. I will be deleting this app as it’s very frustrating trying to play.

  26. Enjoy this game. But I have been waiting for over a month for new rooms and puzzles.

  27. I like it. Word puzzle is better than playing matched making game.

  28. I am enjoying this game very much! I love the word games to earn points-it’s different from all the other games!

  29. This game is really boring there’s nothing new on this game never gets new furniture or decorations to choose from its all the same furniture and decorations need new stuff on this game .different words to search then the same things over and over .I uninstalled to boring know change.

  30. I love this game!!! I get to remodel rooms and I get to do crossword puzzles which I’m really good at. Already at level 301 and extremely addicted to the game. Awesome job 👍

  31. Very good design game with fun word puzzles. It has lots of lovely design choices and many different rooms to unleash your creativity.

  32. J J dice:

    Was really enjoying it however as you get further into it words become incredibly small very difficult to see them there just a blurr please consider those of us with poorer eyesight wouldn’t be so bad if we had option to enlarge words because of this I can no longer play very frustrating uninstalling

  33. Rit Allen dice:

    Like the game except for double rewards.. the game closes each time and I only receive a single reward.. Thank you for your response.. will be downloading My Home Makeover again…

  34. Every time I get all but a few words I get kit out and have to over again. I have had enough of this game. It was fun in the beginning but I frustrated now.

  35. Holy cow developers have created the best design game. The ads are not too much, the prices for design items are fair and the soft jazz background music is relaxing.

  36. Seems fun. I can tell it’s going to get hard to beat levels unless you buy help. Oh well, just like every other game. Play it until I can’t

  37. Only just started playing. I do like the graphics, and the game is fun. I like the puzzle it makes you use your mind, so far,so good.

  38. It is a great way to entertain yourself and get ideas for your own home.

  39. Music is calming. Choices are very nice. Word games are fun and challenging.

  40. It’s a good game but buying things for rooms is outrageous three toys 1200 dollars a clothes basket1300 dollars honestly breally

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