Barbie™ Fashion Closet MOD 2022

Play, create, and share fun fashionable styles with your friends!
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Barbie and her friends are excited you’re here and can’t wait to show off all their fun fashions. Play with makeup, select fun hairdos, and pick from hundreds of tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes. Once you’re done dressing up your favorite character, snap a picture in front of one of the many backgrounds in a stylish pose!

With your help, Barbie and her friends will be the most stylish crew around. We can’t wait to see what you dream up and create!

CHARACTERS. Style Barbie, Nikki, Rene, Teresa, and their friends to create cute fashionable looks.

HAIR & MAKEUP. Choose between a bun, ponytail, braid, and many more hairdos to fit your style. You can even color your model’s hair. Apply magical makeup to pull your look together!

OUTFIT. Select trendy tops, bottoms, or chic dresses with hundreds of outfit combinations to become the ultimate fashion trendsetter.

PHOTOSHOOT. Strike a pose and snap pictures of your design to become the fashion influencer you were meant to be.

COLLECT. Win collectible fashion items or unlock fun surprises by logging in daily or through incredible purchase packs.

Have fun with your friends playing Barbie™ Fashion Closet!

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Hi Fashionistas! We have a pretty fantastic update for you!
-Cutie alert! Another one of Barbie’s softest and fluffiest animal friends with its own unique fashions has arrived- Cutie Reveal Panda is now available!
-Strike a pose and show off your style with the new Red Carpet Looks challenge, play today!


40 comentarios en "Barbie™ Fashion Closet MOD 2022"

  1. I love playing this when I need a break. Unfortunately there are so many bugs. With the competitions the makeup you pick disappears. There is a few bugs that should have been addressed months ago.

  2. Completely unstable. Every aspect of play is broken. Could be fun but its impossible to accomplish anything. Major bugs.

  3. poor selection it does not reset the app to the original starting doll. so you either have to add to ones you have already done or just leave the face how you had it after the 1st time using it. my daughter was sad that she could not change anything after having done it once. you should have a new canvas to start with every time after you have finished one.

  4. I used to play this as a kid so i thought “let me check this game”in my memories it wasn’t that bad oh GOSH there’s some few bugs that i absolutely hate but overall 3 for my childhood

  5. So this game is a lot of fun. It does not have a lot of ads like evry other game on here. You can do theymed outfits like Winter,Summer,Easter,and Howlloween.You can dress the charicters like Princessis,Fairies,and lots more. You can choose lots of hair styles, outfits, backgrounds, hair colors, and face decorations. some NOT all but some of them have cute pets to. You don’t have to unlock anything with ads. Take my advise because i’m a 10yr old girl. Also it is privit. So only you can see.

  6. I’m glad I test drove this app before giving it to my daughter. Waaaay too much content is only available with further purchases, especially the content little girls will want most like fairy dolls and mermaids. Each outfit finishes with an advert which you can’t skip and can’t easily back out from – that’s the main reason I’m going to uninstall. The game does have quite pretty graphics, didn’t have any glitches, and the outfits and face paint/makeup are age appropriate for children.

  7. I was looking for games in play store and then I found this game. I love dressing games and so I installed this game. I thought it won’t be that good but it is. But many dresses and many backgrounds are locked. I wish there could be many dresses and many backgrounds. And I wish the barbies would say where they have to go. For example, they should go to a hospital. Then, according to it, I will dress them up. If you can, do like this. And the overall gameplay is good. Thanks for reading.

  8. We had an issue with a purchase not showing up. It took quite awhile to get an answer from customer service, but it is now resolved. The game itself is really great. My 4 year old has no problem navigating it and loves playing. There are a lot of in app purchases available, but they are reasonably priced and well worth it for the enjoyment she is getting out of it.

  9. The game is really fun😇😊🥰, however what’s the point of playing this fashion game, if most of the outfits and hairstyles and accessories have a lock button on them, it defeats the purpose of playing the game🙄, the fashionista Barbie characters have a lock on them, and you would have to pay money just to unlock that character, which seems a little bit ridiculous😡😤

  10. i just got this game. it is so cute. so many styles. i do wish that we can add our own dolls to the game to customize like xena, wonder woman, gabrielle and maybe a few others like chelsea, skipper, stacie and the guys as well. i was playing this game a bit ago and whenever i tried to change a doll’s outfit, it took me back to the homescreen on my chromebook. i didn’t even get to finish the outfit or finished playing the game. This is ridiculous.

  11. The game is a cool idea I just hate that you barely have anything to choose from and that the clothes you actually have are kinda trashy.I also don’t like that adding highlights takes so much time and that you have to do it one strand at a time. Overall I give it 2 stars.

  12. I love the game! I’ve played before on Amazon Kindle fire when I was younger it’s fun to play but one complaint: too many things that are EITHER LOCKED OR NEED TO WATCH A ADDDDD its amount please add so that more characters are free and more items are free because there’s not that many choices for; (shoes, shirts, leggings/trousers, makeup, ect.) So ayway ovaral the game is amazing 🤗🤗🦄

  13. I really like this game! So amazing. But a problem why I removed a two stars✨ is that 1: all you have to do is dress them up and take photos to fill up your devive🤦🏻 and 2: most of the items are either locked or you need to watch an add and so are the characters. Overall, good game😘 but please unlock stuff

  14. I really like Barbie Fashion! The graphics are really good! And I love that the ads are kid friendly. I wish though that you got more free things, like makeup and clothes. I am kinda getting bored of my clothes. And I wish that things were a bit less pricey. Otherwise really great game! 🤩

  15. Jessica dice:

    This is game is the worst game I have ever played. First of all this game is really glitchy. Whenever I go to the makeup part it always glitches out. Second, We only have 4 characters that is free to play and we have to pay real money for half of the customization.Third, this game has literally have nothing to do.. Like dress the up and take pics and then what?.. This game would be more fun if this game is fully free and has more things to do..

  16. It’s great to play. But the problem that I have is getting and completing the stamps,and because of that I cannot dress up the other character. Some of the things that you want to use for dressing up you have to pay and buy it for 100 to 200 peso. I didn’t mean this game is bad, but if I could do a suggestion then I will suggest that the player could do all the characters and all the things for dressing up. Thank you for reading…

  17. This app is super awsome but I really wish that the clothes should be unlocked because we only can dress our person with a few clothing item and I would really like if the other extra barbies were unlocked not only one. Other wise I think it’s a good and okay app really saying that out there to give an option to be free and yes this app is so not free it feels like I am stuck with one and boring things that I dress my person again again with. But there are gifts option so it makes it okay

  18. There are 2 desopointing😑 problems,Most of the things are locked ,just Make this game free😉 and when we download it then the phone starts hanging so much and controlling is a little tricky and hard so make its controlling easy too😇, I have no problems other than these 2 problems, fix these 2 and then I have no complains😊, this is a good game otherwise 😋

  19. With the recent update this game has really improved! Before it was a 3 star game. But with the addition of Extra Fashion, challenges and events it’s now a pretty a solid app! I just can’t wait until you add fashions from Big City Big Dreams and add Brooklyn as a character. Other than that all they need to do is: 1. Make a search by color filter on clothes. 2. Add Holiday Barbie Gowns and other Signature/Collector or @BarbieStyle line outfits

  20. I really like this game but some ads are really long and the ads keep repeating themselves most of the stuff you have to pay to get which is very annoying if you could fix that then this app would be great I recommend this app for ages 5 to 9 I hope this review was helpful been getting a weird glitch in the game where makes really weird noises if you’d fix that then this review would be back to two stars

  21. My daughter loves this game, but they only offer a limited number of free options for each category…. clothes, shoes, hair, etc. Recently found a very similar app that offers a much larger selection of free styling choices. She’s been playing on the new app much more than this one.

  22. I love how you can pick whatever outfits and hair styles you want. I just got this game and I am already in love with it, I gave this game 5 stars because it was so great. You can do designs and then make them colors for makeup and you can take pictures and make filters. It is the best game for young girls, especially girls who like barbies

  23. Progress appears to have been lost which is annoying as we have paid for extras and now they have disappeared!! Reinstalled it and not going to pay again for all the extras we purchased previously. Really bad it doesn’t keep progress or purchases if you don’t use it on a regular basis.

  24. I usually LOVE this app, but ever since Christmas all of the characters faces are pitch black! They have no eyes, lips, noses, or even skin color! It’s kinda creepy. If they could fix this bug, then I still give it a good rating.

  25. I watch a little girl play this as my wife was talking to her mom. i asked her what her favorite hair style and she could show me, but she had no idea what it was called. she had no idea what highlights were as she put them on. please add description to your make over options. so a little girl can say she likes an over the shoulder French braid with purple highlights and matching eye shadow. not say hold on let me show you then get fustrated as she looks for the correct things.

  26. This stupid game won’t let my daughter do what she wants she just wants to put clothes on the dang Barbie but this stupid app is trying to force her to play it the way they want her to play it she doesn’t want to play it like that let these kids have some freaking freedom in game she doesn’t want to do the competitions she shouldn’t have to fix it

  27. Holly dice:

    It is truly boring! When I try to click on a character it pops up with an add I don’t mind tha when the adds over it still doesn’t let me click on it, it just takes me to an other add, and so on there’s more, all the characters are locked and all I can click on is cringe clothes wich make the character look fat the graphics don’t even fliping make it look like her! also THIS GAME DOESN’T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER!!! xxxhollyxxx

  28. I bought the monthly offer for my daughter and although some of the new items were present, there was no wand or tiara as shown in the picture. I don’t know how to access these. I emailed support via address on the app and it came back undeliverable. I’d (my daughter) would be most grateful for some assistance in fixing this.

  29. It is less than expected. My main grievance is that there is no ability to change the color of the clothing. How are consumers supposed to enjoy a dress up fully if we do not have the option of fully customising the characters? Other than that, the game is alright, just a bit boring.

  30. Roshma N dice:

    This game is amazing there is a lot of clothes and styles and backgrounds. But there is a problem 😕 I choose a avatar and I dress it up but when I come to makeup 💄 it gets stuck first time its ok but second time its a problem. Other than that its amazing 👏 😍

  31. The game is good but one of the barbie dolls say that I need to level up and I did but I did not get her.

  32. Hate it…. You can’t do anything without an add popping up or making you pay out of pocket for everything. It creates tabs and takes you to the internet. The ads that say you can have something for free if you watch don’t work. This is a cool app in theory but it so sucks so bad

  33. No thanks! Never seen a game where the ONLY way to progress is to use real money to unlock things (dolls, outfits etc). Not even puzzles or ad watching to WIN them as an option. Uninstalling now! You need to change this aspect or nobody will stick at this!!

  34. This game is amazing I love 💕 it a lot looking forward to see barbie’s friends too in this game. One thing I don’t like is that we have to buy characters or I am wrong we can get characters with daily rewards ?? Can you also make one game of barbie carrier in that we have to choose a carrier and do the things like a pilot then I have to drive a plane or like a doctor.

  35. It is a really nice game, my daughter loves a lot. The reason I rated it 4 stars is that there are few clothes that are free, I already watched an ad to open some. This is the best game you can play, there controls sometimes are hard to control.

  36. Barbie fashion closet is such a good game but I would like if you add some ken dolls to dress up! Or make another game just for ken dolls to dress up . And there is no bug accept one thing I always get the Barbie Explorer game add it asks me if you want it but I said no! But the next time I opened it asked me the same thing! So that was my problem!

  37. It’s really really bad. first it takes so much memory and takes so much time to open and it’s really boring most of the things are lock and you have to buy them and it can’t start untill it updates and no matter how you try it doesn’t. I really don’t recommend this game.

  38. The game is great but the graphics lowkey sucks.The ads are okay and the price is a little high but I’m willing to pay everything because the price is good enough for me.Pls.fix the awful graphics,but other than that the game is fine.

  39. It’s a really good game and when you go he it each day you get a gift and you could dress up you girl as you like but there is one problem every time you finish making up the girls if always come on with a ad and pops up in your face and you can not do not thing until the ad is done but today I unlocked a new character this game it’s really fun but there is one thing I would like to know how could you take off the face stuff I thought no how to do that but if any one knows tell me or text me

  40. This game has bugs in it or it needs to be updated to work on the newest devices like Samsung 9s or newer. It needs to be fixed. The longer you play it the worse the game delays and worse it gets. My dtr loves this game and I have put money into this game so its sad to see a game work like this. I would give it higher stars if it worked better.

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