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Official Minions and Despicable Me endless runner game
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It’s time to take a run on the wild side with the incredibly fun and despicably daring Minions!

Illumination, Universal, and Gameloft bring you Minion Rush, an endless running game that can be enjoyed offline, anytime! Run through lots of cool locations, dodging devious traps, battling vile villains, and collecting loads of bright, beautiful Bananas!

Game Features

Dressed to Impress
Now that Gru’s gone good, the Minions have a new goal: to become the ultimate Secret Agents! So they’ve created dozens of fun Costumes that don’t just look slick, but have unique skills, such as extra running speed, grabbing more Bananas, or turning you into a Mega Minion!

A Wide World of Minions
You’ll run through crazy locations, from the Anti-Villain League HQ to Vector’s lair, or the ancient past. Each location has its own unique set of obstacles to overcome, so keep your eye(s) peeled! And once you’re ready, you can enter the Top Bananas Room to compete against players from all over your region—or even the world—in an endless running mode to unlock tons of prizes!

Offline Adventures
All this fun can be played offline without Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy the main features of the game anytime, anywhere.

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This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some third parties, which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in the Settings app > Accounts (Personal) > Google > Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt out of interest-based ads.
Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet.


What’s New

- 10th Anniversary World Tour: Celebrate a decade of mischief with a 10-country tour! Enjoy Special Missions around the globe with tons of cool content from each nation.

- 2 Special Missions: The tour kicks off in China where the Minions celebrate “Lunar New Year.” Then jet over to the City of Love, France, for Valentine's Day in “From France with Love.”


40 comentarios en "Minion Rush: Running Game MODDED 2022"

  1. The minion rush is a cute and intertaning game to play. I used to play it a lot a few years ago. I just now started playing it agian, but it has changed a lot. Because every time you try playing it, it will let you play for like a minute and then it would say that you completely the level. It mostly makes you just pick out stuff and watch ads then actually play the game that you downloaded. But over all it is a pretty good game. I do concider it if you want to put up with all the ads.

  2. Nocturne dice:

    A super addictive game that’s easy to learn but challenging to master. Graphics look great and perfectly replicate beloved characters and places of the Minions universe! Each costume offers a special ability to give you an advantage, and those abilities can be enhanced as you progress. There’s TONS of depth, strategy, variety, and replay value so this game never gets old. Update: The game has also runned perfectly thanks to updates following my original review. Keep up the great work!

  3. About what you’d expect- it’s a cute Minions themed runner game; you can have all different kinds of minions and there are missions and prizes. It’s got the option to buy things but you don’t have to pay to play. Graphics are good for what it is, music is the same theme from the movies. Thankful that it doesn’t have ads after every single level, but it still has ads every couple of levels which isn’t fantastic. Enjoyable game though.

  4. This is really good game and I totally recommend you download it but there is a few things I would like change like how when you get a free revive. If it would ask you to use it instead of automatically doing it that would be great 👍 oh and also make the tutorial skip able. Please add more minons and costumes you already have more than a hundred but each one is fun. By the way add more prize pods. This game 🎮 is a must play

  5. One of the few games that I can play and never have the urge to spend real $$. There aren’t many changes I would look for to make it better. Maybe make the free revives that can be earned optional on some missions. Kinda feels like a waste when they have to be used on the next mission whether you want them to or not. Still, the game is a lot of fun!!

  6. There are both pros and cons to the new version. I like the new version because it is easier to earn tokens. The old version didn’t have as many lags. In the game, there is an ad that stops a second before it says it will stop (toy brick crush or something like that), making you either press it to go to the play store, or close minion rush and have to wait three minutes to get back in the game, and that ad usually pops up when you press “watch ad to revive”. I will rate 5 stars when it is fixed.

  7. The new update killed all the good parts of the game, all old progress including purchases were lost for pennies on the dollar after assuring us that would not happen, the new graphics are terrible, and the new concept is confusing and hard to follow. Too bad the old game was great. Bad customer service as well. Not worth investing time or money into anymore. Seriously considering deleting it after years of playing.

  8. What a disappointment!! I loved this game and played it often. Now everything I built-up over the years is gone, bananas, all the outfits with upgrades, the revives I had saved up, not to mention all the power ups. I feel like all the time I spent playing this game and saving stuff for a rainy day was a giant waste of my time because I have nothing to show for it now. I really hope the next update fixes all of this. So disappointed!

  9. I have been playing Minion Rush for years. The old version required skill to determine what to update, how to update, how and when to use items, and how to complete levels. I had over 15 million bananas, golden shield and a very large array of Minions to choose from that I had earned. The new version is on the verge of confusing. The “transfer” of items was garbage and what did transfer I still need to play, excessively, to even recruit due to “upgrading” needing banana tokens that you need to earn. Further, the “transfer” makes no sense. For instance the Cleopatra costume I had maxed out plus upgraded – which was I believe ~250% bananas collected, a free revive, plus double bananas after the revive. The same costume now simply increases the chances of getting a banana vacuum – completely losing the purpose of having, using, and upgrading that costume in the first place. I could go on but that is just one example. The gameplay while running is on the verge of annoying. The controls are sloppy by comparison (slow to react), game play at times will pause for no reason – and when it starts up again, the slow reaction is even worse and you almost always lose the run. Trying to figure out how the levels works just leaves the user confused. Use of items is even more odd, by comparison to the old, because there’s no upgrading the item – each item has a very short duration unless that specific costume has been upgraded for that specific item.

  10. this used to be an awesome game before you removed the most basic functions the game used to have, mainly it was an INFINITE runner, where you didn’t have to unlock maps (although you had to make it to a map change section.) The game didn’t stop you run because you finished your task. You could run an infinite amount of times ( didn’t have to wait for the tickets/energy/what-ever-you-call-it to replenish.) and there were BOSS FIGHTS! So far all i can say isthat the game lost its charm.

  11. Great game with good graphics. It’s more better playing on a mobile device than playing on a Apple TV. (yes, you can download games on it.) You get to unlock more items, characters, maps, etc. I just have a problem with one thing is that I get a lot of in-game notifications. Like, if I go to play a mission and then I come back to the menu after beating that mission, I get about like 5 notifications. I would just like for the notifications to just calm down.

  12. The game definitely takes up too much storage. I liked that you can keep your progress from a previous download. The graphics were great! The game has a lot going on and I don’t like the fact that you have to upgrade minions in order to level up. I did have to uninstall because of the high storage because of the new update. Please make the storage less!!!! Also wouldn’t allow new update!!!!

  13. Game has been great but lately, every time I open the app it’s been acting like I just installed it(ie starting me at the tutorial then restoring the data). On top of that, when that started happening, when I go into a level, the menu is gone(the pause button, progress meter and banana count hasn’t been showing up). Please look into and fix this.

  14. AngelX dice:

    Loved this game since it came out, the new update was interesting to play but still enjoyed it and still play it to this day. My only problem is when I play it, it won’t let my character tilt left or right motionally when riding on the slides. Idk if it’s a problem with my phone or a glitch with the game. I have tried uninstalling it and redownloading too, it doesn’t work. Otherwise, great game!

  15. Just another in a long line of games that baits you into playing a few easy levels, then gives you impossible missions that require the purchase of tokens for continues in order to complete. I even bought tokens to skip difficult missions only to be rewarded with even more difficult missions. Mainly they require the use of a specific power-up for a certain amount of time, then make sure not to put that power-up in the level long enough for you to die. Really frustrating for my kids who want to collect the different costumes but can’t.

  16. I used to love this game. Until the whole level thing showed up. It really gets annoying and I actually have to go to a level and try not to complete the objective of it so it could become an endless run sort of thing. If you guys could not be that lazy and add back the endless run thing as like a feature I would give it a better rate. For now it’s a 2 star.

  17. I would personally give this game a 0, but that is not possible so I would give it a 1. What happened to the good ol’ version of Minion Rush? The Jelly Labs, the boss fights, the endless runner, everything about the older version was so so good! It was one of the best games I have ever played. Heck I even had money saved over the years for it! But then the update came and ruined it all. I would say all of the things wrong with this game but the word limit says “no more”, so I shall say no more.

  18. Awful. the graphics are amazing, but the gameplay isn’t. Everytime I “finish” by bumping into something, it says “mission completed” and locks up the game. There is no way to replay the mission, start over, or move forward at all. Just a blue screen with gold coins and the completed mission. If I complete I should be able to move on…instead I have to completely restart the game, which loses all progress and starts you from the beginning. Should not happen on Galaxy S9 !!!

  19. After having upgraded a lot of my costumes to almost the full level I feel cheated that I have to start over. Yes I can collect bananas to upgrade them to where they were, but it would be a lot easier if I didn’t lose all my bananas. And the bananas now take a lot longer to collect. After playing this game a lot of hours to get what I had I feel cheated. It should definitely be called 5 year rip off. The money I spent to get what I had was definitely wasted.

  20. I loved this game then you updated it and I lost all my progress and it kept saying I would get it back but never did which is really upsetting because I was really far also I hate how we now can only run 5 times and have to wait for more tickets. One of the reasoned I loved this game was because you could play for however long you wanted without having to wait for some type of energy to charge back up. I do like how we can get different costumes and minions without having to buy them that is one good thing about the update.

  21. This was one of the best games in the past, but ever since the new anniversary update it has been the worst. All my progress was converted into coins which is not enough to repurchase a similar process again. All the costumes I owned I need to upgrade again, start over. I use to love it, now I hate it. Not worth playing because you are going to wake up one day and they will take all your progress and and dump it with an upgrade and you’ll have to start all over. Really sucks! Don’t waste your time!!!

  22. I have been playing this game on and off for it’s 5 year run. Seeing this new update and other reviews about the update I have to agree that it is horrible. The whole point of the game was the unlimited times you could run. It wasn’t so mission heavy. It was just simple fun. Also, nothing saved from previous game play. Very disappointing. Not a game I’ll continue playing.

  23. Jillian L dice:

    Good game, fun to play when you’re bored. But it has a lot of ads, now it’s not like most games where an ad pops up every five seconds, but it has ads. Also, when you’re actually controlling the minion running, you don’t get to run for a very long time. The goals are normally, ‘collect 10 bananas.’ As you can imagine, pretty easy. I would like the challenges to be harder.

  24. Latest update ruined the game…I think the changes to the game’s format are fine (though I like the old version of the special missions better) but the changes to the minions/costumes and power-ups are terrible. It sucks for people that spent so much time/money building up everything only for it to mean nothing now. We were supposed to get all our upgraded minions back but that’s not the case. We got costume cards but enough of coins to truly upgrade them and they added the agent rank, which is another obstacle to upgrades to costumes. Anyways I could go on about this, but I’m sure this is falling on deaf ears.

  25. Minion Rush was a great game. WAS. The mission reinvention of the game makes it a bore. What made the Old Minion Rush fun was that it was endless and goes faster and faster until you bump into an obstacle. The items and costumes system worked awesome in the old version. They still work fine. But the overall mission system just spoils the fun of what used to be a great game. Please bring back the endless runner layout. It was more fun back then.

  26. A few years ago I’d always play this game and I loved it, I decided to reinstall it. I try to play but it starts off with an annoying tutorial and so many missions. When the missions are accomplished then the run’s over… that sucks. I can’t do a run for fun anymore like the good old times, the player cards or whatever are dumb, I miss purchases with bananas and coins. The missions just loop, like i don’t even know how many times I’ve collected 80 bananas for a mission. I miss the old version.

  27. An excellent runner that specializes more around completing missions. It’s fun to see how costume upgrades can make missions that were impossible actually pretty easy. And with all the options for farming costume cards available, you’ll always be working towards something that you’ll use in the future, whether you know it or not. Casual players be warned however, this game can get incredibly difficult later on, even with the costume buffs given. No doubt the best runner game for advanced gamers.

  28. Derp Turd dice:

    I used to be so addicted to this game as a kid, now it’s just bad. I dont like all the new stuff they put in like character tokens and being able to upgrade them. Also all the missions I liked it better when it was more like sonic dash, you know the bosses and some powerups. It was endless and it was a lot more simple back then. Also being able to just buy characters with bananas or gru coins. Bring back the old version.

  29. I LOVE this game. Minions is one of the very best. There is a couple of things I’d like to see change because not everyone is good at near misses. Provide the option to select another challenge if you fail, keep failing the current challenge. Also. developers, PLEASE OPEN other Minions for Rocket and the Moon. I had nearly every Minion in the previous version so a little frustrating to never get the cards to get Minions for additional rocket and moon. Regardeless, this app is LOTS of daily fun.

  30. D. L. R. dice:

    This game is fun and addictive, the ONLY game app I have never uninstalled! I love the graphics, so colorful and HD quality! This is by far the funnest game I’ve ever played, and will keep! I’m glad you keep putting new and interesting scenarios to play, makes it loads of fun! There is one complaint, I hate when it tells me that the video was interrupted, and I SAW the complete video all the way through, so you don’t give me my extra life, points etc.

  31. one major problem the one thing I have a problem with is that the game (at some moments) blocks you from being able to SEE what is next, such as the use of the castle, it BLOCKS your vision for long enough that you don’t have enough time to be able to jump over the obstacle that is directly after the tall castle part (which at some points they MAKE you go thru), then there is the same problem in others, such as the prison, arctic base, and others..theres more to say but I have no space

  32. A ghost of what it used to be. The first version was one where you could free run between the various maps and play as you liked, without any of this forced progression bull. There were still missions, but they were basically just a method of getting the premium currency, and were entirely optional. The gameplay early on is still worlds better than when the Jelly Lab was there, which quickly became a progression deadlock for free players, but it feels like this was delayed instead of resolved.

  33. After spending years working toward certain goals, all progress is gone. The only thing that remains is tokens. The costumes have changed their benefits, and I have to buy them back with bananas I don’t have anymore? The power-ups are back to zero level, which seems like pure theft of what we’ve spent or earned over the years. I understand that I am ‘previewing’ the new update before the official launch. Please take this update back into your lab and fix these issues before rolling it our permanently.

  34. I don’t know what happen to the game. It was previously biggy but now it running smooth. I’ll give y’all that. But something wrong with purchasing options. I mean I think it’s great that I have access to all the costumes but the banna I collect doesn’t even register. What the point of doing that if I have to earn in a prize pod? Good game, just need some improvements. Good graphics smoother gamplay. Great Idea with each suit having it’s own power up specialty. But….I can be running for longer than a minute or rather I don’t want to if the bannas I collect doesn’t register. Maybe make the banna more rare or something? Idk but that needs to be fixed

  35. This game used to be fun when the levels were there. The levels gave you like a challenge. And that challenge was, collect all the fruits to progress to the next level. But now, it feels like i’m cheating. And plus, it used to be alot more fun then the updated version. Now the app kinda sucks. Bring back the levels please. Then I will give it at least 4 stars.

  36. The new update still has A LOT of bugs. I log in every day but only get the log in bonus every few days. There is a free prize pod available every 4 hours. Mine doesn’t recharge every 4 hours. When I come back after 4 hours the timer still says 3:59:00. If I miss a token in the special mission it doesn’t come back a few seconds later to let me pick it up again. I just miss out on them completely. I’m forced to use all my free lives automatically. I purchased the permanent shield years ago but it was taken away in the new update. All my upgraded minions are back at square one along with all my once maxed powerups that are now not maxed. If you’re not currently playing this game, don’t start now.

  37. This game used to be awesome. The latest upgrade ruined the game. The graphics are flat & the UI is confusing. They’ve taken away all the costumes & upgrades that I’ve earned and purchased. I had over 7 million bananas & now I have 7 thousand! My free-revive costumes are gone, my golden shield is gone, my hundreds of upgrades are all gone! I have spent years building up my supplies of costumes, upgrades, & power-ups! I used to be addicted to it; I guess this new version is my rehab. UNINSTALLED

  38. So far it is a big step back from the original. Explainations as to how things have changed are fragmented, but it looks like not enough thought was put into maintaining progress from the previous version. I have never purchased upgrades from the game, but if I had I would certainly consider participating in a class action law suit…it is that bad.

  39. Tim 16 dice:

    The game used to be fun when i downloaded it many many years ago, revisiting it, it seems similar, the the levels stop like every 10 seconds, its no longer even an infinite runner, every time you complete a mission it ends the run, its annoying! Just wait till i crash to end the level, and THEN reveal my reward, i want to be able to run for long periods and set try to beat my own high scores every time

  40. I remember many years ago playing this game a lot and having lots of fun with this game. However, this new update ruins the classic game I used to know. You can’t manually choose your own map, you have to wait after five runs, and the mission mode is annoying. I like the missions, but not when it takes you out of a run.

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