Candy Fever MODDED 2022


Candy Fever is a casual candy match 3 game
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Super big fan of delicious candy puzzle games? Match and collect 3 or more scrumptious candies in Candy Fever. Create sweet boosters to achieve highest score and win 3 stars with each puzzle. Join and spread the fun in amazing Candy Fever!

– Journey through more than 200 enchanting levels. Updates come out all the time!
– Explore a sweet world of delicious candies: Chocolate Villa, Ice-cream Bakery, Whipped Citadel and Pastry Carnivals
– Use boosters to burst 5 layers cake, Jam Virus, Gummy Skull, Chocolate, Ice etc.
– Show off your gaming progress on leaderboard
– Never ending fun of match-3 puzzle game
– Slide, swap, switch and match 3 or more same sweet candies
– You will be able to get a special candy if 4 or more candies are matched
– Appetizing and delightful candy design with sweet charm and charisma
– Play anywhere anytime: Internet is not a must
– Completely FREE match 3 candy game

Try exciting Candy Fever and test your matching skill with interesting yet challenging candy levels!


It's time to get a candy fever update!

- General improvement to make your gaming experience run a little smoother!

Don't forget to download the latest version :)


40 comentarios en "Candy Fever MODDED 2022"

  1. Sir,I have finished Candy Fever Level 1&2 At Level 3-21 ,I have played more than 100 times for the past 2 days ,but i can’t complete the game which irritating me,i have to uninstall this soon.If the number of times must be limited atleast 5 to 10 times More than that makes boring automatically.Even 5 symbols are connected there is no improvement/ effect in the game.This can be modified quickly.Essar 🙏

  2. It’s very challenging as you go up the levels (at least for me) my daughter suggested doing games like these to increase neuroplasticity. Hope it works?🙂 I think it really helps !7

  3. I want some extra options like a hammer tool or so. I’ll even watch a video to get it 😉 Awesome game. It’s like Candy Crush without the 5-Lives setback… and the Hammer tool. Relaxing game play.

  4. Why is it the game keep failing most of the time when I still have move moves ….. sometimes when I almost to win a bright spinning star comes on and then the game done and the page to start again comes on back

  5. I love this app because it helps me to relax whenever am stressed but please add items that can help you survive when you’re losing and a daily bonus

  6. it’s an ok app. some little annoying features like when you attempt to move a piece it does an auto decision to move i a direction. when you tap it. So sometime it moves in a direction you don’t want it to move. after watching ads to get bonuses some of them are not given and the fact that the bonuses are automatically played in your next game is a bit annoying. graphics are ok a the fact there doesn’t seem to be a set number of lives is good too.

  7. There’s thousands of games like these, but this one is stress free & relaxing. I really enjoy THIS game.

  8. Very irritated with the advertisement in between each levels. Then, on a certain level, the only way to pass through is if you rate the app. Next, on a certain level, the only way to pass through is by watching a video and downloading the app. I found it ridiculous! Im very unhappy! You should let the game go on, you shouldn’t make people do this and that just to play on. I am very unpleased.

  9. Its a good game but add something when losing like extra moves or something to help you survive

  10. Nice, relaxing. Do not need to focus too hard.

  11. Interesting game but i wish there were boosters available for use in dificult levels

  12. Easy to play. Love the game. I play candy crush but this one alwsome too

  13. Very fun to play diffent colors and good to get to match

  14. It’s a nice game to relax to and to let time pass by. Just match the coulors and you good for

  15. Great game .. just the ads disruption a bit annoying

  16. Ah Jeh dice:

    Lots of fun and can get quite challenging to get 3 stars

  17. Fun game but no rewards for completing levels

  18. I like playing saga candy games it keeps you wanting to keep aying

  19. Just starting playing….I like a little more of a challenge

  20. There’s no better game than this one. I’m talking to you if you are stressed, exhausted or really being eaten away by boredom. This one is made for you, I’m saying this from a real experience. I’ve none, zero, naught complaint about it. It’s superb, amazing & just perfect for me. Surely you’ll feel the same too. Try it out…!!! Thank me later.

  21. It’s really fun to play. I can’t, for some reason, get past level 5-35. It’s so hard to passed that level. Is there any hints out there? Update…I finally got passed level 5-35 after 3 years on it. Yes, 3 years. I wasn’t going to back down on it. Now I’m going strong and getting through levels fast.

  22. This game is fun but I’m not liking all the ads that pop up & can’t seem to get them off w/out losing my reward & that sucks! Going down in star rating if this keeps up!!! Just happened again plz fix this or my rating is dropping fast! Just wanted to drop 1 more star off rating, coz it’s the ad that has a play button on it & I don’t know why it keeps popping up & I can’t get it off w/out existing the game so if it keeps up my rating will go down quickly! Don’t like being aggravated!

  23. This game is realy challenging and fun and good work for the brain , this game is realy excited especially when you don’t know what the next stage or the next level is it always makes me curious for the next challenge board or level of this game , and it keeps you busy and focused especially when you are bored or have nothing else to do , its a good thinking skills game , i will really recommend to download this game but it could make a person addicted too

  24. R. J. dice:

    I am not sure what level it is, but the top says, 4-31. This level is impossible to pass, unless you line everything up just right. I am not a person that gives up easily, but I have tried as many times as I am going to. Too many other games out there to be constantly frustrated with this one. Deleting it.

  25. This game is incredibly addictive! It is helpful especially whenever you are bore and need to relax your brain after a very tedious brain job. It has a lot of rewarding offers on its own. I really appreciate the time taken to build this game. Though, it’s not all of a big deal but it worths being played.

  26. The game is fun,but once you get to lv4 the game makes sur every combination you make get destroyed to prevent u f try om winning. This game is 70% controlled by computer and 30% by your be honnest challenging and boring at the same time,specially when you make the right moves and computer change it unexpected

  27. When you get to stripes in the same direction the game doesn’t calculate the second hit .. etc And Why it’s impossible to proceed into the last level. It’s required to complete all previous level with 3 stars wich is impossible at a few levels. Plz fix this.

  28. With the banner ads, running across the entire game, then the game is replaced by another screen, that’s a full screen and, which is very difficult to exit. I didn’t realize that google was hurting for money, this bad. Screw this!!!!!!!!

  29. I used to like this game but level 10-51 is impossible to pass. 19 of the blocks need to be hit 7 times each which is impossible with only 35 moves. Very disappointing and frustrating and it seems i am not the only one with this opinion!

  30. Fiona Lee dice:

    Is quite nice at the beginning, but get bore when u reach level 4-47, where is so hard to complete the task. You like stuck there forever and i kind of gave up. Its get harder on higer level, that okay. But I hope at same stages can be easier even at higer, then it will be more interesting and motivated to continue. Tks

  31. It seems not only me who stuck in level 10-51. I thougt level 9-36 is the most difficult one, but i was wrong. Level 10-51 is the most insane, how could you give only 35 moves to clear it all. It’s impossible. Even a genius whould not able to solve it.

  32. phat phat dice:

    This app is great. It keeps me glued to my phone and very interesting. The levels are well staged and tests you more as the levels continue. The more you play the more you want to play it. The sounds and music are captivating and enjoyable . I recommend this app to everyone

  33. Currently I am playing 8-33 level and I think there is a bug in the game as it is impossible to complete the level without any external add ons as the central peice cannot be reached. up until now it was good experience.

  34. It’s good to get candy saga my dear child love it

  35. I really enjoyed this game, however last night it stopped responding and won’t let me move anything anymore so am not able to play the game. Have even uninstalled and reinstalled a newer version and it is doing the exact same thing. Very dissapointed, am forced to uninstall and find something else to play.

  36. The game should be in full screen mode. rest a fairly easy game. a few moves and the entire level is achieved on its own. would be better if its played in full screen rather than that small window in the center of the screen

  37. I love this game. It’s a good game to exercise the brain.

  38. The way i love it ,no more stress,when i feel like the world is coming down on me,i just open my fever and walla,i feel like a new person again,even the kids know when i play it i dont need disturbance,its the most wonderful game i ever came across, I downloaded it and i can’t stay away from it,sometimes i dont even hear prople talking with me, that’s hoe i love the game it takes me to my own world.

  39. The game is so very fun and entertaining, but it shows many advertisements during the game, and it is so very iritating, i hope that those ads can be remove, so the person can enjoy and play the game that they are playing. Thanks.

  40. Such a good and amazing game… You guys also install candy fever

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