Letters From Nowhere 2022


Find hidden objects, solve puzzles and rid Hazewich of mysterious forces!
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Stop the evil threatening your town … and world!

Witches are trying to conquer Hazewich, and threatening secrets from the past keep surfacing! If that weren’t enough, demons walk right by you, and scary symbols keep appearing in the morgue following enigmatic murders. Are you ready to confront the overwhelming evil to save your old town … and maybe the whole world?

Seven years have passed since your parents Audrey and Patrick went missing and you left Hazewich. When your granddad asks you to come back urgently, it’s clear that strange things are happening again. No one meets you at the station upon arrival, the town and its people are gloomily silent, electricity goes out for no reason and windows are framed with strange datura plants. Worse, there is no return date on your ticket! Are you doomed to stay here forever? Is this world even real? And could this all be related to the mysterious Mirror of Avatifa that broke many years ago?

Meet lovely Amanda living next door and fight the devilry together. Wander the desolate streets and rid Hazewich of the spooky forces that are trying to destroy your world!

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

● Over 3000 heart-pounding quests to fulfill 
● 52 eerie hidden object scenes to search 
● 400+ collections to gather for bonuses and awards 
● 13 different types of mini-games to master 
● Google Play game services support

Game available in: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Compatibility notes: This game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

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We have made some minor improvements. Unravel the mystery of your parents’ disappearance and rid your hometown of evil forces! 

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40 comentarios en "Letters From Nowhere 2022"

  1. I’ve really been enjoying the game. Difficult but, not so hard you get stuck on a level for days/weeks on end. Loving the storyline, and music, mysterious and maybe a just bit creepy. My only complaint is that you need to be able to zoom in more, even on my tablet it’s extremely hard to make out the objects I’m looking for sometimes even with my glasses on… absolutely no way I could play w/o them!

  2. I’ve read the other reviews and agree that the objects are sometimes too hard to find and the descriptors are pretty vague. In the night mode the illuminated area moves on it’s own making it impossible to get anywhere. I’ve played and enjoyed other g5 games but this one, along with some others (hidden treasures, for one) have too many glitches to continue playing.

  3. Too many glitches – items spawn below the menu/toolbar at the bottom and can only be found with a hint. Sometimes they’re so far down they can’t be tapped. Night mode is very difficult when zoomed in, the controls are way too sensitive and the light bounces around. Using the lantern is even worse. Samsung Galaxy S10

  4. I used to play this game. I came back to the game and its still fun. The one issue I have is that my former progress has been lost. Very disappointed. ***I just upgraded my tablet and I lost my progress, again. UGH. The game says you can save your progress and play on multiple devices, but I couldn’t find the cloud it spoke of.

  5. Loved letters from Nowhere 2 (different game but has many of the same scenes and objects). After I downloaded this game the other (Letters from nowhere 2) would no longer open. Considence??? Don’t know. I was told they no longer support the other game and couldn’t help me. Very disappointing. This game is timed, which is so stressful to play, and you have to keep buying hints, energy, etc. Not fun.

  6. Hannah O dice:

    The game could be very nice, but in almost every scene items are hidden behind the progress or score bare and are also not visible through swiping. It has also happened that I used a clue to show me that tge item was behind the search bar, but I was not able to click on it. I would like to continue with this game, but at its current state it is not playable.

  7. It’s a hidden object game with some good modes of search and clear graphics. It has some mini puzzle type of games but they are mostly very simple. The light spot in the night mode gets stuck trying to go to the right edge of the scene which is annoying. Also frustrated by how rare it is to find assembler items. And you have to get to a ridiculously high level to open most of the rooms.

  8. It doesn’t respond to taps very well, even on the buttons, I need to tap them lots of times before they DO anything. I gave up on the train station when I had found all the items, but it rejected my taps on two of them. I wasted two hints just to be pointed to the same two items I had already been tapping over and over. It’s the ONE thing you need to get right in a game like this!

  9. Can’t see bottom of scenes due to the toolbar. Items hidden beneath said toolbar (even when using the looking glass tool, I couldn’t locate items). Scenes are too dark, and many items are hard to even identify (as in just badly drawn/rendered). Somehow had to unlock the same scene twice. Other HOG from G5 are better to pass the time. Disappointing.

  10. Judy P dice:

    12-17-22. Let’s see how long this review stays up. Once you get to Guru level, after blue level, it takes 4+plays to move 1% and objects are even smaller. I play on a smart tablet and have to use a magnifier. Only way to keep playing now is sinking money into the game. It isn’t enjoyable any more. Uninstalling.

  11. It’s an okay game. I just started playing it and on the third round to one area they are already blacking out objects and expecting you to find them while adding new things that you have no clue what they are so they are pretty much forcing you to use the free hints that they give you so that you are stuck having to perchase more if needed later down the road. I don’t see myself playing this game for much longer.

  12. Good game,however my screen on my phone doesnt seem to capture the full screen on the game. Used up all my hints within a couple of minutes as couldnt find items to find they were at the bottom hidden behind the area which lists the objects to find. Zooming in and out made absolutley no difference ,couldnt be seen! Totally put me off playing any further if i dont have a fair chance at completing levels. Not good G5!

  13. I usually like the hide and find, but the graphics aren’t as good on this one and some of the objects are hard to get unless you use your magnifying glass. I love the storyline, but need better graphics, some are to blurry.

  14. Em Clay dice:

    Cannot see the bottom of every scene (playing on my mobile) thanks to the bar hiding things away behind it & not being able to move down beyond the bar, lost so many scenes 😕 because of ‘missing’ items. May try a computer, but my mobile is better for me due to health issue 😔. Please fix!!!!!!! Tbh thinking of just deleting the game…

  15. Sharon C dice:

    Good game. Update 11/2022 was a good game but, this game hasn’t updated in a long time, over a year. Not worth playing if your a real gamer as you cannot advance without the updates. Also, game had a glitch and the help team did not fix so again I cannot advance.

  16. Money grubbing. Played an earlier version, and objects didn’t move, so replayability was low. But this version is loaded with ads, pay-to-play nags, and ridiculous “social” features. Hate hate hate it. Uninstalled within 10 minutes. Also, it gave a LUA error once, then crashed completely a little later. Junk.

  17. It was okay I really loved the story and the gameplay and I could handle the being on a timer part it wasn’t bad and I liked the reward for finishing fast too. The part I hated was the constant ads I would pay to get rid of those. And they happened every minute or two really ruined the gaming experience for me. Used to love g5 games but a lot of them are gone from the playstore with only a few quality ones left sadly for me this isn’t one of them.

  18. Literally takes forever to cash in on achievements. They never allow you to get all the components necessary to assemble the achievements. Been playing about a year and only one accomplished. What a shame. At the bottom of my list of games. Other than that, story and graphics are good.

  19. Didn’t really get started. The first set of items included a padlock that was not reachable. I used a hint and it showed that the item was located behind one of the overlay menu bars at the top. There’s no way to move it to retrieve the last hidden item.

  20. Love playing, just wish I could play without always having to wait for energy. I also think the collections are near impossible to complete. It seems that the objects needed are never found in the rooms. But all in all, love playing!

  21. I’m accomplishing a lot so far, but I am frustrated by the fact that there are often objects that can’t be found or touched because they are underneath the border with all the tools. Please, PLEASE, don’t hide things in the edges, especially the bottom!

  22. Game play is good but major problems with screen play objects are placed or hidden at the top or bottom of the screen but you are unable to view them to select. The player cannot view the edges completely because the screen is cut off and the screen will not expand or shrink enabling the player to view hidden objects.

  23. Apart from its graphic were dark and hazy with the hidden items blends in the background beautifully which I understand to make it harder, super hard actually. But some items were hidden at the bottom usually behind the hints bar making me accidentally clicked on the hints instead. Multiple times and that’s it for me. No introduction story I’m clueless.

  24. What the hell happened? I had the original of this game and it was the best hidden object game I’d played. It was absorbing and atmospheric. Revisited it now and all these time limits and more emphasis on paying money just to make the game playable. Why change something which was such an engaging game? This is no longer fun and is such a shame that was something which I’d originally paid to unlock now has everything locked and frustrating now. I will be uninstalling this now.

  25. It’s a fun game but some of the clues you need to find are way under where the clues are it makes it hard to find and if you use a tool to find the word or picture it takes away 10 points because you’re have tapped to long just to get the word or picture. I think it’s wrong and needs to be fixed.

  26. I love the graphics and the different views of each scene that become available. on my S8+, the “taskbar” at the bottom blocks some of the hidden items. The only other complaint I have is how lock long it takes to build energy.

  27. Most puzzles are too dark. Hard to see. Also objects are very tiny. Time lag is too long while resetting. I get a message often that I am not connected to the internet when I know I am. This game is old and needs to be revamped.

  28. I like this game as you can go a long time playing before running out of energy. customer support is terrible to respond as I only set up one profile and was advancing to other places in town when suddenly one night I opened the app and I was assigned a new username of mostly numbers and I had to start all over again in the very beginning. It kept saying that my first user name I gave myself was in use. i never set up a 2nd player and G5 won’t support just emails the same generic response.

  29. This game rocks!! I love this game. The scenes are attractive and classy, and challenging. The music is nice too. This game is not cheesy and loud like so many others! Most of the puzzles are too easy though. To play this game you need to spend a lot of money or you wait a long time for the energy points. So far it is my very favorite game and the only game I did not uninstall.

  30. I enjoy these games usually BUT, i do not being put on a timer!! I feel rushed and stressed! I mean come on; everything all dark but a circle that you gotta move around to try and licate all the objects with??!! Seriously, and the frost?! Again, seriously? Im too vust trying to clear the frost to find the objects and i run out of time!! So, although i like this game i will be uninstalling it. Sorty, if i cant find enjoyment oyt of the game why invest my time in it?? Come on now…

  31. Its a fun game and very challenging I like that! But I don’t like to have to spend my money just to get items. I believe if you play the game your best you should be awarded for that!! Not have to always constantly dig in my purse and purchase all the best things we need in order to win…

  32. Donna B. dice:

    You cannot see the same things that you can see on a computer. The toolbars are fixed and in the way. I cannot see items on the top of the screen nor below due to them being in the way. I had to blow through my tickets and magnifying glasses. I have to uninstall because that will be a waste of money. I’ll wait until my laptop gets repaired before I play again. This app is garbage to play on a phone. P.s. I’ve wasted cameras. It flash on items not in view due to these crappy toolbars. Smh.

  33. Best game ever! The only drawback is that when developers go to update the game, they remove it from Play which of course I know the have to do. However, since they usually update the Apple & iPhone first, if it would be wonderful, if they could leave the Windows & Android version in-play while their updating the Apple & iPhone version; then when they have completed all the Apple versions, before the new Apple version is downloaded, then remove the Window version to be updated.

  34. I played this game ages ago in it’s original format which was simpler and way more intuitive and fun. The new coin and energy system is annoying AF, obviously there to get you to sure money, was the reason I didn’t complete some of G5s newer games and the reason I’m uninstalling and giving a bad review. And I’m a person who doesn’t mind purchasing games. They should never have changed LfN.

  35. Couldn’t see the bottom of the scene because the toolbar was covering it, and there were items down there. I used the magnifying glass to find one and couldn’t even tap it then as it’s being highlighted.

  36. I would have given this game 5* but, you have made it sooooo difficult its more stressfull&annoying rather than fun. 1the timer is short 2the combo timer counts down too fast3theres a penalty for too many taps.Just 1 of these would do;all 3 is overkill.Plz ditch the too many taps penalty.The magnifier/camera etc should refill after a time-3hours?5hours?Anything is better than nothing.We should get 1maginifier/camera etc for every 6x combo.These 3 things alone would make d game less stressfull.

  37. Band [task bar] across bottom of screen obstructs objects hidden beneath it & there is no w as y to manipulate zooming ability to access hidden objects. This is a major flaw in the layout although the visuals are dynamic. If repaired the game would be a pleasure to play.

  38. This is not hard. All items hide underneath the bottom screen that u can’t even touch on it. Really wasting of time playing. U just need to hope that the item is not at the bottom of the screen. Stupid way to make it difficult….. Will delete this right now…

  39. One main issue I have with this game is trying to click on items at very bottom. I end up waisting my time trying to get an item when I clearly can’t. Is very frustrating 😡. Otherwise I enjoy the game.

  40. Good game but you can’t always see the objects because they’re hiding behind the tool bar at the bottom. I have problems with finding things as some things are hard to find when they are not on screen…. I enjoy a good mystery like the next person, but I don’t like struggling for very long.

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